It's Morning, America: Thursday, April 25, 2019

Joe Biden announces presidential run, Trump defies Democrats' requests, and "Avengers: Endgame" is here!
27:33 | 04/25/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, April 25, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot vote and I'm not enough surrounding the top but things to know this Thursday number one former vice president Joseph Biden. Making it official Biden launching his third bid for the white house on a video of this morning he's joining a large pool of candidates as the front runner. Biden's first campaign event is set for Monday he is expected to host a rally in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. A key battleground state Democrats need to win. Number two president comp is refusing to cooperate as house Democrats issue subpoenas in the wake of a mile report dismissing them as politically motivated. The president said the Muller investigation was probably the most thorough probe in US history. He then went to call the subpoena for former White House counsel Don began ridiculous. What fighting opposite pages. These aren't like them are still people that Democrats. Are trying to wind warning what. Act that went with the people I think. The market when he gets me the only way they can look at. Despite constantly going after me. Like not sense. The president claimed to be that most transparent president ever he also said that Democrats try to impeachment he would take it all the way to the Supreme Court. On to number three is suburban Chicago community is in mourning after the tragic developments in the search for a missing five year old. Vigils were held last night for AJ friend they came hours after police discover what they believed to be its body about ten miles from his home. Police have charged AG's parents with this murder investigators are vowing justice for the little boy. JJ scrambling. It is my hope that you may have some solace in knowing that AJ he's no longer suffering and it's killers have been brought to justice JJ. We know Europe peace playing in heaven's playground and are happy no longer have to suffer. A days younger brother remains in protective custody the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is reviewing its interactions with the AG's family. To determine if mistakes were made. We had to Texas for number four where severe weather is spawning tornadoes and flash flooding. A suspected tornado touched down overnight near Saint Augustine. And a dramatic rescue was caught on camera near Austin following torrential rains good samaritans discovering a pick up truck. Upside down in a flooded media and with the driver still inside. The group flipping the car back over the driver clearly dazed but alive after finding an air pocket in the trough. And finally number five the movie event unlike any other. We're only hours away from the first screening and other vendors and game when that 22 film in the marvel studios saga opens tonight it will land on more screens. An Indian movie ever has and in the US and Canadian theaters. AMC theaters will stay open at 72 hours straight. And we've got so much more to talk about coming your way everything we can't violate dinner is Warner and America let's don't. Morning everyone. I'm Heidi we're good we. So will tell me the ending to the end game and jacking up. There rights days old Jessica thing I'm diabetic. And immutable my fifth the had to be to be so violent right yeah. Now 'cause I want. A billion dollars expected this weekend for opening weekend and that we had to go to movies like this on an opening weekend but you have to get him I had just had to who are you rooting for is not a thing it's not that somehow. Of course I'm rooting for the avengers. A whole. Truck. A lot back there like a team yes. Yes so it. Everyone is waiting for this one again they are prior lining up as we speak even though they've got tickets but they want to make sure they'd have a sign thief they got. Really good seats. Inside the theater and it sickens that the Wii and a half hour monetary arm of the three hour movie he sat at go to the bathroom when the whole is eating lunch right all he would tell us what I hope they give a little bit but spoiler. But he actually will talk all of a more about that when he gives a little bit of com are refresher course guys if you have bent maybe don't remember some of the things happen the other 21 movies holds a mar role in the marbles franchise there I'm that you need that help. As well. I'm not the first movie this weekend at there ago there catch us give up around this week an action get. Well let's get to that big story former vice president Joseph Biden launching his third bid for the White House and a video announcement take a look. We saw Klansmen and white supremacist and neo Nazis come on you don't. Seeing anti semantic file heard crusher yeah. And that's when we heard were words to prison in nine states that stunned the world. Shocked the conscience of this nation. She said there were closed. Some very fine people on both sides and in that moment. I'm new threat to this nation. Was unlike any I have ever seen in my lifetime. Core values of this nation. Are staying in the world. Our very democracy and everything in his native America Americans has stage. That's why today I am announcing my candidacy for president of the United States we'll. And there you have it Biden is joining a large pool of candidates with high expectations ABC's Elizabeth herd joins us from Washington with the details morning Elizabeth. Kenneth good morning and as we've known for awhile it wasn't a matter of if but when and yes Joseph Biden may be ahead in many polls but he knows. He has a lot of catching up to do. This morning big announcement from Joseph bind and. Today I'm announcing my candidacy. President of the United States in a video message the former vice president ending months of speculation and becoming that's when he Democrat to join the 20/20 race. I don't interest you look back. I'm forty years of this precedent and all he embraces this as an aberrant moment in time. And if we give Donald Chung three years in the White House. She will forever and fundamentally. Alter the character this nation. This is his third time running for president after serving nearly forty years in the senate. And two terms as vice president under Barack Obama but his road to the nomination not without hurdles. This time around the 76 year old is entering the race with many but not all polls showing him as the front runner. Already he has had to address past interactions with women who claimed he crossed the line with unwanted kisses and hugs social war. You can change if she could and probably isn't protecting personal space and reset. Again. Thank you. And while he may be leading in most polls biting is trailing when it comes to fundraising. ABC news learning from sources fifteen is already planning a donor event. Welcome to crew. He can raise the type of money and her burning cinders and may your key projects have in the first 24 hours of announcing their pit. The White House. Biden's first campaign event is set for Monday where he is expected to host a rally in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Key battleground state Democrats need to win and can at the Mona. You're right about that no coincidences in there and again we know that Joseph Biden as his birthplace Scranton Pennsylvania sees me back in the commonwealth for that. Big rally. I thinks Elizabeth her in Washington. Now we want to get right to our political team in DC for more analysis and Rick Klein joins us Breck. I'm ABC news political director reclined here with Molly needle one of our campaign reporter so. Joseph Biden finally and long awaited announcement is is finally here we've seen the campaign that he what do you expect to see in these first hours of the Biden campaign. I think there's going to be a lot of focus on fundraising here at this campaign is coming in essentially with no money behind it. And Adam party scene an indication through from Joseph Biden team that. They're going to be looking to increase those fundraising numbers we know that he is looking into a possible fund raiser tonight in Philly unclear finding himself will be at that fund raise there. But clearly this is important and they know that they're gonna face them comparisons to other candidates that had. Hi fundraising numbers. Money races is Israel another high numbers than ever casts twenty candidates and Joseph Biden is number twenty but in some ways the first among those equal sleaze that's what his campaigns can argue. A lot of folks have been defining Democratic Party around Joseph Biden what what is what he and his team have to do. In this initial days of the campaign to define who Joseph Biden as democratic candidate help. I think he needs number one meet expectations he's leading the polls and in nearly every poll that's come out here so. I think it's going to be important for him to show that he is that front runner and can solidify himself as as good as such. I also think that it's important to you that he gets across his message that he is going to be focusing on those white working class voters. That she feels the party lost in 2016 and are crucial to making sure the pretty. Is back in power in the White House in twenty Tony and. Forty years of political experience or and or baggage may people in some cases out what's been your sense that Molly as we close down here as to how Biden is being he's gonna handle the questions that will come about everything he's done in the past. What they know that these questions are coming in Ari face some about his stance on I think. About Anita Hill about even these new allegations that does he need women feel uncomfortable by interactions with them. They understand that they're gonna face these questions I think what's important here is how they face but do they come out with apology is. Do they acknowledge them head on or do they try and explain the position away I think that we'll tell you a lot about how this campaign logo going forward. The new focal point for the campaign for Molly Natal on reclined back to you guys. Our thanks to Rick Klein and Molly Nagel there in Washington. But it'll be on the view tomorrow for an exclusive interview and we'll sit down with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America Tuesday along with his wife doctor Jill Biden. You don't and that's. And we'll read our president trop is defined democratic lawmakers on several fronts stemming from a range of investigation. The president says he's fighting all subpoenas as congress tries to follow the money trail. And dig deeper into the mullah report. ABC's Brett milky caught up with the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani. I guess that's right now their host of congressional requests and orders at their house Democrats want to see the president's. Finances his tax returns and they want some of the people that testified to Robert Mueller testified for them well president trump is saying. Now on Wednesday president trump said he had plans to challenge congressional subpoenas. Including 21 of the stars of the mulled a report former White House counsel Don began I spoke to president trumped personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and I asked him. If you've already allowed somebody to testify once can you subtly turnaround say that testimony is privileged. Well because indication of of Mueller there was a sense that animal wonder it's within the executive branch of government number two. Even though there were questions about the biases. Of a number the angry Democrats that he had work and form it was a Justice Department investigation. In which you had a assumed it was some level of good face but his good faced a reason sent it to turn downwards a legally illegally and congress can you know they. The power of judges and courts and some I don't know if it does is an attorney general of the Obama administration. Refused to comply with the subpoena for three years nobody put him in jail nobody said anything about it and he didn't have any of the reasons that they have. I mean you can only go so far harassing the president without violating the constitution. They have gone way past that line. And he said this goes beyond subpoenas he also said president trumpet the case if he asked the Supreme Court to intervene on impeachment proceedings now. Other legal scholars have told us the constitution makes it clear. Congress has complete control over impeachment hubby entire interview with Rudy Giuliani on start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts where he fit a podcasting app. Kenneth Mona. And orchard bank has started turning over president comes financial documents that the New York State attorney general's office the AG subpoena the bank in March for records related to loans. Made to president trump and his business. As one of the trop organization's most reliable lenders the German banking giant is facing increased from several investigations. Former Homeland Security chief Karsten Nielsen had apparently struggled in vain to prepare for Russia interference in the upcoming 20/20 elections. Sources say Nielsen had been pushing the White House to convene cabinet members to address the issue. But the New York Times says that White House chief of staff met molding me. Specifically told Nielsen and not to bring the subject up in front of the president. Because he views talks of Russian battling as a challenge to the legitimacy of his election victory. Also breaking overnight Texas has executed the white supremacist behind a gruesome hate crime three men changing spurred urging her to the back of a truck in June of 1998. Dragging him nearly three miles on a rural road near the Louisiana border one refers killers John William King was put to death last night. He's a second person executed for the murder king's family has created a foundation to fight racially motivated hate. And FaceBook says it could face a record fine from the federal trade commission for privacy violations its new financial report CEO Mark Zuckerberg at. Mark Zuckerberg company says. That's fine could be up to five billion dollars FaceBook has been accused of not doing enough to protect users' data for years. It is negotiating a financial penalty with the FTC. And says it's unclear what a deal will be reached Arnold coming up the worst measles outbreak in decades what parents should know about fascinating their children. But first the weather. Here's a cardboard cut out of meteorologist rob Marciano. We'll get forecast. Throughout. Welcome back a surprising new statistics about measles cases in the last they have reached the highest levels. 25 years nearly 700 people have come down with measles and in just this year alone including two pregnant women. And even if you've had a vaccine there are some important things you should now. This morning alarming new numbers about the measles a disease that was declared eliminated in 2000. So far this year 695. People across the country have been infected by the disease. That's the most in decades the majority of this year's infections are within communities of unvaccinated people. Measles is highly contagious but the CDC says the best way to protect herself. It's to be vaccinated. Even if you have the vaccine years ago experts say is still effective. This vaccine is considered to give you lifelong immunity so no booster shot is needed with this vaccine and if you can't remember if you have the second follow up shot in an outbreak setting. One dose is considered to be sufficient because it protects you've 93%. But if you're unsure at there is no harm in getting a second house. Some measles patients are babies who were too young to get the vaccine. Which is recommended by the CDC for anyone older than twelve months. Won't they won't eat here. Or why he. Yeah. Sarah Boren says her infant son who's under the age of one was hospitalized for a week. After getting the measles. Wouldn't it. Parents were children under one are urged to take to vocal cents as stop the spread of germs and limit the baby's exposure to crowds. Now most of the measles cases are and new York and Washington State the Los Angeles has seven new cases. Let's go across the pond to the London bureau where Obama has sign is keeping an eye on the biggest international news good morning Lama. Let's start in Sri Longo where there are new details in the investigation into the Easter bombings. What are we hearing from our team on the ground there. Yeah I'm good morning to you guys won't few headlines coming out of Sri Lanka this morning according to a police spokesman. There was another explosion this time. Taking place and a small town east of the capital. Colombo this was not a controlled explosions which explosion which is what we have being seeing over the last few days. The police spokesman saying it was a blue lost they are investigating fortunately. No one was hurt switched. Probably explains the partial lockdown if you like this taking place in the capital Colombo today we spoke to off a producer Bruno roper who told us. That police all on the hunt for. Possibly even more bombers and more bombs out that. And that's why that's a lockdown at boss people to stay in tools so that they can conduct sir its search says Bruno also outing. That there's a real fit at this something else might happen he situation is pretty tense that's about the latest that we hearing. From our producer on the ground that in Colombo. Kate think of that Lama and let's head to Russia and backward to the eastern most part of Russia where Kim Jung un is being with Russian president Vladimir Putin. I'm who says he welcomes Kim's efforts to normalize relations with the US so what else are they saying. Isn't this is an interesting meeting that between North Korea's need dec Kim Jung right now on the Russian president Vladimir Putin which has now and did they met for. A little under a two hour was. They basically said they exchanged pleasantries as well as a few opinions. On the a new kid dispute on the new Kia. Issue other Russian president basic C saying that they exchanged opinions again and that says scary prospect. For improvement but no really giving any more details. All the talking about anything concrete which is why some honest so really talking. About this describing it as more about the optics this meetings more about the optics while the than the substance. And let's not forget about when this is taking place is meeting the timing of this. This is taking place two months oft the talks broke down with the US so this is North Korea essentially saying. We've got up all up powerful allies in Russia. Deathly show of force there and all right this next story I'm excited about what they announced it is expected today on the next James Bond the nom believe Seles source those find out. I love are they bring you back pierce Bronson or something else going on he's now. Yeah. Says listen I've gotta just tight across the aboard a huge James Bond fans have he's excuse me. I will try to give you as many details those Ike had so yes brace yourselves. James Bond fans because today that 25 official bond movie will be launched apparently did it once is taking place. Out one of Dublin seven's most iconic locations we were discussing this here at the newsdesk. I I said maybe Buckingham Palace perhaps the Houses of Parliament under their way do you think. This Norwich will take place we do know that's double seven will be played by none other than Daniel Craig other details. About the carrot says. Will be also revealed that today the car that apparently double those seven will be driving I have to let the sop Aston Martin rep PGE. Which is apparent in electric costs so one of our produces he received his due he's sitting behind me said may be James Bond is going green for this installment that seem to not old important to you tune. While patty do it any thought. Is tosses as singing about all of this study questions will be revealed to today and I know you guys can't wait. I cap. Obama and his I can't because I'm permanent wow what Lama not BofA and somewhat optimistic woman not only half an alcoholic who drives they whose. Davis Lee kill people. There I think I'm. I don't know anyone you have a problem James Bond between nineteen yeah. That he might shop and a pretty stomach 11 AM from an affidavit NASA bought ten Hamas and but the sort of the green kind isn't really got. And part of a hybrid but at that they make those are maybe I'll maybe he's changed his ways and when he nineteen. Let's look but don't get married than a serious relationship now wolf they yeah drew knows we'll find out aces today. A lot but that you write for we appreciate it's good to see you right fillings or dart at a vacations this newest trend in online today starting with some. New words bowed to the spine. We actually. Ask you the other day what words you would add to the dictionary today said boldly locks because she's. Down. Got under way. And that it may get back here are some that bit above the facts wolf. He got yet Stanton. The L lake I'm so we know that by the is four. Things that are that idea who he got four. The in me Golden Globe Oscar or. The only man is well then I remind me years Lennon about you but she's telling Colin I let. I'd love that's that's our game on there apparently it's like an obsessive fan that's at a Stan. And then of course snowflakes of the political word now about people who were sensitive. All Democrats Republicans are all using snow flaky to you can't have a nice to know that late. Used to have before and after the where you seem but now there you go that's not your I'm ecstatic Eritrea and words are so on the though there are few the top of all you get here that every now and then on chip. Right there we passed it up to view you can see that. I don't watch the little girl excited to see states at Disney home she takes on all of Kabul so you see with states that bears site you know what. I'm going to get humble as well we're now laugh about it you're gonna love me even more your peers and it's been more money here at Disney. So great guns are going to be so happy and remember that Disney. Is also within the parent company a Disney is the parent company of ABC news but Disney park is also within the companies are getting that boy has it. Yet though other look at this poppy having trouble getting out of a bathtub. This is so adorable analytic wedeman there but he could just not get himself out and then they just watched him struggle who along with news not struggling. This shark did you smack. The dog was not smack back this out of close encounter with a great white shark in the keys these fishermen were trying to catch some. Yellow tells snapper is but the couple thousand stat clearly up damage shark that grabbed onto a big bag. And started at snack a gun he Donna Abu if I'm. Hours. Not out the shark moved on after eating the fish parts reworked sightings are rare for the keys. Norman who took the video says she's never seen any being. Like national never forget that the well coming up everything you need to know before you see it vendors and game. We'll scandal gave you that clip notes in just sixty seconds sell for around. Welcome back if you think so watch out or coming up today because William is visiting New Zealand on behalf for me to honor the victims of the mosque shootings at Christ church. Meanwhile the NRA's annual convention kicks off today Indianapolis president Robin vice president fans will address the group. And the NFL draft starts tonight here is on a cardinals have the first six. And experts say they're light police have taken this year's Heisman Trophy winner Oklahoma quarterback. Tyler Murray plus don't forget to tune into the debriefed for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. Site so here to talk about. A draft tonight is will give everyone now he's not here to dilute. He knows nothing about the draft is so we will say lenders disappeared yeah. I can't die about it I guess it will either because in case you haven't heard a little don't call avengers and gave its line. In debaters the night smashing box office records are ready it is the final chapter of an air of marvel movies anymore. Than a decade. But at you don't remember also anyone movie that led up to this flood. Don't worry among and is here with their crash spores and not on the. That Najaf now we'd be here for awhile pulled from the lot but we did in sixty seconds. I listen before you and your own super squad I've got mine right here goes the avengers and game this weekend. Looking you up I mean hooking you up with a last minute avengers crash course and it's all in less than sixty seconds or you guys ready. Then oh snapped in three. See you one. They're been what what movies leading up to ending beginning with Iron Man back in 2008. Party to the sarcastic and cutting going to be then I'm just not that your type and flash forward a decade he's still got a grumpy but we have more nuanced and it's picked up a few friends along the way. AKA the adventures we last saw Iron Man and his pals at the end of avengers infinity ward when half of life the universe was myself think this. Then it still is evil because he's perfect. Ursula crippling people got their McDonald's definitely purple and probably anyway. Included Dennis turned to dust black panther Spiderman Doctor Strange all the guardians galaxy except one and so many more. Look out at Dennis do it. He controls all six Infiniti sales now the remaining avengers Captain America Iron Man Thor black widow and Hawkeye. Are ready to bring down this bad debt luckily some other marvel superheroes were turned to dust and can help captain marvel at manned rocket to record that's where we're picking up with and it. Other things to remember Dennis has two adopted daughter's Kimura a nebula the marvel universe is no stranger to time travel comer bats big fan. You should definitely see infinity war before easy and I promise that'll help. So my final thoughts for those of you heading into theaters tonight or this weekend by all this act he can before you go to your seeds I got hungry like twenty minutes and but it. You guys you can't leave once the movie starts is too much they could miss. But if you absolutely must get up during the movie. Go during the scene when the whole is having lunch about an hour. I think. I. The spoiler. Tell us spoiler he's not snacking on that infinity stones like it waited so. Why does not believe Betty again. This method are not well what an avenger is dead and. And under the favorite. Coming out of this movie my favorite adventure in my Latina women as I don't morning that's about it that I know what you. And don't tell me ever so that's our question of the day which is who is your favorite Kress. Who's been a vendor who. Got to leave it does not gut Chris Hemsworth Chris add beans and Chris Pratt and Chris time. And could Melville mine and I think everybody about it that I starts right. Oh today the letter the note to me that's ABC news liar boo him out of Godwin what do you want which crest. But I'm gonna go way it Chris hands were okay and we did find dealing with funny in I'm so. Ali also course of Ramona is who's Venice. He's that. What is. What is it and the bad guys. About. The seasons but he Ida Lee she didn't watcher refresher. All and doesn't know folks that vandals also snaps because he got back from beyoncé its map for the kids that Medicaid snap for the Q did not a area I think that's ever. I'm pretty sure behavior no watching vendors will aren't dead to me he had to go see all we want movies him the inventors. We will see you tomorrow it's going to be Friday. That's got from the God's good thing.

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