It's Morning, America: Monday, April 29, 2019

Synagogue shooting survivors speak out, President Donald Trump lashes out at Democratic candidates and more.
25:30 | 04/29/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, April 29, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot move in and hitting already the top I think you know this Monday never won the Jewish community is vowing to stand up to terrorism after another deadly attack on the synagogue. This time in Southern California. The nineteen year old gunman walked into the suburban San Diego synagogue filled with families on the final day of passover and police say he opened fire with an assault style rifle. Funeral services will be held today for Laurie case founding member of the congregation. Who was shot and killed before the John. The gun jammed the rabbi was among three people wounded but he immediately address worshippers sang it Jewish nation will Sam hall. I won't let anyone take them down and number two Baltimore police are looking for at least one gunman in a deadly shooting that brought final institute cookout. Detectives say someone started firing indiscriminately into the events which are props to treat from one another. One person was killed at least six other hold it. Officials don't have a motive. And we had to Washington for number three where a college student is among the dead after a. Rain fell from a building on Google news Seattle that's a total of four people were killed in Saturday's tragedy the crane slammed into six cars on a busy street. Two construction workers inside it died as well as the student. And another person in her car. Investigators are looking at whether high winds are to blame him. On to number four severe storms taking aim at the midwest and the plains with heavy rain flooding and tornadoes take a look at these dark clouds that covered over in that city Kansas. After the tornado warning in the area overnight but that hasn't expired at Chicago got a wicket blossomed when terror over the weekend more than two inches of snow fell calling hundreds of flight cancellations. That's just rude. Hit him hatred and finally number five here's a new reason to limit your screen time doctors say the blue light emitted by devices can cause wrinkles they say about light penetrates us again deeply. Which damages the DNA up itself and ultimately results and wrinkles. Ways to guard against damage as prime limiting screen time are using a blue like protector. On your device something in care industry company. They're already offering products to guard against. Blue light and it's a fact they're always finding a weights and make some money. We've got Florida talking about coming your way through Good Morning America. Good Monday morning a do so throughout the week this tragic news coming from Southern California and really get right with the latest on that deadly synagogue shooting in San Diego. Worshippers came together overnight in the face of fear and lighting candles and singing the synagogue rabbi who was this year's first target took to the stage to deliver a message of hope to its followers police say a nineteen year old man walks into the synagogue on the final day of passover. And opened fire with an assault style rifle now we are learning more about what happened during the attack. And passover shattered by gunfire I was sense ridges away from death. Literally a shooter stormed the San Diego synagogue killing one and injuring three others are turnaround. And I see the shooter standing there in position with a rifle moving deport some witnesses say he didn't speak only shot. I believe that they have been started feeling like crazy run everywhere right there waiting his new home. There is scooter big we cannot do we get up. The suspect nineteen year old John Ernest first targeting rabbi Israel Goldstein. Before turning his gun on nearby worshippers. I just remember. Getting picked out tiebreaker when my body and telling your PC is quiet but once she didn't know that we're here. The violence only ending when the suspects assault rifle reportedly jammed I heard the gunshots. Everybody ran out. I jumped up and I ran to the lobby Oscar Stewart who with ex military chased the shooter out of the synagogue. While an off duty Border Patrol officer used the gun from a fellow worship or to fire an earnest as he drove off. I ran up to and and I yelled at him and he dropped his weapon he ran out but Jason not a sanctuary. Just minutes after earn as fled the scene. There are fifty. Coupled look at. Vehicles. Police were going to memorial weight in his car with the assault rifle they say he purchased just one day before the attack Ernest was arrested without incidence. But the damage was already done. It's so. Horry laying on the floor of Constance. Sixty year old Lori Gilbert was killed in the may lay. Rabbi Gholston was shot in both hands while one of the other victims a mock arrest was shot in the leg as he shielded children from the gunfire. Imposed guys can remain Milan and but I if hopeless old Vickie overnight president from calling rabbi Goldstein to share his condolences. Incurred for the victims of the senseless crime I've lost my shooter. You know and I'd that's scar of losing to think you'll always be there but also remember. But the president called me on this day of suffering. And. Hoping you're saying man you just take care of yourself. And the FBI is now joining the investigation as we learned this may not be the suspect's only alleged hate crime ABC's Brian Nokia has more. Hey guys yeah police say this attack was planned for about two weeks not a ton of time as law enforcement is concerned but. Apparently enough time to inflict death pain. And hurt on this community nineteen year old John Ernest was apprehended about a mile away from the hub on how we synagogue. And according to law enforcement he started talking quickly ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman was at the scene all weekend. So I asked him what we know about the suspect. Nursing student. I gone to college of not far from here. And apparently he wrote an open letter on the web site H and in which he basically describes it his attack was a tribute to the massacres both in. The Christ's church mosque last month and this tree of life synagogue in Pittsburg exactly six months the day before this attack on the about synagogue. He also brags about taking credit for an arson attack on a nearby mosque here and Escondido California. In which no suspect is ever been found out the fire he allegedly said. Didn't really taken congregants inside were able to put it out and it was declared as arson. No suspect has ever been located and law enforcement tells me they strongly strongly believe. That he is the suspect in that arson so. He now not only faces a possible murder charges attempted murder charges but also hate crime charges in more than one. Now that post Matt was talking about that paid homage to the New Zealand shooting last month. Well the alleged New Zealand attacker actually wrote a similar letter that appeared on the exact same web sites so. We'll have a lot more on how this unfolded and these disturbing online trends on start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts or your favorite podcasting app. Remain Kenneth Brett thank you. Turning now to the race for the White House Joseph Biden is holding its first campaign rally today in Pennsylvania and it comes. As president front steps up his attacks against former vice president. And other democratic candidates ABC's street Marshall is in Washington with those details street at the morning. Today good morning and president from it isn't just taking aim at the former vice president but launching new attacks and several of the Democrats hoping to take his job. At a campaign rally in Wisconsin over the weekend. He slammed Bernie Sanders as crazy blasted Bennett will work stands on immigration and the former vice president bringing back that nickname actually a page out. I don't want to interview the president labeled Biden as week saying he doesn't look the same. The president is painting the entire Democratic Party as radical as he continues to rail against the special counsels and must. Asia. And the Democrat. Radical. Left. They should changeup to call it officially the radical left Democrat party. Left oh. Democrats. Put all their hopes behind there could illusion delusion. Which has now been totally exposed to the world is a complete and total. Fraught. And you ABC news Washington Post poll shows Biden is leading candidates among Democrat and Democrat leaning voters with 17%. Support is followed bystanders. Booted judge Harris oh work and war and Biden is holding his first of riddled point when he rally in Pittsburgh he's addressing a crowd at a Teamsters union hall topping the was peel. To blue collar workers and his campaign is saying his message is going to focus on his quote planned to build a middle class where. Everyone comes along and today cabinet we should also point out that that same watching impose ABC news poll found that 35%. Of debt of respondents. Actually had no opinion at all on those Canada. Slug sense especially because it is so NA burly and there are so many of you know whenever you edit so. Early I mean in this. Process yet so so early in this process for some comparison Eric 2007. Rudy Giuliani was actually leading the Republican pack and we all remember how that that's what ever happened to that guy. I'm not ruling happened yeah theory and I think you very much. Appreciate it well weekend of celebration for one NFL draft pick turned tragic quarry Valentine was wounded in a double shooting in Topeka Kansas early yesterday. Hours after the giants selected him in the sixth round his former college team make a Wayne Simmons was killed. Police say it happened at a socially vendor Washburn University where both played no arrests have been made Allen Condit is expected to recover. I've been were rescued from a cave at southwest Virginia after being trapped for nearly two who days. Six men entered the cyclops click came Friday night for an overnight excursion but heavy rains caused flooding making it difficult for them to climb out. One of the men was able to get out early Sunday morning and alerted authorities. So crews race against the clock as the other men left behind were suffering from fatigue hypothermia. And facing deteriorating conditions inside that K if they are speaking. One of them wasn't he is very cold very tired. And I had to check in with him pretty regularly and make sure he does on their cheerful once we started. Letting you know we're in a pol the not a there. Forb the men were taken to a local hospital another one was taken to trauma center no word yet on their conditions. But I came as popular with explorers because of its type crevices and drops and we're seeing new images of massive flooding in Mozambique from cyclone Kenneth pat storm battering the African nation for days of heavy rain and gusty winds. At least five people have died nearly 35000. Homes have been damaged or destroyed and that country was also hit. Just a couple weeks ago so parts he has images. This is very tough there and let's switch it up a little bit talk about a pig can we. Because the town of hair in Illinois is home to a celebrity case. Yep resident thick book shop as a running around on her own for a few months people feeder letter player their pets. While jumping could be you keeps escaping animal control. They hasn't owner we've contacted then the order but they can't catch the pig and we can't catch that takes a look at just kind of it's a citizen at this point for all we know. A citizen issue the weekly picnic park job tells us our FaceBook page for the few hundred members and there are bumper stickers all over town. Warning drivers to take special care. For the prize pig. I've got nervous about me about a from South Carolina. I feel like this is my time to show you back to do. To get that gig economy you can lasso a pig. Our pick it. It yeah. And that. Can she do that appear at me coming. Can we move on didn't try us you'll never do it again I can never make that promise. Stay with us. Welcome back this weekend I was Washington's annual celebration in the First Amendment the White House Correspondents' Association dinner. The story Iran turnout spoke rose from recent biography and Alexander Hamilton. He joked that Hamilton was likely to emigrate to the US before it was solely. President compounds suggests that it was a really good time he had a great message out. Obviously honoring. First Amendment celebrate humanity and the important that the freedom of the press I'm we also lot of different tone it. Here yet differ right when he said this was. Good reset. For an event that have really been filled with celebrities and controversy with comedians. And trump administration she boycott it the dinner this year so there were no administration officials there. And but I will safer. I would dare to say that anyone critics and supporters go back listen to what the speaker had to say. And also those young aspiring journalists who were awarded scholarships war. What they wanna be and what they've done so farce that was pretty cool. I can follow Imus she mess that Malibu real yeah I got dressed that with our colleagues found their DC a Powell you see there Stephanie when our courts sideline and that another correspondent Amy Thomas who. She's a person who does everything down and angry bureau including keeping all of us and checked him in line try and two at the scandals and but we know what. And that's you see this ad here for fashion. Column that's that's exactly that you probably fed when they get one laughing I did. Candidate going candid but you know debate was mess but we re create an image from last year so that we missed you doll when he eighteen on the last. Tony nineteen on the right Kennedy then made room for me as if I were there yes they're lot of no longer pregnant baby boys almost one now for her. Yes so good times but at times we missed you. You know we also messed Juliana yes we dead let's go across the pond out ABC news London bureau where Juliet TV and I am the biggest international news. Good morning do it's I start with something serious here and that's with Sri Lanka where now a week after those Easter bombings officials are saying the threat is not over so what's the latest there. Morning guys yes they have says spin this new announcement by the president that they and hazing this emergency restriction. On face mask on non. A common set cover the face now while they did not specifically mentioned. The Muslim he job we'll buck. But this may visit is seen to be as taunting. There's items of clay things say this is the phase of heightened security as there is an on gangs such. Thanks really extraordinary. Un dot raid on Friday there was a big police raid. On a hideout in Friday about uncovered layers of explosive materials. Number of people were killed in creating it's a managed. The father and team brother is all but this suspected ringleader and lost in mind of the east of bombings. And the guy who one of the guys who is actually killed in and one of the suicide bombings and a hotel. Now it's interesting with this announcement on on the face bells because apparently according to medical reports. And a local Muslim group run by clerics has also court for women to avoid wearing face veils for the time being eaten. Julio well let's move on to Spain where it looks like the Socialist Party. We'll stay in power after Sunday's election but up new far right party also gaining a president's support. So this is a trend we've been seeing recently across your Powell is a fact that global stage. Absolutely spin of how some quite messy politics. Recently this is the Fed's general election they've seen and four yeah is safe you guys. Thing that you gave to the polls a little too often in the US imagine how the Spanish feel now they've gone to the polls because with the current administration. It faced event of no confidence they were unable to against the any legislation Senecal to snap election on what's happened nick Hodges won a majority again. Now the incumbent prime minister Petr Sanchez his Ponte has Socialist Party. Did get the lion's share of the vague but it was less than a flat. So he's gonna have to start finding umpire teased. Two ally himself with to form a minority government so the situation politically hasn't really changed that bought this new. Books posse. Hasn't managed I was as a growing force to be reckoned with now is anyone a handful of seats but it is entering parliament. It's a fast far right condiments and parliament since the and since the end of minute she ruled the death of friend Karen in the seventies. And this imagine is all of fringe far right groups and entering the political mainstream about something with signal across Europe. I'm Julie is time to switch gears. I'm have a question for you. Is your clock running your clock tower reading addict that nearly in that guiding cats. Out of time god well lit guys. Running that London marathon dresses Inman. I mean you've been running 26 models. Out in London in those haut stuffy question what is the laws thing you want to happen to me you get stock. On the finish lie in and it what what a triumph and sort of a finish that would have been. Full that I mean can 26 miles is somehow there is running about and just just of the finest on that happens how you know Jonathan the I mean that and you get do there isn't. Yeah don't credit the still dry doing is bashing ads that's count but I and I aren't diamonds it. I'm a lot of people saying elect isn't as a beat them that we'll fabrics that. I. Julie Abel authentic before you governing give you the opportunity to weigh in on. How I looked at that White House Correspondents' Association and. Julie Julia ignore him you Giuliani when by anybody you want material. Well well I'd feel negative in Egypt's Al bids possibly going to be the next James Bonds you can give a run for his money he's merely. My guys and I just below and let. Oh my goodness half of yeah. Gave up the road last night take this year. Not that doesn't like I'm see ever seen. Analysts say. Yeah there's less I guess and rights of Prince Harry was saying yeah. Maybe it's about coming out that not. They have they nothing we all of rather that of course for the royal baby I'm on Prince Harry just wanna quickness I wasn't that he normally. Attends events to hand out as a medals at the end and we were all thinking it he was posted an Indian nation that he made a loss minutes. Parents how about some medals and set girls and lighten up rising UK was safe and that's why. As he did not win red alert BS series got that old red since. That everybody that I learned. Yet the for the beta that we are some rent here may be made him do if they we have two. Beverage maker earpiece out there about anti like gamers grows we'll see I'm doing now what's. That maybe I'm deadly that there are question candidates that let us know what you think patriots ABC news live because some people are calling it hit T be a vent. Up like a life and I say if the best. The best show ever that was the best episode on TV ever so what was your favorite TV moment when you think takes the cake and my Islamic countries that you guys but the I'll let the good when. I don't know I have so many from lost see you. Matched known that national and having neglected saved match at the time back. The in the Martan I don't know. What it did ago it. No higher that's. Let's notification is not about the big movie eventful day. Villagers and gain back share box office record but not everyone got a chance to watch on opening weekend. And some of them are going to extremes avoid spoilers like this teacher who posted a warning to students on his classroom doors saying. I haven't seen yet away from our brother to get back into town from amp up. And as soon as he does we'll see the movie and him I take down his door this note then we can Leppert now oil then stole Oilers don't do it well. As speed demon got we'll look back at least a little rather tricycle that's been going pretty fast. Please. Department closed the game like this all the time index there a couple of the first shot on. I went back up in Los Angeles. Clayton Kershaw had a strong outing Saturday for the Dodgers and their win over the pirates. Then left behind starter when commercials two year old son Charlie took the mound at dot beauty editors the little guy as. Right handed pitcher Charlie curse all she. Kerrey. Through a door locked adorable. The son of baseball legend Vladimir Guerrero made his Major League debut this weekend to perhaps little. Seek her shah's son taking the mound and when he. Yourself maybe. Are all coming up the -- first for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Then those other models speaking out about her perky. When they can. Welcome back evenings like Melbourne today president Pro Bowl host the NCAA women's basketball maps okay at the end Baylor University the White House. Given that comes as Virginia the men's champion. Declined an invitation citing scheduling an apple. And murders for everyone the CEO Bo is due to appease shareholders and give a press conference for the first time since the company's. 730 for the Mets jets were grounded following the deadly crash in Ethiopia. Boeing has been working on a software fix to address the issue. And you'll bite and former vice president's holding its first Forney Forney campaign rally today in Pittsburgh he's addressing a crowd at the Teamsters union hall. Data into his appeal to blue collar workers find campaigns of the message will focus on his plan to quote. Build a middle class where everyone comes along. And Joseph Biden and his wife a doctor Gil bite you sit down for exclusive interview with Robin Roberts tomorrow on Good Morning America. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown on the latest headlines and politics. And finally from us this morning for the first time in its history the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is coming out this year in May and set a February. But that's not the only first this your issue is making history with a bottle breaking new ground. It's the magazine known for launching dark and turning heads but this year don't change yourself teens picking. Gleaming aided is changing the game and making history. As the first job wearing model to Wear a -- Keeney and Sports Illustrated legendary swimsuit issue when you're out there shooting at what was going through your mind. Wheat death we had a lot of moments where everybody was like breaking down crying because it's a huge moment. Sports Illustrated is proving that a girl that's wearing a bikini could be right alongside a goal that's where an effort CNN's women. We can come alongside each other and each other's biggest cheerleader is celebrating the diversity of women known for turning models like Tyra Banks and Kate Upton into household names. The iconic brand is now trying to push forward the conversation around. Beauty this year's issue has one of the biggest and brightest samplings of beauty that we've ever featured so you see a wide range of age and race and levels of modesty and that really is a first for us. How did you feel when you first saw the pictures I've never gotten tissues in the ocean breakfast and suit I felt like I was beyonce in the waters. Like I'm glad I. It was incredible island that he he experienced something that probably will never get to experience it. Lots talking with her she was incredible so why Downey beautiful intelligence. And I feel right now only this is this all inclusive some would say why did takes a long. We outlawed absolutely and she's only 21 years old and has breaking veers away that she isn't during her talk about. You know when when she's getting feedback from others in the community about what it means them girls who say they didn't even know what a Burke heaney was. It is incredible to see how she is it feeling empowered and and powering up. I goes live in the story there rob modesty I just think is so interest in and is. Really opens up for something if you don't know about him to learn more about absolutely and that was fantastic. Newton will we need we'll see you tomorrow because that's all we've got for you today we are going to flee. I'm catching a man can't.

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