It's Morning, America: Thursday, May 16, 2019

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announces presidential run, President Donald Trump has an immigration plan, Alabama abortion ban likely to spur legal fight and more.
27:05 | 05/16/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, May 16, 2019
Good morning I'm kind of moment and Maine are near the top I think snow this Thursday number one president prophet announcing a new immigration plan today. Under this new proposal priority for beavers would be given to highly skilled workers and applicants but higher education and those with the English. Proficiency critics say there's one big glaring omission from the plan. I've addressed the eleven million undocumented immigrants already here in the US number two the growing questions about the reported threat against US forces from Iraq the State Department is defending its decision to evacuate all nonessential embassy employees from neighboring Iraq. US officials say they are not rushing into a conflict insisting it would be an act of negligence. If they fail to take off congressional leaders will be briefed about the Iranian threat today after lawmakers in both parties demanded more information from the White House. ABC's Martha Raddatz has more. This ordered departure from the US embassy in Iraq really is unusual I've spent time in that Baghdad embassy during a very violent period. When crisis was launching rockets at the facility. But this is the first time I remember the State Department ever ordering a departure personnel from that embassy so a lot of questions about what led them to do that. A British commanders that he sees nothing unusual pertaining to rest overnight Iran's foreign minister said his country is committed to an international nuclear deal. But he called escalating sanctions. On cemetery now a new twist in a college admissions scandal a student who was expelled from Georgetown University is now suing claiming he didn't know that his father paid 400000 dollars in bribes. To get him into the school he claims his rights have been violated. Number four parents may soon be able to diagnose their kids here factions without going to the doctor researchers say they develop an app that can detect ear infections. The app can accept paper final. That attaches to your follow the final uses the phone's microphone and speaker to detect fluid buildup in the year. A symptom of it here faction the company says now waiting for FDA approval. And finally number five by saying. Silence. Thank taking over you'll be given a guarantee of quiet ride when it's gonna cost you extra the company is now offering a quiet preferred option and it's app which will tell your driver to. You don't want to chat if only being offered for premium brides. Quite gotten quiet but there's some us to talk about. Independent pay enough it's more in America. Well she ever wanna find it's me. I bring her joy. So imagine your way that you never get lucky enough that was silence. The rise here drivers need to be cues from the passengers. He when I'm just been so chatty Inglis my one word answer than you know but it. Chat back then let's talk check back yes our question of the day. I do you like your rights here. Quiet and I like to chat warm tell us in the comments or tweet at ABC news live. We'll get right to some breaking news New York City mayor build a blog daily set to announce its twenty Tway presidential bid in a YouTube video. Before making an appearance on Good Morning America you can see that right here an ABC news 5 later this morning the central theme of the Bosnia's campaign will be working people. First. Now to that big story the new battle over abortion Alabama's governor has now signed the country's most restrictive abortion measure it makes an exception only when the mother's life is in danger. People on both sides of the issue are now bracing for a legal fight. ABC's Trevor Auld has more on what's next chart her we've been following this the last couple of days and this is really just heating up. Yet it really is just starting to get going today Kenneth good morning to both of you there was some questions yesterday would Alabama's governor Kay -- sign this we now know. That those protests in Birmingham and far beyond it did not deter her she has officially sign this. Which means six months from now it's scheduled to go into effect now what this law specifies it is as you said the most restrictive abortion law in America it means essentially when a woman learns she is pregnant in Alabama wants this plot takes hold. It becomes illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion it's a class a felony that means. The doctor could face ten to nine. The only exception if there is a serious health risk to the mother there's no exception in cases of rape. There's no exception in cases of incest and naturally. There are several promises from organization saying. They are going to challenge the legality of this new law the ACLU says it's unconstitutional. They said that. It targets victims of rape and incest but the authors of this bill knew this was going to get challenge there kind of almost hoping for it because they believe. With the new conservative majority on the Supreme Court president trouble pointing of course it should Brett Cavanaugh. They think that Roe vs. Wade that 1973 landmark ruling that. Granted nationwide abortion rights they think that it can now be overturned. So this may be even more aggressive than just abortion rights and friend eliminated Alabama they are setting their sights on a nationwide movement. And Trevor this is obviously getting a lot of attention nationwide exactly or magazine. That is showing the 25. Y eight men who basically voted for this no women. Voted to support this right but then you also lot even a staunch conservative Pat Robertson saying that. This law may go to. All are. Yeah I'm pat Pat Robertson surprisingly I mean he's days a very staunch conservative and he is. Are against abortion but even he said that this lies kind of extreme he thinks that it goes too far. Not necessarily because he thinks that women should have some abortion rights he thinks that the Supreme Court won't overrule Roe vs. Wade with this so it's kind of playing the long game or the chess match of trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade but. It is interesting to see Pat Robertson agree with people that are more liberal there is a massive movement. Especially on social media we're seeing so many prominent women who are sharing stories of their abortions are using the hash tag. You know mean trying to highlight the fact that. A lot of women have these procedures a lot of them have relied on them and they. Are grateful for the lives that they've been able to live because of that procedure really trying to say how common they are in people who have studied abortions. Have highlighted that as well the Guttmacher Institute a study to bourses they say. One in four American women we'll have an abortion before they turn 45 the lead researcher said. It's a common procedure and it does seem like a lot of Americans support at least some form of abortion rights for women we know the polls say 70% of Americans. Don't want Roe vs. Wade overturned but of course. Now it depends on what state you live in we're hearing in Alabama from doctors the few of them who do perform abortion procedures. They say they're scared they say their patients are now scared to you we talked with doctor you Shik a Robinson is a she had said. It's a confusion. An alarm women are concerned about whether they're going to be it looks and says and abortions at this time. Ringing we're living Collins and we zillow and Rick Allen that we are still here. Fortunes are still available in Gallup and that's and we are working to make sure that it needs to stay. So again just to kind of set that calendar for this law just has it was signed yesterday doesn't mean it is immediately in effect. The calendars six months down the road to that would be November when this law would take effect but of course it has all of these legal challenges set up so. It's possible that we don't even get to that point and we just have to watch it rise to the courts until eventually it likely the Supreme Court will decide whether or not it can. And it will definitely rise forever all think you were breaking it downpours we appreciate it thank you always a pleasure. Alexa White House the president trump is announcing a new immigration plan today he's calling for sweeping changes but Democrats say he's ignoring me most critical issue. President trump insists it would be easy to overhaul the nation's immigration system tremendous problems are cars at the southern border from drugs. To the wrong people being allowed to come in because of a. Erupted in broken system that can be changed in twenty minutes in a speech in the Rose Garden today he's expected to outline a new immigration plan focusing on two key issues. Border security illegal citizenship. Not changing the number of green cards given out each year which will stay at one point one million despite a push from some Republicans for a dramatic reduction. Under this new proposal priority for visas would be given to highly skilled workers applicants with higher education in those with English proficiency. I don't think. Most countries are giving us their finest do you agree. And that's what's happening. And it's causing tremendous problems with crime. The White House says this will increase diversity among immigrants in the US but did not provide evidence to back up that claim. Critics say there's one big glaring omission from the plan how to address the eleven million undocumented immigrants already here in the US. In the meantime Republican senator Lindsey Graham is rolling out his own immigration bill. Gramm's proposal would require asylum applicants from Central America. To apply for asylum in their respective country it's the bill would also allow for unaccompanied children from those countries to be deported from the US. No matter half hide the wall will be built. No matter how many drones you have. No mining no matter how many agents she put it the border they'll keep coming. The cost they want to get caught. As for president Trump's plan one administration official said quote we want to show the country that Republicans are not against immigrants. But it faces an uphill battle with passage in congress highly unlikely. President trop as opposed Democrats plan to fix the dock a program saying that he wants to provide a comprehensive fix it immigration system rather than address individual issues one by one. The lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are unsure that the president's new plan is comprehensive and not ABC's Brian Melky has more. I guess yeah the White House is actually been pushing this on Capitol Hill for several days now Jared Kushner gave a pitch to senate Republicans. But that doesn't mean that Democrats or Republicans. On board with it. With the military planning to build more tent cities for migrants. And TSA agents being reassigned to assist at the border. Several lawmakers have asked for a comprehensive approach the checks all the controversial boxes out there are six points to president Trump's plan. So last ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. If that's good enough for congress. It's not comprehensive. So it does not deal with the question of the undocumented immigrants. There are already in the United States does not deal with the question of doc guns in the in the so called dreamers doesn't address that whatsoever. But there are some things in this plan that that that are quite serious and probably unit in in in a world that was a little less polarized. Would have support maybe even broad support across party lines does things to insure for instance it. Foreign students studying in American university's. Have an easier path to citizenship in the United States. Jonathan set the logic from the White House here is more about. There were based approach to immigration give green cards to skilled laborers meanwhile critics are saying do not underestimate the value of unskilled workers. And don't shut the door on refugees web more on president Trump's announcement on start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts which are to podcasting app. Genetic Kenneth. Our thanks to Brad there president trump has pardoned former media mogul Conrad Black reportedly saying he was exploding the bad rap the guy. Lack as a friend and political ally of the president once owned the Chicago sun times the daily telegraph and the Jerusalem Post. But also wrote a flattering book about trump he served more than three years for fraud and obstruction of justice accused of cheating is company out of sixteen million dollars. The Supreme Court overturned most of the charges. President trauma signed an executive order on cyber security effectively banning Chinese tech giant. While weight from doing business in the United States is another potential blow in the trade war with China. The directive does not name specific countries or. Companies but it's a clear slap to while away amid concerns that it could pose an espionage threat to the US the president is calling at national economic emergency. The Commerce Department now has five months to come up with regulations. The nation's birth rate is now at its lowest level in 32 years a new government report says that record low was reached because women and their teens and twenties are having fewer babies than. However some experts are expressing surprise about the report's findings particularly because of the state of the economy they say if current trends continue the US could eventually sea link were shortages. Thousands of people showed up to honor Kendrick a studio and the Colorado teen who sacrifices like trying to protect classmates from two gunmen. Hundreds of jeeps lined the streets around the church as a tribute to his he has love for jeeps. Inside the people who knew him best praise his he has character including one friend who said he died for us now it's time for us to lift for him. Prosecutors say both shooting suspects will be tried as adults now to that horrifying helicopter crash in New York City the pilot was the only one aboard the sightseeing chopper when it crashed spinning out of control into the Hudson River. The chopper was on his way to pick up passengers after refueling and pilot survived and was soon standing. And was seen standing on the choppers flotation device he was pulled from the water by nearby theory crew. Just slowly eased her way up there might get actually stand imposition of bats with the globe. Song and he climbed to coordinate ground ball I've made it like pulled out then he gets you know settled Gary it would. Pull off latter all consumed. Many months of the deck. I estimates Isaak Wesson and it was okay it was injured lawyers anybody else and having caused its has to be. Pretty good condition Boucher gave that maybe you're nervous. Investigators are trying to determine what caused the crash the pilot says he felt something was wrong as he was trying to land and. Credible images thinking that is okay. Coming up a toddler found safe after three days lost in the woods out of 22 mussels survive in the Kentucky's wilderness but no food or water. That's their survival story in Kentucky at 22 month old boy has been found alive after being outside alone for almost four days either remarkably good condition one of the men searching for him saying quote. He the true Kentucky mountain boy. This morning a miracle rescue in Kentucky yes we have a successful. Body the child. 22 month old Kenneth Howard found a lie. I do everybody that killed those and they some. Chemicals in the front yard of his home one Mother's Day Sunday when his father says he turned around. And the board was gone search team for drones dogs and choppers searched the terrain near his family's home. Then after three long night's one of the teams probably heard the boy calling for help fortunately won the team's. Who is at an expert. Tracker with they have within an area hurt a crop and with further investigation they found the 22 month old child. Kenneth was wearing only sweat pants a T shirt and one sandal he survived overnight temperatures in the forties. The sheriff says the boy was cold wet and dehydrated. But a remarkably good condition. Doctor sees H may have actually helped him survive unlike most adults who can go without water for only about three days. Young children typically have more water reserves in their bodies allowing them to survive longer in this kind of situation. Little Kenneth that wandered to a fifty foot high cliff about a quarter mile from his home police are still investigating exactly how he got separated from its family. He's an amazing amazing little boy. He console is an I could not imagine. Bing has parent right three days it was in the name right Tenet. Smart intelligent as the mining means display that that it means yes. Silence button silence button let's check through notifications. S strong independent dog who don't need no may have been not been. Watson played bad satisfied. And myself that was nicely written David shout out do you think that because the the base behind the things producing this Arab the deadline using is pretty do you use and fronts yeah. And jurors in various. The La Hoya by the idle power. More than usual celebrating a big anniversary. We'll lit up the sky in the city of light vehicles city of lights had eaten and is our guy. We wins this trying to get the right angle on his work but he Welles himself and he got his head stuck. And to that I say job well done yet sky news thought there to. To free himself. Move that had little Pope didn't mean to do that yet and then big congratulations. This guerrilla added gender revealed party. Primary. Okay. Me no way. I haven't been revealed. You're literally at my baby the youth and that to me yeah. You mean. An outline right of that buyer namely that was senses we often see it to each other yet. I wasn't your baby shower yet America even as she had a work baby shower that she didn't want. I don't like this but. That we had the blue balloon get them out when your house this find out. Five limited was ordered deal that's right. Idea that my baby Jared in these. Well I think well walking may soon become a crime in New York. State senate is considering a measure that bans walking and texting fining offenders that mean dollar wall with our New York City affiliate has the details. These days it's very common to see eyes on cell phone screens no matter where you are he's an all day long. And had a total of my father a total four hours in any city hits most people we saw looked up in both ways before crossing the street. Then back on their phones. But what is looking at your electronic device means you could be flying to when crossing the road. ME sentence because you know you want to make sure no one gets hit or LA. I feel like that's still like yet just a minute they're gonna get killed across in the strictest in that paying attention that's therefore I don't know why they need to legislate common sense. Well it might happen while there's no clear evidence that personal electronic devices used on streets causes traffic accidents. City lawmakers are considering banning the use of messaging or playing games it's just on the streets. The fines could range from fifty dollars to a 150 depending on the number of offenses. That sub bill that. Simply says I'm text while you crossing the street and wait the ten seconds to put them side of the street. Now similar laws have been passed a smaller cities in Hawaii and California. But this is New York with the millions of people so. If this law passes the big question is how I think it'd be enforced. The statewide law so depending on the municipalities. Could be the policing could be other law enforcement officers. And that's what some say however why neighbors want the law passed I'm driving down the street as someone is not paid attention. Making it but car pools many assume. The driver on the upper west side had been Dolly walled channel seven Eyewitness News. The breakdown I found out yeah. And how bad event is this yeah I just think that. I've. I'm guilty I will admit that but I also have a very good sense of what I'm. Stories about my phone I know my record my surrounding. I think they're very good sense until they get hit by car that the I would not get ahead by car I I hope that I hope. By extension table cafe holster for the phones down here but Atlanta lawmakers stepping in to tell you you can't have your phone. Do you think that's. Given all close to the civil liberties. The right thing may be less faith. Coming up Guillen teacher whom banish. In the Caribbean her mother's long quest to find her and that we're memory condition she may suffer from. After this. So here's what to watch out for today in the race between between Washington governor David Hensley is set to announce his plan to combat climate change a focus its campaign. And Pearson Gillibrand will campaign against Georgia's abortion ban in what she calls similar legislative attacks on women's health care meetings women. Patients and providers in Atlanta. Arguments unseal documents an empire actor justice mullets criminal case are scheduled today. President trump unveils a new immigration plan calling for a shift to a predominantly merit based system with some allowing more high skilled workers enter the country. You can watch that right here on ABC news live plus don't forget to tune into the deep Freeport update off all our top story in the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines. In politics well the mystery is deepening this morning around the disappearance of a young teacher in the Caribbean in this is a really interesting story it is she vanished just days after hurricane Irma slammed the island of saint Thomas but this. Is in the first time she's disappeared here's ABC's juju Chang. It was a category five hurricane Irma. A storm unlike any the Caribbean paradise of saint Thomas had seen before it was in some ways a perfect storm. And chaos if someone's going to vanish from the island without any Trace it could have happened that and that's exactly what happened 32 year old Hannah a beloved teacher at a local Montessori school had ridden out the storm. Only to disappear eight days later. What many people didn't know is that this was not the first time Hannah had disappeared. Almost ten years before Hannah went missing in New York City she was found barely alive. Floating face down in the New York Harbor no memory of where she'd been for the past three weeks. Doctors diagnosed her with the so should the feud. Associate you can lose. That you have a period where suddenly you've lost your auto biographical memories the memories that define you as you. But not necessarily other memories. Elizabeth Vargas in manes the untold story vanished in paradise retraces Hanna is live with the so she defused. In the days before she disappeared. In 2008 she left her New York City apartment to go running and then went missing she seemed to have. Vanished into thin air ten days later she pops up at an Apple Store of all places longing in on her own IED. And security cam footage shows her being approached by a young man who knows her from school saying. Hanna. Our art your Hanna right arch aren't you missing. And she says no I'm not Hannah and walks away. So person who has cycle Jack see you to people on the outside may look completely normal. They're doing things. There are they know how to do things they understand the world at large. They don't appear to be distressed they're just an altered state. The documentary has this recording of Hannah up after she was rescued she's talking to a reporter in a New York City coffee shop. Because the microwave and bad mistake leaving the and then I'm meet at a bank and grabbed ten rebounds they would make really. It came right out and deny you feel shame in my best paid me obits. How they know that exactly how. After her feud Hanna moved to Maryland and they're had yet another episode. Many people in her life believe she was looking to escape her past. So when she doesn't fourteen Hanna moved to the island oasis of saint Thomas embracing a new set of friends who shared her passion for zoom button. But hurricane Irma wreaked Havoc on the island and simmer for friends say on Hannity. To everybody was stressed out and she was certainly stressed out. And certainly the day before Hanna disappears. People notice something was off she seemed to be almost in a trance. It's been almost two years since anyone seen Hannah and her mother has become a fixture and seeing Tom. She thinks it's possible but Hannah is still alive and is suffering from another few. There are documented cases of few states lasting as long as four years news. And that that helps me to keep on Golan. It's never been an option to give up and hopes the answer to where her daughter is can be found here. Do you think you'll ever know for sure Barbara. I can own. Only tell you that. Persistent. Many people join me in that. I am so struck by when they'd talk about the first time she witnessing here in New York incumbents are in an Apple Store and said he is that you are you missing and she said. No I'm not Hamad the fact that she could be missing and doesn't even though and now it's so frightening. And watching her mother there I believe that she's on that island she will find her daughter. Also yesterday we asked did tell us what you thought was the sexiest accent in America someone Collins hidden fed mine accident that it's very much that most of you agreed. Bet Texas. They think anybody here a few more rob from Pittsburgh says he's always love the southern accent of American women. Stand up now on Twitter says Miami baby. What's the matter with zero. Old. Added that matter which you that was good head. I will Largo from Minnesota Becky said yeah olive hats in the North Carolina. I'll have got a big that's posing a threat to South Carolina. Please keep sending us the add at us out of the that we thing that mechanic row at Negro League at bat me we've got some comments we will throw your it's up if it's good. It is that the and that is bad that they're. Let me read. The it in my.

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