It's Morning, America: Monday, March 18, 2019

New Zealand examines its gun laws after shooting, Kirsten Gillibrand announces presidential bid and more.
22:23 | 03/18/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, March 18, 2019
Good morning I'm Bob is more and Jane aren't here the top five things you know this Monday number one new questions about the safety of Boeing's most. Popular new jet grounded after those two deadly crashes. Top Ethiopian official says the flight data recorder from the plains. Chills clear similarities between last Sunday's crash and that rely an airplane in Indonesia last October. ABC news has been told the initial data from a recorder. Has not been verified. Both the doomed airliners were Boeing 737 Max a jets since July air crash Boeing has been designing a new software update to address the safety issue. Boeing says that update is being finalized and we've now learned that the federal government as the looking into the development of the 737 matched yet amid new questions. About the ties between the FAA and Boeing. Number two a massive storm and melting snow has led to historic flooding in the midwest. At least two people are dead in another is missing after rising water created catastrophic conditions. The National Guard deployed helicopters rescued more than a hundred people while thousands of others were forced from their homes some towns in Nebraska are completely cut off by the devastation. As the floodwaters headed for Kansas and resume. We had to New Zealand for number three authorities conducted new raids overnight in connection to those deadly mosque attacks. As New Zealand lawmakers worked towards changing gun laws prime minister announced overnight that reforms to her country's existing laws. Will be announced within ten days meanwhile families of the fifty victims are waiting for their loved ones' remains to be released by authorities. Investigators say they hope to finish their work at the mosque that war tax by Friday. So they can reopen for prayer aren't on to number four now hitting the snooze button. Could be a cause for a long some sleep experts are now asking apple to eliminate the snooze button on the iPhone. They saved fat they're mental health because it causes the body to release a stress hormone. And it also disrupt crucial late stage grimsley in favor of local obviously and that can raise your blood pressure they say the best advice. The seven alarm for when you want to wake up. And get up but that's not didn't make it sound so easy. And finally number five the brackets are out and that means March Madness is about to begin the NCAA is Newton's college basketball tournament starts tomorrow at sixty. Look to dethrone defending champion. Talking favorites the ACC dominates the top four overall seeds no. Birds one through three. The road to Minneapolis begins in the nickel hi camp tomorrow night with the first four. Let's start this Monday out right everybody this morning America America. Morning America look who's wet and V markets Laura up all the way from outlets from Texas. This stage so glad to have up here is good to be distributed here yeah this is your first time. Time it's more America really wouldn't. I won't vanish along the world to know leave it like our. Over news night revive its. The news you need to know to get your day started but in March shelf broke out of cash at a act Sony right Joseph we'll start the big story that massacre. In New Zealand we've been following all weekend long breaking overnight authorities said they believe this suspect acted alone but he may have had support in the meantime. Countries already getting to work on you got lots. Overnight authorities search for evidence in the New Zealand mosque shooting. Officials in Australia radiant multiple homes in New South Wales looking for evidence near the alleged shooters hometown. The suspect whose face is blurred her local law is Australian but ABC news has learned that he regularly went to a shooting range several hours away south of Christ church. And according to one New Zealand gun shop owner of the suspects who legally bought the ammunition and multiple guns from an. Using a police verified our mind process though the owner insists none of the gun sold for use in the attacks. John city did not sell them anything BC site. Finally I can't agree five. New Zealand critters are now vowing to tighten the country's gun laws in the wake of the tragedy saying they hope to announce new gun laws in the next ten days we need to provide assurances to the public. That you everything that could've been done it's being done the country is now focused on healing showing an outpouring of support for the victims and their families. And local tribes performed a traditional ceremonial dance as others left tributes and prayed for those killed in the worst mass shooting and the country's history. Among the victims this three year old boy believed to be the youngest of the fifty people murdered. But in the mists of the loss a story of survival in American toddler was saved by his father as the gunman opened fire inside their mosque. The child's mother all to Marie posting. My husband shielded our son during the attack both father and son are expected to survive. You should know. She. Social media companies say they're working to prevent the suspects video of the attack from being shared FaceBook says. It's already deleted one point five million attempts at uploading that video so so rid of those social media companies. Some incredible number there and authorities say the suspect. Who is in custody released a long explanation for his actions just minutes before opening fire and his writing was littered with white supremacist hate speech and ABC's Matt milky has more. Edge authorities in New Zealand say the violence and eat here were imported. To the question then becomes who exported. Police say the suspect who see a flash a white power sign in court came from Australia. But critics point out some of the language in his writings at ghost right wing politicians from farther away including president trump. Acting White House chief of staff nick bill Raney told Fox News this weekend that connection is far fetched so I asked ABC news contributor John Cullen who angled camera terrorism. For the Obama and George W. Bush administration's if he agreed. The question isn't whether the president is a white supremacist. The question is are his words inspiring. Violence and fortunately what we are learning is that they do. Or do we know that because more Venus whole point was kind of you know you can point to a word or are phrase that disguise use they can say yet the president said that once by that would mean you're ignoring the times the president condemned white supremacy. This avowed white supremacists literally told people do not commit violence so if the president's words are so powerful these people. Why would attackers. Quote some of his word that ignore the others. Hum but that's not what we're saying what we're saying is that our elected officials. Are using almost virtually the same language that's being used. By. Individuals. Who are thought leaders in these extremist movement and the caveat that you. That you mentioned in out but don't go out and commit violence. It isn't being included. You know John tell me if you look at deadly attacks in the US in Europe and now sadly in New Zealand the vast majority of those attacks were committed. By right wing extremists. Who have a lot more on this on store here later this morning listen on apple podcasts weary figure podcasting app. Generic markets. And I'll get to the investigation into the safety of Boeing's new jet grounded after those two deadly crashes. Overnight the Wall Street Journal reported the federal prosecutors are now taking a closer look at the development of Boeing 737 Max jet. It comes amid new questions about the safety approval process in the ties between the FAA and Boeing. ABC's Stephanie Roberts has the today and Marcus good. Morning it seems as though investigators are one step closer to finding out exactly. What caused the Ethiopian airlines plane to crash we held that the deed the block boxes. From that that plane had to be shift over to France in order to be to have that data extracted because they were to damage that can be done in Ethiopia. So that data has been extracted an Ethiopian officials say that the preliminary data shows. It clear similarity between the Ethiopian plane crash. And the lion air Max plane crash that crashed off of the coast of Indonesia back in October of course both planes. Boeing 737 Max Max airplanes. And right now NTSB is investigating. At the are assisting Ethiopian officials in the investigation and that's exactly what experts say. Needs to happen they say. Outside observers need to be a part of this investigation in order to ensure. Transparency. And accuracy. Right and and now here home the FAA is looking into the approval process. Boeing's new jet because. You know it was essentially an all new jet and you know the ties between the FAA and Boeing. Absolutely and of course Boeing has a number of planes it's a huge fleet and they're responsible for hundreds of lives. On each flight so this is something that investigators are taking note a much closer look at. Ethiopian officials right now say it'll take about a month to release the detailed findings from a these black boxes and right now US investigators are saying time is of the essence so they're hoping that those findings are released much faster. Well in an and hopefully for the family's sake. Hoping to answer those questions about what exactly went wrong here and and and certainly. What does it mean for the hundreds of 737 Max chips and better Al rounded. That they think is much for joining us this morning. A resident drugs taking aim again at Senator John McCain who died seven months ago he accused Philly Arizona Republican of distributing the so called steel dossier of wild accusations about collusion. With Russia. The president also blasted McCain for casting the decisive vote against repealing obamacare. Megan McCain responded on Twitter accusing president trouble being fixated on her father's legacy. She also told the president Nolan would ever love him. We they've loved her poplar. While New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand plans to take on president trump directly. In her campaign for the democratic presidential nomination and she has the latest Democrat to announce he's running and her kick off speech is scheduled next weekend. In front of a truck building in New York City meanwhile. Better O'Rourke was in Wisconsin yesterday and made a campaign promise he says he will stop using the F word but. An even bigger name has not yet announced or are heresy. He told a huge criticized by the new left. I think most progressive record of anybody running for the you know if anybody who would rob. It. Slip of the tongue there Joseph Biden's other remarks at the dinner certainly sounded is that he's about to take on president Tran and that's what it sounded like and that little slip already married dad. And wow big standing ovation and really have a lot of people who. A running everybody's running everybody everybody it's like guinier her students. All week from my 9000. Gallon gas tank is blamed for what's being described as a flaming inferno near Los Angeles dozens of firefighters responded to the blacks in Florence. At least two people were hurt. Flames were coming from storm drains which cause manhole covers to shoot into the air. Some homes were also damage. It's our and parents in Southern California are being warned about a virtual kidnapping scam police in Laguna Beach. Are looking into two cases of victims receiving phone calls telling them their daughters had been kidnapped. This gamers threatened to kill the young women unless money is wire to a Mexican bank account. One victim sent 5000 dollars before learning her daughter had not been abducted. The FBI is looking into both incidents arts talk. Rossum money now and good luck hopefully I'll Wednesday's powerball jackpot. Is now worth more than half a billion dollars no one had all the winning numbers on Saturday night so the 550 million dollars this is the eighth largest for the powerball lottery. And second place tickets worth one million dollars was sold for Saturday's drawing in New Jersey and constantly. And then there was a tickets sold in North Dakota it's worked two million dollars because the player took power play option. You know when you when you play the lottery I'm always thinking I don't even the all that money just a little bit slow to an outcrop and I'm good. Just look for what are you share in the crown. With true would like it wouldn't close friends you know you friends and family. Must testify when I've never seen it art art. I aren't just see. You know go okay. Stingy and here it is about where wind out of this year the well really Oden and I want something credible wolf certainly because it's will not because then you missed that I. Coming up more violence in Paris again those are riots breaking out amid the yellow that's protests from. More right after this. Welcome back let's go across the pond to London bureau where friends radio rovers keep unite the international stories we've miss Bruno. Good morning left some of the fallout from a terror attack in New Zealand. That's the good the assets and it leave before last indeed you can say I got out from a controversial. Right wing Australians senate's. Who was egged. By a seventeen year olds boys off to he's comments blaming the attack. In New Zealand own sort of I'm FactSet on controlled Islamic immigration. Com and say the boys become something of a collar hero. His instant Rampage has received half a million extra hits. And now it turns out the senate some might well be charged with a souls something. The lat. Yeah. Unbelievable response he had there what a moment that was indeed Andrew want to talk to though about the violence and terrorist because all these pictures over the weekend as well where. Yellow that's protesters they clashed with the police there they were. What vandalizing of stores and restaurants and even set several fires. At least sixty people were hurt including officers what's the what was the latest on that situation. Well. I mean this is old guys like that in a situation normal flow franks they have it's been experiencing. Weekly protests by the Asia and Asia on the shelf my French that a yellow jackets. Across transactional to some parents. But the being gone on for months. Kind of funny smorgasbord. The set of protesters. Right wing and left wing essentially. Disgruntled though what's happening in in France they feel that the poor are getting for the rich getting richer. But what they've done is taken that that anger out in frustration out by attacking restaurants shelves. And including out by defense restaurant. We'll look case. In Paris which is associated with the elites in that country must obviously but as you can see from the pictures. They've they would revving up and down the shells only to possibly the most famous street in the world. And really come you know. Taking it to those shops of false was another shop there was talk visited the calls and its association with rich people and get. If you said this thing going on for a while I wonder Bremer is there a sense that the the that the protests in terms the eve of the scale of the protests have they been getting smaller all our larger over these past weeks. But not as good question I should they have been getting smaller but they're not getting nausea they seemed they'd what I've that we armed. President McCraw tries to do to quell these these protests. Isn't really working amid last week that would going to be there with 3000 protesters in Paris this weekend just polished that we was of 101000 according to Belize. Does not going away. I ever before we let you go or light up a little bit resign as top images there but Ross is isn't beautiful photos out of India. As the holy festival begins what is that holiday I'll laugh. It's it's a sort of festival a spring is about renewal is about forgiveness. So I think is very acts given the things that are going on of the world right now say it's it's a wonderful joyous celebration. It's all about color literally tea and add about being happy and celebrating the posted things that come about when the world stalls to wake up author along Winston. Cobb real we're all for that here de Leon so much for joining us today. Now let's take a break on this Monday in check certifications to see what's going out council's media. This dog. Cain not Donald F five day al-Qaeda. Yeah I am. It now the Dolly Parton night at five. C police dogs showed us what they have like nine to five. The mega busy days dad columnist Mary and I. Shop prior experience work music was done as saying. Sitting behind the last. This change the outlook is she got it didn't work out and I'll let you know lines we have a lot of news over the starting right actually good because the next one. As the cow. I wanted to bite to eat. And and the cal knew exactly where to go. No other none of the plays than chick filet. Of course eat more to shape then. All of the people watching users cracking up as it stops traffic and police are like hot on its tail. I guess the police chased it across the city around and it literally went to collate and yet. Smart house now imagine goal vacation with your boyfriend. And news are that's exactly what happened to Brittany Blake who lost Gregory Turco at Disney World at Kot. I'm in Florida us all his cell phone diet and after looking for room for several hours. Britney turn to FaceBook for help she posted this photo of them from earlier in the day. Wooden wearing a noticeably Hawaiian shirt. I can that would be easy to pick out of a crowd generally speaking so the Internet sleuths. Have to work even starting hash tag find Gregory and have a pillow violently look at this picture. They posted I didn't see him but stitch. How about a similar picture right Laura wine Britain minutes before the park closed so the whole day Britney finally finds it not shrinking though like she thought. He was in depth rose in line of course yeah that's what he's been looking birds they have the right you know act they would save terrible night. A Delta Airlines pilot had his passenger's. Couldn't get his new life off the ground. Yet this is really cold this happened at of Boston's Logan Airport the pilot asked passengers to have his girlfriend roses. And then you know what. Eli popped the question hall core what does he say she said. This and there really sad story Italian have a Monday morning. There are and they've they've met seven months ago at Logan and I'd get this she works at the flight attendant for delta air so sweet and you know those passengers. Like he must have gotten in there on time otherwise they probably. What events are well aware that interest and yeah after sitting on the taxiway for cell who. We did that quite what but congratulations to him so I coming up next and uninvited guests. Britain to a Colorado home yup I'm moves you moves. Jumped in the window onto a bed. I got out after them. Coming up later today and ABC news live president probable tend to agree Independence Day celebration at the White House says there's more rain Huntley after record flooding in the last. Bring Italy yes but don't forget to tune into the debrief. For an update. On all of our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines in politics and finally from us on this Monday morning up Haley got quite a scare after an intruder. Warned its way into power couple this was not your average break in. Here's ABC's Adrienne bankers. What appears to BOY killed home invasion in the middle of the night and screaming. And and grab another break here is a dark he and she wasn't a bad guy but a huge moves crashing through window and into the basement of this Colorado home. Jeannette knew when was staying with friends when the 800 pound animal dropped into a window well she wasn't wearing her glasses so she had no idea what it wise my mind first was like Burkle Eric. And then it was just so big in the shattering the glass in landing where new Nguyen and her one year old daughter had been laying just moments earlier loose. Growth. And landed on the bed mom ran out of the room with her daughter who was cut by the glass and ran up the stairs into my friend's room. I was like I don't know what they're something in the house they called police who requested Colorado parks and wildlife once they identified the culprit. You're close to six feet tall order shall issue razor. She could touch this trespassing moves out of the house and released back into the wild. It was a very very that's our situation very. Unique standing up into space and. How about that that was that's pretty crazy it was a moves in music but on it we go over. It wasn't loosen we will know moos finds that they get that lewis' name or was it anonymous is the you yeah and I got to write too much. I wish I'd a third went to drop it right now Angela conflict you'll lose you would have used them all Florida well. Okay would you work on that we think you. From a on this Monday have a great day we'll see you back here tomorrow.

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