It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020

House managers make their case in Trump impeachment trial opening arguments, mysterious virus spreads and more.
20:39 | 01/23/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020
Good morning I'm cannot and Hayley hard time here of the top five things to note this Thursday. Number one opening arguments in Washington a senate is bracing for another marathon day of opening statements as impeachment prosecutors lay out their case against president Bob. Democrats pushing for new evidence claimed the president was behind a rough scheme to cheat in the election they are set to get back to business at 1 o'clock eastern time. Number two. A deadly shooting causing chaos and downtown Seattle one was killed and seven other people including a nine year old boy were injured when at least one person opened fire outside McDonald's restaurant. No arrests were reported overnight witnesses say the shooting began after two men. At some sort of. A disagreement. There was panic everyone knew to run I mean everyone was just running in all direction there were running inside the Macy's they were running in every building that they can get into so it was. It was it was sheer panic and and there was a lot of people there was probably a hundred people running in different all different directions. And. A nine year old boy who was injured in serious condition on to number three the growing concerns about that mystery virus the nuke rotavirus in China has now spread to Hong Kong. At least seventeen people have died. More than 500 people have been in fact it. The city already operate starting is virtually locked down American patient infected after traveling to China is an isolation near Seattle. We have to New York forever for Eli Manning is retired from football he spent sixteen seasons as the quarterback the New York Giants. League team to Super Bowl wins Manning owns nearly every passing record in giants history. He never miss to gain because it injury and started 210 consecutive games. 2004. To 2070 he told a news conference tomorrow to say a final goodbye commitments. And final number five probably number five fans are remembering mr. peanut and passed away at the young. Right. All the age of 104 he spent his life as the mascot of planners snack food company. Serving faithfully since 1960. Companies here this video. His untimely demise. Matt let go knows you look at. Babies do that no you don't go to test. The. Maybe he'll be all right. And maybe. It's all part of planters Super Bowl ad and the company plans to kill off its iconic mascot. Fans paid tribute to mr. peanut on Twitter person wanted to know open. Are closed shelled funeral we gotta pay our respects. People are going not the baby news app for all the trending stories. As you get it. Don't forget it. Good morning on this Thursday let's get right to the big story of that week president trumps impeachment trial. Today's date to opening argument. Democrats are making their case that president of abuse his power they're also calling on senators who subpoena key witnesses. ABC's Elizabeth her has latest from Capitol Hill Elizabeth good morning. Kennedy Gary good morning to you an yes yesterday the house managers spent eight hours presenting the facts today. They say they'll move on to explaining how the law and the constitution apply to their case. Democratic prosecutors gearing up for a date to of their opening statements. The president went to extraordinary lends to cheat in the next election. On day one they spent eight hours laying out their case in chronological order. Repeatedly reminded Republicans of the meat to call for additional witnesses and evidence blocked by the administration. Would you like me to read that to you right now. I would like to read it to you right now. Except I don't have it. Because State Department wouldn't provided. But if you'd like meter read it to you we can do something about that. Democrats are accusing the president of engaging in a pressure campaign for his own political gain. Using military aid as a leverage to push Ukraine to open investigations into 20/20 by pro Joseph Biden. There are more and they're being told you're not getting 400 million in aid you need unless you do what the president wants. If you don't believe that's pressure that's 400 million dollars worth of pressure. I got a bridge I want to sell you the president on his way back from Switzerland yesterday weighing in tweeting no pressure. That was one of more than 140. Tweet on this deal won't more than any other day of his presidency. The president's lawyers say so far they heard nothing new I believe without question prisoners days we acquitted. So we'd still. Don't know if any new witnesses will be called but Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says any talk of witness trade. Involving hunter bite in the club that's off the table can I think Caylee. I was with her there on capitol a Washington think you coming up the debate over emotional support animals escalates. My sites like this one on airplanes who might become a thing of the past. Apps but first the phone hacking bombshell involving him a monster pesos and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. This morning the saudis respond. That they talked pesos over his secret affair. Stay with that's. Welcome back we've been up all night ending track of the news but it is finally morning America. An hour workday is almost done though you look at some stories we covered so far on world news now and America this morning. We begin with a mystery virus spreading in China it's now been confirmed for the first time in Hong Kong. It comes as we learn more about the American who's being treated near Seattle doctors are now using a robot keeping the man and isolation. Back in China the city where the outbreak started a city of eleven million people has been placed on virtual lockdown but no planes or trains departing. Overnight weary travelers arriving at New York's JFK airport wearing masks were well aware of the spreading corona virus. Then maybe some someone else who caught the Texas boat I don't know. So I'm wearing a mask to protect. They were on the last play to arrive from Wuhan China before flights from the city were canceled. As experts try to determine how quickly the newly identified virus is spreading. There's no infected more than 500 people. Killing at least seventeen Wilson high. I love people I know there there were pretty panics. About the decisions says everyone on the strange this wearing a mask in my city. But overnight a troubling development health officials confirming the first case in Hong Kong. It comes just hours after doctors in the US confirm they're treating a patient with the virus. The man in his thirties is living in a bio containment room with security guards at a hospital near Seattle. Think we are patient. He's doing relatively well doctors say it's a mild case but those who have access to the room are using a specially skilled robot to limit contact with the patient. The man flew from Wuhan last week and started showing symptoms the next day extra snow little about the new corona virus beyond that it starts with cold like symptoms. And if they can't. Wuhan a city of eleven million people is essentially a lockdown today. Our Bob Woodruff. Was there there's the international section of the we're on airport and is basically. Almost no one here it's at and killed. Nine in China. American masters or even traveling around here on since 2013. He says people are being extra cautious nobody's hit a shopping malls. And now nobody is that the movie theaters and very few people are out and now they've all got their groceries and they're staying in house is much as possible to try to. Whether this situation. But back in this country this new fliers being posted a fourteen US airports including the five airports for travelers are being screened. Warning people not to visit animal markets are touch animals traveling to Wuhan. And listing the symptoms fever cough and difficulty breathing. Ask for that patient a Seattle officials are now working on verifying that sixteen people he may have had contact with since traveling. Hole in Southern California a small plane caught fire while taking off from small airfield and crashed killing all four people on board. Witnesses say the single engine plane was barely off the ground. He hit a fence and burst into flames by the time fire crews arrived the plane was fully engulfed in flames had spread to try brush in the area. Breaking overnight and air tanker fighting the historic wildfires and Australia has crashed. Killing three people onboard all were American firefighters the playing with a C 130 huge tanker similar to this one. It went down just a few miles from camp bride airport in southeastern Australia. Which is closed because of so many fires in the area officials are warning people who live nearby to leave as soon as. Possible present trump is downplaying the severity of head injuries US troops suffered in the Ryan missile attack on a military base in Iraq. After initial reports of no injuries the Pentagon later revealed that eleven service members sustained concussions and traumatic brain injuries in the strike and this week. It reported more troops have been evacuated for a valuation but the president said he seen a lot worse. Heard. That they have headaches. And a couple of other things but I would say yeah and I can report it is not very serious. Operations. And break it there. No I don't consider them very serious injuries relative to other injuries and I've seen. The president went on to talk about meeting troops with no legs and arms after they survive roadside bombs describing goes as horrible injuries. Some new legal trouble for Hillary Clinton she's facing a defamation lawsuit from democratic presidential candidate told C Gabbert. The suit stems from Clinton's comments the last fall when she suggested Gabbert as a Russian asset. Gabbert claims she suffered substantial economic losses as a result of that comment. The lawsuit is seeking fifty million dollars in damages. I will not stand. Quietly by. Has Hillary Clinton or anyone else. Tries to smear. My character and I've filed a lawsuit against her for that defamation. The response a spokesman for the former secretary of state called the lawsuit ridiculous. The first election in the US where people can vote by Smartphone is officially under way. It's in the Seattle area where voters can now use their phones to elect the county board of supervisors when security measure forces voters to submit their signature. Before their boat is counting it. Voters have about them three more weeks to cast ballots. And a new warning out about a possible scam involving FedEx. Customers been getting text messages showing us they tracking code which prompts the user to enter here delivering preferences. Problem is those preferences take users to a fraudulent web site where scheme as are using that information to steal customers' personal data and money. We turn now to that bombshell report from the UN accusing Saudi Arabia's crown prince of hacking Amazon CEO Jeff pesos. Investigators say a hacking at his phone was related to his role as owner of the Washington Post. This morning a saudis call the allegation absurd. This morning a stunning allegation by the United Nations accusing Saudi kingdom of hacking one of the richest men in the world. Amazon founder Jeff baze oats. Patient needs. Opponents release schools tax he humiliation. I don't even harder. Or the Washington Post. The UN report which included analysis of data collected by a firm hired by -- those included Haq cap and backing me 2018. In an effort to influence and possibly silence the Washington Post critical coverage of Saudi Arabia. Which mostly came from murder columnist jamarcus Jodi the UN report says the prince basis a file on what's at. Seen here in this image obtained by vice news when it opened the file allegedly allowed hackers to break in debate as his phone and download massive amounts of data. Then just five months after the alleged hack the show he was brutally assassinated. Killing a CIA says was ordered by Saudi crown prince Mohamed bin cell month. According to the report the crown prince also allegedly sent pesos another what that message with a picture of a woman closely resembling his then mistress Lawrence C and cents two months later there appear would be revealed through text messages print by The National Enquirer. This morning the Saudi foreign minister is dismissing the allegations. So does exactly the right to the idea that at the conference would hack Jeff base is this phone is absolutely silly. In the meantime bays as has remained silent about the accusations. Only tweeting this picture traditional keys memorial service. The Justice Department would not comment on the case only saying the US we'll investigate malicious activity including its sponsored by a nation state. Look at this a commuter train plowed right into a big rig outside New York City the eighteen Wheeler was trying to make a turn. And got stuck on the tracks the truck driver managed to escape his cabin time and the train continued on without you railing. No one aboard the train was hurt. And testimony is underway in the trial Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein the first prosecution witness has told jurors that Weinstein can be charming and public and aggressive and private. That testimony followed chilling opening statements ABC east harbor all reports. More than two years after the first accusations surfaced against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein his long awaited trial now under way in New York City yeah yeah. When they well. What scene is charged with five felony sex crimes including rape and faces life in prison if convicted. In today's opening statements the prosecution offering a scathing description of the accusations against the producer saint Weinstein quote was not just to tighten in Hollywood but a rate pissed and the evidence from both the witness stand and evidence will show that that man with a sexual predator. YC's defense attorney stating that's not true calling the assistant DA statements quote a preview to a movie you're not going to see. What seems attorney showed the jury what the defense is called loving emails between Weinstein and some of his accusers which percent after the alleged assault took place the attorney saying it is not going to beat this predator prey dynamic that the state so badly want you to believe once it has pleaded not guilty and has repeatedly insisted any sexual encounters were consensual but the charges in this New York trawler senator around the allegations from two women. What that eighty have come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against him. I joined each other women were also harmed by Harvey Weinstein just say. We aren't going anywhere. Six women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault are expected to testify over the course of this trial. I remember as this is happening Carvey Weinsteins also charged with rape and sexual assault. From different incidents in Los Angeles. Kenneth Haley. Thanks Trevor the Massachusetts woman who sent text messages to her boyfriend urging him to kill himself when they were teenagers get presented at. Prison officials say Michelle Carter has been a model prisoner and it's being released early for good behavior Carter is now 23. She was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after her boyfriend Conrad Roy died by suicide and we fourteen. Carter will remain on probation for five years a lovable mascot is being accused of assault the Philadelphia Flyers entered his gritty two years ago and he's band I huge hit with the fans but now gritty of accused of punching out thirteen year old boy Chris. Greenwald says his son seen air power gritty on the head in and walked away during an event. That's when he says gritty took a running start and punched his son in the back regional wants the team to pay the 300 dollar hops. But the flyers say they found no evidence to support the claim and fans are blocking the gritty. Defense with the has sacked three Grady trending on border police are now investigating. This and opening an active police investigation it really adds right now it is he said it said. The colts and the sound is being magic ice snow now. Rather iguana so as the temperatures have fallen the reptiles have been tumble and three of them Florida they're not dead they're just a shot. One itself for a woman decided to make her cold weather bread and a little more comfortable give and I like yeah and a hat. A lot of Gulf Coast and dozens of mid eighties stride to warm up in the waters off Apollo Beach. Runoff from a nearby power station is heating things up there to make them. A little more cozy up. Casey you you know I want to favor the story but. What you wanna know more. If you wanna know more. Here it is scary I might do if you wanna know. This Temps drop below fifty. It did in the low thirties and certain parts of South Florida port of Miami. Do you umbrella when that one of the fox. Right. Are more you're gonna wanna know. Some folks on FaceBook marketplace. Are selling. It won a neat oh yeah don't want that. I don't want any part of that they're calling it chicken of the trees. I'm imagining now be stationed out there Miami I got the news photographer who goes out. And it like assignment that's of them out and that they amuse you know what I'm talking about here and then like he's like his at a tree. Waiting for the may out of a ball you've got to gloves lie might mean for Todd authority like all want to fall. And it would it bother. It's money she. Got it fits well just give you need an umbrella and need. Some of those larger kiwanis can do some damage to an I think the only Coventry area helmet. I think baker. Our butts up for the water border listen up when it comes to animals the federal government wants to limit your emotional support. On airplanes to only dogs the Department of Transportation has proposed a new rule. In part to keep people from sneaking other animals on to flights the change would allow only certain trained dogs as support animals on planes. And August figures he said it would allow cats and even miniature horses and peacocks. But the flight attendants union says the rule change will make flying safer. That's our question of the day should airlines limit service animals just dogs or some cats and miniature horses be allowed if they don't cause. Any problems remembers under what have the miniature horses because. You know owners may be allergic to dogs. And it dogs are the only animal that it happened what else can may have facts apostle I do they have their their son but then it just got overboard right after the critics play it. Like now is not happened here you're. Re like birds and butterflies and everything else but I thought I'd tell us what you think in the comments or tweet us at ABC news lives. Coming up another marathon day ahead in the impeachment trial. We'll tell you what's to come on this Thursday Gingrich when he heard. After that. Here's what to watch out for today. Impeachment proceedings energy to of opening arguments. House managers have 2.4 hours over three days to prosecute the charges against president front before the White House lawyers get their chance to address the senate. Stay with us for continuing coverage training right here on ABC news live and be sure to download the ABC news asked for the late sept. Meanwhile president's office back stateside is scheduled to receive an intelligence briefing before flying to Miami where he'll deliver remarks of the Republican national committee's winter meeting. And Queen Elizabeth could give her approval of Britain's Rex is still exists today but in the UK on course to beat the European Union next week. The bill cleared its final hurdle in parliament yesterday in have. Five Hamas on this Thursday morning a little girl is showing us all what love at first sight is all about. That's all right here that is little Blakely taking her first ever bite of ice cream and she is absolutely. That an ad look at that. Every bit and it know about the old age she grow as big gold medal Branden cone right out of her mother's hands. Nine months old. As you've lied. I like the frozen milk better. Jack let get home won't. OK all right I'm not not know I've got. It has been great to have Jerry here again the answer the last couple close the week tomorrow on Friday fell have me back so well haven't got to let.

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