It's Morning, America: Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019

Trump and Pelosi accuse each other of having a meltdown, Rep. Elijah Cummings dies at 68, U.S. ambassador to EU set to testify and more.
23:52 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019
Good morning coming about and I'm. Plus he walked out of that meeting offended after the president allegedly called for our third rate politicians. Number two the impeachment battle the US ambassador to the European Union is testifying today in the impeachment inquiry. Gordon silence is the diplomat who Texan about their being no quid pro quo as president but withheld aid to Ukraine. He's expected to say those are the president's words not hit. Every three Chicago public school teachers are heading to the picket lines after failing to reach a new contract classes are canceled today for nearly 400000 students in the nation's third largest school district. In addition to pay increases teachers want smaller class sizes and more time to prepare for less. Meanwhile GM workers could soon be heading back to work after more than thirty days on strike union acreage. The auto maker union leaders have reached a tentative deal number of four former TV host Megyn Kelly is calling for an independent investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations against Matt Lauer and a Fox News interview Kelly criticized NBC saying they haven't. Details the sexual harassment settlements related to allow our Kelly said if they have nothing to hide their hippie or transparency. Show us. All of the agreements that enhanced severance agreements that were reach at least the numbers. So we can see which one of pop out which one other super high release the women from their confidentiality obligations. There needs to be an outside investigation into this company they investigated themselves. That doesn't work now Fox News had an outside investigator CBS news had an outside investigator and PR the NFL this is how it's done. It was Kelly first interview since her abrupt departure from NBC last year first appeared on Fox News since leaving the cable news channel three years ago. And finally number five the crimes against she is in California. Police say two men so 50000 dollars worth of cheese from the food plant where they work your press now apparently the pair. And taking the merchandise for two years been selling and a social media and flea markets and door to door. Police recover what they say with large amounts of the stolen top. Good morning everybody we begin the president trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi trading jabs after that explosive meeting at the white. How close he walked out of the meeting about the crisis in Syria saying the president had a meltdown but the president claims. It was the other way around tweeting this photo and calling the speaker on hands. Without with CB Pelosi told him back using the picture for her Twitter background. She said the president was shaken after so many house Republicans voted to oppose his decision to abandon America's Kurdish allies. He sees Elizabeth her joins us now with the latest Elizabeth good morning. Dinning Kenneth and vice president Mike Pence has traveled to Turkey hoping to work out a peace deal meanwhile in Washington yes we are getting two very different versions of what happened. Inside that meeting on Syria. President trump standing by his decision pulling US troops out of Syria. Turkey is taking land from Syria. Syria is not happy about it. Let them working that the president also tweeting pictures from a White House meeting on Syria in one tweet writing do you think be like me. Referring to top Democrat who sat stone faced before walking out of that meeting he was insulting. Particularly to the speaker. She kept her cool completely. But he called terror third great politician. Donna part of that president wasn't nailed down. Fat Tuesday. Below sea later making one of the pitchers trump tweeted her new Twitter cover photo in claiming the president was shaken by this earlier vote in the house. On this vote. BA's or 354. And aids are sixty. House Democrats and Republicans voting overwhelmingly to condemn the president's withdrawal of American forces from northern Syria. A move that clear the way for a planned Turkish assault on Kurdish forces a decision facing mounting backlash even from one of trumped closest allies. Senator Lindsey Graham on CNN he will have American blood on his hands. If he abandoned skirts because prices will come back no Lindsey Graham would like to stay in the middle east of the next thousand years. Late Wednesday the White House released this letter president trump wrote to the president of Turkey which read in part. Let's work out a big deal you don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people and I don't want to be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy and I will. History will look upon you for ever as the devil it good things don't happen don't be a tough guy don't be a fool. As for that White House meeting on Syria White House officials maintain the president was measured factual and decisive. And that the couple if you walking out with baffling but surprise Kenneth. All right Elizabeth our thank you and breaking news just stand at Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings has died. A brief statement from his office says Cummings passed away overnight at John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore due to longstanding health challenges. Coming to not return to his office as expected this week following a medical procedure. He was the powerful chairman of the house oversight and reform committee leading the impeachment inquiry of president prop. Cummings was elected to congress in 1996. Cummings is survived by a wife and three children he was sixty years old. Now Dave bijur showdown with lawmaker poised to hear from another official embroiled in the Ukraine scandal the US ambassador to European Union is heading to Capitol Hill today. Despite an attack by the White House to block his testimony and we're getting new details about why a former aide sounded the alarm about his conduct. This morning a key figure in the impeachment inquiry preparing to testify. The ambassador to the European Union Gordon psalm lent will appear before three house committees. And now ABC news has learned the president's former top Russia advisor Fiona hill believed somber and was a potential national security risk because of his inexperience. Some Lindh is a trump mega donor with no diplomatic experience hill told house investigators during her testimony. That she was concerned about Saarland cell phone use according to ABC's Mary Bruce. Now hill said that he would frequently used his personal cell phone for diplomatic apparent potentially leaving him vulnerable and reportedly took upon himself. To invite Ford officials to the White House David Hill was so concerned that reportedly raised this issue with what house intelligence officials someone has. Defended the president against accusations that trump was withholding military aid to Ukraine until the ukrainians agree to investigate Joseph Biden and his son. In text message is already turned over to house investigators. America's top diplomat in Ukraine build Taylor. Writes I think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with the political campaign. Some in response the president has been crystal clear no quid pro quo was of any kind. According to the Washington Post someone is expected to tell congress today that that response was essentially dictated by the president. Trump has cited ambassador silence text to clear himself. That text message that I saw. From embarrassment has suddenly too bad that respect it. Was there is no quid pro quo. Except that. Simon was expected to testify last week when he agreed to appear without a subpoena but the White House. Blocked that appeared. The families of two Americans detained in China say the charges against them are bogus Alyssa Peterson and take up Harland run a company that connects Americans who want to teach English. With Chinese schools they are accused of illegally moving people across borders. The families are concerned the detentions could turn into a link the ordeal because of diplomatic trade tensions between China and the US. Chris at the scene of last weekend's deadly building collapse in New Orleans have moved from rescue into recovering officials say all indications are blood workers still unaccounted for did not survive. But body was pulled from the rubble Sunday another has been located but not removed investigators say no signs of life have been detected in the debris. Well this morning we're hearing from heroic high school students who jumped the classmate who brought a gun to school. We'll hop rock high school just outside Los Angeles was placed on the locked down Tuesday. Police say a fourteen year old freshmen brought a hand gun to campus either show it off or to try to sell it fellow students took matters into their own hands when they saw the gun. I got to my legs and important down three there are my friends can and hop on top it and try to pull them stable. And by then he was kind of flipped around and he said grabbed his gun and that's that's and I knew for sure yet again. Police say the gun was not loaded the suit was taken into custody no word on whether he faces and charges. Birmingham's police chief is making an urgent and passionate plea for help in locating a missing three year old girl. The chief is asking for any information or video that could help bring Camille cupcake McKinnie home. Police say she was kidnapped Saturday night during a birthday party. Investigators searched an apartment complex for three hours on Wednesday after receiving a tip but found no signs the toddler. If you know we're Camille this. That you contact us. That you please. Bring her to a safe location. And we will follow up from there. We need your help. We believe that you know where she is. And we believe that someone has her. Two males families also begging for the girls return detectives interviewed two persons of interest they were charged. On on related counts rewards totaling 25000 dollars are being offered a Nebraska man who has spent 24 hours trapped in sewer is expected to be okay fire crews in Lincoln rescued him Tuesday evening they say he'd been trapped without food or drinkable water. When someone heard him screaming for help crews found him in a four foot wide pipe. Please are not sure how we got there they say he had a backpack and a bicycle with them. And Florida the search is on to find two women accused of drugging and robbing a 69 year old tourist from the Cayman Islands. They approach the victim while playing poker and they were caught on camera. Slipping something into the mainstream to the hard rock casino police say the two women stole a thousand dollars and a Rolex worth approximately 151000 dollars. As a cancer by some of celebrity chef Anthony board Danes prized possession. Sporting the state is auctioning his art furniture and other items highest bid so far as 21000. Dollars on custom steel and meter right. Chefs tonight's. Opera he's we'll go to culinary scholarship as well as his daughter Industrie twice the online auction is open until October 30. Well coming up how you could be the face of the robot revolution what one tech firm wants to do to help the elderly but first we go to Pakistan where the royal couple is. Three more than fashion diplomacy. After this. And also with the talk Highway Patrol says he still trying to process what mean your calling a heroic rescue the patrolman who risked his life to save an unconscious man from an oncoming train. With just seconds to spare ABC's will car has the details. A life saved with seconds to spare. Jos state trooper ripping Korea racing up that abatement. He was making a traffic stop when the call came it workhorse stuff on the tracks the driver. Unconscious. Rates headlights Grayson to Paul and he wasn't respond then and I heard the horn from the train. Graham believes the collision through the core thirty feet down the tracks. Here's what's in the second about them isn't so maybe just a second later and then it would have been different outcome. And urban go on the bullion miles an hour trying to integrate. Even a few seconds later this will about a very different outcome for sure. That troop are being called a hero. That driver suffered an unknown medical condition at the time the troopers says that he had no time to think yours is doing its job. In Los Angeles will car ABC news. Thank you will at a Pakistan where Prince William has been following in the footsteps of his mother Princess Diana prince William and duchess Kate using opportunity to talk about issues close to their hearts including climate change. And water scarcity. Our foreign correspondent Maggie ruling has been following along with the royal couple and joins us now from Lahore Maggie good morning. Aids in Ney and Janet has been going it's been such an awesome we carry Pakistan even with the royal couple you mentioned some of those. Great things they've been doing it will indicates that when they came here for this royal tumor they want to show kind of the Pakistan over today saying it's of the hibernation at that dynamic nation its forward thinking so we've been seeing them. And all these colorful dresses attending cultural events really embracing the people here but every hour right now work at a cricket. Gain. I learned that I thought it was a match I was corrected by adding that the British and Smart people among us hunk and they're here today because anyone and it really. Be involved in Pakistani culture that they want to meet. And many people here on the ground as possible mill is OK Connecticut's forty as well so. Other going to be playing with kids here later I don't know how un caught up you guys are on on Chris Kidd. How much do you know about the game. I know a little bit about quick divested gone too gain mobile DDR. I do not think Nancy none hydrants and I just incredible Maggie really you are by grant covering and living here bats tonight let's. Like covering what's been your favorite part yeah exactly. You mention living my best life I want to show you guys that a recent purchase I may. This be bought last night in Islamabad in the beautiful let me put it on striking you know properly finished speaking to you today and we have ruined my Mike I apologize in advance. But if we're thinking it's so perhaps it's okay. An example of how vibrant to the night. I know I'm I was waiting for a huge and there. I would agree to send back out one of those presents back here to the states. Yeah you we like that's I should do that I deadly anthrax a gain don't Wear me like nothing simple and other math anywhere else is on tap with the Orioles at least today. Still the big day you know it's not all third of the toughest. Beautiful vibrant dresses it's a big day ever gonna see Kate really stepping out today she's a spoken about children is and they pay huge message for her we've seen the royals really latching on to be big messages and moments tackling serious issues because while. Can be promoting packed and the dynamic nation has obviously some serious issues here is well so they've been focusing on security on climate change big issue for the royals. On women women's education and children. Today more of apple also today something that we're following. But the connection to Princess Diana and it was not Harry do that on the last tour and in Africa and as well in William and cater doing it today they're visiting. A hospital that Princess Diana went to just over twenty years ago at pat if it was really special place for Diana humidity here three times in the ninety's. Helped to raise money for cancer hospital here in town where we are right now in so willing Qaeda or are going to be there. And the palace has sort of made back connection saying at the chance for. For William and Kate to continue on his mother's legacy so some touching moment. Today as well as the couple you know. Also focusing on these serious issues mom would be proud let me thank you so let's for joining strategy to Maggie. Current bid to see you. All right let's check our notification is now the starter the sculpture of British prime minister Boris Johnson let me out. But out. Right there are other this is there to Boris them about a very don't know not a Boris. Spread top next to hungry bear does diving. In a dumpster for dinner they can Medicaid the finest sushi restaurant that are spoke sessions that one I won't it whereas it means not we have an update on Jennifer's new for re in the world of its grand mats. Aniston. Bad Jennifer poking. About how she Deborah crashed the site on Tuesday with her friend reunions that she posted a funny clip. The first episode. Heard news show the morning show. Yet just two pro stances RD self promoting clearly she's already mastered the Gramm the morning show. It's gonna be on apple TV she's making two million per episode or series actually in re doing it big she's shadowed it GMA just a few. Potter craze only this summer that's so life imitating art but unfortunately for won a fan of the movie super bat what started out as a hilarious and fictional scene wound up. Giving him arrest that Celeste refresher here memory. She didn't colitis. All right that's that's good it's hard to Trace I guess weight change your name to make love and. Nickel oven. Kind of stupid name is affable when he try to be an Irish RB singer all the village beginning won't do you down and you win you don't make love it. Miles between not a moment. The Glavine. While playing year old Daniel. Burleson from IO was approached by police at a bar when the suspected he was drinking underage they spotted a fake I. An exact replica of in the glove and IB. From the minute of it he was charged with drinking underage possession of fake IDs so throw injure response. My work here is we'll get about a gels that. Well anybody good you know step by a citation. And ticket. I now understands the cassette on the opportunity that be the face of new line of robot. An anonymous tech firm is looking for direct person to lend their looks. Two robot assistants for the elderly if you're the kind of friendly faces and it will be recreated on thousands of so called virtual friend you don't say the person with the winning look we'll learn about a 130000. Dollars of robots schedules that about next year and so. It's a question the day. Yet would you want your face on an army of robots. But I 130000 dollars. Could use that. Talking the comments between us at ABC news five. Exactly thirty years ago today that one of the deadliest earthquakes in US history rocked northern California a magnitude six point nine quake killed dozens injured thousands and cost billions of dollars in damage. Well Ganz has the sights and sounds of that day plots what's happening. Today will good morning good morning yeah it was game three of the World Series the Oakland a's taking on the giants at home in San Francisco. Thousands there in the stadium and millions more watching at home. When one of the worst earthquakes in California and the United States is history struck. We in Iraq. Our regular programs scheduled to bring you a special report from ABC news I'm Ted Koppel there has been a rather strong earthquake in northern California. October 17. 1989. California's central coast rocked by six point nine magnitude earthquake. Just after 5 PM. It's a frightening feeling an up above as the lights are starting to shake a bit we don't know what's happening outside the studio at this time the damage devastating you can. See the fire. Down past me. I would've happened that the natural gas lines have ruptured and that is what has caused that fire the water lines of rupture there is no water coming out of the fire hydrants. Buildings burning in San Francisco others collapsing just like they did in Santa Cruz. Debris killing three people there a section of the San Fran Oakland Bay Bridge collapsing. Two cars that were on the upper deck when the bridge collapse. They fell below. And in was still Clinton 42 people losing their lives when a double deck section of interstate 880 crumbled. President George H. W. Bush surveying the devastation caused by what would forever be called the Loma pre eight earthquake. Sad in some way we just. Genuine. Appreciate. Further away this. Communities pulling together. In all 63 people were killed and another 3700. Injured. Experts saying that number would have been much worse had it not Ben for the World Series game being played in San Francisco. The giants taking on the Oakland Athletics which meant at the time fans were more likely off of those bridges and roads that collapsed. Thirty years later that part of the Bay Bridge has been completely replaced. The damaged freeways and buildings rebuilt. Ands today sixteen point four million people are set to take part in the great seek out earthquake drill the largest in history. Also this afternoon earthquake early warning alerts will become publicly available throughout all of California. Marking the nation's first statewide quake warning system. The early earthquake cell phone warnings will function in the same way asked the wireless notification system that issues amber alerts. Which should come in handy beer. Well coming up we've got a look ahead at what's going on this Thursday plus a milestone for the last real life Rosie the riveter. We come back. There's a watch out for today president trump travels to Fort Worth, Texas to participate around a table and fund raiser with reporters before taking a tour of the little time workshop. And Alvarado and wholly a campaign rally in Dallas. The US ambassador to the European Union Gordon sullen faces a deposition by three congressional panels at the pump impeachment probe. According to the Washington Post Allman is expected to tell congress today that his text message. America's top diplomat and crane saying the president has been crystal clear no quid pro quo of any time. Essentially dictated by the president. FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he will live through this speech he's getting on his use of times boys and free expression he says it's the most comprehensive take he's written about his views and how we might address the challenges that were boys. And the Internet address and the major threats to free expression around the world who watches C three security leasing used by about 1 o'clock eastern. Chicago's 25000 teachers have authorize a strike against the public school system to many more funding to ease overcrowded classrooms and a lack of support staff. A sixteen point four million people are expected to participate in the largest ever great shakeout earthquake drill. Thirty years the day after one of the deadliest earthquakes in US history. Rockwood California. Plus they're good students to the debrief for an update our top stories from the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. Well finally this morning the woman who personified. The modern labor movement as the last Rosie the orbiter is about to have miles. Ellen or Otto is about to turn 100 years old later this month on October 28. But friends and family already gathering our home in Long Beach, California to celebrate. Otto joined the war effort in 1942 working as a riveter at the roar aircraft corporation our prayers are coming was take it over by Boeing which shut the plant five years ago. Off and get this Otto was still working as a reporter at age 95. When the plant is credible her secret to long life. Keep your sense of humor. A man. At a hats. Ought to get jittery lot as well yeah that's it from us that. Please have a great day plus Friday we'll see you.

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