It's Morning, America: Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Trump says he's unconcerned as Democrats debate impeachment, death toll rises in Sri Lanka and more.
27:04 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, April 23, 2019
We're gonna move and I'm getting Norman get a top I think net it's Tuesday number one. Today's been designated a national day of mourning entry along that the death poll from Sunday's bombings and please rise. The number of dead now at at least 310. And the nation is in the state of emergency dozens of members of a local terror group are under arrest in connection. With the explosions authorities Weaver suspects were aided by an international network. New images show what's believed to be one of the terrorist wearing a backpack moments before one of the explosions. At least four victims are Americans including a man from Denver. And a fifth grader from Washington DC. Number 21 of the top Democrats running for president as weighing in on impeachment California senator O'Connell parents says she supports congress moving toward impeachment of president from. Harris made the comments during a town hall overnight but other Democrats including top leadership. Don't agree speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi conducted an hour long conference call that democratic lawmakers. To discuss the path forward regarding the various investigations into the president. In the wake of the Muller reports we'll see another and her leadership team made it clear that while they want to aggressively investigate the president they are not ready to move forward with impeachment. Now on to number 32 major federal benefit programs are running out of money a government report says the early next your Social Security will take him less money than it hands out. Nothing will be left by 2035. Medicare will go broke much sooner seven years from now the major problem is that more baby boomers are becoming eligible for the benefit. But not I think people are replacing them in the work force number four the FDA has approved the first medical device to treat children with ADHD it's designed for kids between the ages of seven to twelve corn not on medication. And users where a small adhesive passed obviously it delivers low level electrical stimulation to parts of the brain so far it's not covered by insurance it may cost more. And 1000 dollars and finally from us number five new list of below attack trafford is out and if you use the top two. Just say you mini V getting what you do there topping this year's list. Passwords and 123456. Original according to the national cyber security center and the UK other passwords. Hackers appear to Ashley and Michael in the most commons witnesses or names. Sports fans it's Liverpool and music lovers seem to choose. And Blink-182. A little too often but we are meal I argue Blink-182. Yeah capital letter or lower case I am a numbers and if you add an exclamation point or question mark. You're covered if you're in their. Great password except until now he's got more and more more more. More. Can I give. I thought now more coming ago more ago. They're your passwords chemical indigo is morning everybody. Story chatter about passwords earlier I was hey. Dell that your password don't say you're category that. Because I didn't even want to give provides I don't think like. I will say that companies that make you change your past for every few months or so. For the number. I didn't go up the line it's not really and I think that do you get my password now. Yes we view. Getting molten law the next in the coming let's get a vote and tell my they're very there were diving into examine have all my stuff packed. I need to get better that there are definitely era to see those pictures. That's about a Washington. Let's start let's start there this morning to you at. I let's get to that big story the question of impeachment and build a point when he presidential candidate is expanding even further with. Massachusetts congressman Seth Moulton officially announcing his candidacy. Now the candidates are vying to separate themselves in the eyes of the voters and while they may agree on many policies. Everyone's on the same page when it comes to impeaching president from. Overnight tough words for president trump during the democratic town halls president trump should be held accountable here is no political. Inconvenience exception to the United States constitution we have the most dangerous president. A in the modern history of this country in the front runners and the twenty Tony election addressing accusations that the president obstructed justice or any other human being. In this country. Had Donald likes documented in the mall or report. There would be arrested and put in jail. But while senators Elizabeth Warren in Kabul Harris called for the president's removal I believe congress to take the steps towards impeachment. Mayor Pete Buddha judge senator Amy Klobuchar and senator Bernie Sanders all took a more tempered approach what is most important to me. Is the seed that Donald Trump. Is not be elected president still one thing is abundantly clear the left is united mission to bring sweeping change to gun control. I will give the United States congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws and if they fail to do it. Then I will take executive action medical care helped him. Is a human right not a privilege and immigration reform we can't have comprehensive immigration reform that works. Unless it addresses the status for those eleven some million undocumented immigrants senator Warren offered a proposal to forgive 64 billion dollars in student loans using tax reform to pay the bill. We're going to roll back student loan debt for about 95%. Of students who have. While mayor booed digit choose skyrocketed in the polls now sitting at number three out of nineteen presidential hopefuls. Blasted the current administration. We've got a White House that is actually computed that it is better off politically. If Americans can continue to be divided around it for short term political gain and that has got to end with the new pressed. Let's bring in our friend politicos are opting in Washington for more on this Mona back to the impeachment matter. Speaker vows policy conducted an hourlong conference call the democratic lawmakers to discuss a pap pap forward. What could be determined. Well to thank Tenet since the Muller report came out this has really been a divisive issue. Among Democrats now on that phone call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advised against impeachment despite growing calls. Among the rank and file members but she said. That Democrats will continue to investigate the president's actions this as a democratic led House Judiciary Committee subpoena to former White House counsel Don began. Over whether president trump obstructed justice now. Meanwhile president from claims that Democrats have no grounds to impeach adding that he's not concerned in the least. It's. A nap room yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And just last week the House Judiciary Committee also formally requested. The special counsel Robert Mueller come on the Capitol Hill testify in front of congress and the American people. No later than may 23. It does look a game of chicken at this point with. Comes to talking about impeachment and here's that they as you know Mona as well them the American public knows that congress is to do its job right. Boat and a year from now we're still talking about impeachment. I think that's something that many Americans will be tired of as well I think Nancy Pelosi. Knows that so I our friend Mona there and watching that we appreciate you my friend. He named Burnett went out to the death toll rising in Sri Lanka following according bombings on Easter Sunday dozens of members of a local terror group. Under arrest in connection with the explosions. Authorities believe the suspects were aided by an international network. Overnight vigil stretch all the way back to the United States as we learn more about the investigation into the attack. A second wave of chaos in Sri Lanka. A B and full of explosives discovered in the capital city just one day after a series of coordinated attacks left more than 300. People dead. Huge explosion just what else just around not cornerback ABC seeing Longley was just yards away when the bombs went off buildings around hand. Wind ice shots its. Cheers criminal from the crowd and that we can see them running toward the position of Elian now police on high that we don't know what to walls of the road with a police destination that was. Hi this search is part of the massive. Investigation into the deadly Easter Sunday bombings. Dozens of Sri Lankan nationals already arrested but officials now say they are certain the culprits had help from outside the country. Police are reviewing the security videos broadcast on tree launching TV. This man purportedly one of the bombers seen maneuvering the crowd while another wrinkle shows him walking by worshippers at the saint Sebastian church. Minutes later the roof of that church was blown completely off. Among the dead are four Americans including forty year old Dieter Kowalski who traveled from Colorado to Sri Lanka. For business the FBI is now assisting Sri Lankan authorities in the investigation. As reports lake officials cleaning they ignored warnings about an imminent attack. And we're now learning that a memo was sent to local authorities with the ominous title information of an alleged planned attack. Many are now asking whether that that was taking seriously. James Longman is on the ground in Colombo with more James. Hi guys I'm just outside a mall in central Colombo west nominees have been coming to identify. And loved ones. We've seen them draped in white shrouds being mullah unceremoniously lifted. On that pickup trucks NCs. Instead of waiting band happy to be taken back their respective villages for burial just but actually to a man who. I had just been inside identifying his brother in Italy said conditions inside were appalling. That smell. Was very odd indeed. This whole house this country is now continuing. To exist under a state of emergency. Sweeping out by the authorities came very very worried about. Continued attacks. And we're hearing more information about some of the victims. One in particular areas is pretty shocking. An eleven year old boy here and stuff freaks does Aaliyah it was from Washington DC is his mother that's trying can national. They went hand. Breakfast is cinnamon. I grand hotel when the bombs struck. Just eleven years old news about this hit six straight guys straight seventh bout with how bright he was one young life taken. I've a 300 others now we now have died 500. In its I'm sold all day today that will be more more from he's coming here to identify the problems us. Our thanks to James Longley an inch tree log goal president rob is also battling over the release of his tax returns he and his business are suing both the chairman of the house oversight committee and their accounting firm to block the release. Democrat Elijah Cummings of Maryland has subpoenaed. Eight years of returns from the accounting firm Republicans on the committee called the move an attempt to embarrass the president. Police are focusing the search for missing five year old boy on his Chicago suburban area home calling it. Crime scene it different parents say they last Aum at bed time on Wednesday night. His mother is no longer cooperating with investigators Sharon coming in is due in court today for a hearing to regain custody of another child removed from Merck. The family has a long history with the Illinois department of children and. Family services a health alert this morning the number of measles cases will likely break yearly record in just four months to CBC reports there are 71 new cases since last week. Ever is the top. Total number to 626. This year alone. Iowa and Tennessee are now among the 22 states. Dealing with measles outbreaks in at least three states including Washington State we're also hearing about some mountain mumps cases are also popping up. Well North Korean leader Kim Jung who will visit Russia for its first summit would Latimer who the official news agency didn't say when. Only soon one report says the mean may be held tomorrow or Thursday probably in eastern Russia. Who has previously called for the sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear program to be ease. Sort of a birthday shout out to prince Louis. Having heard today who turns one today. That's Louis right there and honor of that milestone his mama releasing new photos of the adorable Pratt's Louie is the youngest child a future king and queen of England. Prince William and Kate. The duchess snapped the photos earlier this month at their home we haven't seen much of the prince since his birth last year and of course. Despite that headline the world is awaiting the arrival of another royal Levy the first child Prince Harry and Magid. Expected and me gain now saluting outlining be overshadowed his birthday. He says pay because. On the old this year he's me and your rival B all great whatever the private apparently yeah that and the other senate you know what we'll. I was thinking about the size six assists this event that did conduct at the Sussex and let them have their try that out completely I mean this is their child's yeah and the royals you're going to have ownership over them because of those taxes and fees now what have to have but. But that does that Sonny yeah. Time in your life and yep that they want the privacy IC we get it done well coming up from Woodstock to the moon landing or taking a closer look at an extraordinary year plus they. He had been in Doctor Who series on today's first 1959. Book I was or birth you're right. More that we come back. Welcome back their new developments in the murder mystery involving two girls killed while hiking two years ago. Police have released new video for one of the girls phones and a new sketch and audio the suspect. ABC's outs Perez and Delphi Indiana where the police superintendent said he believes the suspect that the local. Indiana investigators releasing this new video that they believe shows the man who killed a thirteen year old Robbie Williams. And her friend fourteen year old Libby German watch them mannerisms. As he walks. Do you recognize the mannerisms. As being someone Yuma ill. That video captured by Libby shortly before the murders while the girls were hiking and snap chatting by this bridge and Delphi Indiana. Police also unveiling a new younger looking sketch of the suspect between eighteen and forty investigators believe he has ties to the area in emotional state police superintendent addressing the killer directly. To the killer who may be in this room. We believe you're hiding in plain sight we know that this is about power to you and you want to know what we know. One day. You will. Investigators also releasing more of that chilling recording from Levy's phone believed to be the killer's voice. Yeah. Yeah this community are on edge. It's frustrating. It's scary because this Christmas to all walking free. Authorities did not provide a description that say they're trying to track down a car that was parked it near this trail when the girls were killed. Investigators are firmly believe the suspect lived were still lives. In this town and how it spreads ABC news at Delphi Indiana. Just a crazy story there and they hear that police official saying that the suspect who may be in that room and that's how sure they are that this person is a local hiding in plain sight walls and just chilling words there from the police superintendent you know I. Hope that the families of those girls find answers soon it's insane to think that it's been this long gaps still no major break we'll be looking for developments there. Let's check notification to see what's trending online today starting what the study the top foods. Stolen act. The workplace you know these are themes in the workplace seat and they are taking chips fruit candy coffee geez whatever the fridge. Their names not on it they know waking they know is not Beers let. Work thieves weren't thieves I would never do any thing like this on left the camera you know caught me. During that. Hot. Oh way. Oh wait pay it. I I don't let that nylon fabric wall. The red air. Well it tonight Mary is cozy and that's the cup cozy OK maybe you should probably head sorrows and follow. If that's the big. Giant jar of yeah beat. Yet as I ran out of there dirty dirty the law you know why you should put your name on it I know better be in my office and get back up there. How this feel like beer and father you put them together than the Beers Bach. Might be your place you are you were stressed out beer lever that they're resting you can now relax in a beer spotted Chicago. Predate the years. And among the hops and east all that good stuff you can take a warm beer bath and they say that the ingredients are good for your skin. Right which is why my it is. Or you could get that balance shot all the water Joseph. Chad Chad. How about that would ID say that my. It's in my line back in the day to hit on Peabody your bath what are you so five. I want if it was beer. Hammered out look at. It and think about them is didn't. And this dark. And it's hurt it can't move its hind legs. Rule where airport way. Hey kid you fake your guy it's. He wants all the pity yeah. While. Those athletes he's the right feat he had or something they minute I was and they pop. Comic. I could probably are real I coaches Obama for two daughters and Ohio they tell their mom something was in their real mom didn't believe them but the girls persisted. Three days after the first complaint. Here's what mom found that's not a stuffed animal that's pops them and Oprah isn't. A possible they think it's out at home among the girls are then that was called in and of course a couple hours later that caught the old pops opus using blossomed. And turned it lose outside the family's pictures have thousands. Of views and chairs on Twitter those are crazy pictures and their ally motto there's no there are no good well laid out. And vapors that is formed you have to cut that has today's. I gave so it was nearly fifty years ago when man first walked on the moon but. What about the women who made that mission possible the achievements now on full display in 1969. And you'll ABC's documentary series. Depicting this extraordinary year in America's history here's a preview of the first episode moved shot. No it wasn't science fiction. Arlington Monday and there can accomplish the impossible. It was. And NASA programs. School in the country. Hyde was mostly around the instruments. At that time they were everywhere. Hot ash cannot exist between males and white. So you'll notice that there are just simply not a lot of women and rail. My name is Margaret Hamilton in the 1969. I was building. On board flight software. For Apollo missions. Margaret Campbell and literally wrote the code that need to cleaners and possible I mean you know that he's winning at that time. At first I was the only woman that was hired to do what I'm replace software. The sky that I worked with when I first got there he says how can you leave your daughter at home. And I just have to him do what's right for you and I'll do what's right for me. The song for him to be perfect. Person platypus state meaning the astronauts. The astronauts sent back to were say 35 minute color television show of the sites from 150000. Miles. Wave astronauts with the ones on the news but nobody seemed to know that this was not just like you and Edward Egan. And my name is Christy Darden. And in 1969. Iris and their computers section. Analysts what they called to compute it name is captain. Sent down. Mom's got that 53. The incident is came and ask for some specific skills. To supervise some nowhere that's camp. Catherine as a leader in her area she paved the way she made enormous contributions. Two calculations in the trajectory for ABN Apollo program. So goes look at its television. Momma said. Who are hoping to us we'll be told to do. Costs if they did what they told him to do bill would be successful. Go Barbara Lambeau. Form all built around. At least apparently. It was the first time man walked on the moon and the first time software. Who ran on the moon. You're bad about them. And that premieres tonight. On ABC. At 10 PM eastern right there -- they have hidden figures the movie right Catherine Johnson and as she with a credible those women were incredible and that does the fact that we're just now finding out about these women and now I mean we knew about them but they weren't highlighted show guys the way they are the past couple years so it's really get to know about them. It absolutely is coming up the new rule out a plastic straws in Los Angeles it goes further than the California State law. War when we come back. Welcome back to think blackout for this Tuesday the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the top administration proposal to add. A citizenship questions of twenty point census. Critics say it would discourage immigrants from responding to the census resulting in under counts. They'll turn lead to reduce federal funding and congressional representation the truck administration says the question will produce. A better understanding of the electorate the winner of that 760. Million dollar powerball jackpot is expected to claim their prize in Madison Wisconsin. With state law does not allow them remain anonymous and the original six avengers cast members will be honored today getting handed footprints invented. At this team the L Chinese theatre in Hollywood plus don't forget or tune in to the debrief for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room. Or breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. Or one more thing happening today the Miriam Webster dictionary will announce the addition. Of the new words to the English language which brings us to the question of the day what word. Do you want to be added to the dictionary. I'm still thinking so you guys that these good guys didn't we doesn't ABC news live to let us know what you thing. How about girls. Add them for you the curled. How about all the locks. Open it the ball they lock on January 8 shooting with a picture of this mine. But Steve Lott junior and Laurie my word I realize every single day and relied media. Finally from us today you honest Kerala eating out in LA. Now you have to. Ask for that new rule just went into effect it goes further than a state law that also aims to cut down on the use of plastic. JVC's rob Hayes reports. It's a familiar routine grab your cup. Fill with nice. Top all with your favorite drink but it laced pizza once the snap on that list. You won't be rigid for a straw because of folks had always think that distrusts act itself isn't all over the restaurant blaze instead rolling out seats. Scrub free lights it makes sense from all of all stand points and of course less plastic in the landfill which is what we don't want it had Golub popular wanna California. Plastic straws and upn oceans and waterways breaking down into small pieces and my fish and wildlife crossing killing them this eight to already passed a law that says full service restaurants can only about plastic straws when a customer asked for one. But it exempts these guys fast food restaurant. A loophole this city of Los Angeles is now trying to close starting today restaurant customers will have to ask for a straw. If they need one that's for all restaurants were 26 or more employees and come October. All restaurants and Ellie regardless of size can only give up plastic straws when asked. The pantry downtown LA is going with paper straws. They seemed just as nice as the perfect doesn't it it's not even really beside your way answer that straw freely he did see some folks struggled with this now. For the accurate couldn't it once it's done few complaints I think it's more eco friendly and let's moving parts. Now about the California and Los Angeles laws are focused only on the plastic straws other straws made out of pay per bamboo even plaster products are not being regulated. In Atwater village rob Hayes ABC seven Eyewitness News. All that is it for us today yeah and big cap a birthday to again prince flew me gods not seen John Oliver he's behind the all those people are birthdays and that. Uday you believe. I'll let and the. What is your birthday tweet us from our allies Jatiya fascinating don't know I don't prerogative you right now it is. That's the word. Fit the mold.

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