It's Morning, America: Monday, July 8, 2019

US wins the Women's World Cup, President Trump defends detention facility conditions and more.
25:19 | 07/08/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, July 8, 2019
Good morning gonna vote. I'm hitting Norman get a I think this Monday number widening US today teeny left they had done it again. Women's soccer team celebrating their fourth World Cup championship a ticker tape parade will be held for them in new. New York City Wednesday less. Clair posted this picture of the celebrations overnight meanwhile more fans are voicing support for the players and their ongoing lawsuit against the US soccer federation. Claiming gender discrimination. Number two the crisis at the border president profits dismissing reports and inhumane conditions that Border Patrol stations he says a New York Times story about that same migrant children. Suffering from skate he's shingles and chicken pox. If a fabrication. Meanwhile the president is criticizing the British ambassador who reportedly described him as an apt and insecure. President trump told reporters that ambassador Kim and Derek. As not serve the British people well the Daily Mail publish the comments saying they weren't diplomatic memos that lead. I'm to number three now the surprise arrest a billionaire Jeffrey Epstein due in court in New York today reportedly to face facts trafficking. Investigators raided his Manhattan mansion after his arrest he's accused of preying on underage girls one of at the Q who spoke about an alleged encounter with Epstein. When she was just fourteen. That's what was weird was because even at that time for me you know I was fourteen I had briefed design. Like I remember standing in his kitchen and like and he also had a lot of girls there all the time. The arrest comes as Epstein previous plea deal stemming from a similar charges was already under scrutiny. He served only thirteen months in jail inside the book president trump and former President Clinton. And his plea deal was arranged by the man who is now president of labor secretary we get the Tempe Arizona for number for the police union there says it's encouraged by an apology from Starbucks after six police officers. We're asked to leave one of the coffee giant's stores the officers doctoring and weren't any around what a brief that asked them to leave. Or move away from a customer who complained of not feeling safe in the officers present Starbucks called the incident unacceptable and the offices. Should have been treated with respect. I have finally number five of bear. Picking up car joined right in Colorado the hungry bear got him through an open door police that bear shifted the car to neutral and took off. Now sitting back car rolling 100 feet down hill. That reminding drivers to keep those doors locked out and here's our other animal video of the day here. Visiting a beach influence on Lake Michigan unpaid balance beach goers that there is currently enrolled and just in case. From people on the beach because of the years at a catch weight do. Doe eyed here email in the sun beating of raids. I can't left. And I. Is celebrating along with the rest of the country the women's soccer team celebrating their support that World Cup championship. Posting this picture overnight and other getting ready for a triumphant return home. Overnight the American women singing their way into their hotel in frail. OK. Yeah. Even the hotel's staff. Cheering their arrival. Until he's been since Andrews and tranda. That's been put in the words there's no way this star regular Pino the World Cup's highest scorer converting this penalty kick for the first goal of Sunday's game. But it was Rosenblum bell who was the hero of this day. Clinching the nothing win over the Netherlands just four years ago she was watching the World Cup final while eating pizza with her college friends. We've just put so much wreck in the past couple years and getting to see it come depression it's been so surreal her elementary school in Ohio posting this photo of Lavelle dressed up passer hero Mia Hamm for a school project. The schools saying now it's Lavelle that girls can look up to and be proud of meanwhile more fans are voicing their support for the players in their ongoing lawsuit against the US soccer federation. Claiming gender discrimination. A spokesperson for the player saying Sunday. These athletes generate more revenue in garner higher TV ratings but get paid less simply because they are women. It is time for the federation to correct this disparity once and for all. World Cup organizers recently announced the pot of women's World Cup prize money will double to sixty million dollars for the next tournament. That's still far less than the 440. Million dollars in men's prize money. Now it's all true. Immigration. Clear extremely. France all the time. New York City already announcing a ticker tape parade Wednesday to officially welcome the world champs hold. Accept latest Verity opponents of the lawsuit argued the men's tournament actually makes more in revenue and that's why the men are paid more. President trump has pleaded his congratulations to the team co captain never Pino has said she will not visit the White House if invited and of course the president has said that he would invite. The team so be interesting to see who shows up after they show up with the team repeater that she's not so let's. Well why lot of. Not one but in the meantime they will be here in New York where ticker tape parade on Wednesday. Problem celebrations. And add to the big story president trump is dismissing a new report about squalid conditions for migrants detained at the southern border calling those claims phony. The president has praising Border Patrol agents and blast scene. A New York Times story that claims disease is now spreading among children ABC's Trevor all task the new. Good morning Kenneth good morning today you know we've heard from visitors that these detention facilities members of congress pediatricians that they have talked about what they feel horrible conditions. But this report from the New York Times cites Border Patrol agents themselves current and former and they talk about outbreaks of diseases and cramped cells. Now president trump has said there is a problem at the border in these facilities are being overrun with migrants but he's blaming the Democrats and says this latest report from the times. Is a hoax. With both political parties now calling border conditions a crisis president trump continuing to defend migrant detention facilities and the Border Patrol agents who run them. This is a joint investigation from the New York Times and the El Paso Times cites unnamed Border Patrol agents who saw outbreaks of ski bees shingles and chicken pox spreading among the hundreds of children who were being held in cramped cells. The president dismissing that report. Just days ago the government releasing photos from inside Texas holding facility showing dangerous overcrowding. Acting Homeland Security secretary Kevin Mack a lean and said reports of inadequate food and water and unclean sells like what was being reported by the New York Times are unsubstantiated. And no water standards are and I know they're being followed because we have tremendous what was oversight. Democratic congresswoman Rasheed Talib said those comments contradict the report from homeland security's own inspector general and what she saw personally don't need him under a lot of trauma. That they are in a facility. That. Is dehumanizing as this unfolds at a new ABC news Washington Post poll shows only four in ten Americans approve of the president's handling of immigration. Now president trump says he wants to arrange a two were for the press so that they can come in and see the conditions of these facilities themselves but. That has happened before in fact ABC news has walked through facility though we were not allowed to take pictures. Or video and as all this is unfolding the house oversight committee has scheduled a hearing for Friday they want to question top administration officials. About the conditions at the border including acting secretary Mack a lean and but has not yet sure whether or not those officials are actually going to show up today Canon. And Trevor that you ABC news Washington Post poll is also shedding some light on the democratic primary. Which what is it showing when it comes to threading turning election but well it shelling and in a head to head match up it doesn't look that great so far from president trump against the democratic front runner from vice president Joseph Biden and got hit with 810 point lead. 53% to 43%. In a head to head matchup between the two. Between other democratic candidates is a little bit closer but you do have to consider this is coming off of what many consider to be. Are bad stretch for the former vice president but still a commanding lead over the president that we also have some more data about. How he'd what president terms approval rating is that a career high first presidency. How Americans view his behavior is not looking so great close to two thirds of Americans 65% say. He has behaved in an on presidential fashion since he took office. And 28%. Only about one in four say his behavior is. Fitting and proper for the office and Trevor and thank you so much iPods as am I stumble they're gave me the giggles the thank you for play in its street. That's okay I always appreciate your giggles at. It I do not cover up but the mcdougals they come up. Two dollar flat at about something he knows it's you flatter and move right candidate Travers I just fifty he would ask are we make a tough turn that we are socially. Some sad news out there family friends and fans are mourning the tragic death of a member of our Disney family camera voice. Best known for his roles on the Disney Channel show Jesse and the descendants movies died over the weekend he also starred alongside Adam Sandler in the movies. Grown ups and grownups too. It's family says the twenty year old died in his sleep at procedure. Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger tweeting place was filled with so much talent. Parts in life it was far too young to die disease is the parent company of ABC news so many people of been responding to this a great talent. Hot definitely gone far too Santa. We are surging gears now investigators are trying to determine what caused a massive explosion at a strip mall in South Florida 23 people. Were injured look at this damage that explosion destroyed a vacant pizza restaurant and damaged nearby buildings including a general cross the street. One survivor says he dove under his car to avoid getting hit by flying debris. I was thinking you know north of being an ambulance or not post it celery and a plastic baggy whistle blows up you know I. Unless. Chris founder ruptured gas lines at the scene and they're trying to determine whether those ruptured lines actually caused. The explosion overseas. World War II bomb cost a mass evacuation of Frankfurt Germany more than 161000. People were forced to leave their homes. 11100 town America made bombs discovered on a construction site in June authorities say the bomb was defused by mid afternoon about two hours after police confirmed that the area was cleared. Officials chose Sunday in order to limit disruption. To Germany's financial capital credible that some seventy years after the end of the war they are still finding those and in Venice Italy ship had a very close call was pulling into port when it lost control on the strong winds and almost crashed into other ships and this restaurant. Again no one was injured but this near miss comes just a month after cruise liner did crash in two of tennis here even nations want the big ships. Kept out of the city's lagoon. Music legend Stevie Wonder is taking a break from performing to repair for a kidney transplant. The tiny five time Grammy Award letter has not provided specifics about skid the issue. They shared the news during a concert in London's Hyde Park saying he wanted to stop rumors that is health and to reassure fans. They don't. Well continue to play upcoming shows including multiple concerts in Ireland and the US later this month. Transplant is scheduled to take place the ball well Jimmy. Carter is already our oldest living former president he's about this that another presidential records he and his wife Rosalind celebrated their 73. Wedding anniversary yesterday that makes them. Almost the longest married presidential couple in US history. Barbara and George H. W. Bush were married longer 73 years and eleven days. So later this month the carters lord well I'm expected to break that record by the way all of this almost didn't happen. Jimmy Carter there says Rosalind turned down his first proposal by the batter in the end he did. Well coming up California is on edge in the wake of major earthquake aftershocks continued to rattle that stage. Where another plane just hit to this. Welcome back we have an update on this earth quake fears in Southern California thousands of aftershocks have jolted the region after those two. Major quakes over the holiday weekend. Authorities are telling residents and now it's the time to prepare. This morning Southern California on edge. As we see the force of that seven point one magnitude earthquake that hit this weekend so water sloshing out of this pool. This woman struggling to stay and. We spoke to our residents who are very concerned that's what had been trying to push if you're not prepared right now. You should be getting prepared right now. District here should put two year old dangerously close to a swing freeware. It was the largest quake in twenty years hundreds of residents packed into this town hall last night to hear from authorities. Who say the aftershocks are slowing down. But could continue for months and warning now is the time to prepare. They have had a significant psychological and we're gonna have a lot more earthquakes we're gonna. We have a lot strug shaking. California's governor is urging local governments to strengthen earthquake alert systems. And building codes. We all I think have a unique role and responsibility there individually. To be prepared. For the next earthquake of magnitude. Even greater than seven point. Residents are now assessing the damage. From collapsed walls to cracked foundations some choosing not to return home. My feeling is cracked halfway through I have a price going up my wall Phillies love that principal home that he might have hoped. Many people don't have earthquake insurance because this too expensive. Meanwhile a nearby cities including Los Angeles 150 miles away. She. Is a reminder that the so called big one could be next but experts say the odds have not increased with these latest quake. People should not be concerned that the earthquakes and ridge crest increase the chance of an earthquake in the Los Angeles area. It's just too far away and doctor Jones says after shots around ridge crest will eventually drop to once a day and then once a week. About 8000. Miles away another earthquake has hit Indonesia causing concern over possible tsunami left across pond to Jennifer Michelson in the London bureau for more Jennifer good morning. Good morning to name Kenneth yet incredibly strong earthquake struck last night in Indonesia. The US Geological Survey said it was a magnitude six point nine quake off the coast to sue the Lacey. You know there were no immediate reports of major damage or casualties but the tremors in the aftershocks causing panic as you can imagine. People fleeing their homes and running to higher ground fearing a tsunami well a tsunami warning was issued a few hours after Abbott than it was canceled. As you guys know Indonesia is frequently struck by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and tsunamis because of its location. On the ring of fire and that's that arc of volcanoes and fault lines. In the Pacific Ocean basin but you know these people are no strangers to the events that frightening on the last. Yes definitely frightening and Jennifer moving ought to Hong Kong where thousands of protesters. Took to the streets again a week after taking over a legislative council but this weekend's protests stay peaceful. Yet peaceful they are back on the streets in force and also with a new tactic delivering their messages directly to mainland Chinese Taurus there. You know they were rallying in a luxurious shopping district and a train station that connects Hong Kong. To mainland China protesters and shouting slogans in Mandarin. China's official tong as opposed to Hong Kong's mainland its language Cantonese. They also handed out fliers and sent messages by social media and Apple's air drops system. So pretty savvy now the police presence was particularly heavy since protestors besieged that legislative building last week. But it was largely a peaceful day and some of the Chinese tourists to spoke with protesters said they were grateful for the conversation. This of course has to do with the post extradition bill between Hong Kong and Beijing. Protesters want the bill scrapped saying China's justice system is marked by torture. An arbitrary detention claims that of course Beijing denies. And ever and we're also this weekend saw the new photos of baby art she's christening finally getting a good look at its sweet little face. No Harry and meg in creating a social media frenzy after releasing this Q adorable pictures of baby Archie. From his private baptism on there is to Graham accounting up that account has nearly nine million followers and Archie the weekend reveal continue stay at lakes. In those snaps captured a tender moment between mom dad and two month old art she where is he said we finally got a glimpse of the little boy smiling feast. The gathered the official pictures shows him the center of attention on his big day. Surrounded by prince charles' story and then it's mom. And Kate and prince William and special part of this pictured here is the presence of the late princess Diana's teen sisters. Harry and men in making a point to keep her memory alive within their new family. Now we guys despite this social media love for art she's photo shoot the duke and duchess are facing criticism. That they ignoring their fan base and their royal duty even by keeping baby RT's baptism private. New TV cameras were allowed no news photographers. No meaning of the god parents grow corporal are adamant about protecting their son's privacy. But they did think the public for their support and kindness since its birth. Well we can let. World know that we are not the god parents for sure at least you're not right I eight can't you. Oh well there's yeah yeah yeah regarding S and thank you Jennifer appreciate it. That's our notification is now starting weather travel hacked to beat him baggage fees just forget the bagged. Rather since. On the flight like this guy right here Indiana pay those extra fees we don't know the blame sometimes they'll educate what you bags on a carry on and that personal. If you do want to write I did I put it settles suit coat sonic about quite. They were let me take my away at these things hanging up. So I put a mop up the pants and the Baghdad those that their but the coach is grimace goddess based and I walked down of that airplane muttering under his breath. The Hollywood and then you're done with the big jackets. On its opening in Lulu commit a hate. I saw here the bird that just wants the big scandal with his friends. The content you. Are are seen. Them do it. It was not immediately we know that I've. Gotta kinda doing a public comment. Up to end alignment with mainland he would be getting in on that bottle cap down yet. Remember the latest the lab Justin Bieber shirtless beach there sure this video himself apparently. Eighteen the challenge but not bad Charlie saying quote this could be Tom cruises. Hey just can't get enough of Tom Cruise so he nominated courtesy the challenge. Pay on time you might not want to bother because apparently another celeb just phone to the whole thing watch this. Oh. There you know that that they say about the Mike dry. Because Mariah just killed it. And I guess she's gonna in this on a high note and probably watch this scene on mountain road of the tribal rolls. Style of our evening comes running out of fort apply. Eric. Can get he did not engage that breaks there. Aren't stand in radar and it the Porta potty or you gotta be quicker than that so crappy. Near record. Book coming up its when he thinks there'll daredevil crashing her way into the history books. How this for time magazine Madeleine K learn they have made. At this fair. The band he local band cut any well. We got more Gloria and won the season. You don't watch out for today's president from participates in a ceremony for newly appointed ambassadors before giving a speech on America's environmental leadership. President travel course pledged support the United States out of terrorist pilot reported that the G-20 summit last month nineteen countries expressed their commitments that agreement. Billion US dissenting pack. Or Kevin Spacey is due back in court today in Nantucket or criminal case. Carry over groping allegations the hearing comes after civil since. Over the same incident was flop and fifteen year old tennis phenom local golf. State support for her fourth round match favorable than walking back on match point when in the third round of what some are calling. One of the most entertaining matches and send them. But definitely couldn't have been debriefed for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in the house. This morning we haven't in the. Cool world right. Iron. And a daring feat by one young woman who was born to be wild. You go its way six years old and already a four time. X games medalist but Vicki gold and is already well on her way to becoming a fiery household name. The overnight shift debt declined to over the top action packed lies invented. Please evil life to on the History Channel. Waterfalls writer Vicki gold is on fire literally. Freaking threw an inferno a flaming wooden boards at more than thirty miles per hour. Or the record breaking stunt as they are Bernardino California airport inspired by the late great evil could people who performed the stunt back in 1965. Those walls it is never and NATO's joint account but I lost complete count. Everything is crazy and killing is never any. The live special quite a show. But not the original plan evil wife she was prepared for daredevil duo including gold and in Belo Eckstein medalist axle Hodges. But Hodges who was attempting to soar more than 200 feet over 25 semi trucks at 100 plus miles an hour. Crash during practice seriously injuring his ankles. When I landed. The bike and myself on the bags they head my toes pretty much crunch. Does 122 year old a life. And sideline for the big event Sherry new video of its close call. I'm bummed out her share buy it. They'll be emoticon monitored by deep passion you get back W implement the first evil lies motorsports competitor Travis Pastrana broke records of. Leading three of people's moods secret speech to Las Vegas including a jump over the Caesars palace fountain. But evil life to for the women. Even our own do Jersey right there in the middle of it giving the forecast. We got a dry. Perfection probably helped his victory perfectly and that big life or death moment Vicki gold and deliberate shattering that motorcycle firewall. It was only. And that that was a good feeling that gets in the end and not means it's all good and it's take home some. Burn here. I'm she's incredible 36 years old she had to hold her breath going through that fire or look the kicker candidate she had asthma. And look at her you can do anything don't let Adams don't complain because. You see people like that. Educate you remember that three run homer that when you get anywhere you remember that had to be going to require law that I don't have that I couldn't don't didn't play at a we've got Vicki gold so it through thirteen thirteen firewalls there remember that heading into the week. Vertical run. Take care for you tomorrow.

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