It's Morning, America: Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019

Sec. Pompeo calls oil attack an "act of war," airline mechanic suspected of sabotage may have ties to ISIS, Trudeau apologizes for brownface and more.
27:53 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna smoke now Monaco's are Abby had a top five things to know this Thursday number one. The fallout from that attack on Saudi Arabia's oil industry president trump has announced new sanctions against Iran in the aftermath of the attack president. The president said nothing is off the table but so far he is not calling for military response and he says he hasn't ruled out talks with the rock. But during a visit to Saudi Arabia secretary of state might Pompeo again flee the blame on Iran. Calling the attack an act of war. Number Q a developing story from Washington this morning. Wear a promise that president from may to a foreign leader is reportedly the subject of a whistle blower complaint that's according to the Washington Post it's unclear what the promise wise. And the former leader has not been revealed. But the complaint has been deemed credible. An urgent by the inspector general for the intelligence community. Despite the concern the Director of National Intelligence has refused to turn over the complaint. To the House Intelligence Committee which Democrats say violates the law the director is set to testify before the committee. Next week on to number three American Airlines mechanic it's been held in Miami after prosecutors revealed evidence that he may be sympathetic to crisis he's already accused of sabotaging a passenger jet. He was denied bail after the FBI says it found nicest videos on his following the arrest as raising questions. About airline worker background checks we get to Canada for number four where prime minister Justin Trudeau has apologized for appearing in brown facing 2001. He also admits to wearing black face during a talent show in high school the photos just came to light ahead of next month's election and finally number five Merriam Webster has added a few hundred new words. To its vocabulary the dictionary people are adding 530. New words were definitions new entries include that joke. Skate firm fat bird and vacate OK the most notable definition comes with the word today. It was expanded to include its use in reference to a person. Whose gender identity as non by an air it. Let's get right to our big story background talking they attack on Saudi Arabia's oil industry secretary of state might Pompeo. Meeting with the Saudi crown prince Wednesday called the attack an act of warns that Iran must be held responsible. ABC's Elizabeth hers here with the new details Elizabeth good morning. Says good morning Iran is already struggling under intense US sanctions. President trump says more sanctions are on the way and military action still on the table. This morning president trump is promising new sanctions on Iran and secretary of state Mike pound peeled not mincing words. Plus that there were no Americans killed in this attack but anytime you have an act of war of this nature. Pompeo blasting Iran and the Saudi military backing to US. Releasing what they say is new evidence against Iraq and displaying charred remnants of drones and a missile claiming this surveillance video shows the missiles coming from the direction of Iran. In response president trump telling reporters he is exploring all options including what he called the ultimate option. I'd say the ultimate option meeting go and war we'll see what happened. We'll see what happens. The president's standing here with this fourth national security advisor Robert O'Brien and who replaced John Bolton ousted last week and now slamming the president's foreign policy. Ball in his remarks at a private event first reported by Politico and later confirmed by ABC news. Bolton seeing Amy negotiations with North Korea and Iran were doomed to failure as president trump fired back. We are doing the right way we're doing it the Smart way to John was not able to work with anybody. As for Iran at no details yet a president John says some very significant sanctions will be added on to Iran. Iranian officials have already warned that any US retaliation will be met with eight rapid and crushing response Kenneth all right Elizabeth her thank you. Moving on the US military has shelled out at least a 184000. Dollars. I'm lay overs at president Trump's golf resort in spot land since he took office the Pentagon said dozens of its crews have spent the night at the trump turn Barry resort. As a nearby airport became a major transit point for air force personnel the information was requested. By the house oversight committee looking into claims the president is profiting from Defense Department spending. The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point is the second cut in three months. President trump was unhappy with the move tweeting that he won it interest rates down to zero. Meanwhile Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Powell left the door open to additional rate cuts lower rates make it good time to refinance mortgages. President Travis threatening to unleash the EPA on seven Cisco. As a city struggles to find solutions to address the thorny issue of homelessness. President said he will swap the city with a notice of environmental violation. And earlier Hud secretary Ben Carson rejected a request from California's biggest cities seeking more federal aid to fight homelessness. The president said liberal policies are to blame for the crisis. Now to the airline mechanic accused of sabotaging an American Airlines fly to Miami. Prosecutors are revealed he may have ties ices the family of a long time mechanic refuse to answer questions outside court Wednesday. ABC's cover all of has the latest on the investigation. An American Airlines mechanic is being held without bond accused of sabotaging a passenger jet. Sixty year old Abdul Lonnie a longtime employee of American Airlines. Was arrested at Miami International Airport two weeks ago accused of disabling the navigational system of a 737. Jet carrying a 150 people. He alleged sabotage caught before the plane took off. The flying public puts a huge amount of faith in pilot's cabin crews and mechanics the FAA should be able to answer to public. What kind of level of background check is required to keep these people from committing crimes that could engage for the flying public. A lot he's insisting he wasn't trying to heard anyone claiming he was just trying to get overtime paid by creating a maintenance problem. But the FBI searched his phone and say they discovered ice is videos depicting graphic murders. Investigators also say another American Airlines employee told them a lot he's brother was an ice its member and the mechanic had visited him in Iraq. Authorities say a Lonnie also received an article about your plane crashes involving the very sensor he had sought to disable. It's very concerning that he would have a fascination. With previous failures in the 737 Max that led to crashes. And that's where he actually performed at the sabotage on a different kind of 737. In a Lonnie allegedly shared a message asking for Al lot to take action against the cut fears or non believers. So far along he's not facing any terror related charges. Cover alt ABC news New York. The triple. 21 cases. Eastern equine encephalitis in six states from Michigan to Maine. After two more people died in Michigan health officials there in some communities are urging parents to keep children indoors after dusk at least until the first frost. I United Auto Workers source says General Motors cutting off health coverage for striking workers is an unnecessary scare tactic. The union strike against GM is entering its fourth day. Now that the company isn't paying for strikers health and health care. Those costs have been shifted to a union find a labor analyst calls GM's move the same as pouring gasoline. On a fire. Teen climate activists. Greta fun berg went before congress to make her case but she deliberately hide it very little to sang. Sixteen are over Sweden have attracted worldwide attention while sounding the alarm on the threats of climate change she told lawmakers this is not the time and place for dreams. This is the time to wake up. The set of delivering prepared remarks she went straight to the science. I am submitting this report. As my testimony. Because I don't want you to listen to me I want you to listen to the scientists. And I wanted to thank you nights. Behind that science. And then I want you to take a real action. Greta is among the young activist concorde gave global protest tomorrow and hundreds of thousands of people around the world are expected to take part ahead. The UN climate summit let's get from nick. And here's a shocking scene from a high school soccer game in Jamaica several players collapsed after being struck by a lightning. The match was stopped immediately as the boys were treated on the field. One player was on responsive and taken off the field on a stretcher. He was revived and is recovering. And a chick filet staffer in Southern California is being celebrated for his life saving skills this is so on Branford chick filet the drive through worker rush the aid of a man. Who went into cardiac arrest outside a restaurant in Chula Vista last week the staffer who wants to go to nursing school. Then performed CPR the victim fortunately survived the worker said he just was in the right place as a right at the right time. To make sure that your orders right that they figure life. What more can ask the chicken company they coming up friends turns 45 we talked to some of the cast members about what. They're characters we've been doing today but first Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is apologizing. For wearing brown face we'll have the latest details after this. Welcome back we now turn to that chilling back to school public service announcement. Join a school shooting from a student's perspective. Many parents say it's difficult to watch but the group behind its size that's the point. This is the back to school pfc being cold brutal and hard to watch this here. My mom come you have perfect back to back schools and the beginning of the one minute video shoot students talking about their day to day supplies he. Danish health he stay or. These headphones are just I am studying. Then a troubling turn as the children begin to use their school supplies to protect themselves from an active shooter. He chooses to have a computer. Scalding contest to. Then the terror fine finale. But I think. They'll vote would stay tuned to them. Showing that student there I think it was if you really. Really reaches right into your heart and soul. The video was made by sandy hook promise a nonprofit group that train students and adults who recognized the signs of gun violence. We're just depicting him. The horror of a child sitting alone in the school being hunted. I mean that is. Horrible thing to have to think about but we have to think about it. Mark Bardem is the organization's co-founder son Daniel was one of the 21 graders killed in the sandy hook school shooting six adults were also killed Barton hopes the PSA will inspire people to take action. Unfortunately. I know that my seven year old was in that position before he died. I don't wish that on anybody and I made a promise it's almost seven years ago. To do everything I can to prevent other families from having to live this pain. Sandy have promised said this message is preventing school shootings and violence is. The real back to school it essential for America. Moving on algebra and where the Supreme Court there is reviewing the prime ministers moved to temporarily suspend parliament the court will decide whether the government broke the law. And a verdict is expected soon sell let's go across the pond to Maggie relief in the London bureau for more good morning Maggie hello all up here in London. And I know this is fun I had my first time talking with you guys across the pond already having a blast of fifty I think you stay here that he mentions her book go economic brightened for the let me tell you as someone who just moved here on Monday it's been a a strong learning curve. But Canada amount to nothing makes you learn quicker than going to the pub with some of the guys here and seeing how heated the conversation kids surrounding. Greg that I learned I learned a lot my first few nights over some kind sent. And today it's gonna have been more of that showdown in the Supreme Court and kind of just mentioned it leading in Mona but today it's it's more of the same Boris Johnson. Is Supreme Court here in. And England hearing those cases that came up in the high courts in both England and Scotland. Not a high corn England at first sort of cited would Johnson's case they said they agree Boris Johnson has always to by the fact that he suspended parliament simple because that's what you do when you're getting ready for the next parliamentary session. And that's the only reason why he suspended it but the High Court in Scotland challenge that they sided with the argument that. He actually suspended parliament because he wanted to disrupt the brags that conversation to delay the Briggs a conversation for coming up. On that hard deadline at the end of October. Now what gets really sticking here guys is that a Boris Johnson asked the queen advise the queen says suspended parliament and in doing so he gave them. His reasoning that he was doing it simply because that's what you do when you start dusty Palminteri session so. If the Supreme Court here and then the UK sides with Scotland it also was going to mean that Johnson lied to the queen now I'm new here guys but. I watched the crown so I know that that is they've been known knowing you do not want allied of the queen so. If we get back decision today or this week or sometime soon is going to be in a massive headline. We've been following this all week today the big update is at another former prime minister's gonna come out and sort of call out Boris Johnson's about the were looking for today. Could get an update might not get an update today but it definitely everyone here is that may have close silence. So Maggie ruling mile friend. I'm Tenet noted I'm not really sure if you remember me since you I have jumped across the pond now I've forgotten all of us. I have plenty of fun with you I am just a moment but we do you have to talk blossoming serious and that Canada prime minister and prime minister Justin Trudeau. Apologizing for wearing brown base make it took costume party in 2001. When he with a teacher so when he was an adult. When he wouldn't know better so what's insane about this. No I think and that's the grape when this is a story. We've heard still much stateside it seems like every month there's a new politician coming out of these photos from decades ago that I incriminate them in some way this time it's happening to just turn for ago and it's coming. And also really important time is running for reelection. The photos which are talking about. They're not great he you know he. Went on the record saying he went to an Arabian nights themed party at you see the photo clearly dressed in brown face as you mentioned when the sticking points here is that. Could late twenties almost almost thirty years old he was a teacher at this school and so. This is going to be as huge as he goes into his reelection campaign what is this going to mean for his future that he was quick to come out and apologized but I want to solicit his apology is and C think it holds merit. In 2001. I was a teacher from Vancouver's. I attended there and ended near Dallas. Who was Arabian nights. They dressed up and a Latin crossing and put makeup. I shouldn't have been. Should've known better but I didn't. An unknown source. Some sort of how with. Since years of ugly apologies saying he regrets what he did he also mentions that it wasn't. His first time wearing brown base he also were black faced. Previously a few years before this so we aim is kind of strained air all of his dirty laundry here and get it out be the first person to reported but again. You know the question now is it about apology actually going to hold up will voters still have confidence in him he's really. Made his career saying he's a champion for minorities a champion for immigrant rights and so this is also coming into crusher and now again. And he's trying to get reelected so we've seen a lot of politicians in the states what is going to mean propulsion in can't that's where the big question right now well. Now we descended over accent Perez to Wear a strange side on the river is sentenced on the new bubble taxis. Are being tested how what do you think that he's gonna catch sun. I hope so I love being given all lit time. The latter tack feeds on in the bubble you get beautiful site tells under the on the tiger foils which one they get bigger faster. Two scenes a lot of energy is a plan that friction on the water they're sort of saying this is potentially. Eco friendly taxi. Also joins us looks really cool and in the best thing guys that you can ordered a plan Catholic Bloomberg. So you know if you want to head out of the Bubba you can just sort of Colin up on your phone and if it's for people so the three Alaskan go. But who would our fourth between bank will Brennan if anyone here in London who wants to go in a bubble taxi with is MacFarlane. Out in approximately one person raising their hand. So many did bonding over at any fight to impanel a fitfully in a war zone but he might go with you. So excited about all of these Londoner is now get to experience the excitement the joy the pleasure of Maggie rule Lee coming out of the. They he's gonna make me cry that of the nicest things how there's over there and oh yeah Texas some lives. Sad I'm confused all the time I was running on the treadmill this morning and it was not in my hills and I thought I was counting really fast as it turned out I want and then game and it's been strongly Rinker. Aren't back nearly thank you so much is so great city you live in Atlanta London bureau there we will talk to you soon. The Leszek our notifications now. That way asked this might DFS now banning people from using based filters the dating site says most of its users. I'm the filters deceptive saying they heavily. Alter someone's appearance. Lot at one my undo what the dog ears now money it says as a 150 million users worldwide. The Fed is also using artificial intelligence analyze every previously post a picture on the side any of them containing a face filter will be removed. So that's our question of the day is it receptive to use these filters on dating apps tell us what you think in the comments or tweet us at ABC news lives let us now. There's levels to it there's the realistic looking ones that you can't really tell them there's the ones where clearly don't have bunny ears guy I thought you had bunny head. That's what I'm attracted to. Well we talked about water taxis else I've about the longest water slide. And we have a new world record Janet are coming through ruled they unveiled the world's longest water slide. It's at one point seven miles along. Then Kenneth moan is going to go down it. That no earlier but this is seems like it's not so much. While gonna say if not that's deep and that I fear if somebody that well miles an hour so it's pretty that is fast one point seven miles long OK can you imagine violate now happened Molly like boom. Status and started screaming at its Grammy for nearly two Amato and then and it went to get to the mile mark into schools should hold god goes down. The less moving on a friend's pop up shop is a marking of the 25 anniversary of the iconic sitcom that put smelly cat on the map. So we sent our own will dance to check it out well. Yet that's ready guys the fronts pop up sold out in just three hours but luckily I scored a ticket inserted some of the original cast. Who many inside distill some friends secrets 25 years after they hit show premiered. You've been there for you for two and a half decades. Friends celebrating its 25 anniversary this everybody's Chandler and Phoebe and Joey ended in my brother Roth it's. So after ten seasons 62 primetime Emmy nominations and millions of fans around the world. How does one celebrate 25 years of friends. How about a trip down memory lane with real friends crops. Friend set pieces that iconic hair cut there Rachel. All at an immersive and interactive 8500 square foot exhibit. Right where friends took place New York City. Complete with some of the original cast members. Lol my god. It is. Maggie Wheeler who played tennis popping into the pop up spilling some secrets from dissent. That iconic Janice last. Not scripted. In the first scene that I shot with Matthew we will only thing I thought this guy is hilarious like what am I gonna do he's gonna crack me up. So I thought well I better come up with a laugh this character has to be able to laugh from never gonna make to the scene. And that's when I just looked at him and went. That's okay. And how about guns there's legendary platinum hair day or James Michael Tyler the actor who played him explain. It's peace is probably the best happy accident and mistake I've ever made in my entire life here the evening before when as an extra. For the first of sort of friends. From in my in society let me bleacher Arum trying to impress a serious violence also broke away that's fine but so are when I'm with the white here. And I had to keep it for ten years because you producers. Loved it but you know what I don't want to would have been gone there unless you have doubled. Gunther are not friends fans who come by the pop up to celebrate 25 years of the show inside a recreated central birth. And treat themselves to coffee on the classic counts diehards can also channel their inner Monica. My doctor tomorrow. Four bronze. Pay that good. But boy this Joey dual hi Mike close I'll Wear it everything you won't. The whole game. What is it about friends that you think has such staying power wire folks still so in love with the show 25 years after compared. Who knows us about a time when you you first have left her family. And so Europe's friends become your family and then people resonate without. Which is why at a friend's brought in more than fifty million viewers per episode the real actual friendship and love. On that set you know you feel it when you're watching the show and if you're wondering what these classic characters might be up to you today hopefully Gunther is over ritual when you know. Hopefully that would have been a long time ago and causes just kind of on penalty that put the dollars up and for Janice I think she's designing clothing I think yes a line and. Thought left side everything. Do you ever wish that she ended up with Chandler of course. Absolutely. And of course I had to ask is there any chance that. Everyone we'll come back together for a movie for. One episode 22 minutes is do you think there's any help let kind of bought step. I'll be there. So it's like Phoebe don't even have a plaque for how to celebrate its money fifth anniversary don't worry. It's a moot point. Select theaters all over the country will show twelve episodes of friends on the big screen for the first time ever beginning this weekend. Friends really is just one of those iconic. Theories you have to watch and I say that because that read earlier that he be. Lisa Kudrow who have never seen an episode hundred. Manage that blows my mind and every one has seen an up vision and I want to get another. Credit there and all let's yeah. Harper to play that character who with artists who've been Vietnam. McGuire sitting with one of the smartest characters on the ship a wet. Yeah out of that says about me about crappy. Noble initiatives everyone's like a combo of two of the friends and I feel like I'm our Rachel Phoebe combo okay and whom do you guys really definite racial Monica. I see that math OK and I'm probably a little Roth slash BB. Appreciate it I think it's well. Plop next we've got to look at the big events coming up later today. Plus a man's request for some beer money it leads to a big score we'll tell you where all that cash money is going. After this cash I'm. There's let's watch out Ford today First Lady Gilani had trouble attend the reopening of the Washington monument hosted by the national parks service. The First Lady will participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony and taped a ceremonial ride to the top of the monuments the popular tourist attraction. Clothes back at when he sixteen to replace an aging elevator. An upgraded security systems. FaceBook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg of them Washington DC to meet with policy makers and talk about future Internet regulation according to. A FaceBook spokesperson. Meanwhile on Capitol Hill Reverend Al Sharpton we'll testified to the House Judiciary Committee. On a policing practices and bipartisan members of congress will hold a press conference to launch the congressional caucus and of the view of beefing epidemic. And that three major candidates for governor of Louisiana or fates are for the first time in a debate incumbent democratic governor John Bell where's we'll speak for staged a few Republicans. Businessman Eddie this phone and congressman Ralph Abraham. Plus don't forget to tune in to the debrief for an update on all of our top stories. And the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest political headlines. Finally a beer money sign that was supposed to be a joke is raising serious money for a good cause. Gas Saturday morning Carson king was part of the crowd watching ESPN's. College game day in Ames Iowa he held up with handmade sign which read a bush lite supply needs replenished. And then he included his been Moe Handel he thought that someone might see him in his friends and a few bucks their way. But last night he was stunned to see and we were all Sunday here that the donations are up to 67000. Dollars. Minded think you'd be on TV I didn't think anyone actually donate to it. I thought oh become a funny you know maybe someone in the crowd we'll see it and send me money for you know cases bush life. You know at its lattes and it just really took off. King decided to use his good fortune to help others so he's donating all the money the University of Iowa Steve family Children's Hospital. Except for fifteen dollars which he will use to buy a case of beer with a little fifteen EST I mean after all of our I had. See much cheaper than that temperature signifies a few cases. Lar at any hints that elevate his beer tastes I know right let's like small. You can donate to my avocado till spot as well it. Somebody get them out about it right now because we're done this over goodbye we will see you tomorrow Asian dining.

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