It's Morning, America: Monday, Feb. 11, 2019

The latest on political turmoil in Virginia, Duchess Meghan Markle's family drama, the Grammys and more.
27:52 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, Feb. 11, 2019
Good morning and I'm Kenneth most Nanjing army here in the top wiping snow this Monday number one political chaos and Virginia and the bold declaration from the governor saying loud and clear. He's not going anywhere after apologizing for wearing black face in the past governor Ralph Moore film is now facing fresh criticism over his description up African slaves. Calling them indentured servants. During his first on camera interview senses trouble started meanwhile articles of impeachment could be introducing against the lieutenant governor Thompson Fairfax by a fellow Democrat. Fairfax is now demanding a full investigation into the claims we at the Capitol Hill for number two negotiations toward another government shut down. Appear to have stalled as lawmakers hope to reach a deal by today but congressional negotiators. Clock Sunday over demands by Democrats to limit the number of undocumented immigrants. That came be detained and they're still no deal on funding for a border wall the president tribe is heading back to the border today. Holding a rally in El Paso, Texas. Content number three now another storm dumping even more snow in Washington State this can be this know we its February out of record for Seattle. Hundreds of flights have been canceled and schools there are close farther south that this is the senior Lake Tahoe California walls of snow or surrounding this house. They got three feet. The report teachers and Denver are expected to go on strike today for their first time in 25 years. They feel to reach a deal on salaries and bonuses schools will remain open with substitute teachers and the only girl child early childhood classes will be closed because of the strike. And up finally number five music's biggest night featured some surprises former First Lady Michelle Obama. Doing great because at least if he's on stage alongside Jada Pinkett Smith Lady Gaga and Jay lo. Police kicked off the night reminding everyone of the power of music. Carty be made history at the show becoming the first ever solo female rapper to take home. Rap album of the year and lady got Yahoo! is cleaned up that award shows this season took home three grammys. To her shallow from. We've got sober more to talk about. Coming your way it's Good Morning America. I'm still working over here. Pay attention I'm not here yeah yeah. You sort of a big day out. No rehearsals no were hurt if you are doing and that this is real guy this is our first episode. It's morning America. Save this for ever for the malt and 45 years digital media. When I am retired and don't let the coma I'd heard. And apparently and this will be seeing because it's our inaugural show. It is it is and I pick it up because the grammys were just talking about midnight last night. That opener right there yes what populist by yeah. I felt like how they've had an eight firmly then. Dolly Parton honored the performance then the winner halo took off that brand cabins to poor and most of the night. Not that latter part of an audible question about. Taylor doing the Motown tribute but I think she went up there to save. I got. I got that I got it in. She hadn't last night it was is big night for others likely. Scott Scott was already having just a great year especially awards show when I wanna given all the way Paramount as the member Robert and I talk about a little later with we'll gay and ask. So Lily but we will start with the political chaos in Virginia and bold declaration from the governor there he saying loud and clear. That he is not going anywhere. After apologizing for wearing black face in the past governor Ralph nor from is now facing fresh criticism. Over his description of African slaves meanwhile articles of impeachment could be introduced soon against the lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax. ABC's. No not close our Abbie has all the details Myrna good morning. Good morning today of course the latest developments being that. Lieutenant governor just in Fairfax is looking at. Possible impeachment now what adverse support that he had going into this weekend completely does vanished. After a second woman came out accusing him of sexual assault. Saying that he raped her back in 2000 of course he vehemently denies both allegations. And is actually calling for an FBI investigation. Into those allegations and he can try and clear his name but at least one lawmaker has said. That he wants to move forward with plans to impeach Fairfax that he didn't resign by this morning of course he hasn't stepped down. Now speaking that stepping down in his first televised interview. Governor Rell north and spoke with CBS's Gayle King where he told there he is not going anywhere. And that he plans to continue to lead in Virginia. And then he said that at stake a lesson. And you know if you look at Virginia's history we're now the 400 year anniversary. Just ninety miles from here. In 1619. The first indentured servants from Africa landed on our shores and old point comfort what we call now Fort Monroe and while also known as slavery yes. Now what is interesting about a statement he made is that earlier in the inner view making his case of why he's not resigning. The governor is sad that he's the best person to help heal better excuse me fix the racial divide in and the commonwealth. But Benny goes on to compare chattel slavery to indentured servitude. All this while he's tale telling Gayle King that this year is a very good marks a very important anniversary of her Virginia it is. 400 years since the first laid arrived and the shores of Virginia and what ensued of course was 200 years of brutal and sleet meant not indentured servitude so again the governor finding himself once again in the hot seat this morning. For comments that he made that just kind of show that he's out of touch when it comes a racial issues affecting in this country all the while. The attorney general in Virginia attorney general mark caring who would of been third in line as both north them and Fairfax resigned. Is also dealing with his own controversy he admitted last week that heat shield dressed up in black face and again I use that it before I'll say it again. This is unprecedented not just for Virginia. But the entire country and it's forcing us to have a conversation that whether we like it or not we need to have. Yet definitely a first week of controversy for the commonwealth. Mona thank you for breaking it down and bringing us this latest developments we appreciate you. While turning outs in the race for twenty twining with Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar already sparred with president trump as she announces her bid for the White House. It's the president mop Klobuchar over her stance on global warning suggesting her announcement was bad Tommy gets you like a snowman standing and a blizzard. Klobuchar tweeted back that she looks forward to debating the president about climate change. Then they develop personal love it she wonder how would hear what the earth in a blizzard. But she did not mention the president by name during her now smashing promise to represent every American. One's a better way over their kids. I mean where every. Please do I knew I did good education. Clovis are also responded to report that she missed treats her staff she acknowledged that. She can be tough but pointed out that she is very staffers who work for her. For years. My turn to. Got Tom what's really this is another development and the billionaire vs a mega tabloid newspaper the mystery over who gave racy pictures. Of Amazon CEO Jeff praise goes to The National Enquirer may be solved the attorney for the CEO of the tabloids parent company tells ABC news. A reliable source provided the images multiple reports say that source. It's Michael same chest so who hasn't. Sanchez he is the brother of basis is alleged mistress CN because. Also has ties to people within the orbit basins is rival president. Trump's show it's still not at definitive link card and that's what they're thinking. Well turning out his stark reality check that millions of taxpayers are facing in the first full year of the sweeping Republican tax overhaul. Despite promises that nearly everyone would do better the first numbers from the RS show that refunds have shrunk nearly 10%. Shock and anger from early tax filers those refunds. Not as big as they had hoped for not coming in all calling it tax. Cuts army. The IRS reports the average refund for the first week of filing. Down 8% compared to the same time last year it appears the biggest reserves changes the deductions under president Trump's new tax law. And a nonpartisan government watchdog says for more than thirty million Americans didn't withhold enough from paychecks. We unfortunate result of that is that shortfall has been made up at some point. That point is when you fighter jet. Church are frustrated filers taking to Twitter to complain one person asking will someone make my tax return is great again. Self drew on a nonprofit consultant Eva super side a single no children prepay jumped 1000 dollars and 2018. New changes to her with holdings last year's refund 900 dollars this year she owes 46 dollars. Signing on that money seeing it or. Hey youthful or property tax and it is. All right folks are we gotta get real here alike believe you do not want to hear this but it's important if you. Did not get a refund orbit actually smaller than what you thought you're gonna get tax experts say taxpayers. Need to really work with their employers. To work on withholding more from your paycheck. Right and people don't want to hear that because that audience that is less money in your pocket throughout the year. Single mother of right to three kids she hustled that's already struggling to make ends meet and then here's that they're better off having. Less money in their pocket throughout the year. But stopped yet people have been talked. And on Twitter about this we and to in this story for the past we Broward about the shock and anger. But you know IA also mention what's the alternative because there are certain things in life they say it's better. And taxes and what are you do from here and obviously that next important step is. Going to that withholding on the W four seeing what the with holdings are currently in the making some adjustments. Object to work with allowed me to work for their employer I don't know how to do that. Right that is the thing a lot of people needing to figure out exactly what they need to do then how to do it yet a tough for some family yeah. While most decorated female skier in history didn't necessarily end her career with a bang but that's right good thing. Yet yesterday Lindsey Vonn did go without a crash a good thing given her long list of injuries bond. Won the bronze in the world championships in Sweden five days after wiping out during the super G. When issued dozens Swedish alleged in Ingle Larsen Denmark. The only person with more World Cup once and bond gave her flowers. Then it was time to walk away. I'm in a position. Where. You know my my body isn't allowing me to ski the way I know that I can you know normally I would say yes I'm disappointed because I know that I can win but I don't. No that I can win anymore and that's why am retiring hope. The prongs made bomb the first female skier to medal at six world championships. Congratulations to her just how much is an amazing career. And obviously in being. That run without a crash that's an ordinance at. She says she almost have to like bag fees and it was begging that Merck to be there for obviously she looks at him as a legend right. Is there she walked to it well coming up see what happens when a young girl falls into a. Him dying closure at a zoo drew plus this mom gets more than a slam dunk corner soldier's son surprises there. He cannot miss this. Welcome back to our inaugural show of Good Morning America hit Florida America. Scowcroft the fun out ABC news London bureau where Julia McFarlane is keeping an eye on the biggest international's. News good morning to you Julie don't. Good morning guys I'm glad you have you got on the very fast says they can flood threat sodas a couple of big stories. Over the weekend that we've been tracking but facet of what a bring your attention to the latest. And the fight against crisis in Syria not at the weekend we have some news dot US backed cut its allies. Began a lodge onslaught against I says they are holed up in a small sliver of territory on the river Euphrates very close to the border of Iraq. They report dot hundreds of families and fighters have been fleeing towards a little town on the bullet that. Surrendering. Here because they that reports not because I'm actually in negotiations with ice this day the remaining hostages. That they hold. And so we're out world already watching C how ice this has lost span. Is going to get remembered at a heightened when he fourteen they held Voss waves apparently across Iraq and Syria side of serious side of Iraq we have an event. Nine million people now this is all lost present count lost week. He is signaled that he may be in a position to announce a crisis territories that they hold may be a 100% liberated. As ugly as this week got to mention of course about Barry and James Longman. Is heading that shortly. A full ABC news will be bringing you all of this coverage as the team get to the ground. Now the other big story of course it is going to be are huge talking point. Physical Alice saint favorite princess met in Moscow a huge story. In the mail on Sunday. Yes today now it is revealed. That she wrote have the house father Thomas Markel. A five page lacks. Excess of this has do you have been up published in the mail we've got a couple of act up to say but I just up quickly point out that this is all of in response to. Anonymous interviews at five of her closest friends gave to the US magazine people. Last week that jumps a Megan's defense they basically felt the need to speak out for have because all of the onslaught of attack that she's been facing. They so that they were worried about how health that she's pregnant but that's so many misconceptions. About mega that they thought felt compelled to speak out and had defense now it's probably I'm surprising ready dot Thomas Markel felt the need to respond. He's done not by Sharon accept all of this trip caught breaking hundreds of last of that magazine reportedly ready to hem in August lost here a couple of lines on Shattuck you guys she says. It is with a heavy heart that I write this not come the stunning why you have two days and take this part. Having a blind eye to the pain you'll closing. Your actions have broken my heart into a million pieces what she's referring to that or is she says that until this Markel has. Fabricated stories to the media that he says he's tried to reach out when she says that he hasn't tried to cool. She's accused him of siding with. A hospice to Samantha mockery frequently. A tax cut. In the media another crack I wanted to chat with you she makes an appeal tend to stopped walking too depressed she says. If you love me as you tell the press you do. Please stop please allow us to live our lives in peace. Please stop exploiting my relationship with my husband. So a lot of people have been talking about got a very very past the last from the duchess of suspects he has of course maintained very big this dignified silence. About all of this. Soundly drama that's been erupting on an international headlines is that this is a fuss kind of insight we've got and how it's affecting have passed and. The jury I was gonna ask you when it comes to this obviously very painful. War. This all to play out so publicly. And even if she was an high profile pretenses. Dutch excuse me. I mean this is really it's embarrassing. I think for this district encourages keeps ripping off that status well for her. I mean I think this is a the tics and in fiscal full Megan because she. Has been gay through this transition of being. You know of famous independent public Sega and and right she hides in a shift prolific on says she'll need issue very much tighter and boy can she light using not voice. To cook but things she cat about but also to engage with people. Now that's already the way the world Sami wax it's an ancient institution how long standing rules and pensions. But how they do things and it's because they're such intense. Interest in the world found me but there is a need for decorum there's a need for them. To remain dignified they all largely you know darom absences. All of the UK scene around while others say the have very strict rules that are massive press operation and media offices on the how this mantra of never complain never explain and I can imagine how difficult it must be for anyone that's lend some and he's used to being able. To speak out such as magaw has to join the world finally and to effectively become pots. All of this institution and have followed the rules in this way it must be it must be ready hot for for anyone. Never complain never explain Julian inner remember that want to thank you Sonoma. Well put your photos unless you're watching out for us of course because we have all the best viral stories Unita right here let's check around Haitians. So how about this in China that girl red co EC fell into a panda enclosure. You see one panda bear to start to come over as a guys trying to ease of bamboo pole to try to get that little girl out eventually so we're just got it. Go over reach down and try to polar up as. Shortly here you'll see a third panic and lower there are credit congregating trying to figure out who is this little being. An hour closure fortunately though girl got out she's safe started and I'm. Do you think is committed and so much worsened so thankful eleven and tell those people there watching killing more people should have been helping. To get her out of there we would've jumped over I would have jumped over. But I would have also grabbed a stick or whatever that is that. Or maybe even Yemen how he left this hat she that. Mean that's not important. That was going got a little girls behind home I got out of here while that's pure. But this one and acts. That's when you're gonna love love love love a local mother also Kevin various special surprise you guys are blindfold ever gets you thinking partisan think she of the mishap. Time. Dunk contests where they dunk over her at the kings game. In Phoenix Suns will fare over going over and then you see this other rave up in fatigue there that's her son is. Army. Primary backfired and branding Cody. Anything reaction right there tapping not proven that sidebar I pot. Please just. Wrapped up. So passionate yes it is never anyway so we think you for your service in this great country and I hope my mom cooked him a good meal yeah now that he home. I think she will. You bet you you maybe maybe you don't know she cuts don't put that on the element. I'm sure she's yeah. That you years stereotypes how about this Indiana the bend Indiana piano banana piano methods of kids came up with they were at this. The festival and got really creative book seven but man that's up what some wires connect him to a computer. And VKMANASU. That's that's what those are better and it's. I mean it this is actually really impressive kids are so Smart these days. And so many people. And level yeah yeah. Now the marching band. God now we did not have bananas he had we'll piano. You learn anything up. A battle IBM I had the best. Through through that that date and separated. Who paid the modern is really going to town here off the mat so. Lacking themselves through some breweries only if you're tired of it looks really cute please keep your otter dips to yourself. This habit of Monterey bay California. They're so Smart they tie themselves to those breweries what a ticket Matt so. That they won't float off problem solved they won't nature wrote float slowdown. You don't let us try an utter joke I do not. You otter tried it tell us ago. You ought to move on. I've been active breakdown of the fact that the grim news fashion it performances. To craft. Welcome back. Coming up on ABC news live president for applied to the border for a make America great again rally in El Paso, Texas ABC news live we'll be right there for the whole trip. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for breakdown of the leaders outlines. And politics. That's. Bailey whose. Alicia Keys showing off her incredible skills for the crowd in LA last night at the state offense is the prodigy. Music's biggest biggest night was dominated by chemo performers and presenters. Joining us is our world dance with a complete wrap up. Yeah hey gotta have a and I think that they gave out awards at last night's Grammy as I write I'm not really sure but. Who cares the night belonged to the performers. And what will go down as one of the best and longest awards shows in years. A night of sizzling Solis. And powerhouse performances. Jenny from the block hitting all the right notes and making major moves paying tribute to sixty years of Motown. And the queen of country stepping into the Grammy spotlight for the first time in almost twenty years. Dolly Parton teaming up with Katy Perry Casey must greats merit borders and little big town. Prove she's always had it no matter the time. The 61 grammys a night of firsts from first ladies. The first time performers he. And in the past thirty years less than twelve Latin performers have taken the stage at the grants until now. Mile to bail Ricky Martin. LA all the way to Havana. And although many of this year's grammys winners were no shows. Established Gambino winning song of the year and record of the year for this is America. Superstars skipping music's biggest night entirely. And after that public spat with producers Arianna grundy celebrating her big win onions to Graham. In the dress she would've born if she was there clip that's when he nineteen Grammy Awards. Had more than enough performance power. Carty who won two grammys the first woman to ever win rap album of the year. Casey who won four grammys including album of the year. And the fifteen time Grammy winning host herself Lisa Keyes. Diana Ross celebrating her. 75 birthday with a solo show stopper. Two weeks out from the Oscars Lady Gaga picking up three awards including two for sellers taking the opportunity to spotlight mental health in her acceptance speech. A lot of artists deal with that. And we got to take care of each of them and in a stunning performance. Reminding everyone. That she deserves any award comes her way. A huge night for female musicians who will people winning best new artist Casey must grades of course taking home album of the year. And those big moments celebrating Dolly and Diana. And did you catch that tribute to Aretha Franklin got a talk about that. Temptation for Reno on trade today and he'll line that Adams combining powers. For a stellar performance of the late queen of souls natural woman. Just a beautiful moment there are well what was your favorite moment of the night. Oh man I just that it just now but Casey must graves taking home album of the year she's the new princess of country and she deserved all for those grammys that she won last night. Well the Estrada called me out out of the here. I just thought I'd written that even bigger moment our what was your favorite I saw the same pet. Pet die this shaving be well if given the opportunity double talk about Casey most games more than once in the evening a morning whenever we need to dot about it but what will you the best thing that morning after an awards show. You really handed down and one day musgrave is going to be talking about you all I hope so put that on tinian embers I'll take it. Bake them I think guys. All right pound will broke down the grammys for us and as we move along here we want to tell you about something else that's we'd go. Go I opened the proctor yet there we go take a look at this Jeanine could. You've really don't know why do you need which is land. Minute every bit about. You guys that is our first look at Wilson that. As Jeannie. And the live action to remake of allowed and that is out may eat 24 I believe of course. This week that there company of ABC news so exciting. And so Caldwell there. He hit the gym a lot before even tell I town or maybe he's the a lot of him birders. Hey maybe RD hamburgers all the hamburgers at. What's at that he really transport himself for this role. Online temperatures going to be a great pick up again as the parent company of. Maybe cut excited at the back of this that secular look at it great I'm gonna watch it without them Todd. Bart. They are our very first episode of its Good Morning America don't expect this must energy everyday. But to it every day at 7 AM here smiling face on. I plan to bring it every single day revolved about make it a great day everyone our day is done we're going to go get some much needed sleep. See you tomorrow.

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