It’s Morning, America: Friday, Nov. 8, 2019

Bloomberg keeping 2020 options open, Trump ordered to pay $2 million for “misusing” charitable foundation.
24:48 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Nov. 8, 2019
Warner content of that today Norman here the top five things to note this Friday number one in the race for twenty funny billionaire Michael Bloomberg is taking a major step toward a possible run for president he's finally people worked today to meet a deadline and once State's primary Elizabeth Warren responded saying the election cannot be bought. Number two acting White House chief of staff that old lady is expected to be a no show on Capitol Hill today he was subpoenaed by the house intelligence committee to answer questions in the impeachment investigation. Senior advisor to Paul Beatty also refused to testify this week. On to number three a jury has convicted a Texas man who said he was sleepwalking when he shot his wife Raymond plastering claimed his actions were involuntary because the medical condition that causes them to sleep walk. But jurors didn't diet they convict him of murder he could now face life in prison. Number four. VP health crisis grows the survey found. Mint flavored products are the top choice among teenagers. And probably number five the race to catch America's. Favorite feline you may remember a black cat Iraq interrupted Monday Night Football running across the field during the giants game and now. MetLife stadium sent back captain is still on the loose several traps have been sat stadium officials are hoping to catch the cat. Before this Sunday's game will they have good luck or bad outlook for. All. Or ever wanted to Friday morning Friday the weekend is here thank goodness I'm off. Await him. Today's not. But I don't come in overnight hours a gesture of baton so they get some space you watch our weekend GMA. Yeah and the whole team to ours if candidates there are at war. Legal gets. Lots of news today let's get right to it a judge in New York has ordered president trumped a pay two million dollars for quote misusing his charitable foundation. It's part of a settlement from a lawsuit accusing trump of using the charity's funds to pay his personal expenses and trump now admits that nearly three million dollars. Raise for better than terrific scene actually went into his campaign. Offers I had about Iowa Caucuses trump calls the lawsuit quote politically motivated harassment. But he has agreed to pay the fine. And an attorney for the whistle blower whose complaint sparked the impeachment inquiry is demanding that president comes stop calling for the whistle blower to be identified. And a cease and desist letter to the White House Counsel's Office lawyers says. The president's rhetoric and actions are putting the whistle blower and their family in danger. The letter also says if any harm is done to the whistle blower or their family the president. We'll be directly responsible the president's son Donald Trump junior defended his tweet of a story including the whistle blowers name on ABC's. I literally quote tweeted. An article that had to the guy's name in the title of the article in four days he's been out there in the media but we don't need it not if so what's the difference. About it does it though isn't it well I mean I'm I'm a private citizen putting this out there is everywhere in England our. To view on this it seems to me. Trinity also said he understands this father's controversial and that he's offended a lot of people. And we're hair first look at the new book about the trump administration called a warning the authors identified only as a senior administration official. According to Washington Post the book details a planned by several White House officials last year to resign and what they called. A midnight self massacre to protest president comes fitness for office. They reportedly scrapped the idea because of a cause too much chaos. The author goes on to describe the president quote by the twelve year old and an air traffic control tower pushing the buttons of government indiscriminately. In different so plane skidding across the runway. The White House has called the author up Howard and says the book is quote a work of fiction. Now for more on that big story this morning the bombshell in the race for president former near. City mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking a major new step toward entering the race. He's expected to file paperwork ahead of a deadline today in overnight the other candidates already responding. The big question now is what impact a Bloomberg have on this race ABC's Andrea for GE has more Andrea good morning. Good morning Kenneth engine a Michael Bloomberg has not confirmed he's running however ABC news has learned that today he will file to run at least one State's presidential primary. Aides say he is keeping his options open meanwhile experts say it's a sign he's not happy with the current democratic field. And this morning former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg sending a jolt to the presidential race. ABC news has confirmed the billionaire plans to file paperwork today to put his name on the democratic primary ballot in Alabama just before an approaching deadline. This is that biggest step yet it is me or becoming. Bloomberg an outspoken critic of president trump spoke to an SN BC an August questioning the strength of the democratic candidates. I think a lot of the pandering and some of the more liberal things that are really not it's really not practical the economics wouldn't work the public wouldn't want it the public does not want. Revolutionary. Change it once evolutionary change. Overnight a top Bloomberg advisor tweeted in part. We now need to finish the job and ensure that trump is defeated but Mike is increasingly concerned that the current field of candidates is not well positioned to do that. If Michael runs he would offer a new choice to Democrats. Originally a lifelong Democrat Bloomberg has changed party affiliations over the years running for New York City mayor in 2001 as a Republican. Then becoming an independent but last year re registered as a Democrat. There are a number of moderates in this race already that are trying to position themselves as an alternative to those progressives. So he could just add another name to that pile and really divide up that vote. Both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have made an issue of going after billionaires like Bloomberg with a wealth tax and inheritance tax. No this is relatively late in the game the latest ABC news Washington Post poll. Found that 50% of democratic primary voters said while they might favor someone. They were willing to switch their opinion later today. All right we've still got just under 365. Days to go pretty got to make up your mind everything you for joining us this morning. And it's official Jeff Sessions is running for his old senate seat in Alabama the former attorney general joins a crowded primary field sessions spoke highly of his former boss president trop. He later said that he was honored to serve as attorney general sessions was the first senator to endorse Trump's presidential campaign. The bad Iraqi relationship. Well if president drugs campaign. They're not writing tell all book from knowing they are endorsing any attacked the president hoped he cannot sit across word about it. When you cannot tell you one. First that would be dishonest. I was scared to assert his agenda not management. Sector the president's doing a great job for America and piano. Kinney has my strong support. Sessions plans the files candidacy today. He's looking to unseat Democrat Doug Jones Jones is considered one of the most vulnerable senators up for reelection next year. We'll got out to the tears and heartbreaking Mexico as victims of the highway ambush are laid to rest hundreds turned out for the services in this tight knit community. Security was also tight authorities. For still searching for the gunman ABC's Marissa Gonzales has more. Yeah he. The 800 in tears at the first funeral for members of an American family murdered in Mexico. Donna ray Lankford and her two young sons caskets carried out of the service. Her oldest son and that Burgundy shirt serving as a Pall bearer after heroically walking fourteen miles to get hope for his family after the attack. Relative sharing new video of the aftermath of that massacre to have been shot down or from the top and now questioning whether all nine victims were targeted by a drug cartel the failing Kara banning to Kendra Miller's wedding Monday when they were ambushed. The bride to be telling ABC's Tonya on this she believes the three women and six children. Were gunned down to spark a new battle in an ongoing war between drug gangs. So your senior Finley was used as Poland's yes the Shalala cartel. Used. Are three women and all the children as a provocation. To start a war between them and us and our military and police now guarding the family's Mormon compound in northwest Mexico. As they try to track down the killers. And still no suspects have been named a Mexican officials maintain their belief that drug traffickers likely in the stoke the family for rivals. Because of the type of vehicles they were traveling. RC Gonzales ABC news Los Angeles. Now to the people rebuilding paradise on the anniversary of the most destructive wildfire in California's history the camp fire raced through the town of paradise one year ago today. Most of the 141000 homes have not been rebuilt. Crews have removed nearly four million tons of debris twice the amount that was removed from the World Trade Center site after 9/11. One woman at her family decided to return to the area they're now living in a motor. Home. Anytime. Your face with a tragedy. What are your choices. You either get up. And move forward or you just completely give up and I think for the town of paradise and for all of us that lived here we couldn't give up this is our home. The local officials are asking people to pause for 85 seconds beginning at 1108 this morning. 12 for every person who died in that fire last year. I just our athletes explosive new claims about Nike Mary Kane says the company's training program for early runners. Forced her to lose weight in nearly drove her to suicide. Now Nike is responding. Overnight Nike firing back denying serious allegations from a champion runner once dubbed the fastest girl in America. And it is emotionally and physically. Abused. By assistant at just seventeen years old Mary Kate was blowing away the competition. Winning a gold medal at the 24 team world junior championships and two national titles. She became the youngest American track athlete to make a world championships team. And was signed with Nike strange training program called the organ project. But now Cain is coming forward claiming the program's coach Alberto Salazar and other staffers physically and emotionally abused her. I was waiting tracking meets. I was told tearing practices that I was clearly act passed he had me Cain claims coaches constantly told her to lose weight. Causing her physical and mental health to deteriorate. She says because of the alleged treatment she suffered five broken bones didn't have a period for three years and had suicidal thoughts are usually cut my legs. Guess I hated them for not drink doctor aren't getting fatter. Nike shut down its organ project last month after the US doping agency suspended copes Alice are. Saying an investigation found multiple anti doping rule violations. This morning Nike is denying cain's allegation saying. These are deeply troubling allegations which have not been raised by Mary or her parents before. Adding Mary was seeking to rejoin the organ project in Alberta steam as recently as April of this year. And had not raise these concerns as part of that process. Cain says she is still training and hopes to make the Olympics in Tokyo next summer. We're the woman who climbed to a lion enclosure at New York's Bronx Zoo now faces criminal charges by a paltry surrendered. To please late Wednesday hours after posting and it's a grant helped police could find her a social media post in late September showed Autry taunting a lion with. The animal just feet away she's charged with criminal trespass. Coming up another hint about a presidential run this time from. Kanye West's three setting but first a new exhibit here in New York gives a look inside the hunt for Osama bin Laden. More after this. Welcome back it's now they called the greatest manhunt in American history the hunt for Osama bin Laden. The next week and is exhibit by that name is opening up the 9/11 museum here in New York opposes both on bin Laden's tracked down and assassination. Puzzles artifacts from his former compound here's a BBC's Dave Evans. At the 9/11 memorial and museum a new exhibit opens next week it's called the hunt for Osama bin Laden. And if the bright yellow displays look kind of like crime tape it's for good reason. So for us this is really a crime story. Horrific problem and a huge scale. And an over an enormous amount of time. But it's hard when we thought of its stores upon storm the exhibit includes the first public just. Blade of the model of bin Laden's compound. Of best warm by Cairo the dog who went on the rate may first 2011. M plenty of FBI most wanted poster she. One of the most poignant artifacts and this exhibit is this photograph taken by Gordon and Kathleen Heber man right after 9/11 their daughter had died in the attacks and they came to the city. To search for her. They took this picture of a dumpster and on it scribbled bin Laden must die. They hung the photograph and their living room in Wisconsin before almost two years they took it down what he was killed. This exhibit is a detective story but it's also emotional. A story of determination and perseverance that lasted nine years in 232 dates. This Breck from bin Laden's compound a symbol that America will never forget nine a lot of. That this was not just emissions. This was. A promise of being kept. And every one involved felt that sense of responsibility to keep the promise. The exhibit also includes a lot on how we got bin Laden the announcement by President Obama. And how we celebrated in the streets and alternate so much to Patricia Riley and she lost her sister Lorraine. On 9/11. But on the days. I was watching the news and its senses and I don't know we've killed Osama bin Laden doesn't. I was I was so gratifying that it finally that was justice for the people who who were killed and earn eleven including my sister. The exhibit opens November 15 in lower Manhattan data channel seven. Are things that WBZ's Dave Evans for that report. Let's check on edification is now starting with this back going above and beyond for his daughter. During her cheerleading routine along with her from the stands. He does the hall opening here vice laps. You've got the enthusiasm of the hand claps the looks he is ready. You know we are the dark about the pride that the father passwords. I think. When it comes the dads and daughters yeah there's nothing. Passengers who use jazz now. Now to the hottest chicken favorites in the game or is it too well roll and rip things he's got pop eyes be. Yeah he makes his own there and says that his looks better. Cattle Fossum picked go over allotment of pickles are bigger I wouldn't do those large pickles and he's got a nice buttermilk fried chicken right there. I'm debris huge bun. Imagine a pop I said Allen its batteries don't know that haven't that's what allows RD line messed up and got together. Nexus major revelations economy. The wrapper of fashion designer was here in New York City talking about his clothing line launching. As she made of algae. When he has clothing manufacturing jobs back to America. And a possible run for the White House. When it went aren't run for president when he 24. When I definitely. Know which I'll. We're not run for president when a 24. We would have created so many jobs and a back Obama walk. You know I can't help but really appreciate that moment when everybody was joking and he read very clearly very quickly make clear he was not. And then they stop laughing. Immediately. Woolsey on it next did you send a text message last found Hines David didn't reach its mark well they've been deliberate this week. More than 168000. Taxed set February 14 finally arrived on Wednesday. A tech firm blames the glitch on an internal maintenance cycle the delay effective both apple and android devices and all four major US carriers. What experts that Valentine's Day messages were likely affected because the number of tax that day is app. Normally high so you'll get happy Thanksgiving texts. By east actually doing. And that's our question of the day did you get a tax meant for Valentine's Day didn't cause any problems. Tell us your story in the comments are sweetness and ABC news live. What they're from and acts. Of it from a loved one who's along with us. I'm sorry I'm being this facts truth it's real life. But doesn't we don't hear from you I want it to the government a massive they really like getting your way and also a message did not like getting. And with Scott the man has something followed in his car. Loud when he was pulled over border rat driving. Please outside Milwaukee say a suspected drunk driver had a chicken with them in this car. And is does he is also found a bunch of open beer cans. Driver. RC the drivers charged in VW riot chicken is in the passing animal control ticket man. With the thought on. Moving on now say they want has taught us that what doesn't kill us. But doesn't kill you makes you stronger its survival expert air rail. From eating the I have a yet. To sleeping inside a day Campbell. Rules is geared up for another exciting see that on Nat geo if you will car caught up with them. More than a decade he stick his bands along and it's absurd adventures but it shows like me and vs wild and running wild with bare grills. If you think back on everything you've beaten over the years is there something that really sticks out to you must. So long list of bad things the united front. Cameron intestinal for news the rule gotti's testicles. I think the lesson for me is that units above weasel going to be pretty percentages field c'mon. Della that GO running wild with bare grills is entering its fifth sees it pushing the limits of what we think our favorite Hollywood stars can't. It can't do can I just stay here. Should long way down. He would he. And cool cool. For those like me who brought the practice of the marked a big market share of survival. And all of this storm that that about both the death anywhere in that he'll fit mites and didn't extreme. Bear grills it's it is to you today. Growing up in England there's love for the outdoors first came from bonding trips with his father Michael. And that's no longer right now I have got three employees is a great privilege is being edited. Show you how to manage themselves in situations in India tools. Those survival skills sharpened to a point by the military but at the peak of his military career tragic parachuting accident cut his service short Bremer back in three different places down. But not out. Spirit attacked his injury head on just eighteen months after skydiving accident. Became one of the youngest people ever to summit Mount Everest Everest became a really symbolic thing for me if I NAS strongly. Again on it and how to walk again on land how to climb again and run again and eventually I'm gonna try Sen until the world's on the back of that the TV DURECT. I'm big girls. First major US show discovers man vs wild. Rent for five seasons and wants bear as the go to television adventurer with the millennial generation. Adventure mixed with those moments that make you post so gloriously uncomfortable. Bears gut wrenching feats of astronomy. Quickly became legends. Where do you get the confidence to eat those things. And not worry about it having a negative impact on your help her failure the united many times about go to Rome and things you know bend ups they can. You know I mean I'm look back over the years on the the many. You know India says he's done all over the place and often is going Roman of end up hanging off the road space would die every year in the united for the cameras still road race. It's it's it's fine in the mist I've never mind that the mistakes also are now. This and not many things that I have an Omaha. But I think it's up to hold up the slots and he'd. To stay away from now lineman. Never get complacent as the other thing you know because it's who was little things in common trick if you. Sorry mom. You know looking down without enough wailing that growth out of now after more than a decade on television I can't run ten. Here is back to his usual ways. Once again. All right bear grills got another season that's hierro. Things well can mean mean coming up well they would watch out for as we head into the weekend including the biggest game of the college football season so far. And widely Capitol Hill is buzzing over the rivalry that's accidents. Here's what's watch effort today president rob is scheduled to participate in a black voices for trump coalition launched. Secretary of state like Pompeo is set to speak at an event in Berlin commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Swedish teen climate activist gratitude Burt says she places and you flick climate strike in North Carolina. And big hurt we'll participate in the ceremonial lighting of the Empire State Building a celebration of Sesame Street. Fiftieth anniversary I hope plus over its into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room for the breakdown. I'm the latest headlines in. And the biggest game. This weekend's college football schedules also big deal on Capitol Hill. LSU visits open to Alabama tomorrow afternoon at Tuscaloosa. Fret that trouble be in the Bryant Denny stadium to watch the tiger is you for everything tied contact. He sits second and third in the college football playoff rankings the game has also sparked some congressional way during. Senators Richard Shelby of Alabama and John Kennedy of Louisiana are putting some cash in their taste buds on the line. The president is coming in it's a big game I don't know let's don't happen a little about its the senator and I have a bad. Now. He's the chairman of the corporation's. After a punishing winds and I'm win the bet. I'm still going pay all because that is a chairman here and banning it. As much extra spicy pop as fried chicken as a senator can eat top five's fried chicken. Is among the best fried chicken god ever hood veracity. Louisiana's kitchen senator Kennedy's that the president isn't taking sides in the match up pieces hoping principal for a kid games. Wait who you'd reckon the pot pies chicken you think God's breath. With Clinton to tickle anyone's breath and anyway that is a lot of I had Nat and so will say who has that backs up their undefeated yet but how. After this weekend the person who produces this show it's more in America the big old mammoth fan failed landlocked two. God burying. And on that note every line. And it benefits. And you again they have every at a watcher I would give him.

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