It’s Morning, America: Monday, Jan. 27, 2020

Remembering basketball legend Kobe Bryant, Bolton book ties Ukraine aid to Biden probe in impeachment bombshell, Coronavirus latest and more.
24:30 | 01/27/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Jan. 27, 2020
What am kind of movie. I'm Kimberly prohibit top five things you need to know today number one it shock and mourning across the globe following the helicopter crash. That killed legendary basketball star Kobe Bryant all nine people on board the helicopter were killed when it went down near LA including one of Bryant or daughter's thirteen year old. Who reportedly heading to or basketball game at the time of the crash. It overnight thousands of fans converged on the Staples Center in Los Angeles. For Bryant played his home games with the lakers number two in the draft a former national security rather doubtful to his new book claims military a free plane was connected. The political investigation. I'm Joseph Biden bites not only claims in the book that it was president trump who ordered the money to be held up president trucks waited overnight denying Bolton Klain. And onto number three rockets have hit the US embassy in Baghdad reports say the cafeteria with hit and at least one minor injury has been reported the US military says there's no serious damage. There was no immediate claim of responsibility but US officials have referred to Ron's recent attacks on American interest in the region. We have received from a report China now confirms at least eighty deaths and more than 2700. Cases from the corona virus yes at least five cases are confirmed her in the US and California Arizona. Washington and Illinois. And finally number five limb though took the stage at the grammys proving why she was the evening's most nominated performer. While the Jonas Brothers were nominated for the first time in a decade but I'm actually belonged to Billy IOS to eighteen year old swept all four major categories album record and song of the year. And best new artist also. I'm the youngest person ever to win album of the year regulations to her and all that great. Good morning everyone the mayor of Los Angeles may have fitted vest. Kobe Bryant will live forever in our hearts and will be remembered as one of our greed. Heroes fans have been sharing their grief overnight at memorial the Los Angeles around the country and across the globe remembering. Kobe Bryant now only just first determination on the basketball court or for his larger than life personality. And force fierce devotion to family. As a tribute to Bryant the purple and gold colors of the Los Angeles Lakers are lighting up landmark marks across the region including LEX airport. The Santa Monica Pier an LA City Hall. They're all just north of the city the investigation into the helicopter crashed actual. Bryant is now getting under way. This morning new clues about the crash that took the life of NBA legend Kobe Bryant that column of smoke was first seen just before 10 AM. Process. Point 01 helicopter went. The prairie remnants of the helicopter clearly visible through the thick ball. Emergency crews. And rush to the remote scene. Paramedics were boys sit down into the incident. Early into did. Incidents. They did a search of the area four survivors. Unfortunately. All the survivors. Bora were determined to have been. Perished now as officials clear away debris at the crash site which could take days. Investigators are working to piece together why the helicopter went down killing Bryant along with his thirteen year old daughter. At all seven others on board. I heard someone who is available there was so elegantly content it was in June was not to do. Running for us. The group flying to an event for the mom the league a foundation started by Bryant to teach kids basketball. The triple supposed to take less than half an hour but nearly 45 minutes after takeoff witnesses saw the chopper began to struggle. I heard a a helicopter just lying just wait too low and I heard like allowed outside noise. When we look at the mishap site itself we can see that the aircraft hit in a very high speed it was not controlled there was no attempt to land. And so whatever happened here was catastrophic and happen in his last fifteen seconds of flight. Visibility at the time of the crash was so bad the LAPD had ground to police helicopters at the time. The sheriff's department says it's too soon to know whether fog played a role the tragedy leaving friends and fans struggling to understand the loss on this pick right now. I'm staying at something there is closest to Bryant and his daughter described being crippled by the news. A lot of us from Annapolis like everybody starring in on their knees. Known for his love of basketball former President Obama stunt. Tweeting Coby with a legend on the court. And just getting started in what would've been just as meaningful a second act memorials across the country growing by the hour the biggest in Los Angeles where fancy Coby was larger than life. That it's. Every single stream. It's available. And memory. I just have elections in the. There's just devastated to everybody. Overnight other NBA legends like Magic Johnson Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabbar paid tribute. This loss is. It's just hard to comprehend. LeBron James was praised by Bryant for breaking his all time scoring record just this weekend. Was seen being consoled after hearing the news former lakers teammate and friend secure lone male who rose to fame alongside Bryant. Tweed if he had no worse to express the pain he was going through. Losing his niece GG and his brother players on Sunday riding tributes on their sneakers with Bryant's number and RIP and heart symbols. Brian often took a helicopter to avoid LA traffic it's former pilot tells the Los Angeles Times the chopper at a strong safety record. It was in quote fantastic condition. We have much more to come on the death of Kobe Bryant including the powerful tribute at the grammys from Alicia Keys and voice in me. Much more to come on Bryant's legacy this morning. It would ABC news for continuing coverage but now we turn to the other big story this morning a major development a president trumps impeachment trial. The New York Times has attained a draft a former national security advisor John holds new book. And in the draft Bolden says president trump held up military aid to Ukraine because he wanted to ukrainians to investigate the Biden's presidential overnight weeded out fierce denial. Meanwhile on Capitol Hill today Alan Dershowitz and can stars scheduled to present arguments defending the president. ABC's Andrew divert has all the new. Kenneth Kimberly good morning yen as Trump's team prepares to. Fight impeachment eight yet to be released book is ramping up democrats' demands to allow witnesses and new evidence be admitted in this trial. Democrats want one witness to testify more than any other. Former national security advisor John Bolton a new report by the New York Times shows just how critical to the case he may be. According to the times for weeks ago Bolton submitted a manuscript to the White House of an unpublished book he wrote called the room where it happened. The times says Balt indeed tailed and August 2019 conversation with trump claiming the president told Bolton personally. That he wanted to continue with holding military aid to the Ukraine until officials there launched investigations. Into Trump's rivals including Joseph Biden. ABC news has not independently reviewed the manuscript. This reported firsthand account undercuts what the president's lawyers argued in the impeachment trial over the weekend there is simply no evidence anywhere. The president trump ever linked security assistance. To any investigations. President trump flatly denying a new report I never told John Bolton at the age of the Ukraine was tied to investigations into the Democrats including the Biden's and release the military aid to Ukraine without any conditions or investigations. And far ahead of schedule. Democrats feel this only boosts their case for additional witnesses and documents Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer pleading to some moderate Republicans on Twitter to go against party lines and vote to introduce some new evidence in the trial. John Bolton has the evidence it's up to four senate Republicans to ensure John Bolton Mick mold Laney and the others with direct knowledge of president Trump's actions. Testify in the senate trial. Bolton has said he would testify if subpoenaed. In the senate meanwhile the trial resumes this afternoon can if Kimberly Andrew Dunn Burke let's talk for a second here ABC's newest correspondent. You know we're gonna do this vote does what we do on this morning America we have a little conversation. So that there you write until it ran right. Right into it has my second day. If your second day outward to come from. Miami beautiful Miami 88 gave my dying early in the I've put up a get wall top sure you're gonna have a lot of fun covering. Washington politics I know I did but we can have switched places I could it on a Miami instead itself. It's great to have you on the team friend. Great to be here on pearl be busy all year I'm sure you moment. All right we'll senators are back in Washington a for the impeachment proceedings this morning after spending part of the weekend on the campaign trail. Let's check in on our team following the candidates ahead of the Iowa Caucuses. Hey guys I'm Molly legal here in Cedar Falls, Iowa where former vice president Joseph Biden. Monday marked by Thursday's hearing in the hot leg pain and seeing playing until the Iowa caucus and a slew of recent national enhance people's. My neck in neck with senator Bernie Sanders in the week Tony Raines and even the former vice president that he's going to be a tight line. All I feel is what I'm doing enough. And it feels good and if you look at Ivan look at all the polls would drop down around biggest going to be close race and aren't going to be close relation to him. We'll find has three events in Iowa on Monday where he'll be making his final. Voters ahead of the clock and and it comes as your life easier for Christmas and my name mentioned often in Washington DC as for. The senate impeachment trial I told reporters that he expects to be the focus of that trial on Monday and says he doesn't feel he needs to respond to. I'm Armando Garcia who won Iowa senator Amy Klobuchar wrap up her last event of the weekend before kids back in DC for the trial. The senator touted the recent spike of endorsements that she's had. New York Times the Quad City Times. The union leader which is the largest newspaper in New Hampshire just to name a few. But he asks voters to get behind her giver her support and give a quote taking Iowa. This despite the fact that her constitutional duty to be. At that impeachment trial's going to keep her from campaigning in the Hawkeye State as much she would like to we just seven days ago. Until those first bout that tax. Please join us join us to that constitution. Join us that this simple idea that this state and these caucuses have picked people that don't want with ever gonna win. He can thank you had the wisdom to think you know what this person deserves it. This person deserves that he and to be able to go forward and I'm asking you to do that from and thank you very much. I'm here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Where senator Elizabeth Warren has been spending the entire weekend back on it and he felt that he came after the Hawkeye State. Really major endorsement about hitting her head Moines register editorial board endorsing everything that he would push. And I'm we'll America in the right direction I'm I had. But because we are at our best as a nation when we fight a when we seated problems and we tank stumbled on and we fight back fighting back is patriotic. Armed. Pitched. We fought back. Against Cain. In order. To build this country we fought back against slavery. In order to prison term this country we fought back against a Great Depression. In order to rebuild this country we've fought back against fascism. In order to protect. This country. We at our at our best. When we take on big problems and wind we fight back. There weren't rallying right here that fighting back. It's patriotic and now should be kidding right after the capital burden to you about impeachment trial. Mayor PP's as is back in Iowa or is expected to remain through the caucus and it is very important for his candidacy. To do well in this state it's where he's risked a lot that is money a lot of its efforts and on Sunday he held a town hall in western wind. Where he's really pushing his outsider status to help him propelled to the candidacy. Graham. We yeah. It is not a. And on Sunday because there's also participated in a Fox News on all where he pitches foreign policy platform and the benefit of being the youngest candidate in the field. And on Monday he'll participate in four town halls across Iowa you can expect him to continue. To police that narrative of being the Washington outsider as the best person to beat Donald Trump and 20/20. Back to you. Make things. The team following the campaigns there in Iowa for coming out much more to come on Kobe Bryant including the most meaningful lessons he learned from basketball and from him. And welcome back the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter had shake in the nation here's a look at some of the tributes and memories that have been pouring in overnight. Thousands of fans have converged on the Staples Center in Los Angeles where Bryant played his home games with the lakers. Bryant was just 41 years old he retired in 2016 after winning five NBA championships. In BA commissioner Adam soul were released a statement saying. He will be remembered most for inspired people around the world the pick up a basketball in compete to the very best of their ability. Since news broke we've seen fans coming out you're getting as close as they hand to this scene some of them leaving flowers lady handles. We see people in tears others chanting Kobe Bryant's name for all just in disbelief trying to wrap their heads around this tragic loss. Bryant was drafted to the NBA straight from high school in 1996. Spending his entire twenty year NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers winning five NBA championships. As well as two gold Olympic medals with the US men's basketball team. The 41 year old married to his wife Vanessa since 20013. Youngest daughter just born in June. Bryant retired from basketball and to when he sixteen. His third all time scoring record passed by LeBron James Bryant responding with what would be his final tweet continuing to move they gained four act king James. Much respect my brother from happening just opinion and any conversational co we've been Bryant. We're all time greatest threats requires that requires a moment of silence at this NBA game as so many pay their respects on social media. Including Shaquille O'Neal posting on instant grand that there are no words to express his pain. Calling Bryant his brother. Michael Jordan echoing that writing I'm in shock calling Bryant a fierce competitor of one of the greats of the game and to creative force. Fans gathering near the scene at his home and at the Staples Center were cold leased to jerseys hang in honor of the iconic athlete. At a earlier age is important for kids have freedom and have flexibility to create into imagine and pretty came to be foreign. While teaching fundamentals of the sport and it's it's hard to find that wind was extremely important. That was Kobe Bryant speaking about teaching the next generation of which became his. Passed after learning of his death one sportswriter said Kobe Brighton thrived on the slow relentless burn. A self improvement and he wanted to teach in that work ethic to kids grow up in Italy where several languages and never stop trying to improve himself. Even winning an Oscar. For Kobe Bryant his biggest accomplishment was always his family from as high as the price to his Lewis who blows his wife and kids were by his side. Yeah yeah. There. When he retired from basketball and humble career. Rumors and our doors were sizzling twosome as you just got to try your best. These characters throw all your read everything you had and we have come up short and still don't you just try again next. And we was accused of sexual assault at the height of his Spain. But NASA and their four daughters Natalia Dion up Bianca and Capri kept him going. I was. A little. Word about turning us into film I never done that some by the before. And British policy ever talk about as a family and now my little living your job goes we'll bad. You always tell us to go after our dreams sold. Net out. His girls even inspired him to pursue a career teaching supporting and motivating children leading to many of its post basketball endeavors. After retiring Brian not only won an Oscar and an MB worth enemy to appoint dear basketball but started a podcast. And wrote an entire series of books including one that was inspired by pro athlete Serena Williams has been what we do suddenly. Called me. Something more outside of our current. And we look forward to continuing to grow continue to all of us here. Within his efforts to educate and inspire his top pupil was without a doubt his daughter Gionta. I just thirteen years old security in. I beat her father's famous mom but mentality the daughter he called his mom with seed reminded the superstar of himself. I thought it would just like. JR her. Okay. So little cold real what. I think something home it's just like jeans and Yana who tragically died alongside her dad. He even dreamed a securian on his legacy. Do you think your daughter my wanna play in the WNBA she dust shall she got out of it means it's this can to what a great dude man. Okay. They have to come what's it needs to be standing next going to be like. You can have a boy you would be boy if somebody carry on to tradition the legacy just like owing. I got this yeah. And Bryant was passionate about the impact of sports when he retired he wrote a letter to the fans entitled. When we first met I was just a kid. In the letter he said what you've done for me is far greater than anything I've done for you among the nine people who died in yesterday's helicopter crash was one of the top junior College Baseball coaches in the country. Yes John out the belly his wife Kerry and their daughter Alyssa were killed as well out to belly one more than 700 games as head coach of California's orange coast College Baseball team. In was honored as national coach of the year last year his daughter Gianna Bryant played on the same travel basketball team. An in incredible coincidence. Coincidence last night's grammys were handed out in the building Kobe Bryant called his basketball home most of his career. Yes the 62 edition of the awards show took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. And fans both inside and outside the arena remembered the lakers legend. Both Alicia Keyes said the memory of everyone lost in the crash was in their hearts. And related release standing here heart broking. In the house. That Colby Bryant built. He's listen joined onstage by boys and men. They performed an emotional rendition of it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Lives though dedicate air early edition truth hurts to Bryant saying. Tonight is for you Coby. I'm crime because I love you we saw so many tributes inside the Staples Center as well wow just some incredible tributes there and that really that brings us through our question of the day. What will you remember most about Colby Bryant. For you. For me I think it's that he had the discipline in the greatness on the court but he also had it. Off the court yet his daughters and his family and an incredible man a family man and yet use that major superstar platform. Because we know when it comes to sports there are a lot of fans any use if Ford yes to let people know about other things he was working on other issues. I'm that were close to his heart we saw this young man grow up. Yet we saw him grow up and mistakes were made but he owned up to them. Absolutely and so. Those are thoughts their plot more I can tell you here but we don't have that much time we want to hear me tell us in the comments or tweet us at ABC news lies. And we do have other news to get to hear some of the stories we've covered so far of world news now in America this morning. Breaking news from southwestern Iran's new laudable images coming and a passenger jet skidded off the runway. And ended up blocking the busy street. Yes a 135. People were on board the Caspian airlines flight. Everyone apparently made it out safely reports say there was a technical problem with the plane's landing gear. We turned out to the growing battle to contain the krona buyers the dep told rose overnight to at least eighty people and now doctors have confirmed more cases here in the United States. This morning the race to contained a potentially deadly corona virus is intensifying. New cases in California and Arizona have now pushed the number of patients in the US to five. Each of them traveled recently to the epicenter of the outbreak. Wu hand China Chinese health officials overnight confirmed eighty people have now died from the virus in nearly 3000 have been infected. China is expanding efforts to stop the spread. By postponing the end of this week's Lunar New Year holiday when millions of people travel. The newly identified virus begins with cold like symptoms in progresses to possible fever coughing and you ammonia. The characteristics of this buyers are still being determined which is why we're taking this is a serious threat to public health Wuhan and fourteen other cities are now on lockdown. Meaning fifty million people are now under a travel ban. Turn it very quiet quote because. Cause private vehicles have been banned from the road. Tom Hancock a reporter with the Financial Times is in Wuhan. It says hospitals are overwhelmed but being. That. It clear that Beijing. And other provincial government so making efforts to try and increase supplies. Of those things you. Lou Cannon that had been some success but still there are shortages as of every bite them. The US consulate in Wuhan is now planning to use a charter plane to evacuate Americans trapped in the region. The Chinese Health Minister warned despite speculation in recent days the source of the infection is still unknown. Coming up we'll tell you what's to come on this Monday January 27. Plus an important reminder to do your taxes. Welcome back here's what to watch over today being featured follow president Bob continues. The president's lawyers plan to present a part of their case but Alan Dershowitz can start and Bundy speaking Dershowitz has said that even if true. The charges are too minor to remove president. Front office and you can now filing your tax return isn't the first state ire at school except them this also marks the second year of the new tax law. Officials are hoping fewer taxpayers will be caught by surprise and no money. And space tax is scheduled to launch its falcon nine rocket here in its fourth batch of starlets satellites and keep an apple. What landing its boosters. Economist wrong ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Or that. Is it for us on this Monday morning it has been something else and a somber. Monday as we honor the legacy is that over the life of Kobe Bryant. And again please stay with ABC is live for continuing coverage. Of the death of Kobe Bryant and those other lives lost and the helicopter crash including his young daughter. We're spending lots of love to all of the families we sure are.

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