It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019

Turkey invades Syria after Trump pulls U.S. troops, Biden calls for impeachment, Matt Lauer’s accuser speaks out and more.
22:22 | 10/10/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019
Good morning how can a broad acting army at the top I think starts Thursday never want the breaking news in the Middle East Kurdish fighters guarding nicest militants since there are leaving their positions after Turkey launched airstrikes and a ground offensive. The attack got underway Tuesday that the president felt weaker US troops from the region. Civilians fleeing the area are among at least seven people killed meanwhile US official says at least two notorious ices fighters. I haven't relocated to prevent him from escaping in the chaos number two the impeachment standoff in Washington president trump is digging in on his refusal to cooperate. It's now threatening to take his fight to the Supreme Court. The president has claimed that the whistle blower who raised alarm about a so called Ukraine. As high sort of his democratic opponents of lawyers for the whistle blower shooting down that allegation. Say their client is a civil servant who has never worked for or advise any political candidate or campaign secretary of state Mike Pompeo who. Listening to the call when president from past Ukraine's president to investigate. Joseph Biden came to trumps the parents and a new interview. It was consistent with what president trump has been trying to do to take corruption out. I found that to be wholly appropriate to try to get another cop country to stop being corrupt. But the most important reaction is from presents a Lynn ski himself. Who tonight I didn't feel pushed I didn't feel pressured. Meanwhile for the first time Biden is now saying president trump should be impeached and. Biden is not alone and you Fox News poll shows 51%. Of registered voters think the president should be impeached and removed from office. That's up nine points since July. On to number three now the attempted attack on the synagogue in Germany the gunmen it was seen firing his weapon in the city Hala. He fell to force his way into a pack synagogue during younger poorer services because the tool will flock. Ten Americans were among those inside police say the attacker was also unsuccessful at cartons a makeshift bomb. But he fatally shot two bystanders he was later arrested. Germany has faced an increase an enticement crime we have to California affordable for millions of people are without electricity this morning and what. Pacific gas and electric call the public safety power shut down. Future extremely dry windy conditions he genie says it's trying to reduce the risk of wildfire sparked by winds damaged power lines. But many people are furious. Airports of somebody shooting at a PG any truck. Monitoring axe at a PG in the office and probably number five a special collection is getting a self described regular guy a lot of attention seven years ago in squires about where a difference tied to work every day. His collection is up nearly 16100. But she shows off on a blog that's now being followed by 30000. People. The truth is I'll immediately guy stuck in mediocre world. This time part of the secrets of solid somewhere somethings do it's it's it's to amuse myself. I'll start with the tide got at a thrift store for a dollar fifty his rules are no repeats and all the time but the costs around. One dollars us what we had a 65 dollars a year. About 161000 athletes who you're good the matter. All right let's get right to Dick story they're breaking news in the Middle East Turkey is launching a punishing assault on Kurdish fighters in Syria. The airstrikes and ground offensive against a crucial US ally is getting under way just days after president trump withdrew US troops from the border region. At least seven civilians have been killed a Stanley's scramble out of. Harm's way many Kurds carting ice as prisoners have been forced to flee raising concern that those prisoners some of the most dangerous people of the world. Could now scatter CBC's making tempers in has been tracking this all night making good morning. A good morning edge in a cabinet that this Maureen Turkey claims to have struck a 181. Targets in Syria. The Kurtz reporting at least two deaths and multiple saddling casualties. This morning Turkey escalating its attacks in Syria. Launching airstrikes firing artillery and now a ground attack targeting Kurdish fighters longtime allies of the US. This comes just days after president dropped abruptly pulled US troops from the region. I asked her to prepare to launch an operation to clear out British forces there Turkey's president claiming Kurds are terrorists. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo pushing back on allegations that president beef Turkey the green light leftist false. The United States didn't give. Turkey agree in life. The Clark have been on the front lines against ice as fighting alongside American forces for years. But now those fighters once guardian ice his prisoners are being pulled a way to reinforce the front line against Turkey the president was pressed about the danger that ice is prisoners could now escape. Well they're gonna be escaping to Europe that's what they wanna go they wanna go back to their homes US defense officials confirm meaning to high value British men accused of being involved an icy executions of westerners. Are in US military custody and move to a secure locations the president threatening retaliation if Turkey does anything he considers off limits I will let that his. The economy of that happens. Republican senator Lindsey Graham a staunch ally of the president who disagrees with the troop withdrawal says. He's come up with a bite bipartisan agreement on severe sanctions against Turkey. Those sanctions would prohibit US military sales to Turkey and target the country's leadership should hang. Right and Megan how was the international community reacting to Turkey's military action in Syria. The UN Security Council meeting in their meeting today in a closed meeting but it's unclear what if anything they can dale. Right meg and think you've joining us. And moving on the beach a standoff is escalating as president trump digs and all his refusal to cooperate in the investigation vowing to take its fight to the supreme. In the battle over impeachment president slump defiant and ready to fight. Probably ends up being a big Supreme Court. Case maybe it goes a long time I don't know. The White House drawing a line in the CN refusing to cooperate with the impeachment investigation. And now the president announcing former congressman trade Goudie. A former prosecutor who let the house and got the investigation. Is joining his legal team and the White House calling the impeachment inquiry. Unconstitutional. And baseless president trump firing off several tweets labeling the impeachment inquiry as ridiculous defending his conversation with the president of Ukraine yet again. As a perfect call but according to a summary released by the White House it was own that call and the president urged the leader Ukraine. Two investigated potential to one each when he rival Joseph Biden and his son hunter. It whistle blower alleging the president abused his power then sounded the alarm. The impeachment showdown spilling over into the race for 22 point Biden is dropping like a rock. I don't think he's gonna make it Donald Trump is violated his oath of office betrayed. This nation. And committed impeachable acts he should be impeached. Biting calling for terms impeachment for the first time president trump responded to Biden's comments with in minutes calling them pathetic. I didn't tweeted back Fahey the president for watching and asked him to stop stonewalling congress. June and Kenneth the there thanks to Rachael Blair Washington president trump says he's planning to. Get involved in the immunity controversy stemming from a crash that killed a British teenager. Nineteen year old Carrie Dunn died after being struck by a car driven on the wrong side of the road by the wife of the US diplomat. She fled to England claiming diplomatic community guns father says president trump and British prime minister -- Johnson need to take action. Everybody else in the will concede. She's done is wrong much harm. Many see that Coughlin look underneath the official office in. We can actually it won't can't that you must conference many into whatever won't come icy especially. The woman was driving on the wrong side of the room and and that can happen you know those are the opposite roads at happens is it was an accident. It was an act it was a terrible accident. Spoke to the British prime minister about the case Wednesday. Trump says the US is now trying to arrange a meeting between the diplomat's wife and Harry guns parents. Where airlines will be the first US carrier to bring back the Boeing 737 Max jets. And SEC filing revealed American plans to start using the aircraft in January. It was one of three US airlines forced to ground the jets after crashes in March and last October till 346. People. Meanwhile southwest has granted to some are 737 jets after discovering cracks. Where the wings connect to the fuselage B&G or next generation aircraft. Among the old business southwest's fleet and they were inspected as part of an emergency order from the FAA. Incoming mayor of Montgomery Alabama says tackling crime will be his first priority when he takes office we're you know probably catch it really will be the city's first black mayor. He wrote about two thirds of the vote and runoff election. Montgomery played a big part in the struggle for civil rights it was the first capital the confederacy. Reid will be sworn in November well right. He moments for two Miami construction workers their scaffold gave way leaving them stranded more than thirty feet above the ground wine at. On the scaffold and the other dangling from a harness. Firefighters who brought a both men to the ground safely either work was hurt. The rescue took about 45 minutes that's the unprecedented power shut offs in California leaving millions in the dark and many of them furious the State's department and largest utility is defending the preemptive. Outages because of scenes like this when fueled wildfires this when your present out. Pacific gas and electric says its trying to prevent wind damage paralyzed from sparking bigger. Even more damaging fires. Overnight darkness expanding across northern California. Utility company. In the second wave a plant outages which it now affecting nearly two million people across the state this is an unprecedented men. The power company is preparing for high winds that could potentially bring down power lines and spar qualifiers. Try to prevent a repeat of past disasters like the Delhi campfire last year. At this point. We believe that it's definitely necessary steps take for the safety of our our communities this morning a state of emergency has been declared in San Jose. Where police say car crashes are escalating. But of the traffic lights being out. Classes at some schools are canceled others have their students working without electricity. Meanwhile winds were still calm more than twelve hours after the first outages began. Look at that flag no end here. Frustration growing for many Californians calling the outages and unnecessarily drastic step I think they jumped the gun. In my opinion evidence of the anger singing on the windows of dispute. Evidence of the anger singing on the windows of this PG&E offers after someone threw eggs at the building. PG and generally positive thing here this for the last fifty years. And they're taking care of this in the last fifty years we'll be having this and that extreme fire strike could last through Friday after that officials say could take several days for power be restored. Early on to some strong statements from Rihanna she's as she was offered. And it declined the opportunity to perform a last February's. Super Bowl halftime show. Rihanna telling Vogue Magazine that she said no to the gig in support of former NFL start calling Catholic and she said quote I just couldn't be a sellout. Group five was the game's halftime entertainment. A US authorities have seized nearly 151000. Hear a fake Nike sneakers they were recently found in Los Angeles and a shipment arriving from China. Customs officials say the sneakers were real. They're total price would have been more than 2.2. Million dollars up next though I TV broadcast interrupted by an adorable true. But first the woman accusing former today show anchor Matt Lauer of rape. Speaks out the new developments overnight in how well our. It's that Vinny himself. Welcome back we turn out to the sexual assault claim against former new thinker Matt Lauer this morning his accuser is speaking out flowers. Public downfall two years ago sent shockwaves across the media world and this morning he's no longer sing silent about rape allegation against him. This morning Matt Lauer is speaking out for the first time since being fired by NBC in 2017. For what the network called sexual misconduct. The woman behind the complaint that led to his firing is Brooke nobles who worked with flowers co anchor Meredith Vieira. Variety Magazine obtained excerpts of the new book catching killed by Rhone and Ferro. Where according to variety nobles tells pharaoh that allow or raped her during the Olympics in Sochi. Now in the nearly 14100 word letter lauer calls that account categorically false. Doubles reportedly told Farrell that one night after drinks with lauer and Vieira she went up two hours hotel room where she says he pushed her onto the bed. Flipping her over and forced her into a sex act she says she wept silently in to a pillow. According to excerpts obtained by variety nobles told pharaoh I was too drunk to consent. It was non consensual in that I said multiple times I didn't want to. She tells pharaoh that once they got back to New York she went on to have more consensual sexual encounters with flour. And leader told colleagues and superiors at NBC. But she claims nothing happened until Vieira urged her to go to human resources with a lawyer. Within 24 hours a back complaint flower was fired. As I'm sure you can imagine we are devastated and we are still processing. In his letter lauer describes the relationship as an action marital affair that began in Sochi with a completely consensual sexual encounter. Writing she certainly did not cry she was a fully enthusiastic and willing partner. Our says when the affair ended in Neville strike to rekindle it and he suggests she was financially motivated writing. Within a year she was reportedly out trying to sell a book. And it appears as she also saw a monetary payment from NBC. Doubles tells NBC you hours letter was quote a case study in victim blaming she writes. There is a Matt Lauer that millions of Americans watch on TV every morning for two decades. And there is the Matt Lauer who this morning attempted to bully a former colleague into silence. I am not afraid of him. NBC news chairman Andy lack is defending the network's handling of flowers firing saying. Some of questioned why we use the term sexual misconduct to describe the reason for all hours firing in the days following. We chose Phil's words carefully to precisely mirror the public words at the time at the attorney representing our former NBC colleague. Black to nice there was any coverup of flowers conduct. Flowers accuser received a seven figure settlement from NBC last year meanwhile Andy lack is facing allegations of his own. According to your post Barrett farrow's book claims lack preyed on female employees he hasn't responded overnight to that allegation. Jessica break from the news here and check on her vacations starting with this reporter's son erupting her alive shot on national television earn. Is that MSNBC correspondent talking about Turkey and Syria. But it's the little boy who don't care. Is mommy and me that they want Sheen. Feds are erected here in just kept on nine. Severing this two hour question. Did today give any funny stories about taking your kid to work thousand comments or tree is an ABC news. Yet that's all I can her mind you that BBC reporter. Our analysts that he was it was an incredible moment. And he was he was I talking on TV hits came kids came man I love this so much mom slim there. So cool. And his bizarre stick up a scary situation but what on earth. Is he wearing he's covered and plastic bags and they are classic on its face issues. So I guess we're getting your friends searched. But breaths you brits who knows. Yeah aren't identified act act Tom at the south high school students are being celebrated for what they didn't Wear to homecoming homecoming court and it could prompt them at high. We'll took the field barefoot last. The show solidarity for Natalie Diehl a nineteen year old has epilepsy as had seizures for five years. Her Bailey said she couldn't Wear heels because your body is in stable. Islam says you realize how much her daughter was loved until nine signatures it there. Lex and warm plastic straws eco friendly restaurants are coming up with new ideas to compliment your average. And this is our favorite so far drinking from a tube up hos. I think apparently if they cannot ban. Italy one person said it's Italian engineering and it's fine it sure looks like it at a hiking trip to Washington State included a memorable meeting. Jonathan Bartley and her family work at a state park Sunday when a bear stroll right on up to her teenage brother. She's as everyone who had been near Grant Hill when she realized that was going on as Barack close she told a brother stands sell. He did the animal took a few Smith's. And then was the best advice is stand still we have right stay right there teenage siblings has we're gonna runs to hear. And Elena holly spirit watches tiger playing with a pumpkin. May have accidentally carving it outlook and he crest at some. You're Franken is united occur about her following the even even the tigers getting in an apartment by Leavitt. With us history is long red at the forefront of incorporating real life societal shifts and this programming. But the years it's introduced new Muppet characters that would better reflects the bill world in which kids live today and now they've done it again. Carly is a character Sesame Street just introduce a few months ago a six year old living in Foster care but this morning sesame streeters revealing. Much more about Carly and her story has the potential to help millions of kids like her will Cannes reports. I Kylie. One of the new its neighbors on Sesame Street it's partly the face of a brand new initiative to help families dealing with parental addiction. Karl is mommy has a disease called at diction. Addiction makes people feel like they need a grown up drink called alcohol or another kind of drug to feel old Katie. Carly representing one of the five point seven million kids in the US under the age of beloved who live with the parent struggling with addiction. Who needs help. Learning to take better kept herself. Sesame Street saying in a statement addiction is often seen as a grown up issue. Our new resource as are designed to break down the stigma of parental addiction and help families build hope for the future. In its historic fifty years Sesame Street has helped kids tackle some tough topics from dealing with racism. Yeah Ellen Ing up well. Yeah but I can't bat rented due to gender equality and women's rights. Autism awareness and education. You really good at painting. Five Julia. Nice and I. Now with Carly Sesame Street hopes every kid in situations like hers. Will feel less alone sometimes things happen that little monsters can't control it fakes. And that those things aren't their fault. Carly Storey as part of the Sesame Street and communities initiative and there are resources and queen videos and story books available in English and Spanish. To anyone who needs them. Mary Horton welcome ample any a look at the big events sitting at plus the moment a young boy with several all of the we'll never forget and where. And what it means to his family. After this. Here's what to watch up for today president from the vice president Mike Pence travel to Minnesota for. For keep America great campaign rally. At the Target Center in Minneapolis. He hears governor Phil Murphy is set so and a strategy to address lead contamination. Nothing comes as north residents are battling a life crisis. City officials are in the middle of a 120 million dollar project to replace thousands of all blood types a Florida man found guilty of manslaughter for killing an unarmed black man after an argument over parking spot it's set to be centers. Michael Drake faces up to thirty years in prison for killing mark he's McLaughlin and a case that put the State's stand your ground law in question. Actor Cuba Gooding junior is due in court for trial on allegations that he groped the woman adding her car. Gooding is pleaded not guilty to it. Forcible touching and sexual abuse charges at a court hearing is scheduled for rapper Carty B who faces felony assault charges relates to a fight. At a New York City strip club was separate to tune into the thievery for an update our top stories and the briefing room for a break down the latest headlines. In politics finally from us this morning a young boy in Illinois living with cerebral palsy has lived out his stream on the football field. Last year's seven year old Bryson Jenkins wasn't able to walk last weekend he served as the honorary captain for youth football team. The northern city of fox lake. Then late in the game Bryson took to feel and ran for a touchdown. His mom says it was incredible. Bison and honestly years is a smile from hear to hear that yes he thinks it was soaking mountain the attention and she. We'll see how excited east allies is that helped brace and crossed the goal line he says it is a moment. On that her purse and. And had never met does team members there AM at base are grounded him applauded him that's celebrated. Then that's it from us this Thursday we will sit right yes Thursday I definite. Tomorrow's Friday after we will see you tomorrow Avago.

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