It's Morning, America: Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ethiopia's transport minister says pilots followed procedures in Boeing crash, teen found on streets says he's boy missing since 2011 and more.
23:27 | 04/04/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, April 4, 2019
Good morning M cannon bone and they'd already near the top I think snow this Thursday number one. Investigators have released their first report about the cause of last month Boeing jet crash in Ethiopia they say the crew of the European airlines plane performed all the procedures provided by Boeing. But we're still not able to control of the aircraft. All 157 people on board were killed in last month's crash number Q house Democrats are demanding to see sixty years of president Trump's tax return they submitted a formal request of the iris based on a nearly century old law setting the stage for a legal battle. Could drag on for months or years Sarah have not commented that the president has already fired back saying once again that he can't release his taxes because he's under audit aren't and number three former vice president Joseph Biden is vowing to change his ways. As more women accuse him of inappropriate physical conduct bite and posted a video promising to be more mindful of its actions. He tried to explain why he connects with people physically. But he stopped short of apologizing. Always trying to do you in my career current being human connections. That's my responsibility it's their country caves people like a great men movement shoulders as you can do this. Social norms of Buchanan change you can sit and probably protecting personal space and test. Thank you. I kid. I hear refers yeah. Meanwhile the Washington Post reports three more women have come forward to complain about buying behavior including a former White House intern. Who says he pressed his forehead to hers while talking color number four new concerns about how FaceBook handles personal data security firm says hundreds of millions of FaceBook records. Of an expose on Amazon cloud servers researchers say the records include user names passwords and likes. The data is uploaded to Amazon's cloud system by FaceBook app developers privacy was one topic. Discussion with CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke to George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America they also spoke about the upcoming election and whether FaceBook is ready for it. I think we have the sport have depressed and most advanced systems of any company or government that world for preventing the kind of tactics that Russia. Then and now other countries as well tried copying what what Russians and twice ex chain. I'm. But the reality is is that there's not one single thing that we can do and say. Aren't we put this in place and now they can even tried to interfere. The rose gonna try to it can't guarantee it's not gonna happen again. Well what I can guarantee is that they're definitely gonna try. We'll plus the entire interview from Good Morning America this morning. On And finally number five a special lottery jackpot this man a North Carolina who was just diagnosed with stage four liver cancer. Has won 250000. Dollars on a scratch off game and he says he plans to travel as much as he can start the trip and Italy. We've gotten much more talk about coming your way it's more an America. Good morning everyone let's get right to today's big story the breaking news about the crash of a Boeing jet that left 157 people dead forcing the FAA to ground. The entire fleet of new 737. Investigators are now releasing the first report into the crash for the cause. A vis the open airlines crashed nearly a month ago it comes hours after we learned that a sensor on the plane was damaged. Possibly have by bird ABC stream Marshall is tracking all those leaps developments 3 to good morning. Kenneth today good morning to you and they Ethiopian transport ministries come out and said their pilots did everything court racked and they still could not recovered it. Airline and that flight out of that downward. Trajectory that it was on now this goes back to a sensor on the on the plane. They is right near the cockpit they believe it was damaged by a bird or an object during flight that sensor caused the flight to go into a nosedive. They were trying to recover the plane by turning off the emergency sensor and meet going into a manual override essentially. But it looks like according to the transportation ministry after following all of their emergency for seniors laid out by Boeing they were still unable to recover the flight. The brig preliminary investigation results on this crash they said and had a valid certificate of air worthiness. That the pilots were licensed have a technical ability to buy this that this jet. That I'd take off everything appeared normal but I key line there the crew performed all procedures provided by the manufacturer. That's Boeing and her and I able to control the aircraft. Now Boeing has said they have rolled out a fix for this sensor and an order to prove that its say on a test flight this CEO even tagged along on that flight and hoping to encourage everybody to get behind their remember this is a grounding of that 737 Max. Worldwide. And it now looks like also to blame for that flight crashed in Ethiopia that killed all 157 people on board. Kenneth action. Our thanks to Serena there in Washington now to a stunning discovery that could be a major break in a kidnapping case a teenager. That's come forward claiming he's been missing for nearly eight years. He says he escaped from his kidnappers and or now hearing from a woman who first called police. As a family awaits DNA testing to see if their prayers have finally been answered. It's no call one family has been praying for for years. A life. Got fourteen year old boy he says he's Timothy pits and the bully who vanished in Illinois back in 2011 when he was six years old. Police say the teen ran across a bridge into Kentucky Wednesday. Claiming he had escaped his kidnappers who were staying at a nearby red roof then he looked like he had been beat yet gets punched in the face a couple of time he could see the fear on the mend. How nervous he was and I kept pace and then. He just looked thought. Neighbors were alarmed when they spotted this young teen alone wandering the streets there was this really really scared so I just. Caught the cops this woman who doesn't want to be identified says she called 911 after the boy approached her on the street. Walked up to our caller is. He went to you help me I just won a good home. Can you can just please help me acts on what was going on and he told me he's been kidnapped fans who didn't want to go nowhere is this really really scared. The teenager describes his kidnappers as two white men built like body builders one with black hair and a spider tattoo on his neck. The other shore with a snake tattoo on his arms. Investigators are now working to confirm whether this fourteen year old boy really is Timothy Pittston the boy his dad has so desperately been searching for. We just. Maurer. Home devastated anything else wears ten man. I knew it was a rude and an. His father revealed to investigation discovery back and point fifteen that he and his wife were having problems when she took Timothy away on a trip without warning. Police say she later checked into a motel a loan where she took her own life. They say she left a note behind saying Timothy would never be found indicating he was somewhere safe with people that would protect him but providing no other details. Now his family says they're cautiously hopeful we've always felt strongly that this state with content committees on says there in contact with authorities were running DNA tests. What's what's hard. Is. The story that he escaped from captors. And your mind goes in too many directions that you don't. Want to think about her. I'm very helpful at a salmon that he's okay M. He's been in a good place when he was gone mad. He's going to come back to us. The boys getting medical care the FBI is searching for the man he described as his kidnappers to democratic lawmakers of authorize subpoenas aimed at getting a hold of Robert Muller's full report on the Russia investigation house Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said he'll give attorney general William bar time to change his mind about turning over. The un redacted report before he issues the subpoenas turning to the showdown over president comes tax returns house Democrats formally asked the IRS to turn them over Democrats are hoping to shed light on the president's financial dealings of potential conflicts of interest. They're demanding to see the last six years of the president's business and personal taxes. I next Wednesday but Republicans including the president are pushing back teed up a likely court fight. Could last for months if not years and he's Bratton Okie has the details. Hey guys yet is really was an opening shot in a legal battle that we knew was coming but now three months after taking power. Democrats in the house Ways and Means Committee has officially asked the IRS for president Trump's tax returns they're asking for six years with the president Trump's tax returns which he declined to provide threat the campaign saying he was under audit. He's never substantiated that claim. So Democrats are also asking the IRS confirm whether that audit is real threat to ABC's Dan Siegel at the capitol and asked him. If congress asks for anyone's tax returns does that mean the I arrest how. House to send them over. We're in uncharted waters here it's really unclear what's going to happen there is this law on the books that Democrats are citing. Dating back to the teapot dome scandal that's a throwback to high school history. But you have to under that law it requires the Treasury Secretary to quote furnish. An individual's tax information to congress at a confidential setting this is never been applied on a scale like this to the president himself. And the president does not sound so inclined to comply he told reporters at the White House that he's not plane to do so. And Republicans are angry about this guys they say this is weaponized in the tax code meaning. You don't like some politician yes asked for their taxes meanwhile the IRS is declining to comment on what they're about to do. Have a lot more on president trumps taxes on start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts or your favorite podcasting app Jeanette Kenneth. Our thanks to Brad are on George Stephanopoulos sat down with FaceBook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg in an exclusive interview. They talked about everything he's learned over the last two years on elections privacy hate speech and more take a listen. The issues keep coming even as we were just about to sit down accountable to it says that FaceBook user data is still showing them places it shouldn't. Researchers at cyber street from Montrose of user information hiding planes had apparently millions of records on the Amazon Katarina keep seeing surprises like this. Well I I just so is so we're still looking into that Sen you know in general we work with developers to make sure that there. I've respecting people's information using an only ways that they want I think as we work through a lot of these issues. -- a lot of decisions that. I just think people don't want a single private company to be making. And you can see George's exclusive interview on ABC news live today and Mets we have a great idea from an. Elementary school in Indiana they noticed they were wasting a lot of food cafeteria every day they also notice a lot of local famines are struggling to buy commercially so. They found a solution to both problem. Homes they teamed up with that nonprofit called cultivate package although leftover food. And did take home meals the meals we frozen and delivered to families in need the right pretty cool events coming up the American woman kidnapped. On a safari and you got abducted along with her side what the kidnappers are demanding what we come back. Welcome back let's go across the pond out ABC news London bureau Bruno broke our friend is keeping and a I on the biggest international stories. Good morning Bruno so let's start with the American woman kidnapped. And that's a far you've got that now been identified. Yes sir name is Kimberly sued and to cut she was on safari in in Uganda and in the popular Queen Elizabeth national park. When day was stall to so drive and safaris I have vako was stopped by for our men and she was taken along with the drives are actually Canadian couple. Were left behind. She's taken we don't know where at this stage however 8500000. Ransom. I'm demo on was made using a half and authorities are saying that they still think the kidnappers are in the vicinity all that they we've just learned. I'm now looking outside the pot but still within the Ugandan border and I where this happened. Is closer to border with Congo the North Kivu region of Cong got. This is a narrative has been plagued by instability there are several militias armed militias operating in that area and it's been very unstable really since that a wind and genocide in 1990 fools so it's a tricky place to operate. And so I'm hopefully. Veto that they do you got a nom is and it's closed the border so hopefully we'll get some good news in the in the coming days. Just had scratching story there and record. For electric car sales in Norway is this just to Trenton Aaron. Yes but it's I was saying it's all over the place in Norway now has for the first time sold more electric caused some 60% of news thousand now electric. Then petrol caused this has been held by Annan. Some some some generous provisions for election calls import duties have been way battles a once you've got the call. You can drive on the without road tolls and he could even drive in bus lines. Not that at this is not just the beginning because no we shouldn't. I'm parliaments has images legislation to make all cars sales by 20/20 five. Metric. But hasn't sold everything that is Tsotsi with a view to help global warming. The question is how does the power come from a fortunate a lot of the power still comes from fossil fuels it's that I'm power stations so we'll have to see where they can go on that one. Admirable for you go we always love me show the royals are just like Gus Prince Harry apparently showing off some ballet skills for children's class in London so. I we need your critique how do you think he did. As someone who was thrown out I I did did body when I was a kid along with my Brothers I'm actually a triplet and we were thrown out of Bob ballot calls mucking around too much I'm not necessarily good judgment. Bots what he was doing was was for a good cause he was that the YMCA I attended a roundtable. Discussion with some of his private charities Stonewall and young minds of that and it was he was citing the social media. Is more addictive than drugs and alcohol particular cause its unregulated. And he'd say he says stressing that human connections of the most important caught all of interactions between us and shouldn't be substituted by social major move off funds. Still weren't always learn so much your trip let you took ballet you act kicked out for mucking around the prince is talking about we. Do groups such suspects. The talk about social media. It is spotting because yesterday without adhering Megan broke the record for the fastest and server an account to get to a hundred to one million followers and we asked. Whose record did they break Bernard you know. I'm understated. Beyoncé. That can't get great gas but as the K pop star by the name of com. Dame ten you know. Both came up yes he yes I should have known that at number moderate. CB broke the pope's record back in January so really maybe your brother would have known that or the other brother of the otherwise well RI could be them indeed dot debatable stepped. Yeah rockers you beat me to a triplet joke which I'm pretty sure you have lived with all of your life though her thank you for adult enough O'Malley. And her now Jordan of creates. I let the attorney of those media as we check our notification and here's why looks like air travel could get even less comfortable soon an Italian company is unveiled. A new prototype for a standing airplane seat is like a bicycle seat but we're back support to the company says its goal is not. Surprisingly to cram more passengers onto planes but to give airlines. Another option that would be called Alter basic. Alter basic economy. Yeah also known as DNA economy and the companies that is getting some interest. But no orders just yet that it would you fly that I'm not made no you're not basic now would you buy it. Tom I definitely would in the pit if vitamin a couple but thirty dollars to London. Your. Going to be burned area Brothers. And that's our new development involving Google assisted. So Google has now turned John Legend and to the new with voice option for its virtual assistant the ten time Grammy Award winner. Now crude his way through any do with this device. And the US war from Europe android phone and guess what. Does that android right here on sat brought. I do what we have one person on staff here at half an android to thank goodness we could try this out try. But it is rate. We speak like a legend. Hi John. I let my voice to your Google assistant you can hear me things like answer your questions briefed on the weather and tell jokes while the regular assistant boys handles the rest let's have some but. Kate what more time of stress on. Who's the best singer. There are so many. Five's quite. Guards who were cool AM. All of me who does. Saw the view. I had read that the job we've did you leave it to dilated to job pinch and believe it president out toward are looking for man was caught on camera you guys at this store stealing a chain saw. By stuffing it down his pants. We're just gonna watch this and then ease his jacket and try to cover up in the skies it just happened this I didn't hear you change signs. Amazing that he's ready yeah they say he took off and a pickup truck and he is stealthy and they're looking. Perhaps there you go and and it's also important cute animal news this week here. At the Melbourne zoo really loves getting scratched. All just break. You generate Baird about John like the talent and he's trying to get in touch with. There it right even trigger reacting to you yeah. Boortz branch Africa branch living your we all know how exciting celebrity sighting can be. Brought a lot of head. Absolutely free and how pray. When she noticed you look at the presence of none other than Ben Stiller. She immediately jump start taking a roller and out of our hair and when I'm gusting over in Spanish. That's how much she loves him and I feel you've got and I am a Big Ben Feller fan I would I would not. Have been one of those whom and here we are very likes to coolest day. And what do you make them talk to Don. Don Lexus and that's the Braves. Yes might not much and I went to the wrong. Very by the way they're ever try to every guy got it I got it. I don't have it down legend has gone everybody. Coming up the tiny South Dakota town with a big winner. Bar raffle that people coming from all over to save the queen of diamonds after this. 038. Look yeah. Welcome back some things to watch out for today Homeland Security chief here's Nielsen all of us situation bordering let Arizona after the president eased up 5% close the border. The world experts say would inflict severe economic harm an American families tend to grow with one step closer to becoming a Major League Baseball player after being called up to triple case started. This first game for the Syracuse met he broke batted a respectable. Point 273 last season in double play ball plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room for her breakdown. Of the latest headlines in politics you know what literally in that. Two minutes my allergies are flaring up there are pretty often that you get do you hear that not all this week you know I'd probably do bad literally just them. It happened back clear to him that Billy Connolly a little bit of a hump yet but it's tough out there who spring spring is finally here and glad that it's here so. What got to South Dakota what's flood it would dime sort cowgirls and cowboys alike with folks. The pinafore a lot more than just the dime our will can't as the details on a tiny town offering folks a chance to wind it. Hudson South Dakota is less than 13 of a mile wide. With a population of just over 300 people but now folks are flocking there for their chance to win the -- A raffle a year in the making and it jackpot of 321000. Dollars. And bolsters a community puts nothing on the mount. I was such a small cattle probably through parts of the people I never heard of it. But they've heard of chase the queen. New spreading about the game played every Wednesday night at Wadi spire folks buying raffle tickets one winner chosen each week to pick a card from the deck. Hoping for the queen of diamonds which would mean all of that prize money. But week after week no one can find that queen even as that dec two adult. But we can't believe it's still going on retailers and got to be the week and then it be 60000 and nobody win and then retail. Next week somebody went and be 80000 and he just kept going on on. Until just hours ago only three cards left in 321000. Bucks on the line and raffle winner Brian Gordon of Montrose South Dakota. Stepped up to the table. I. Well. Sleepy little town in South Dakota home to a dream jackpot reliant Afghanistan. The best part of the story wants are you want to say something I'll go right ahead and urinary leaving matters you've I had a big thank you the best part of that story that's 300000 dollars Ryan one is only a part of the money raised by those raffle ticket sales the rest of the money. Will benefit cancer research and research facilities. There in south public quietly go first yesterday really important that what they're doing there and small town 300000 dollars bodily. I am so 11 GAAP finally. But he cuts and on the map putting Hudson on our so here's the question of the Dave we want to know what the what you think of the FaceBook privacy controversy and what measures. You're taking to protect herself let us know by tweeting at ABC news alive. So really how much just FaceBook have to do for you to do eat your camp are you there yet. Are you. I'm not yet but I can tell my someone give me. I'm not there yet because I want to get a chance talk to the people out there to talk to the people the people I connect to the people to the people people I don't care what's at risk I had talked to Pierre Remy off just yet. I can't. Number very went. C a tomorrow.

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