It’s Morning, America: Friday, Oct. 11, 2019

Giuliani associates arrested, Pompeo adviser resigns as fmr. ambassador to Ukraine due to testify, California fires and more.
25:15 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Oct. 11, 2019
You're more Kenneth handing over near the top I think it's Friday number one that Ukraine scandal intensified a senior advisor to secretary of state Mike Pompeo has resigned amid growing frustration over the treatment of the former US ambassador to Ukraine. Who is expected to testify today in the impeachment inquiry lawmakers also want to hear from two Rudy Giuliani associates Linkedin Ukraine or under arrest. Our campaign finance violations number two the wildfire emergency in California overnight another fire spreading or their Los Angeles where trucks were burning at a freed LA warehouse in Sylmar. Threatening homes and jumping across the five freeway and Thursday dozens of mobile homes in Los Angeles were destroyed high winds and dry conditions have prompted. Precautionary power cuts to prevent wind blown power lines. This market more fires. More from Los Angeles in just a few moments. Meanwhile on to number three it looks like winter in Colorado driving was treacherous. With snow and a temperature that dropped 64 degrees and one day. But the work conditions will be in the northern plains this weekend parts of the Dakotas in western Minnesota could see up to two feet of us now we had to Dallas for number four new information about her point Ferrari crash involving pro boxer Gerald Spence. Police say the 29 year old was speeding and not wearing a seat belt. When his car crossed the median to oncoming traffic expense was ejected from the car. He's hospitalized in stable condition Stanley says. He is expected to make a full recovery and finally number five a single mother just declared that marijuana makes for fatter mom and she's not alone. And in USA prepared magazine writer Lisa Campbell explains how Mike overdosing on hot. Helped her cope with chronic pain and distress of parenting Mike Rabelo scene is taking small amounts of marijuana and affable forming Campbell says it turns her. And to the best version of herself. The way at. Hugo. What's your take pretty odd angles and then in 1980. Tube in my abilities. Health experts say more mothers are now Mike producing as marijuana is legalized in more states and they're joining online communities. Talk about it here in park finishers. I mean I'm not one. Okay. Let's get right to sue that flood of new developments surrounding the impeachment investigation. As lawmakers prepare to hear today from the former ambassador to Ukraine. If she's allowed to testify her appearance would follow the arrests of two businessmen linked to the president's personal attorney ruling Rudy Giuliani. They're accused of making illegal foreign campaign contributions to buy political influence. Meanwhile overnight we learned that a top advisor to the secretary of state is resigning in frustration. ABC mega to have risen MS here with the latest mega good morning. Good morning Kenneth engine AS several developments overnight. News at a top advisor to secretary of state Mike Pompeo is resigning came just hours after two of Rudy Giuliani's associates were arrested. Meanwhile today all eyes will be on Capitol Hill to see if the State Department allows a woman at the center of the Ukraine scandal to testify. Former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Ivanovic expected to appear before a closed door deposition today testifying before three house committees looking into whether or not the president committed impeachable offenses. By asking a foreign country to investigate the family of his political rival Joseph bite in. But the State Department could demand she not appear as it did earlier this week with ambassador to the EU Gordon's son Lynn. Ivanovic was removed from her post in May after coming under attack from president Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani her recall amid growing frustration at the State Department that secretary of state Mike Pompeo has done nothing to defend Ivanovic is post federal prosecutors say these two now indicted businessman with ties to Giuliani. Also wanted to force her out let's harness and ignore for room and arrested Wednesday at an airport. They were about to board an international flight. With one way ticket. There are now charged with illegally funny campaign contributions. Including some from Russia to a pac supporting president trump and other candidates. These indictments seemingly energizing the presidents at a rally last night in Minneapolis. From seeing the impeachment push would produce a backlash at the ballot box stating some of his most intense attacks for political rival Joseph Biden. You is only good vice president. Because he understood. How did she wish Barack. Obama's. During that rally the president did not mention Rudy Giuliani or the indictments the president said yesterday that he does not know the two men who were arrested even know he took pictures with them in the past. Rudy Giuliani ate lunch with both men in Washington just before there are racks but he says he cannot comment on their indictments today. All right my it'll be following apple for joining us this morning. We were not house Democrats have now subpoena and energy secretary Rick Perry is part of the impeachment investigation they want information on his interactions with Ukraine. But a White House official tells ABC news Perry will be ordered not to cooperate. Immigration and customs enforcement officials tell ABC news that ice removed about two to 60000. Unauthorized immigrants. Between nineteen budget year that's only a slight increase 120 if 120 team. And lower than peak annual totals under president. Obama the acting director of ice said in a White House briefing that police departments of century city's. Refusing to cooperate with ice and the resource train from the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. Have partly driven the dysfunction within the country's deportation force. He's had to redeploy. Our ice resources to support the Border Patrol and then custom protection with those jobs are the border which has made us less safe. He set heightened rhetoric from democratic politicians continued to cause problems for public safety. Rice's critics and even some law enforcement professionals place the blame on the White House site the administration's policy of focusing on non criminal Democrat. Senator Bernie Sanders says he's not a quitter and that he never consider dropping out of the presidential race after suffering a heart attack last week Sanders is recovering in his Vermont home. He tells CNN that his heart did suffer some damage. And he characterized his recovery has so far very well Sander says he's likely to visit several early voting states after attending next week's. Democratic debate in Ohio. So where we've struggled really Claude. Who get to where we all right now bring millions of people together in the fight for justice. And I'm not equipped and you know. I had to you know a person. I Sanders tells us that he's been told by cardiologists that he's on the road to a full recovery he says going forty point to watch his diet of more carefully. Now to the law Harvard missing California dozens of homes in a Los Angeles have been destroyed as high winds and dry conditions fueled flames across the state. And overnight another fire spread in northern Los Angeles where trucks were burning and are fatally warehouse in Sylmar threatening homes and jumping across the five freeway over. Right homes engulfed in flames. The fire tears through this California neighborhood destroying more than seventy mobile homes east of Los Angeles students at a nearby school were forced to sheltered place then rushed to another school out of harm's way. The cause of the fire scene in the store roll video with the garbage truck seen with smoke pouring out of it my understanding is a trash truck. That had a trash load that caught on fire. The threshold was dumped. Up to the side of road ignited vegetation. And then obviously the fire spread from there these fires are exactly with so many feared with heavy winds and dry conditions creating an extreme fire threat utility companies took preemptive action cutting off electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers across California trying to avoid a repeat of past disasters like the daily campfire last year which was sparked by downed power lines in the Bay Area some communities have now been given the all clear media after days in the dark their power could be back on soon but the threat remains high in many other areas fire forced people in one neighborhood to evacuate even though their power have been shut off hours earlier. My daughter Kim running and garbage and streaming the hills on fire. No word on the cause of that fire this morning the governor is taking aim at the State's largest power company PGA the. They chose not to modernize. Their grit. Over the course of many many years it led to their own demise it led to bankruptcy what's happened is unacceptable. And it's happened because of neglect. This can't be respectfully the new normal. PG and e.'s CEO is apologizing emitting the company was not adequate prepared for the mashed shut offs this week. So we faced a choice here between hardship on every one or safety week. And we chose safety and this is not how we want to run our business we're actually in the business of providing power not taking power away before all. Power can be restored PG&E says 25000. Miles of power lines need to be inspected. It's twenty years in prison for the killer and a deadly parking lot dispute Michael Drake got shot mark he's been clocked in last year claiming he was upset make locked in was and a handicapped spot. But walked in who was black. Was unarmed Dracut was set free a first under Florida stand your ground law. Overseas the death toll is mounting in Turkey's military assault on America's Kurdish allies inside Syria as civilians flee for their lives president trump was pressed on what the US should do in response. He sees in panel is in the region. Turkey's army pounding Kurdish targets in northern Syria. The US and its allies who lost let's peasant soldiers in the war gains sources. A now fighting for the lower rates and homes. Fournier an eagle on the ground. Turkish backed militias seem barreling their way into the Syrian villages. Three Kurdish provinces killed and never hear. Children home episodes of the golden among the dead this family moving the loss of their son. But the Turkish president's defiance boom in Europe Pacific cools this an invasion. You lived in his oldest and send three point six million refugees their way already tens of thousands are on the move. We met rejects a woman and her family she says they fled after seeing civilians and children targeted in the strikes. Currently don't follow the armada GS and why did the Americans believing they're not not as. Her eleven year old son Mustapha lost his voice after rounds of screaming in the failure of the potato with a strained voice he tells us he was afraid that he's line. This is justice. I condemn bombing and already just seeing people by the side of the road. There were Nevada they've got no belongings with them to vote no way to go they've got no where to stay. We want them clambered into the back of a passing truck couldn't handle with nowhere else to go. They say they'll sleep in the deserts. But that came just days after the White House announced the Turks were moving in and US forces were moving out of the area the president pressed again. I hope we can mediate John I hope we get media. I don't think we want to go back in let's see what happens we are going to possibly do something. Very very tough with respect to sanctions and their financial. The US is moving a number of honey value our season detainees out of prisons in the area. Including two of the so called Beatles who were responsible for the honey profile execution of more than two dozen western captives. Including American journalist James Foley and Stephen salt wealth. Narrow Kurdish officials responsible for almost 101000 IC's presents a warning the fighting here means an increased risk of a mass break carrots. He impanel ABC news on the Syrian Turkish border. Our thanks to impanel there it seems the NBA have a lot of work to do and repair relations with China pre season game between the lakers and nets went ahead of schedule Thursday Shanghai. There was none of the usual fanfare the game was not on Chinese television and both teams were silence when their media sessions were canceled. The rift between the Chinese and the NBA stems from how believe dealt with the tweet from the team executive supporting protests that Hong Kong and that's one of the game. By three points and a hero from a Colorado school shooting is now protecting the country private first class Brendan Reilly recently graduated from Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego made eighteen year old help stop the mass shooting Centennial, Colorado. Which left one person dead and eight others hurt. Brendan says the attack reinforces resolve to become a Marine One. Coming up it's hard to believe it's been one year since hurricane myself in Jersey goes back to Florida to see how the hardest hit community is recovering but first the dangerous invasive species of fish that. Can live on land. But authorities are urged people to do about it. Welcome back we turn out to developing story North Carolina three year old girl poorly. Kidnapping playground has been found safe investigators say a phone call from a church helped them finder and out search is on for the woman suspected of taking her. This morning re leaf for community in North Carolina. I've got thirty years along. There's. A three year old girl has been found alive nearly 24 hours after police say she was abducted from a playground investigators received a call to their tip line last night. Saying a Laura Lynn DeMint was spotted at a Christian centering Greensboro six miles from where she was last seen. Church. Or plural territory that the little girl and Gordon. Police say a lore was able to tell the caller her mother's first name. It was then taken to the hospital where she was reunited with family a lures older siblings say they witnessed the kidnapping claiming a woman approached them near the merry go round and grabbed their sister. Eventually. Or was seen leaving though the actual playground area with that individual. She is the key. We must locate. Or the suspect in the case seen on these surveillance pictures has not been identified. People in the area and now in feared that a child abductor is on the run but police say there's no reason to believe that she's a serial predator. He. It's. There. There's no everything we. The lead us. The pill that would have. The ability to hurt any. Police also say the suspect has no known connection with the girls apparently Lester a notification is now starting with the student who went above and beyond using the ancient art of invisible ink for her paper or. I'm Ninja's say she's actually studying and and Ninja's ninja history in Japan. To craft substance to soybeans. And figure out what credit paperwork that's yet to be heated up and show her work so if she turned it look like it was blank but it wasn't she got a that great. Next up it's officially fall take a look at the colors. In Maine captured from this road. It's far god is so beautiful I love the see those leads changing like that it is so Gordon says. Lab yet. That brings us to the question of that this. Favorite thing about all love it and it just hit the dollar believes Republicans by apple picking. Guard. Please tell us in the comments or tweet us at ABC news slide that unity NASCAR whether. Businesses are getting creative matters. Like apple picking. A maze running as well coordinated Cormier that's it that openly invite Apple Newton I saw this. Cartoon. In gaelic drawn cartoon that in an excellent picking apples that isn't on the news that can we just get history to go right through the doughnut. That I have about that a media and the bit they're getting creative during that historic blackouts in California. And many places is cash only no credit cards and handwritten receipts. And we're seeing a lot of this these pictures people sitting at the bar with battery power lanterns next to their cocktails. Meanwhile workers at this a lot. Are doing hair in the dark eyed dart would mean the lights are non reporter Wayne freedom we're San Francisco station gay people look inside. You're doing coloring yes and they had every touch in the dark in the dark and you can tell the color even though you. Yes we have the former and I've been doing it for years. Got down OK so you're not worried and indeed he you would want to miss a day of work I know I wouldn't I have to be here for my clients and if they wanna come. I'm here or is this is the entrepreneurial American spirit Europe. One estimate says the outages could cost the State's economy more than two billion dollars or next details from the inside Mike the situation toward Tito led Jersey Shore has opened up and it costar salukis podcast about his time serving eight months in prison on fraud her way were overweight yes Mickey has bought gas wells. And now feels fantastic. He also said that he crossed paths with Billy MacFarlane who was serving a six year sentence for that fire festival fraud and former trump attorney Michael Conley and who he said he asked to smuggle. Chicken in. Interest and truths and stories being flop there. And a bounty has been put on the head of a dangerous species of fish and Georgia wildlife officials say and northern snakehead was found outside Atlanta the fish is considered invasive. Able to breathe outside water snake heads are native to East Asia and can be up to three. The long. Anyone who finds life isn't it particulate immediately I think you're staring at a that would make that we give me pause as well yeah this as. We'll look at them out and others to have a claim that they're actually supposed to be delicious but I don't trust the person hearing that review with me that it. That is exactly one year ago today that hurricane Michael blasted on to the Florida Panhandle as a deadly category five storm killing thousands of people and obliterating everything it. Michael all but leveled. Cities in Mexico beach and Panama City ABC's ginger zee was there at the moment of impact in this morning she returns to the scene to find it devastates a community that's now closer than ever. Neighbor helping neighbor. The wiring. Yeah I missed all of it. Kimberly Kennedy lust almost an creaking a year ago. But they were so many prices now there are piles of houses. Ever roof taps of it there that was the day that her king Michael Meade went well just east of Panama City shredding the Florida Panhandle. This is that unit 01 this litany themed room. That we survived the storm and. Feel that she's nineteen and I were right there. Irritated against the kings and the brain in a concrete condominium just across the street from that surging Gulf of Mexico. I just saw something I had. I mean in real life assignments higher home. Taken off its foundation and rolled down the street that is the type of storm surge we're talking about my heart rate. A devastating cat five the strongest to make landfall and Andrew in 1992. Mile after mile destroyed more than a million homes without power. Fifty Floridians lost their lives and tens of thousands lost their homes. We reported inside that I won't let the storm surge reached. Some heat right yeah coming dangerously close to us just one floor below. That group a day when we first met Kimberly. Other house taken off its foundation that there were also have a house has been there yeah Ericsson screen. Trying to play there and house and then my house in the Mac. Today she said in Mexico beach it still feels like they're just trying to survive. And you just starting to see Israel and yes yes which is very exciting it takes ten steps. Acts complete wine you know yet might get food truck. Without the restaurant or hiking day context cotton and out of the store and their staff home for his little and so a lot of people are parties. And amid the devastation we discovered acts of kindness. Just about an hour's drive away in Youngstown Florida we need chilly Summers. Said this is my back yard and I have two people one in each one of the news. And then of course we have radiator tense with TARP server on. Unfortunately but the sun and a rain may have to have a TARP after the storm displaced thousands of people shelling your family decided to help we saw. On the news at the local. Tent city. And my first reaction to her and her dad was this is not right we have to do something. So they opened their own doors and took in their neighbors. Her backyard now filled with tense is a welcome shelter for people like Georgia mr. affect my battery here. Well a CNN and and that got my belong Luke's and hearing there is. Thousands. There's thousands of people stone displaced and homeless from hurricane. There's people everywhere are living in cars living in tents that community has pretty much lost itself and a lot of people feel that they just don't matter. It they gave me. They Damon has been made in my daughter and they do to everybody here. So I guess that it's just drop in the bucket. One year later though admit they're strong but it has been heart and there's still in need of help hoping that they have not been forgotten. Priests are covering the thought forget about it for still down here we're still here and I let all that we are still adhered. And we saw matter. For Nightline I'm ginger zee in Mexico beach Florida right coming up with we've got to look at what's going on to say I'm. Plus what Mark Zuckerberg says FaceBook is working on that could. Read your thoughts. Here's what to watch our port today on this Friday president trouble hosts the Little League Baseball and softball World Series champions. In the with the vice premier of China on trade negotiations before traveling to Lake Charles, Louisiana. We're keeping rally. Meanwhile house investigators expect the former ambassador to Ukraine were real Ivanovic to appear before committees looking into whether or not president from committed impeachable offenses. Asking a foreign country to investigate his political rivals. However the State Department could demand that she's not appear as it did earlier this week could be ambassador to the new report from. The union auto workers striking against General Motors are holding rallies this morning at GM's technical center in Warren Michigan 49000. Workers on strike for higher wages. Lump sum payments and better pensions of workers lost nearly 635. Million dollars in wages. Since the strike began nearly four weeks ago if GM has lost more than one billion dollars in profits. GM's CEO has now reportedly called for a new meeting with the U. Democratic candidates for president are on the campaign trail senator Elizabeth Warren is scheduled to attend a pride parade in Las Vegas. Senator Amy Klobuchar will participate in a domestic violence roundtable at UCLA is it isn't gay couples to Stafford and C bulletin. Campaign in New Hampshire. Plus don't forget to tune into the deeper you for an update our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. And finally from us FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his company is working. On its own version of thought control the berg says his staffers are developing wearable and implantable items they can read signals from our spinal cord. The goal is to be able to control objects in virtual reality trying to say implantable would be able to. Eventually that technology. Could help people with limited physical abilities so it could have some positive that I was but. Phone I'm. Moving in her speech in real time buddy stop that word vomit if you use delegate lead it what women want. What men want Norman at the Reeve eight. Those two movies I saw them and I thought nobody could hear these. GAAP term that some others say them out loud and today loves it. If only unit I was thinking about that from I'd get a and really. Have a greatly. We'll see it.

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