It's Morning, America: Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019

The Jussie Smollett case takes a stunning twist, a foiled terror plot, the Vatican sex abuse summit and more.
21:50 | 02/21/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019
Good morning everyone I'm kind of movement and hitting already had a top I think to note this Thursday number one after just east Malek who now faces. A felony charge Chicago police say he made up the story about a hate crime attack last month. Authorities overnight said. They were trying to negotiate his surrender his bond hearing. Is set for this afternoon number two Coast Guard officer and former marine is under arrest and due in court today he's accused of plotting a major terrorist attacks stockpiling weapons. In compiling a hit list of liberal politicians to target the FBI says Christopher Paul Hazen of Maryland is a white nationalist. We'll allegedly wrote that he was dreaming of mass murder. On to number three president comes former lawyer Michael Cohen a scheduled to testify next Wednesday. But the trump campaign and the president's business practices cites testimony before house committee will fall under the same day that president trump picks up his summit with Kim Jung in Vietnam. We head to New Jersey for a number for a bus driver faces charges for allegedly driving while she was on heroin from Brussels things slowly rolling across the street coming to a stop against a tree. Police say she had to be revived at the scene but the overdose drug nor can twelve special needs children wore on board the bus and nobody was hurt. And finally number 51 of the big as young stars in college basketball suffer what appears to be a serious injury lost night planned Williamson of duke suffered a knee sprain after one of the issues split over many copy of the do an awkward split. Even though he's only a freshman he is considered a potential number one pick in the NBA draft Williams and weather and the only big name in Durham last night former president Barack Obama was also with the game. Ticket prices were hovering near the super cold level. We've got much more to talk about coming your way it's mourning in America. Soon these massive. Super Bowl at. Prices people who are paying a 32 hours yeah that's not much sign up money Audi seat last night's game it's big rivalry so people were paying. Huge sums of money for that but even just for this season to c.'s Diane white people are paying top dollar and so unfortunate for them that. I say he only played 36. Seconds. Before it. The injury your shoe exists explodes open afternoon to have an injury. The 44 president of the United States is the air move for size in front of a sold out crowd that paid thousands of dollars about a hundred dollars effective. For credit Gardner they are other vehicle after a quick and therefore you guys it took me a minute than Yad all of that's pretty tough yeah that's pretty tough on projected instead. Potentially be a number one pick in the NBA Jack doesn't mention and former. Number one pregnant woman Jane sentence and well wishes as wells President Obama obviously everyone hoping. That Diane recovers and is doing well as the facts on the court. Vomit at present Obama get in the draft. He was number I don't quit before it for a good news is that is that drafted into history yet oh there's plenty of my Irish to ride. Iraq it all right so. We got about six story really of the day of the spin for the past few weeks ever that's part and I'll laugh. Every one is talking about this story he is set to surrender because he has been charged. With a felony. In this what he. Claim with a bias attack a police say that is not the case if it he made up this story about being attacked on the streets of Chicago. Right the actor told police that two men poured a chemical on him while yelling racial and homophobic slurs. But now police are saying the two men are cooperating in claiming that small let orchestrated the whole attack. This morning Jesse small lead is accused of fabricating the racist and homophobic attack he said he suffered. He saved this maggot country. Punches me right in the face up ties to Iraq I noticed the rope around my neck and I started screaming. And I say there's a grope around my neck. The announcement comes as new surveillance video emerges showing two Brothers at the center of the investigation. Biting the Red Hat and ski masks items used in the alleged attack. Police say the men who sat for hours in front of her grand jury told them they were paid by smell it to stage and participate in the alleged attack. Their lawyer now urging small like to come forward I. Think that just keep constant this probably not letting him sleep right outside think he should unload that conscience. And just come I tell the American people it actually got one. Small it has insisted he was the victim how do you not believe that. It's truth the FBI is also investigating if small accent this threatening letter to himself. A week before the alleged attack. Overnight his legal team released a statement saying miss your smile let enjoys a presumption of innocence particularly. When there has been an investigation like this what were information both true and false has been repeatedly leaked we intend to conduct a thorough investigation and to mount an aggressive defense. Police overnight said they don't know where small lead is writing in a statement that they know this can be difficult emotionally. And we hope he doesn't do anything terrible he will get through this. So what is you in court this afternoon for bond hearing if convicted he could face three years in prison Friday magazine reports. The producers on empire are now considering whether to suspend small act. Let's plus all the other big story in developing story this morning Coast Guard officer and former marine is under arrest accused of plotting a major terrorist attack. Stockpiling weapons and compiling a hit list of politicians to target let's bring in ABC's Mona clothes are on. From Washington you've got new. Yeah I can at this story at face value is RD disturbing but what makes it even more disturbing is that this man Christopher Paul has sent. Is eight current US Coast Guard lieutenant entrusted with public safety and now he's accused of plotting a mass terror attacks. Self proclaimed white to promise said to have been dreaming of Massa murder and he had the means to do it a search of his house turned up. Fifteen fire arms and a thousand rounds of ammunition also a search of his computer. These are the new details that are probably. Most notable right now is that. He had an excel sheet with the names of high profile politicians senator com Le Harris. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to name a few. And he also had it media stars like MSNBC's Joseph Scarborough CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don lemon on that list this hit list. And also searches this guy is based in DC and it searches like where do most senators living in DC why do they have Secret Service so. This is it. It's still developing he's due in court today but the does does. Absolutely and those are chilling details. Oh what sex and the investigation. Well that FBI right now have charged him with a drug and weapons charges which they're calling it the proverbial tip of the iceberg. So what's likely to follows a slew of more charges as more details do come out they he is based are set to face a judge. Today at 1 PM so from there we'll see. What other charges are taxed on this case and we will learn more yeah. I thought I think when you hear. That this attack rarely seen it would have been attacked rarely seen in this country. Mona and also. Knowing here in the US the number of mass shootings attacks that we've had in this country coming when they're heroes. Investigators say a phrase like that an attack rarely seen in this country that I was. Completely and I don't mean they're ending its purpose a wrap our minds around itself Mona thank you for those details we appreciate you good to see you as. Always good to see again. All woman climb the building in Austin, Texas a protest the trump administration's immigration policy sees she spent several hours there as police look darn. If she looks familiar that's because it was the same woman who run the statue of liberty last summer she was arrested after coming down off the billing in Austin last night. Yes angle also has it meant to tell its costs are about the hidden microphone and one of its security products but failed to do so another just a wild story that makes it double. A stop and think twice about technology yeah the company says it forgot to include that information. On its nest secure alarm system error came to light when Google revealed its virtual assistant could be used with the system. Google says the product information has now been updated turning overseas now where the Vatican is hosting a historic summit to address child sex abuse in the Catholic Church bishops from across the globe were descending on Rome for four days of meetings and workshops aimed at protecting children. And doing with abusive priest. And the survivors are there too here's ABC's David Wright. Good morning and then today this morning we'll Francis convened this. Ward gave summit on the protection of minors and at ninety church leaders from around the world. A hearing from experts and survivors. Hoping to close. Princes called blue in the body it's self inflicted. This scandal has exploded all over again in recent months. That the church. It's still to be fully transparent and responsive really threatens to undermine the credibility and the moral authority of the church. In recent months we've had the Pennsylvania grand jury report exposing abuse on a scale. Unimaginable. War and that's prompted other jurisdictions. Can do forensic accounting of their own. You had a top Vatican cardinal and now headed to prison George of Australia. And cardinal in the United States Boston's garden Q and has now been defrocked. We're Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Who finances sense that. The faithful will not be satisfied. With platitudes after this meeting they want to see results and there is a lot of. Our thanks to David right there yeah and we will be watching all of those developments ms. meetings. Will bring you latest over the coming days and now watch it this Mexican navy helicopter chasing down of drug smuggling speed boat up Mexico's Pacific coast. After the boat was stopped Mexican Marines got on board and arrested fifteen crew members they also covered more than thirteen hundred pounds of cocaine. It's believed the drug to being moved into Mexico in order to be sent the US. An army veteran has returned to a place where he spent quite a bit of time several five years ago. 95 York terrorists warrior with a tape garnered during World War II he said the S out of a take. But this home during his tour in Europe's more you're religious army diesel with the ride through Boston streets and I Sherman tank. And author who wrote a book about his life during orbit it happens lawyers had a tape just like this one. Saves his life. That's feature minority is cool and obviously whenever the part of you lives. Thank god are still living and still going strong and as I see him get that big tribute there at. And Boston are brought back a lot of memories. Up next fiance Jay-Z steal the show and pay tribute to our loyal friend that you see right there between them. Sixers. Welcome back let's go across the pond now to ABC news has London bureau where Fred Jennifer apples and if he cannot and the biggest international news Jennifer good morning you've been following. The battle for my Asus is then there last foothold in Syria what is the latest. Good morning guys dad these are important developments which could signal a possible end to the standoff. As you say in that last ice to stronghold about goose in Syria. Dozens of trucks carrying civilians have left that embattled town US backed forces there confirmed the trucks are heading to safer territory. So who's still inside that is well it's not there are several hundred ice is fighters. But also civilians possibly being used. As human shields now this battle to free this city is expected any day now. And the followed bag news would declare the territorial. Defeat. Crisis who once held large areas of both sea area and Iraq so we shall wait and see. And also earlier radar for these are watching Russian president driver proven he's in the news again. But the hangings. He's hitting out at America daring a State of the Union Address. Vladimir Putin warned that if the US deploys missiles in Europe rush out well target not only those missiles but also cites in America act. Gooden said Russia would never be the first to deploy missiles but if Washington deployed them in Europe. Must there would be forced to react now this fiery rhetoric follows the truck administration's. Withdrawal from a Cold War air arms control pact. Blaming Russian persistent violations back tritons. Right and Britain had a big awards show last night the Brit awards and top. Thrifty in London last night. They would land and there is glitter and thanks to beyoncé and Jay-Z a bit a royal pomp and wishful thinking. That's painting that Carter is accepted the prize for the best international group but the Brit awards he stressed that we've Magid. I have a look. Use elements in the straightaway is incredibly honored he's got to have always been so victorious. Thank you. You're welcome. Yeah I was a re creation of that music video where they were hanging down from of the -- release. At the Louvre Museum you know the FAA Rhoda an instant brand that this skit was an honor a Black History Month and wish to Maggie an end her prints. Much still joy during their pregnancy you know that's it's all about the love wraps. Yet you are older than they didn't Lois. Did you did you US Jennifer Glick who came out on top well loved. With a on top eight KK and allows us out I didn't I am curious though it will. Do you missiles some type of message they the carters rescinding here because. Com mega Markel getting hit hard in the tabloids over there. Yes you and you saw a lot of her friends you know not celebrity's would also celebrities come out in support of her saying that. You know there's always a lot Adams of attention in the tabloids about a new member of the royal family Aaron member of the rural family for that matter but Megyn is. Certainly been the target. Of a lot of unpleasant. Articles. According to her friends. So many have been it's another way to put the spotlight on my nice American girl living in Britain we really shouldn't be treated this way re think. And cleaning king of hip hop giving the royal treatment and then the duchess of the doubt to the ethics jet at Brisbane I didn't go my things Jennifer according. Well let's check certification we've got several great final stories for you this morning starting. With the wind knocked out this honest babe. Adds this is a step. Yup I young Abraham Lincoln our sixteenth president without a shirt to. His sniffles. Hey it's look on his pants is that a federal courthouse in Los Angeles and Twitter is losing its mind over it. What are they calling it their comedies berg on her as. There's some other things that are overnight on me now you'll end up with that we can't repeat here I had to repeat. And then I'm thinking about. The hacker that he you like leaning up yet. Like that if that is finger her in this it is like that. Is he about to chop down a if you're going up against but it sure you let I don't know but I without a parent who wrote down the try to like former my history here Arab moderate what country he fended that was George Washington. Our coach. Brad NN you know wecht what. I would not be a buyer all YouTube sensation. Well of lives and that what about this garbage collector. While pretty does that he tried a perfectly good trampoline tossed to the curb. I'm going to not yet only jumps right out of the truck hit on that opening. Look they're stored away excitement out of have a little fun with the before tossing it into the back of this garbage cans and he picks it up there isn't mysteries and then normal. And blow it by now than at any bounces right in the back of the truck and out. He's and they got their that their home security camera and it's like bays and wish that this guy parade and that old thing trampoline that gave us we'll find. So there's no blowing up Nike has released its first calling capita Jersey d.s after he sellers collusion case against the NFL the blackened. It's over top cost 150 dollars. The former San Francisco QB is promoting that on Twitter he wrote for those true to themselves on and off the field proudly on apologetically and against all odds. This is only the beginning. And lynching to see what comes next. And I finally look at this good. Ago. Hello ploy and little booty. Is slightly yeah god grant just. Has Huey if the name of the dog armory little girl able. Having some fun mayor have been the governor Alice that would Atlantic yes. All coming up. And arrested a decades old murder once again continue DNA evidence they beat tell them what we know about the suspect we'll. When we come back. Welcome back coming up later today on ABC news five Americans Chinese negotiators will meet for talks on a technology dispute ahead of the deadline for American parents. And crickets and former trouble advisor Roger stumble maker court appearance today for a hearing on a controversial as to ramp closed. Depicting the judge presiding over his case next to what appears to be. Cross hairs of a gun stones bail could be removed. Word that picture plus don't if you're into that debrief for an update on all our top stories and a briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines. And we turn out to. An arrest and a decades old cold case authorities and California have arrested a man for the nineteenth every three murder and sexual assault. An eleven year old girl they say public awareness and new technology crack the case and now we're hearing from the victim's sister. This morning the nearly 46 year long manhunt for this girl's killer is possibly over generations of investigators worked on her case we never gave up. Linda in O'Keefe vanished in July 1973. All walking home from school. Eleven year old was found the next state strangled in a ditch. Gloucester police so Linda story in a series of tweets hoping to generate new leads. In one post they released an H composite sketch showing what the suspect could look like. Based on DNA the killer left behind in 1973. But after submitting the DNA torn ancestry web site police say they finally got ahead. Leave him to the arrests a 72 year old James Allen Neil now living in Colorado. Linda's family shocked at the news. He said hire you sitting down and he said yeah and haven't Berger added even out what's gone on thief said. I just arrested the man and I said. A move went well. It's the same technology that led to the arrest of a Golden State killer. Law enforcement using DNA to identify potential suspects through web sites people use to research their family tree. Investigators say the DNA of the crime scene match meals DNA submitted to one of those genealogy sites authorities say they got another DNA sample from him during their surveillance they were. Able to get additional DNA which resulted in the corroboration. Of the DNA. From the victim's body. Mules arrest is a bittersweet moment for Linda sister. Whose parents pass away before seeking justice for their daughter. I'm feeling. Really grateful incredibly grateful to the department for their diligence and at the same time. You know it brings up the loss. You know she was a little girl that was taken Parkinson. Such as you know justice but after so many years it feels like we're seeing a lot of these cold cases DNA as it's not only bring her dailies together. Is also finding suspects entering these cold cases and I hope that that family find some answers. In some peace after so many years. Are up thanks for joining us this morning we're gonna get out of here and that is it for us we're getting out of here from picketers and repeat what I say I do. I view of the Baghdad chip in their original thoughts I had no original offer for.

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