It's Morning, America: Thursday, May 23, 2019

Trump refuses to pass infrastructure deal unless Dems drop investigations, "American Taliban" to be freed and more.
23:34 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, May 23, 2019
Good morning after my. I was saying earlier this I think this Thursday number one of the deadly storms overnight slamming the midwest the National Weather Service to the catastrophic tornado touchdown in Jefferson City, Missouri causing multiple injuries. An extensive damage crews are going door to door trying to rescue trapped residents. Power lines are down roads are blocked and hospitals are disaster mode three deaths are already blamed on the storms in other parts of Missouri. And in Oklahoma mandatory evacuations are under way along the Arkansas River as runaway barges at downstream. Officials are concerned barges could slam into a day out. Take a look at this a swollen river swept away this home near Oklahoma City the water board the house off its foundation. Born just carry the way number two the man known as the American Taliban John Walker Lindh is walking out of prison he's being released on good behavior today after serving seventeen of his money here sentence. He's arrested after 9/11 for supporting the Taliban. On number three now a tragedy at daycare in Jacksonville Florida police say a four month old died after being left in the back of a man from nearly five hours temperatures. Hit 92 degrees on. Think of all authorities say in employee all night long one after finding the baby in the band which is used to pick up children who attend day care. Police have now arrested the co owner of the business. Topic number reports leverage chef Mario Vitale is now facing a criminal charge accused of groping a woman against her will he's scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow for the alleged incident at a box restaurant back in 2017. His lawyer says the criminal charges from the same woman who filed a civil complaint. Last year. And finally number five now live TV reboot that everyone will be talking about today of all the family and the Jeffords Jamie Campbell brought to. Gather producer Norman Lear with some of the best talent and the business today. As the star studded cast recreate it word for word episodes from those two classic shows that aired. And 1973. And. The sad thing constantly casting everything was spot on including Jamie Foxx paneling Sherman Hensley. Jordan Jefferson but not let out one very hysterical. I'm. Gives us a little boy it. I would always gave mom with a four little brother but you know we broke its all groups for all we could also is lap. Everyone sit at home. Just think the TV just let's look. Okay. All we could port was you. You know I'll. We make our symbols that when you write the other I am angry I was still good it was great television that. Re creation of getting great reviews this morning and read yet so funny. I'll tell areas you know what it's time to moving on up because. It's more in America. Good morning everyone that with our best George Jefferson legally right over your head. If you haven't seen it make sure you catch it because it's malaria yes Tom and we're gonna talk about it a little bit later on but the fact that it was culturally socially. Racially aware and applicable today yeah. Nearly everybody nearly fifty years ago so we'll get into all of that but first let's get to that story president trump is denying that he had a temper tantrum. After storming out of a meeting on infrastructure. He's now refusing to work with Democrats unless they stop investigating him meanwhile this morning congress one step closer to obtaining the president's financial records. ABC's Mona costar Abbie has the latest from Washington good morning Mona. Good morning Kenneth good morning today sources tell ABC news that the president arrived in late show no hands. And told democratic lawmakers that he also work with them on infrastructure trade and the farm bill. As long as they stopped their investigations. Hopes of getting anything done before 20/20 in Washington. They did quickly when the president stormed out of the meeting with democratic leaders. After only three minutes so I came here to do a meeting on infrastructure were Democrats. An angered president trump then headed straight to the Rose Garden to explain what set him off. I understood that Nancy Pelosi just before a meeting made a statement that we believe that the president of the United States. Is engaged in a cover up. I don't do cover ups. Trump referring to a comment House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made earlier that day as she left a closed door meeting with her party. The president went on to say he would not warp the Democrats on any issue. Until we stop investigating him you can go down. The investigation track. And you can go down the investment track or the track of let's get things done for the American people. Senior level administration sources telling ABC news and aides close to the president tried to stop him from holding that Rose Garden press conference. After the blow up Pelosi doubled down on her comments this president. Is obstructing justice. And he's engaged in a cover up. And that. Could be an impeachable. The house speaker said she was looking forward to working with trump on it infrastructure deal. But in a letter to her colleagues she accused in the throwing a public quote temper tantrums for some reason and maybe it was lack of confidence on his part. That he really. Couldn't. Come match. The greatness of the challenge that. We have an overnight the president took to Twitter to deny having a tantrum Democrats say the president was never serious about working on an infrastructure bill. Pointing to a letter that he sent democratic lawmakers before policies comments where he says that history deal must come first. Kimono before you leave us so the president suffered another legal setback we understand a judge has declined to block house subpoena seeking financial information. Belt. President trump and his family so when we go from here. Well one question that the house hopes to answer is. Why do it to bank was lending the president trump when no other bank was. As for the case we can expect the president's attorneys to appeal and as they did with the case involving house oversight committee subpoena. Now in both cases. President's attorneys argued that the subpoenas go beyond Congress's power of investigation. And we can expect this fight. To go all the way to the Supreme Court now. Both Dooley to bank and Capital One bank also involved in this case say that they take no position Kenneth. All right Mona thank you so much that comes on the heels of two big legal blows to the president ought to thank you. That's a the other big story this morning the American Taliban John Walker Lindh is walking free today. He joined the Taliban just before 9/11 and was capture in Afghanistan his early release from prison today is sparking outrage. The so called American Taliban expected to walk free today from an Indiana prison. John Walker lindh's capture and Afghanistan made international headlines in the wake of 9/11 tape. Linda seen in this video taken by Afghan intelligence. Refusing to answer courses from CIA officer Mike Spann. Just an hour later Spann was killed by militants during a prison uprising this morning spears daughter call lindh's release a slap in the face. He is getting released early. Speak high is up his good behavior in prison. And for my fan only terrorism does not equal good behavior. Lynn had converted to Islam of the teenager in California. Left for the Middle East and even met Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda training camp. He pleaded guilty to giving support to the Taliban but he's now being released for good behavior after serving seventeen of his twenty your sentence. Linda condemn terrorism at his sentencing but two government reports found he continued to have a keeper of global Jihad may pro crisis statements. And sources tell ABC news he even priest in prison quoting a prominent G hardy figure my experience father has urged president trump to intervene. Don't turn him loose if there's reports out here that he's not be in the mall prisoner that you also he has. When is expected to move to Virginia under terms of his release he can communicate only with people and English. Its Internet use will be restricted and Tony permission to leave the country. All they is 101000. Additional US troops may soon be heading to the Middle East to address any possible threat from Iraq. Officials tell ABC news US Central Command is requesting the deployment as a deterrent. The plan is expected to be presented today at a White House meeting comes amid rising tensions following warnings. Of a potential attack on American forces the US has already sent an aircraft carrier and B two bombers to the region. The source of a racist yearbook photo links to Virginia governor Ralph northbound remains a mystery an investigation could not conclusively determine the identities of either person in the photo. That appeared on Norton's page in his 1984 medical school. Your book north them initially admitted he was in the picture without saying whether he was the one in black face or the kkk costume. Then he denied being in the photo at all he managed to fend off demands where his resignation. We'll be able to spend summit -- minutes next year. Plans to put abolitionist. Jerry Cummins image on the twenty dollar bill are on Holmes. Seven were suppose replace president Andrew Jackson next year Treasury Secretary Stephen Nugent told a house committee that delayed. Is due to security changes slated for two other bills that answer didn't go over so well. My position is that I am focused on our responsibility to deal with the security features. And a decision I had addressed that and what about imagery what about the representation. It again it's not a decision that is likely come until way past my term even if I serve the second term for the president so I'm not focused on that at the moment. The new timeline means their earliest that change will be considered as twenty point six our redesigned bill would come out two years later when Nugent wouldn't say he supported putting government. On any deal on the. Coming up a viral video that's triggered a health investigation. Want to take a guess where this takes place. Yep it's Florida. Well into the special day happy go across the pond this time I don't know. Larry. To pull some strings went well loved and all of our London bureau people what we've got a celebrity game along me at James Keenan debut on its morning in America and we are thrilled that deal the Yankees than months isn't debuting on on the senate you thank you so everybody in government in this. The good morning and narrowed its morning I can't. Again I. I'm going to do you know. That direct hit me and I we appreciate your ideas games. It's Ole let's start win at more EU elections the. Yeah yes that we you know I'm sorry gotta get ourselves together we're just so like forever. And yet. Direction again and take it away to go to today yes VP year election that's right I mean is fascinating isn't it but now they all. Very very important and I have. People are running to the polls K in the UK and in the Netherlands today the and in the same across. Other countries in year for the next few days and on Sunday we will have an idea of what the European Parliament might look like of course is the Charles people across Europe. To me they've always decide about how they feel. About the European Union but also about in national politics in front for example in monument my call is in a bit of fight for his life we've. The fall right in not country you have. A coalition in Italy all of populist policies that. It's Charles people in that country to say how they feel about them Poland and Hungary how far right. Comes governments that too. Hopefully will want from that perspective to send anti European parliamentarians. To the halls of Europe to dismantle the European project in the way. That we did hay in the UK with all the rights to leave the European Union says. And a lot of division across Europe will be we'll see what the results hall on Sunday but. Hey in in the UK we weren't even expecting to have to votes. In these elections I'm gonna have to go off to work today it wasn't going to be something that we were gonna have to David could be voted to leave the EU the two main parties here expected to not do well app tool. The consent of particles in government. Hasn't come out with a prop upon yet to get us out of Europe. I'm the labor party in opposition house liberty come up an alternative plan. To be honest the big a deal here in the UK the bigger and action people are going to be looking to is an leadership election to replace our prime minister threes in May she isn't. They fight of her life to remain prime minister. We think she's probably going to get beaten out of some states window shall when but when it does happen there are plenty of candidates almost as many as they're on the democratic. Positive US. But let me prime minister. Me out lock on their days we know that year old be busy to Dimitri get out and boat. Cheating the egg gears now to Botswana it's lifting a ban on hunting elephants. After five years now that the numbers are on the rise talk to us about that. His rather see a 100000. Over a 100000 elephants involves one of us. Means that something like a cool double elephants in Africa in bolts wanna say it's actually pretty significant for them to. And if this bunny came into play for the sake in 2014. But basically reason why they're thinking of of lifting is that his farm as the saying that all that crops are basically being destroyed an elephant tons up. Where you naval way you work it eats everything so farmers thickly in smaller. More rural possible swan are saying they wanted this banner removed they also come into contact with humans and humans have been killed. Six as saying this is really the president who faces reelection don't tell you about trying to appeal to those rural places. In tries and if this bond but it is going to have a big backlash conservationists are gonna have for me to say about this. Think it is conservation is kind of the bedrock of Botswana tourism industry so that could have. An impact we will have to wait and see if they actually did if this bomb. And also seen out in the wild we understand out Queen Elizabeth. I was out about how you think the. Also what else about her that she pretty must just like the commoners. Like us the self checkout lane Miller credit for they've got rid hyping the cream of the horses broke off but can't because you going to be the doghouse is no co opt in not. Ten EC without yes that things breeze which is kind of all publix I'm reliably informed by Marconi OK to do a bit like a public the saint critics and has been around a bit longer allowed to buy everything in the UK. It's ancient 1969 things resist started. And I was all points Queen Elizabeth is going down for his 150. Anniversary two a pop pop shop quite close to the original Sainz Brisinger remain in Central London and that she was met with self that should go to Charles to see. What the original kind of products were from back in the day that's as well they are now she said that she remembered eating fish paste. When that she was that small child during the what you didn't lie about a can't blame not. She will say joked about using those self checkout machines about how you could possibly cheat and how much should be choosing doing having to do united scam the Bok has little rest and it. But I can Teddy she probably wouldn't like self check out yet she had to use it every day the first time that probably she's been crucial like. Yeah that we're not big bad themselves back music resorted to it ourselves now. That's really you know with the queen she may watch this program she may not act. But if it's already Beijing did it on watching. I mean she share it I will do my best to make who is against a copy of U Kenneth sent how. I will never be invited. James we appreciate you very much yes Jane I cannot be on it's its morning America I know who this. Like united mine mine nag now yeah I lament that the now go do Good Morning America. Thanks to make sure you know today. Well I'll let it segment had occasions starting with some fierce moves from an airport baggage handler. It's and a ho about Honolulu there aren't yet and in Seattle where about their weight on the tarmac. Yeah and I do like I'm looking at wind bad. It what I see those baggage handlers are an airport workers. Given the folks on the plane and ship. And volume there not to run around my luggage recklessly. When he's whatever he's doing around some damage throughout the reckless. Nectar revolution in the world of Wolverine we all. Know that before he morphed into the greatest show men and I'm very buff Hugh Jackman owned the famous X-Men character. He first played Wolverine in 2000 and continue for years openly returning. The Carriker for the final time in 2017. Now nearly 20000. Fans have signed an online petition to cast. Dean Danny did beat wives as the new Wolverine to petition states quote. We believe that of Wolverine is to make an appearance in the marvel cinematic universe and the only man to pull it off is Danny DeVito. No word. No comment from the 74 year old comedian but we should let you know that marvel is a division of our parent company. Disney the mouse pays the bills are here and I. And that brings acid to the question of the day who should play Wolverine who would you like to see any to veto. This guy. Thousands think the comments. Tweet us at ABC news five. At this is just a cat fight. Or. Wendy this looking into off Florida man's story of one of its restaurants in the panhandle. This is crazy guys look at yeah on by are all and it showed that appears he'll when he employee taking a back. In a sink at a restaurants. In Milton. And the noble the spokesperson says it was a prank by someone who no longer works at the restaurant and quote clearly did not use good judgment. Health officials. Are invest it. He was bathing. Back points for that you keep your dear Megan cheeseburger of that restaurant. Believed those media as a cited the fate of a man wanted by authorities in Connecticut. He's in Torrington are trying to bring and Jose stands on number of failure to appear warrants to Sam's made a deal. If a post about have on the department's FaceBook page received 151000. Lights. He turned himself in. FaceBook users did their job the post has 191000. Lights and counting Sam's. Incredibly surprised only has not kept up two hits part of the bargain he's still on the loose. We've heard he actually wanted to be twenty got a likes police wanted ten out there like Cindy settle at fifteen sorry that's why he hasn't turned a spokesman he said. I want to point doesn't. Predictor compromise. Carriers open just just do it yet but we'll take the lights. Our exit TV flashback at every one is talking about the almost bailing Jefferson's reboot the surprise appearance is and the highest paid. It does watch our board today John Walker Lindh the man we told you. Com is the American Taliban is scheduled to release from the federal prison. In Indiana after spending nearly two decades behind bars. The FAA is hosting a meeting on aviation officials to discuss the Boeing 737 Max that's the aircraft grounded after two of them were involved in fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. And no other national Oceanic and atmosphere. Administration. Will release its 2019. Atlantic hurricane season forecast as the limit on how many major storms that we could see this year. Plus their gifts Denton debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. They're all talking about last night's live reboot of all in the family and the Jefferson. Jamie Foxx is winning praise towards George Jefferson in fact all of the actors is dead an incredible job and I will cancel watts at all. No doubt and we the justices. It's no joke. They are the Jefferson's. Jamie Foxx and Wanda Sykes. Stepping into the iconic roles first created by Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford. The legendary family back on TV as part of ABC's. Live in front of a studio audience. And they're not the only TV family making a comeback America saying hello to the bunkers for the first time in forty years. Zahn now main. Eight. We had emailing. Woody Harrelson and Marisa Tomei playing Artie needed. Norman Lear teaming up with Jimmy Kimmel to bring to the shows back to prime time. Life and like any lives showed this one had its live moments so all grooves for all who solves is laugh. Everyone sit at home. Think the TV just messed up. Using the original scripts with an all new all star lineup. Kerry Washington and Will Ferrell as Helen and Tom Willis not sign in the morning and moving yeah. Ellie Kemper and Ike spared holds play Gloria in need had using humor to tackle some tougher issues. How old out all presidents. Jennifer Hudson hitting all the right notes during the live show. Yeah. The night proving that some songs. Some TV shows will always have a place on our TV screen. Don't even I don't. And place in our hearts. And of course fans loved the surprise appearance. Marla Gibbs one of the 87 years old surprising her role of Laurie ends. And you said she did outline just like she did all let out a way. A and that she's an icon and national treasure to see her there Norman Lear as well the producer. Out my gosh Jimmy Kimmel did they only founding. Credible job on this they're all they're seeing gains. Yet have a good time the entire cast make sure you see it if you haven't. Prior watch it again if you have. Good TV Newton that it must never get our question of the day but was it. I know we don't want it three in your question of the day if you watched the Jefferson's. What was your favorite what was your favorite far all the family. Vacation most exciting issue David Scott's. Are they still relevant today. Short answer they are telepathic. ABC news live. Got a wide.

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