It's Morning, America: Monday, April 22, 2019

Death toll rises in Sri Lanka, President Donald Trump lashes out over Mueller report on Twitter and more.
21:41 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, April 22, 2019
Good morning I'm Kevin moon. I'm an -- army at the top I think snow this Monday number one grief shock and fear rippling across the island nation of Sri Lanka. As a country struggles to come to grips with the staggering death tolls still climbing. After that horrific Easter Sunday massacre we say it was a well coordinated attack nine bomb flipping through Catholic Church is popular hotels and other sites. Killing worshippers hotel guests and police officers. One of the blast left this statute you spattered with the blood of victims in that congregation. At least 290. People were killed including several several Americans. 500 others were wounded. And at this point two dozen suspects are now in police custody number two in the battle is heating up over the mullah report House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding a conference call when Democrats today. To consider their next that president trump returned to the White House from our lot the last night after fire off a series of tweets slamming the special counsel's findings. Democrats are split on whether to pursue impeachment some say they'll have to decide what's best for the country. Odds over three out federal judge has cleared the way for Flint, Michigan residents to sue the EPA that's for waiting too long to intervene in the city's water crisis five years ago this month. Flat switch to a cheaper water source that decision would prove deadly and exposed thousands high levels of lead we had to New Mexico for number four when the leader of a civilian militias due in federal court today the FBI arrested the head of the group and New Mexico for illegal firearm possession. Armed members accused of detaining more than 200 people were illegally cross into the US authorities and emotional leader is a convicted felon using an alias and finally number five Koch west Easter Coachella performance that mixed reviews. From fans at home after he made an unorthodox decision. Check out the rapper broadcasters and higher performance good or this site. He drew harsh criticism from fans who found the pen called you by knowing what many comparing it to watching a concert through a cardboard. The good news is while the format they've been lots of social media the performance itself wasn't widely praised us. Not that he went got a lot more to talk about coming your way you don't need that fish died via Good Morning America. Big coaching coaching. Good to have tea both Coachella and get my record chant that's my those short. They're named for I don't Jay it went that way just used uptrend they could stay happen are on the ground today my wrapping up she was. Okay. That people here and they've people if they weren't a CNN what we could see of him. Yeah on the observation you made a news surprised. Yeah. She called homecoming weekend surprise Grambling State. So I wish I was there yeah. But so big Easter holiday weekend also the start of passover picked. I guess that not only big holiday weekend but we have a lot of news this weekend and as well as what happened overseas and that's what we begin with those new. Authorities now say at least 290. People were killed more than 500 others wounded in the string of bombings targeting Catholic churches and luxury hotels frequented by tourists. Two dozen suspects are no custody. ABC's not a plus our opt he has the latest as investigators. Are looking into a missed warning that may have prevented a terror attack Mona good morning. Good morning today good morning Tenet to put into perspective the attacks were the deadliest outbreaks of violence in Sri Lanka. Since that and of the country's civil war a decade ago. The world standing in solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka. Just before 9 AM on Sunday eight explosions ripped through three Catholic church's. Filled with worshippers attending Easter mass. Chilling images inside of the chaos that followed church pews shattered by the blast debris in glass littered across the ground. And blood spattered on a statue of Jesus. And remained standing. This morning the archbishop of Colombo is demanding justice. Find out police responded but it behind these acts. And always have to punish him mercy list. According to Sri Lankan officials and most of the explosions were detonated by suicide bombers. Milwaukee resident Sean cedar Sean grew up a few miles from saint Anthony's shrine. One of the Catholic church's devastated the attack and people elected in line up outside the kids today as far as a steep. Can take you more than thirty foreigners were killed in the deadly blasts including several Americans all were guests of the hotels targeted by the attacks. President from sent his condolences to Twitter writing quote we stand ready to help. Here in the US the number of cities increase security at churches in the wake of the attacks. With the Department of Homeland Security says it's not aware of any specific credible threats. And this morning officials are looking into possible intelligence failures ten days before the attacks Sherlock and police warned that terrorists were planning. To quote bomb prominent churches. Now police want to know why Intel officials did an act connect Kenneth. My thanks to Mona there and Washington. A movie on a president tribe has offered its condolences to the victims of the Sri Lanka bombings offering help from the US via Twitter. But as attention during the Easter weekend quickly turned back to Robert Mueller thruster report. And his outrage growing over growing talk of impeachment proceeding and we are hearing response from Democrats. It's as president trump in the first family celebrated Easter I have. It's half. The mullah report was clearly on his mind trumps any and a firestorm of tweets blasting Democrats response of the redacted document. Writing on Twitter how do you impeach a Republican president for crime that was committed by the Democrats this tweet the most recent in a string of more than a dozen post about quote. Trump Peters an angry Democrats. But there are some things that are bigger than politics. So. I have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. I think it would be perfectly reasonable for congress to open office. Impeachment proceedings some of the president's democratic challengers are already calling for impeachment proceedings to began. After the special counsel. When trump may have obstructed justice in clearly stated the president has not been exonerated on the issue. But the president's team seemingly confident this will not impact the Tony Tony election. He's saying in the White House for five and a half more years why. Because the. The president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani made his own hemlines were trying to defend trump any candidate in the whole world in America. Would take information. Negative or beyond sorts. From a hostile foreign source whose sensitive and illegal this doesn't wrong we're taking information from Russians. And while some Democrats are pushing for impeachment House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to be taking a more cautious approach. Pushing instead to see the 400 active Moeller report she will hold a conference call with her party. Later today. All the drug administration could be close to ending the exemptions to the Iran oil sanctions. Secretary of state Pompeo is expected to make the announcement today countries like China Japan and South Korea will be sanctioned if they continue to buy oil from Iraq after me seconds. The news has led cruel oil prices to spike 3% overnight which could mean higher gasoline prices here at home. Accidental suffocation of the major cause of injury deaths were infants and the US a new report says the accent is often involved blankets pillows or other soft bedding. And half of those deaths occur when the previously been on his her stomach. Sharing a bed with pairs also was state is because they don't may move against or on top of their baby. The lead researcher says these. That's art and Hurley preventable but the bat practices continue. As one looks at software issues in the two deadly 737 Max crash a safety questions are being raised about another of its jets and New York Times is dealing. He's young lapses at a 787 dreamliner plane in South Carolina. The times has federal regulators are examining whether profits affected safety. Including workers claiming they were pressured to Heinz violations. Bowling statement says that plant is producing the highest level of quality in company history. And it's a bigger Kansas zoo officials are waiting to ask doesn't cuper washing that I tiger's outdoor enclosure at the Mel Sumatran tiger. Attacked him all the woman Saturday she suffers severe injuries. This storm hospital but is expected to recover. The officials say the tiger act it naturally born not be put to sleep in fact he was back on display yesterday. A new study finds that more than 60%. Of parents support age limits for tackling and youth football only 15% opposed to minimum age. Nearly half of all landry's occurred during tackling and that's prompted several states. To propose age restrictions and this debate that in really heating up especially now there are learning more about the dangers. Of concussions especially with add up the help players coming out after years. You know of playing this port to that's our question of the day would you let your child. Play tackle football tell us why or why not to is city ABC news five yet. And we will look at those responses because again this debate is heating up again we know that when it comes to those contacts boards. Parents. Really have for some it's a tough decision made because forces so ingrained our society. And their children see their friends doing it they want to do it but when it comes to seek immediate and safe to eat those are real things in real concern. Well coming up a bizarre story of Ukraine's next president. How the comedian who played a president on TV won the election. We'll come back. I'm back now let's go hot spots and too many diseases London bureau we're doing far Elaine keep denying the biggest international news. Julie good morning we of course are gonna start with the bombings in Sri Lanka you've been covering this. Since it happened what are you hearing from our teen run aground there. Good morning tonight good morning cast I mean how piece of Monday but yeah you say it was over the tough weekend covering this. Horrific story. Yes they're on east a Sunday and now we've got a teen who just arrived on the ground and they'll be on GMA Mason today. With the bassist on the investigation. And just. Looking over the damage of all of what's happened. There have been some interest in developments they have been night it's a matched dot police chiefs ten days ago as man has just reported. In the Shia. They sent a warning ten days ago about a possible threat to catches. Two security officials the prime minister has said that he and up. Government officials. When not aware of the threats but says now an investigation into. Why a disinformation was not accent on that now says graying. In trust. In a it as an and a lesson Nyhan Islamist group intelligence chiefs say that they are looking into this group has. The possible suspects. Before the bombings. Really insisting that because they are much they not a high profile. As an escape and told them Macy ministry and I'm come from vandalizing. Buddhist statues of course it streamlined his a multi ethnic multi religious multi cultural. Country but this of this group it is is known for. For for vandalizing buddhists not to say admitted matches up they. That the ones responsible. For this not just Peres's huge amount of question because these attacks while sophisticated. They won large scale. And they were highly successful sale a lot of questions admit that indeed tons that this is a group that was responsible. So many questions and if the investigation finds there was a major breach in security there are an intelligence failure. I think there would be some. In a more questions than there and another story we covered do a few weeks ago and now it's official Ukraine's next president will be a comedian. Famous for playing a president on TV so how old that we get here. I mean it you can't make this sob right don't instead must be watching that some banking. And write a case that ended in Ukraine. The guide cold blood and is eleven ski he is an aide said Terry Cook TV stock he is narron. For playing a teach. Do happen unexpectedly became president of Ukraine oft filming a video and ranting about corruption. This show is cold seven of the people and now attends that he is now niece seven of the people for real. He won the Ukrainian election with more than seventy. A sense. All of them by it wasn't even qarase I and that you know restraint in saying this guy he's 41 he's going topsy no background. In politics he's got no political experience. But also his campaign style was completely novel he issued staying rallies and speeches and all of the traditional. Methods of campaigning he did online video and it's. And he vowed to tackle corruption and to stamp out. The docks on influence in Ukraine and of course the incumbent Patrick for a ten K he's. He's a talk let's factory and a he's an oligarchy himself. This I mean this is a fascinating story. He aware about a month away from his inauguration and he's crowds to. Deal with a lot of Ukraine's problems particularly with the conflict in the east with Russian backed separatists landed small scale. Civil conflict so it is good and interesting to see how this one comes out. Be used the words drain the swamp. At all. I they're not. Could put some that would tell the UK and really do that today happens to be earth today so are other parts make the planet a little bit better but South Korea has some big planned. Tell us about those. Yeah has so this is that interest staying. South Korea they have been whacking really hard to tackle. That. Food waste now. They've been running Syria. As of manages that you're seeing here. Residents. I'm villages they've been getting subsidies from the government for tending that feared waste. Into compost have been these big machines installed in May the heads why people can drop the food waste. And a month later it comes out with high quality. Code must and it allows them to start from its own small scale oven farming there invest both the Mac. Taking to those with great gusto fee is again the South Korean government they. Made it mandatory for people to recycle that feed waist and on the Andes by eggs and say. They had that there was a financial. Incentive for people to cut down the amount of food that they were chalking up. And yet this might sound like kids it's not a huge go but I actually feigned waste is Britney was what is it is hugely. Responsible for limiting greenhouse gases because of how they deacon poston and landfill sites and surveyed the front they missed a lot of greenhouse gases. Means that they. You know that the really bad for the environment so I think this is really interesting and yeah it's a good story folk. Day looking at one how one country is trying to time trying to do is bet to to tackle this crisis. Jim we ought to do our part Julia thank you my friend we really appreciated. Let's check out every agency was trending on social media this birthday starting with some wild images like this one. At our old taking care of a check. But I did zone because. It doesn't give birth to banks that. Pats chicks but. The only thing. That Powell would eats little duckling of you don't know that now made Alan vegetarian like that but that Powell instead taking care of the duckling which is different than that chick. So nice to see that out and yeah Baiter. Then these anti. I spoke with cheaper dangers. Been. Bad the Congo. I think the one ranger the other one and then you see a couple of guerrilla. Pat Leahy president said Saturday at the office says there weren't as photo bombing. Hands got a candidate spy kids. Jakes and they're standing out there are standing up in his way he's noticed another raider way they are way out there like. Hey there today and but that the front picture get out of my space. That awaits a starter was returned to the top of the sport by winning the masters and to celebrate its program artists the flip this house posted this video by hand drawn animation. But tigers. Pass 22 years there isn't gone holding his their heart is that after us first masters yet. Com's very key that athletes began in 19122 younger then and go off. But yes those those empty pages missed a lot. The missed a little bit. Something I Mezan out of that book yes I nobody get. Engulf whose. A thicker regulations to this dog will accomplish something many pups intriguing about it he caught a sale or bottle. Wyatt accusing not to do debt. So. In the stale data here. Let us for all of its gonna take that idea there was movement people go to talented Natalie is I caught it. And that's where experts fear for the world's strongest man sitting together on a polite loyal. Have this small war. Spread these guys out on the players. One in the back yet break I. That's it and certainly don't need an encroachment on my speed. I mean usually have bot to CTG. Maybe. Yeah yeah well then in our book coming up a true story. The termination of a team loses nearly his entire memory but doesn't want that phone down. Deborah. There's a watch out for today president for the First Lady will host hundreds of children on the White House flawed but he annual Easter. Head of vendor that's ball to start vendors and gave all expected to come together for the what we're laughing until. Coming up later you fools live Jane Goodall sits down to talk about her new Disney. We'll feature documentary Palin's Disney is the company maybe we'll. Don't forget to tune into the beat Freeport uphill all our top stories in the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. And finally from us this morning an amazing comeback by a seat and athlete who suffered a serious injury during the game. He suffered a serious concussion and lost his memory of everything but ABC's Tommy honest reports he still pursuing history. In the blink of the nine Caleb Williams lost so much of that balance. God telling me. Maybe this isn't for you units when he fifteen football game that lead water high school near Dallas Caleb suffered a serious concussion after a massive hit. I was going in and out of consciousness. How nervous I was scared killer was rushed to the hospital where he would later wake up. Seventeen years worth of memories completely gone he could not even remember his own name Caleb was given a temporary one by the hospital. This thing I know they're calling Idaho Idaho. The road to recovery was long he knew his football days were behind him but decided to try and played basketball again searching for some type of normalcy. With a green light from his doctors and parents Caleb returned to the court. The athlete inside of Caleb reemerged leading his team to a district championship. But then the Texas native faced a new setback. This time a car accident. Leaving him with yet another concussion delaying the start of his collegiate career eventually he was allowed to return to the court they're humble they show me that I'll wasn't. Going to be the best from a quarter but Caleb catch driving the next year earning a starting position at Richland college. He's. Just kind of the cattle and we kind of go as he goes what I've learned the system you can't give up on any. If it's some city bag and you gotta start over and just work at an all over again. In the fall Cuba's it to transfer and play for even bigger school with a scholarship the dream study this series of setbacks could crush this thing you will always rule. I think that Tom there at that young man has such a great spirit he is so incredible that I know that he's. Miki a lasting memories but it definitely it is a credible looked say that he can't remember the past seventy years. And residents in all that for him. Well that's it for us this morning make it a great day and we'll see you too.

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