It's Morning, America: Thursday, April 18, 2019

Mueller report due to be released, cave diver rescued and more.
18:18 | 04/18/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, April 18, 2019
Hey good morning I'm Jane Orman and hash out kind of mode here the top five things to note this Thursday number 1 the release this morning in the Muller reports Democrats are slamming attorney general William Barbour has planned held a news conference before releasing similar report this morning. Sources tell Washington Post the report will be politely redact any phase shows Robert Mueller did not make a decision on obstruction of justice because it was hard to determine the president's intent never to US security scare at Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York just days after that fire at notre common Harris police say a man tried to interstate Patrick slots tonight. With two gas cans be posted a photo showing the containers along with lighters and lighter fluid police say the suspect claimed he was taking a sharp cut because those are dramatic apps. Officers later found that wasn't true. Is now expected to undergo a psychiatric evaluation on the number three the outpouring of large donations for notre dom good people in pairs have sparked fundraising efforts for the three recently burned churches. And Louisiana and donations to the go find me campaign churches has now surpassed the goal of one point eight million dollars. I suspect is under wraps he has been charged with arson and hate crimes and we ended jeopardy for number four and a new video out your back says he's feeling good as he fights aids or think Braddock cancer. You know this diagnosis last month and the new video he addresses viewers who've been reaching out since his announcement date. I wanted once again to thank you for your continuing messages of encouragement and support particularly. The many cards I've received from young people. I'm touched beyond words. Tobacco also says he's jeopardy team is already working on the show's next season which starts airing in September he's promising it will include quote. Good stuff and meanwhile the current jeopardy champion hateful power maybe part of next season if he keeps winning they hate. He broke his own single game record on Wednesday's episode winning it this a 131 thousands and dollar overall he's now won nearly 700000. And probably number five this fall's NFL schedule has been released Rob Gronkowski won't be playing but he's still making headlines in retirement. He dented the Super Bowl you're already using it as a bat during event at Fenway Park baseball's impact left the circular dent in that trophy. As one sports writers that if there's anyone who can get away with doing Matt its ground. We've got so much by talk about coming your way hey it's morning in America. Good morning everyone and we're calling that then. The Brock now the brush the grass and and then we'll get to the day's big story breaking news details on the long awaited Lawler report being released today by attorney general William. Are but first our plans to hold a news conference this morning Democrats claim he's trying to spend the findings and president comes Faber. Before the country can read it sources tell the Washington Post the report the lightly reject it. ABC's those with her as leaves for Washington Elizabeth good morning. Today Kenneth good morning yes top Democrats say this is just wrong and that the attorney general should cancel the press conference but for now. It still on. Attorney general William Bart coming under fire after announcing he and his deputy AG behind Susan Stein will hold a press conference. Before releasing he redacted version of the mall will report. The attorney general. It appears to be waging a media campaign. On behalf of president trump. Democrats now calling on bar to let the report speak for itself Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeting the process is poisoned. While speaker Nancy Pelosi says AG Bart has the rolling out his credibility. Democrats are also blasting reports that the Justice Department has already discussed the special counsel's findings with the White House I'd not pulling it present. Yeah but it was president trump who broke the news about parts press conference doing a radio interview yesterday he'll see a lot of very. Strong things come out. Barr has already declared Muller found no evidence the president and his campaign colluded with Russia. While allegations of obstruction no final call from Mueller but Bart concluded. There was not enough evidence to prove that. The Washington Post is now reporting mullah report will be lightly redacted and the report will reveal. That Mueller decided he could not come to a conclusion on obstruction because it was too difficult to determine trumps intent. But we are told that we do not expect to see or hear from Mueller today but that could change down the road as Democrats say they have not ruled out calling on Mueller to testify. Before congress can't Benjamin all right Elizabeth thank you a lot to look forward to today and that brings us a question of the day what should we be looking for in the report. When it's released. Want to be a very big day so please stay with ABC news live. For that high in the meantime about the drug has confirmed that her father asked her if she was interested in heading up the World Bank. President recently said his daughter would have been a great choice to run the 189. Nation bank because she was good with numbers. Trump said she passed on the idea because she's happy with what she's doing as a White House senior. Advice or researchers that say injured hospitals say they found a cure for the genetic disorder known as the bubble boy disease made famous by documentary in the 1970s. They use an experimental gene therapy technique to restore the immune systems of ten babies. Children with the disease are acceptable to life threatening infections and often don't make it to their second birthday. But researchers say the new approach has shown outstanding results but no immediate side effects they're now hoping to apply it to other genetic diseases. Federal prosecutors say a task force has pull up the biggest known take down yet of illegal openly subscribers. They've arrested sixty medical professionals including dozens of doctors they call white coated drug dealers. They're accused of trading painkillers for cash in even sacks they're responsible for putting 32 million pills on streets from Alabama to West Virginia. Let's ABC news exclusive for the first time we're hearing the nine or one call from the daughter of a California couple charged with walking up and torturing their kids. They pleaded guilty and now we're getting new insight into the ordeal those children face ABC's mag governor reports from the desperate not 11 call made by the teenage daughter. After she skate. Emergency air guard and you. Let your name. Oh. That child's voice high pitched in on certain. A child at all because Jordan Turk and was seventeen year old girl who authorities say scrambled out of her bedroom window to freedom. It is none when one audio exclusively obtained by ABC news we learned this was one of the few times Jordan turbine had ever been outside. And I. LIE. Street. At 6 AM that morning she grabbed a Brothers deactivated cell phone and called the only number he would dial the 911 dispatcher peeling back. The layers of poor Jordan's call would free the rest of her siblings. Atlanta parents in jail eats there were first time hearing from any of David and Louise true prince children. About the horse the parents were convicted including counts of torturer. And false imprisonment. I can't be equal and I aren't these. Eight viewed. And right. Now arching. Thirteen yeah. I am not. And then. Another shocking revelation. Anybody at the house indicated medication. I'll. Speaking. Jordan's call would free the rest of her siblings and led her parents in jail. Matt Gutman ABC news Los Angeles. The turbines pleaded guilty in February they'll be sentenced tomorrow 225. Years to life in prison putting up the race against time. A huge rescue effort a final world famous cave diver. Stuck underground how they got him out after this. Welcome back now to the diver in Tennessee rescued after being trapped inside in underwater pay for more than 44 hours he's elite cave diver was part of the dramatic rescue of a Thai soccer team last year. I overnight learned how rescuers finally got him out. This morning a missing cave diver in Tennessee is safe he did a great job keeping his mental faculties of Adam just one race. Was going to. Josh rashly had been missing since Tuesday afternoon while diving McCabe about one hour from Nashville his fellow diver spent hours trying to find him before calling authorities there's a group of about how that went and explore this cave when I came back down to let Armisen as one individual the cave is about 400 feet long with tight turns and jagged edges the water temperature just 55 degrees it's a very narrow opening what you get in the cave it opens at someone but still not a large amount conditions in the cave are so difficult specialty diver Ted Sorensen was brought in from Florida to help with the rescue. Sorensen found practically in less than an hour more than 24 hours after he was last seen. I was amazed because I've I would look I mean it probably could have been to him sooner but I was checking every looking green growers four audit. So when I popped out of the surface I was looking directly at him. Sorensen eventually found practically in an air pocket shockingly theory was calm as could be aegis it thank you thank you. Who aren't. We're actually is no stranger to cave diving the British cave rescue council calls him one of the best cave divers in the world. He's a member of the elite British diving team that helped rescue twelve soccer players and their coach for McCabe and Tai Lam last summer theory is posing for a picture with British prime minister Teresa may and other rescue divers. We're actually spoke about that experience on good morning Britain. The relief fund we have Nash's welts and how to find that the kits with safe lists was just amazing now after being rescued himself in Tennessee. Grassley had only one request after his long ordeal. His only request when he got to the surface was that he wants some pizza. Are actually refuse medical treatment and he says he's already looking forward to his next dive. Thoughts go across the pond out to ABC news London bureau were Bruno rover is keeping an eye on the biggest international news give warning to our friend Bruno. Ups also would North Korea's reported test of a new tactical guided weapon. What does is me for denuclearization talks. Well on the face of it actually nothing this is a strategic. Known siege attacks a weapon for use in the battle failed. And Arenas so it's not seen as a contravention all of the ban on medium to long range missiles however. It is being perceived as a signal by the North Korean regime that they are not happy with the stole tall oaks. About trying to sit and possibly put pressure on the years to come up and excess will times condemned L has said last week of that the Americans have only until the end of the year to come up with. What he would sets time acceptable. Conditions for the tolls to continue and indeed an agreement so it's it's it should be seen in that context it's also the North Korea has also took. So to show its own people that it's still being a developing as defensive as its size capabilities but in and that we haven't even seen whether or not the test is in fact happened. So the White House is playing down significance of this and sign it doesn't have to did you can click implications that this time. All right we're now and then London you've had some issues of protesters blocking some main roads. More than 400 arrests over the past four days what are these protests all about. While it did that disagree court extinction rebellion he say that we're on the verge of a kind of extinction level event as a result of climate change and they've been holding now the full stack a protests across Central London which are really paralyzed the center of the city they've blocked bridges. They've got make injunctions they've even glue themselves to the top of commuter trains hole in a coordinated. Series of protest designed to disrupt the capital. To try and bring to the public's attention. The necessity for zero emissions as they wanted they hope to have by 2025. S and sixty is time. And that's and this is in the situation is cited desperate that this is what they're gonna have to do but I have to say. It's been very disruptive and it seems based on the opinion polls have come out that'd and it alienated more people than it is actually brought to that side. Because. At the disruption caused. As and the scene is crazy to see those images there are our things are from Bruno rover there are. Across the pond pondering thank you appreciate it. Let's check our education sixty what's trending on social media. Like this guy who's got the wounds. Calories in the matrix a lot to see again this. Picture amount. Blind driver right for a look at how that. I mean incredible how bad our hot and. I feel like he just started in just a little bit but that of the quick move ahead. See them there and me if things aren't so listen to this can't sing along with this humans in the car to listen. You're happy and you know I intend down. Yeah yeah yeah Nolan and yeah and occasionally. At the end you know intense encounter. Yeah. And. Good out there that want to play along but this baby definitely playing along to. The saga this song old town road. Yeah baby yeah yeah yeah and I'd Israel based. You lightweight and I'm. That's my daddy of their dad dad isn't any damage that and no thank you know but you know what I am entailed blood coming out that being. I just fell by live in the morning the other homecoming documentary came when the surprise is over revelations. So get information we have it all for you when we come back. Welcome back there's a watch out for today of course the release of their respective Muller reports. A Russian interference in the 26 election. Attorney general William Barr and deputy AG rob rose or sign will hold a press conference. At 930 a move that some Democrats criticized as spending the report in the president's favor. And remembrance ceremony with service will be held in Denver ahead of the fortieth anniversary of the might as if it was is this Saturday. But don't get to tenants in the debrief for an update our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. Well folks at the office look a little sleep deprived are. You are just haven't talked they like we come back again to that it had days Netflix knocked is finally over homecoming. Drop in the middle of the night Wednesday. Yet but that's not all queen bee dropping it and hired album along with that and the beehive west wild. Here's our music correspondent Lowell Ganz and. April 17. A to remember. All things to be on today's homecoming. The Netflix doc about her 2018 Coachella performance fans of all ages crazy in love with queen b.'s new film. Beyoncé making even more sweet dreams come true overnight. Dropping a surprise forty track live album sending the beehive into overdrive and sweeting more than half a million times and its first twelve hours. And the B a mode she used 75000. Times in 24 hours even great worm from DOT tweeting this pick of beyoncé on the iron throne this girl from the dock doling viral that expression reserved only for witnessing royalty. And here's the moment she recognize herself on screen. Beyoncé induced hysterics the soundtrack of the day. But B isn't the only one laying down the locals and homecoming her daughter blue following in mom's footsteps. Threw me. And the wounds were. Doc also welcoming mystery I'd say AK AJ ceded the stage. Along with fiancee sister salons and her Destiny's Child band mates Kelly in the cell. Green be getting personal as well sharing that difficulties of carrying her twins. Her emergency C section. And her struggle to feel like herself again afterwards. The entire two hour and seventeen minute masterpiece. Written directed and executive produced by beyoncé Knowles Carter. We didn't we really do there was a think. Greta the mail as and had to watch our we did have a watch party last night is not the reason we're not drain right now we're weak Bristol bring a lot of energy to you guys right now. No because they it was incredible and it meant a lot. Two other lot of different folk who are yet and beehive and I think people were outside of the bee hive will also be able to get something from this. Her showcase and highlighting each BC use and what they mean to American society in the history of them. I think is important. And just I mean her journey as. You know a mom coming back from having twins working hard on her body to get back. To this day she called it her own homecoming. And you know she talked about being a black woman feeling like she's under estimated and she talked about how a partner is this was so big is because she was the first black woman to headline Coachella and it was 2018. So it meant a time and parents ages as. And let's be honest we also like the booty dance and yup it was good. We had our own moves as well which hated it they were quiet that we gave it our best. All that's what he did note to get your day going. Wanna go watch homecoming on repeat go free also the Mueller report that's going to be big news as well yeah check back here on ABC news live for full coverage of the Mobil reported soon as it drops.

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