It’s Morning, America: Monday, Sept. 16, 2019

Trump says U.S. is “locked and loaded” as officials blame Saudi oil attack on Iran, Democrats push for Kavanaugh impeachment and more.
26:08 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Sept. 16, 2019
Good morning kind of and I'm on a costar Abby here in the top five things to note this Monday. Number one of the potential conflict with Iran tensions and oil prices are rising for drone attack targeting the heart of Saudi Arabia's oil industry. President conference and took a possible military action against Iran we give the US is quote locked and loaded. And the government released satellite images in an effort to back up the claim that Iraq was responsible. Number 20 some Democrats are now calling for the impeachment of Supreme Court justice Brett Cavanaugh upper previously on reported allegation of sexual misconduct. During his college days the New York Times says the new claim that Kavanagh exposed himself was brought to the FBI's attention during this confirmation hearing. But was never investigated. On to number three top Democrats in Washington have laid out their demands the president's top. As he prepares to announce new gun control proposals as early as this week. House leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told the president any bill must include expanded background checks. They then promise to join him at the signing ceremony if he agrees to their charms. And we had to Detroit for number four the United Auto Workers Union has gone on strike. But in General Motors nearly 50000 employees at 55 facilities are walking off the job the union says the two sides remain far apart on several issues. In contract talks and folly number five remember Rick okay sick. Leasing or from the cars. Sources say okay but apparently died of natural causes in his New York apartment. He was 75 Rolling Stone once described him as someone who see the mysterious and aloof but that's not what is neighbors saw. He was the nicest man he was so gentlemen that was sad because I really like the band I really like that goner music. I had one hit after another in the late 1970s and early eighties the basic wrote most of their songs. The ban was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame last year. And we've got much more coming your way to talk about me. Yet today's I hear moments here. There's more in America let's get Taylor. Good morning are one thing. Joining us is still according to have a bonus costs are gap here. And progeny normal we will get right to that big story the rising tensions between the US and Iran why analyst says the situation in the Persian gulf is now the most dangerous and twenty years. And it comes as the White House blames Iran for a massive drone strike this weekend. On to oil facilities in Saudi Arabia president trump responding seeing the US is quote. Locked and loaded meanwhile oil prices are surging and the president is taking action to protect consumers ABC's for all begins our coverage Trevor good morning. Sought to ask you what do we know about for the tack. And the potential response. Well and Kenneth good morning Mona good morning as well so essentially what happened is over the weekend there was this massive strike on the Saudi Arabian oil facility it's the largest oil processing plant in the world. And the United States believes Iran is responsible secretary of state Mike Pompeo said. Iran needs to be held accountable you call this an unprecedented attack. On the world's energy supply and you mentioned that tweet from president from some very strongly hinting. The possible military retaliation. Could be coming he said that there waiting to hear from Saudi Arabia. But the United States is locked and loaded and we know from an official told us over the weekend. There were many urgent meetings a different levels the White House the Pentagon the State Department. For there trying to figure out the best course of action whether or not to escalate militarily or try to bring Iran to the bargaining table that was something that they were considering before this attack. But this is something that they are pretty committed it to believing that Iran did an official says that there were twenty drones and the curtain almost a dozen. Cruise missiles that were fired from Iran here and this is no doubt one of the trickiest and most serious foreign policy situations. The president Travis had to deal. But our source says senior US officials say that Iran is to blame but Iran's playing the finger at who's he rebels. Yeah that's right so could the rebels as a Ed their group in Yemen and they themselves are taking responsibility for this attack they're saying that they did it. And they're backed by Iran but Iran is saying they didn't do this they are saying that the United States. Is involved in what they're calling Macs do seats but US officials aren't buying it they're saying pretty clearly from their intelligence that this attack. Began in Iran those drones those cruise missiles were fired from the country here so even though The Who the rebels in Yemen are saying they were the ones who carry this out the United States is not believing. Trevor before you go we know there's a whole host of reasons Americans should care about what's happening over there and Middle East as we talk about these. Escalating tensions. But there is when it comes to the price of the pump up by the pain at the pump in what Americans can really see from this. How low oil prices be impacted here. Right yes and you make a great point Kenneth is that this is something that every day people could seed an immediate impact that we know what oil prices in the oil market reopened this morning. They immediately spiked up twenty per cent not a cent settled back down a little bit right now they're up about 10% but. This is a reaction to about 5%. Of the world's oil supply being taken out by this processing plant as I mention it's the world's largest. Half of Saudi Arabia's oil processing is now out of commission after this attack so this is something. That's gonna have some longstanding attacks but president trump is trying to combat this little bit he said that he's authorize the release of oil from. United States petroleum. Reserve supplies that is something that could help if the supply needs it but. Obviously everybody's paying attention to the cost of gas the cost of oil. And this is something that is the tensions rise in the gulf war gonna have to be watching very closely. And we are watching our cover all the breaking down a Washington forest covered think you and we turn out to the new report of alleged sexual misconduct by Supreme Court justice Brent Cavanaugh. He was in college president trop is coming to his defense lashing out at the media and even suggesting Kavanagh sue for libel. The New York Times published a previously reported account from a former Yale classmate of justice Greg Kavanagh Max start here the times reported start or restart to senators and the FBI to report he saw Kavanagh exposed himself. At a party his freshman year in 1983. Who saw Kavanagh Sprint's pushing him into a female students hand this latest allegation reportedly never pursued by the FBI. Government all supporters are coming to his defense saying the times essay adapted from an upcoming book about the justice. Does not tell the full story. This article just shows the obsession with the far left with with trying to smear justice Kavanagh. But but by going thirty years back with anonymous sources. The book says the female student did not wish to speak publicly. Her friends say she doesn't remember the sedan president trump is the pending Kavanagh tweeting he is an innocent man who has been treated horribly. Such lies about him following president trumps nomination Kavanagh to the Supreme Court. Another former Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez was chairman are exposed himself at a different party. When they were both drunk. She says she shoved him away in the process accidentally touching him. And doctor Christy Barkley Ford also came for publicly with allegations Kavanagh sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers the FBI launched an investigation but found no corporation of the allegations Kavanagh denied all claims of sexual assault. I strongly oppose him based on his views on executive power which will continue. To haunt our country as well as how he behaved. Including. The allegations that we are. I'm hearing more about. Several Tony Tony democratic hopefuls are now calling for impeachment Elizabeth Warren tweeting like the man who appointed him. Kavanagh should be impeached for the senate majority leader standing behind the justice tweeting. A look for to many years of service to come from justice Kavanagh Kavanagh so for declining to comment on the times story the new book or the fresh allegation. Former vice president Joseph Biden released a statement Sunday night he did not call for Kavanagh the impeachment that's at quote. We must follow the evidence to where ever it leave. It's an investigation is underway into a frightening deck collapse in wildwood New Jersey. Nearly two dozen people including three children were injured when this Condo building's second and third floor decks suffered a complete pancake collapse. These before and after images showed the scope of the damage. Mom there's no word this morning on what exactly caused the deck to collapse. Or how many people were on NASDAQ when it failed. I've New York to the places taking action against beeping. Now it's right governor Andrew Cuomo was calling for an emergency ban on all. Except tobacco and menthol Michigan already has such a ban. New York has had more than sixty cases of lung disease linked to beeping. And sweet and fruity flavors are more popular with teams almost as his state should act as fast as possible. It is addicting young people to nicotine at a very early. And ticket team is highly. Addictive. We do not know the long term health effects of the use of this press product. The American Lung Association says Cuomo missed an opportunity by not including menthol. The leading maker of. For action on flavor products. Pulled woods as it is cutting health coverage for some of its workers starting next year the grocery chain is owned by Amazon. Its new policy says employees will have to work at least thirty hours a week to qualify for health care benefits. That's up from twenty hours a week under the current plan the changes expected to affect nearly 2000 workers. You overnight number two is now a category one hurricane Humberto may drop an inch or two of them. A brain on the northwest Bahamas in -- rough surf along the south eastern US coast. As a tropical storm it stay clear the Bahamas and is now moving away from the US mainland to. Number it a shot is allowing cleanup work to continue in the Bahamas. And up thirteen hundred people are still missing. The least 151000 need shelter food and medical care. During a visit the UN Secretary General said he's horrified by the level of devastation he called Dorian a quote category hell hurricane. And said storms like that are the result of climate change that is running faster and efforts to stop it. And residents of southern California's inland empire who evacuated because of a wildfire are being let back into their homes the horseshoe fire. About 65 miles northeast of Los Angeles destroyed almost 500 acres but firefighters use the winds actually get a handle on it. No buildings were lost and no injuries reported the blaze is now 30% contained. And breaking overnight the maker of OxyContin has taken the first up. Toward a partial settlement of claims related to the you'll food crisis. Perdue pharma has filed for bankruptcy as promised in the agreement with more than twenty states girl lawsuits claim OxyContin helped fuel the opiate addiction epidemic. Lawsuits from other states are still pending. New this morning the confederate statue known as silent Sam which was torn down just over a year ago may have been found. At the University of North Carolina. His student journalists as the statue was wrapped in a TARP but a school storage facility along with this how to stop. Police arrived at the site after it was first reported UNC isn't commenting on the statues location while discussions are underway about where should be looked relocated. And the pre game action was literally on fire before the colts and titans took the bill yesterday Tennessee a piece of equipment. Use in the pregame introductions burst into flames a few minutes before kick off. The titans set up pyrotechnic device malfunction. Thankfully. Fortunately. No almost. Hurt and still to come a bride to be is dream becomes a reality but no there was not a very tell. A c.s as are dream concert to swallow. Her engagement ring. But first here from the Hollywood stunt woman suing producers after losing more on that accident fund set. Welcome back we turned out to the Hollywood stunt doubles suing the producers of the film she worked on after a horrifying accident onset. Those are the sun woman lost her left arm in the accident now. In an excuse an exclusive ABC news interview she is speaking out saying the movie's producers abandoned her after promising to pay her medical bills. This morning the movie set injury leading to real life legal drama in Hollywood Palace. Really here and ready skit alleged Jackson. We built this character Resident Evil the final chapter when she says she suffered a horrific injury. Now she's suing the movie's producers. I never thought that's something I am what happens in according to the lawsuit Jackson was scheduled to issued a fight scene in September 25 teen. But at the last minute producers switch to a dangerous and technically complex motorcycle scene. Which involved her speeding toward a camera. She says the camera was supposed to move before she reached at. But he did not lift in time and Jackson collided with a camera at full speed. Mr. and tonight if Tom my hands. And my nick show. Hammond the next thing Iron Man about where kept three weeks late to being in a kind man and and then so my fans something. Jackson was placed in a medically induced coma. And her left arm was amputated at canal is punctured that this by and he has I got my bank that was but I can that there are severe injury at the time was my bet he'll thought she was safe and I had a wrecking human rights of Breckenridge inspecting humans by it's my forearm. By incident if ten of American. Actually big piece of by missing that they never found. Jackson claims the movie's producers misled her allegedly saying their insurance would cover any onset injuries. But according to the lawsuit the insurance covered only 33000. Dollars. Of her medical expenses a fraction of what Jackson says the injury has cost her lawyers say Jackson faces up to one million dollars of added medical costs. Aside constancy AG system gonna have for the risks and lives. Yen moves are receiving hateful winds up paying for anything. The producers have not commented on the lawsuit civil lawsuits in California do not list the dollar amount being sought. The movie though grossed 300 million dollars worldwide. And we know that it's time to go across the pond now to ABC's. London bureau where we find to a McFarland. He's given up high on the biggest international news good morning Julia so let's look at art and Hong Kong where more violent. Classes that the erupted amid protests there. Hey Canada exactly say a Sunday it was mocking the fifteenth week of consecutive protests. In a Hong Kong and once again that we saw scenes. Tanning violent with pertussis clashing. With police protested this weekend at a house you're going to that they went in defiance. Obeyed police found them a no applies protests in the city today and yet thousands of people. Stunned up once again. They have changed the cool slightly then according for the liberation of Hong Kong they believe pots that contentious. Extradition bill which has now been withdrawn from Hong Kong by Hong Kong's governments. They were out singing patriotic songs national I'm fans. And also appealing to the US and the UK to help. And that cool is meanwhile. It's hard to see up says hug see whether that was more violence this weekend whether it was just more visible. But sesame weasel protest as throwing bricks trying to find bricks amongst concrete citing them police and police responding with. Ward to cannons laced with blue dye as well as take gas well explained there. All right let's go to the latest on bread said prime minister Boris Johnson has now compared himself. So the Hulk what's gone on that. In vain they had this was an an entity to the man on Sunday wow Boris Johnson and a trying to illustrate how would that time and he has to take Britain out today he. Old on that yeah Halloween. Bre X that deadline. He said about the minds Hulk gets the stronger Hulk gets referring of course two that much loved a mob look power it's. Mob rough America who plays the Hulk. In the navy's he has said that with Hulk is nothing like Boris Johnson and the Hulk fights the good say that's has and let's go opinion and a lot of people at making that probably the big green monster is not the best analogy for the British prime minister. Noting that while the Hulk doesn't have to abide by low. Boris Johnson. How asked me and I couldn't and garnering themselves some rather unfortunate part two is in the Monday papers today one. Cartoonist describing him as in the incredible silk. No matter ho and that's. Yeah into the Hulk smash Braxton okay hey I'm before you go Julie how we have a royal birthday. Hair and a way out of your job bias accounts at royal with. Little bit and extent. Do you yeah we do Prince Harry who was fetching five video though it yesterday celebrate saying. Not hand and of course in typical us suffix and known and Larry it was much by an instant brown paste on that on how are in Megan's joins. Instead ground I count it feeds kids as that of a grid of pictures. On Harry threw out his is some really sweet pictures of him with his late Monday Diana princess of Wales. In in a minute tree so many twists his grandfather prince spoke with his brother prince Winamp. Ten men mag and on their wedding band also a new face say that's we've not seen yet before my old dog where Chris Allison on. What appears to be little odd she's christening day thought they was completely a Claes to the public into the media citizens office with a look at how about specials are mania. Went down so it was his last bus say as a fog that make and of course she how to how best day in orbit space parents coming. Becoming parents with the bats of the launch in May just in time for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Based today's of course months with some really special suite mother's and Father's Day pace and faces of the new royal baby with the parents. I really do my picture we haven't seen before the gag gift for us as well. Are very invested in this and analyst at very best that aren't as red you know I'm also invested in seeing. I combos that I don't get this that we see Juliet talking to Mona Mona tuck and a yeah they never get to be on air together here we are. What are they will be in the same Stevie and I now on there you. Then I'll bring in both my plane take. Backs and they released the city outing goto how about that I cut. Yeah guys let's get back on all right dearly update you so much appreciate it. I thought cigarette notification is now starting with a hotel at the north. Whole act so now if you want to make the icy trek you can stay in an igloo. For more than a 100000. Dollars a night. David on all the way to North Pole he better balance style whose. A hair dryer has helped a Montana grandmother go viral. Her name patty Baum Gartner she says she's tired of cars speeding through her neighborhood to you know as she did. She and her son decided it said on a chair and hold a hair dryer pretending in her words that if the speech thing. She says her son took a picture and sent it to the Montana state troopers. Who may Bom Gartner an honorary member of the force she now has the trooper hat and a badge and hopefully some people are slowing down her neighborhood. I love that picture of her with there. Hair dryer her left hand and that unidentified woman with a ton identifiable. Liquid inside that I. Well now a real live Disney prince that's gotten married so naturally does deer showed up to photo bombed a wedding photo. And really marched on the boot cave there. Pretty hearings in Tokyo. Look at that this photo bombing aren't so now to some of the young saying news this Monday morning. Queen be shocking fans with a big announcement on Sunday. The sabres are doing that our own network ABC you Eric TV special called making me get documented the creation of her latest lying keying inspired album big gift the trailer for the special promises an intimate look behind the scenes. From filming a music videos to collaborating with artists like Burrell Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z. I saw her hotel aligning an absolute love that you get make a sneak peek into how intends to work ethic is out. The special air at 10 PM tonight a right here on a bay see full. We are seeing. So when Doug countless stories at this point about people doing more than just talking endlessly from sleepwalking to flee Beatty. But what one's and it'll woman says she ate and wrestling it just might be one for the blocks are well own Logan's explains. Ever dream about something in wake up and can't shake the feeling patents a lot of nights of one San Diego resident a recent dream became a nightmare. When the alarm went off in the morning I woke up and it was not my hand I knew exactly where last. Violent death business. Yup Janet Evans had swallowed her engagement ring and been together for five and a half years Jenna had waited a decent length of time to get the ring of her dreams from the man of perjury it's I designed it not you think all the stones and everything the last week this three stone band of love ended up somewhere a little less shiny Avis having a dream that we are on and cargo train in it was that dangerous situation Bobby told me. You know you have to swallow your ring so she did. In the jury in and in real life the couple realizing in the morning that dream Jenna and real life general were a little more in sync that might be healthy. Rushing and urgent care and explaining the bizarre situation and a six missing cases. The X ray confirmed her story it's very clear there's no looking for an it's just right there are gastroenterology. Suggested an emergency endoscopy I was really happy because I don't know if I'd ever be able look at in appreciated in the same way if I had hacked. Search warrant. Instead of waiting for nature to take its course general went under. And after a few minutes she was reunited with her engagement ring I feel very grateful that I got back and that that it is. It it does and has a happy funny story something old something new something borrowed something inside a view. Before her wedding Jeddah says she isn't taking any more chances have been taking it off at night. Just an assistant who. The couple get married and Janice home state of Texas this coming may hopefully it. But the rings on their fingers deaths. There's some any other great things you can eat in Texas barbecue. Not shutting rang not your way here. Yeah and Tex Max. So quickly that felt I erratically picnic evaluate hearing hey coming up we've got to look ahead at news making events coming up today. And the bizarre competition that had participants from. Polling in their graves after the. Here's what to watch out for today president profits doubled from participated prevent the lead ceremony for. Ambassadors and although. Working visit with the crown prince and Bob Greene before holding a campaign rally in New Mexico plus. Enter sandman former New York Yankees opposing pitcher Mariano. Ribeiro we present at what the presidential medal of freedom at the White House 15 World Series titles of the Inky. That's the first and only player to be unanimously in dusted and. Through the whole thing. More than 49000 union workers for General Motors are on strike after negotiations. For a new labor contract for the stalemate. United Auto Workers formed picket lines overnight talks are scheduled to begin again this morning. And the woman accusing New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown of sexual assault that meeting with the NFL investigators today a source told ABC news that Antonio Brown declined to sign up. Two million dollar agreement last Sunday to settle the allegations after which the sequel. Files plus don't forget to tune in to the debrief for an update on all of our top stories and the briefing room for a break down the latest headlines in politics. Finally Six Flags magic mountain California had more of a Death Valley field this weekend. I told you about this last week in now you get to see the six contestants who took part in that. He meets or parts coffin chalice the goal was to spend thirty hours and a coffin above ground from Friday afternoon until Saturday night. It was to kick off fright fest celebrations the most frightening part of this whole thing. Yes yeah. If you baby sharks played at Honolulu costs and higher at times news. So that's our question of the day would you do good dollars each what's worst. In an offense are listening to a baby shark after hearing that fell off the size of morning. How opaque. Listening to baby shots non stop. Now tell what you being echoed the comments section art we've got that ABC news lives. Panic and ten years. Good about my church burglaries. And now appointed him back but ahead Good Charlotte that you overjoyed. Brothers though you think about that. We will see you tomorrow.

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