It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020

Kobe Bryant crash under investigation as fans mourn, growing pressure for witnesses in impeachment trial and more.
3:00 | 01/28/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020
When Kevin. And I'm Kimberly rent here the top five things you needed no this Tuesday number one. New. His daughter and seven others. Investigators that helicopter pilot receives special clearance to fly in heavy fog keeps climbing aboard a layer of clouds just moments over arching. Into a hillside. Temperature president from legal team so far has all but ignored allegations by former national security advisor John Bolton. President trump ordered a so called quid pro quo from Ukraine. Yet it seems constitutional law expert argued that even if bulletins claim is true. It doesn't matter he says it's not an impeachable offense with a draft of the Bolton vote could Alter the senate trial. And on the number three the Supreme Court has cleared the way for the government to deny green cards to immigrants if they sign up for public assistance like food stamps or Medicaid. Where they're considered likely to apply for such assistance in the future critics say this will punish the force emigrants but the ruling if not final. Challenges will continue and we'll reports. We have new Yorker before prosecutors are accusing Britain's Prince Andrew zero cooperation. In the investigation of finance here Jeffrey Epstein. The prince had promised to help the US officials investigate. Alleged sex trafficking by Epstein who died last summer but they claim Andrew has not responded despite their attempts to speak with him. And finally number five or counting down to the Oscars with the must see picture. All the nominees got together in such a massive. Class photo take a lot gets like a where's Walt of celebrities with people trying to count how many famous faces they can spot Leonardo DiCaprio and in the front row to the lab went here and Tino and Robert De Niro are standing behind him farther to the right Brad Pitt standing right there in the front. Where's Waldo celebrity. It's morning America mister Wright civilian he tells about the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant. Investigators are describing the crash site as devastating they confirm the pilot was trying to climb above a layer of clouds just before the crash. Overnight the Empire State Building was let up in the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers ask Kobe Bryant's fans hires former teammates came together to more. Overnight emotions running high as the MB paid tribute to their fallen star. Players taking a moment of silence hugging and crying as the world mourns Kobe Bryant. And the eight others killed in Sunday's helicopter crash. This impact is so many families and there is husband who lost their ways why is lost their husbands. Parents lost their children. Fellow Laker LeBron James breaking his silence Monday posting photos of the two along with the caption. I'm heartbroken and devastated my brother adding I promise you'll continue you're legacy man. All secure neo dedicated entire hour of his par cast to his former teammate. You won't believe it. Some and please don't truth and withdrew from the true. This as we learn more about the final moments of that feat full flight. We know that Bryant's chopper departed Orange County at 906 AM heading to his daughter's basketball game at 920 the aircraft circled near Burbank in a holding pattern only about a minute. At 944 witnesses reported hearing a helicopter flying very low in air traffic controllers informed the pilot they can't detect him on radar. You recollect trader still too low levels wells hurled by calling a good time. The aircraft and apparently accelerated rapidly before slamming into a canyon near Calabasas. And 9:45 AM the FBI now on the scene alongside the NTSB. Officials are asking for photos of the area at the time of the crash. As they sift through the debris in search of answers. Should the pilot have banned flying in that enough fog and we look at whether. And will have to determine that at some point we need to consider whether obviously it's a potential causal or contributing factor but we do have hard data that shows this helicopter. With street level. And twenty seconds later it was impacting the ground. The answers to the strategy lie in the last twenty seconds of data the we have on this mishap. Among those killed Bryant's thirteen year old daughter Gianna her team Elisa. And her parents John and carry out to belly also on board assistant basketball coach and mother of three Christina malls there until child their mommies. The longer with us her husband says the couple's daughter was supposed to be on board but couldn't go because she was sick. She cried and pistols bill on the flight lesson though you or. So you weren't. You were not meant to be on their flight. The pilot of the aircraft eras of Bonnie and the company met trained him says he had two decades of experience. According to Bryant's former pilot he was very selective about who he would allow in the cockpit of his helicopter. Which he started using to give him more time at home the head after out a way. Rockets still train and focus or in the. Craft but still not compromise students and People Magazine reports Kobe Bryant made a deal with this wife that they would never fly by helicopter. At the same time. Out of presidents from impeachment trial his defense team is expected to wrap up its opening statements today. Last night attorney Alan Dershowitz presented his case. Arguing the president's actions are not impeachable it's all playing out amid growing pressure to call witnesses including former national security advisor John Bolton. ABC's injury Denver it has a new. Hey good morning Kimberly and Kenneth yes or will this new report lead to witnesses Democrats say it absolutely should in fact they want to hear specifically. From John Bolton written order for that to even be a possibility. They're gonna need a few Republicans to break rank. Raised by these articles. In a fight to the finish trumps team preparing to wrap up opening arguments today do you cannot. Turn your conduct that is not impeachable into impeachable conduct. Simply by using words like. Quid pro quo Trump's attorneys addressed the explosive allegations made by former national security advisor John Bolton nothing. In the bulk then. Revelations. Even if true. Would rise to a level of an abuse of power. Or an impeachable offense a draft of his upcoming book Bolton says the president personally tied military aid to the Ukraine with investigations. Into his rivals something the president's team and trump himself flatly deny. I haven't seen the magistrate. I can tell you that was ever said. The pressure is mounting Democrats demand to hear from Bolton. We need all four witnesses. John Bolton. And McNamee and two others who were the presence and and now some outspoken moderate Republicans like senators Susan Collins and Mitt Romney. Could break party ranks and vote with Democrats on whether to consider calling additional witnesses I think it's increasingly likely. That other Republicans will will join those of us who think we should hear from John Bolton. Senior White House sources tell ABC news the president's legal team is preparing for the possibility of new witness' any impeachment trial. And a critical vote on witnesses could come as early as this week Kenneth Kimberly all right Andrew Denver there on Capitol Hill thank you. And coming up the woman trapped under an SUV in New York City how bystanders rescued her from beneath the vehicle. After this. Stay there and welcome back let's go across the time now to the London bureau where foreign correspondent Julian violent. Is keeping an eye on the latest international news good morning Julia. Mourning Kenneth morning Kimberly yes breaking eye of the night that has been an attack on Afghan police station. Hey the night around eleven people were killed and local government officials. Say is not how about militants managed to breach a compound with inside to help from a sympathetic policeman inside he managed to open the door. To the militants now inside attacks off a frequent feature alt dot eighteen your old war. In Afghanistan you should be its US and they take troops. Q why the target of days then to get that's how about in the US. A currently in the case Haitians say that a possible cease fire at paving the way many had. Towards a peace deal that could see peace for the Afghans as well as some thirteen thousand US troops finally getting. T seven had. Now another story we are also watching is that yesterday. US attendees. Said that despite prince countries a public offer of cooperation. With the Jeffrey Epstein investigation. They have since Favre is C received zero cooperation. From the prince now the US attendee yes they said. That's also the FBI had also reached out to the prince's lawyers to no avail say fog lawyers for Virginia rovers to fray. Who claims that she had sex with Prince Andrew when she was seventeen years old Prince Andrew categorically refutes that claim. How lawyers have been seeking testimony from the prince. And in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein cases 25 CNN and those lawyers have sent two sets of glasses. To the prince ABC news has seen base of those lapses not Buckingham Palace is not commenting. On this they say that the duke of York's legal team. On handling all of this but remember it not BBC interview lost difference on Zhu said that he wasn't sure he could be much help because he and they spent a small amount of time. With Jeffrey Epstein but he did. All fled to cooperate should any federal investigations knees. His assistance of course Jeffrey Epstein he died last you know walks awaiting trial the sex trafficking and other charges skies. Thanks to Julia there in London where it's a few hours later in the day but we've been up all night keeping track of the news so here's some of the stories we've covered so far all of world news now in America this morning. This morning the Pentagon is being mostly tight lipped about the crash of a US military plane in Afghanistan. If you. ABC's Martha Raddatz reports. There's no official word as to why it the plane crash but the US military says there is an absolutely no indication. That the plane was shot down as the Taliban is claiming this aircraft. Is an. Other aircraft and those on the ground. The area where it went down is under Taliban control. Making it very difficult for recovery US military will not say. How many were on board but it would have to be at least two Martha Raddatz ABC news Washington. And now to the mystery virus in China authorities releasing new figures overnight. China says more than 4500 people are now infected but the corona virus. That tall has jumped to more than 100 concern about the virus is Wayne on global stock markets the Dow fell more than Porter fifty points Monday. Its worst day since October. And now we're learning new and he tells about the plan to evacuate Americans trapped in the city where the outbreak started. This morning a new warning from the State Department urging Americans to reconsider travel to all of China because of the corona virus new time lapse video shows a hospital in Wuhan built in a matter of days. As the number of cases keep rising in the country more than 4000 are now sick at least 106. Have died. People in Wuhan the epicenter of the outbreak are mostly staying indoors shouting messages of solidarity to each other from their windows. And I. The messages roughly translated to hang in there. Back in this country the CDC reports five confirmed cases in more than a hundred people being tested for the virus. The US government is organizing a charter flight for Americans trapped in line the flight is expected to arrive tomorrow morning at Ontario international airport in Southern California but first passengers will be screened during a refueling stop in Alaska. Any passenger showing symptoms will be treated there before they fly on to California. The CDC's. Of the virus is not spreading in America and says there's no evidence that people are contagious before showing symptoms. Officials say a vaccine could be months or even years away Minnesota has begun its annual version of the Iditarod only much much short. That 36 annual. Bear grease marathon is making its way through the northeast part of the state the rates billed itself as the best long distance sled dog race in North America. Which is conducted and a culturally sensitive manner. Women swept the middle distance competition long distance. Wishers. Are still on the course bush. And then I'd never of the bear Greek race he survived. And it I've been up the beard is same here I current leaders about 75 miles from the finish. Middle distance competitions forty miles. Interesting yeah up. It's really crazy because the for the shortly but the Iditarod is like 930 miles. Now to the NFL last the forty niners and chiefs get ready for Super Bowl Sunday their social media teams are dealing with Packers among fifteen clubs since Twitter account for breach Sunday and Monday. A group calling itself our mind is taking credit posting a message we are here to show people that everything is hackable. Packs took place over two hour period included some teams FaceBook and its program accounts. And here you worry and you reason to worry about climate change it's threatening the world the wine supply. A new study says an increase of just over three and a half degrees the century could shrink the areas where wine grapes are grown by more than half. Global warming may require growers to abandon some great species putting it in the Burgundy Bordeaux. Other varieties. I know we show lesson in gratitude burg did but she told us is gonna happen and now the winds apply its bid to gain greatly out there any state. We call it. Behind. Road. Let me show yeah. Alice ten years ago today it legendary apple boss Steve Jobs introduced in that I had for the first time the iPad was widely mocked for its name following jobs announcement. Some analysts predicted it would be. A flop but surprise apple has sold more than. 350. Million of the devices were. Followed was ten years. People realizing that if you even not get her drop it holds scream we're cracking you horror. Our parents taking them to every event and holding them up it. The record the event with their giant and I think. Yeah baby dance. Padded off. They were getting our first look at the dramatic moments the crowd lifted it has to be off the ground to rescue a woman who better run over and trapped underneath. It happened right here in New York City and miraculously. She would not seriously injured WABC's Kimberly Richardson. That's her amazing story. I was conscious right acting out really well I tied it was able to gain preempted the situation. Which was cut exact caught out as at least can. Crawl out from underneath that issue be get this as a group of strangers lifted the car up Veronica. The 25 year old didn't want to show her face but want to talk about what happened and thank the good samaritans she rushed to help our. Maybe with Xbox could be on alert can't let it like it's shaped cards at. It is your are just incredible I take us. Sunday evening hear a delay Nancy and Norfolk streets on the lower east side. Veronica have the right of way was in the middle of the crosswalk when police say a 65 year old woman driving that SUV hit our. Afraid the driver would take off someone snapped this picture didn't even realize they are Veronica was under the car. Koppel. Click couples meet us. Well it by edict that Qaeda are. Extremely she was face down her ankle was under the rear tire. Once the car was in the air Veronica was able to crawl out an amazingly she has no broken bones is just very swore and bruise. You are so. Lucky. Yeah. Police did give the drivers summons and despite what happened Veronica hope she's okay Veronica just started a new job that only two weeks ago. Won't tear from Germany. I. Caught in. Kimberly Richardson channel seven Eyewitness News I'm in shock to you don't they go from here I'm in shock that nothing happened like. That's incredible. So all I'm from the great state of South Carolina Miller about me it. And we always show these stories here about New York City about pizza rats. Crazy being on the subway people we were my car. My thoughts exactly I never got to visit we keep showing these stories might get there live. Their critics crazy thank the good lord that she asylum tag yet and new research finds that people who develop Parkinson's disease before the age of fifty. May have been born with damaged brain cells parkinson's and nervous system disorder. Usually associated with old age it has no cure about 10% are diagnosed before age fifty. But the researchers also found that one drug already on the market may treat or even prevent young onset parkinson's is saying more research is needed. And endurance swimmer went to a very chilly extreme to raise more where awareness about climate change. Yes Lewis Gordon Pugh nicknamed the polar bear jumped into the waters an east in article for a swim wearing. Just speed o.s and a cap the water temperature was 32 degrees which may have felt warm and wind gusts on solid ground made it feel like five degrees. The fifty year old from Britain is calling for network of marine protected areas around Antarctica incredible. He was the first person to do this apparently this made him the first person to swim under an Antarctic aren't Antarctic. Ice sheet. I mean I don't know I'm colds a second pick up. Holds that up. Khalili if it all the main me how people that I'd like with you like this is something that you are going to do you know right that the never been elected to it. And there's an online movement to have the NBA changed its look to honor Kobe Bryant. More than one point three million people have signed a petition calling on the lead to changes logo to a silhouettes of Bryant. In hopes of having him immortalized forever the Lobo has been the silhouette of another Laker legend Jerry West. Since nineteen. 69. We saw Jerry West and a special. On Sunday night with rob Roberts. Michael Strahan he was so emotional as he sat there talking about Kobe Bryant who he played a key role. And getting Kobe Bryant to the lakers. He's at the Charlotte hornets when he first got drafted right when he first I mean literally he was only trap they used by the hornet strike seconds and they have. Right Jack ivory it was like literally seconds. And then he got traded to the lakers. And when you see Jerry West there. How mostly what I am. Would dare to say we Jerry West be OK with the change in logo. And that is our question of the day should they MBA changes logo to feature Kobe Bryant. Please tell us what you think in the comments or tweet us at ABC news live so many different types of treaties out there yet this one really would. You be immortalized for quite some time. I know more allies means forever but essentially when Jerry west was put up their people try to that was going to be you know ward. Years and years and years and years to come back after this new development people feel like you should be Kobe Bryant yes and millions of people have signed that petition. Coming up Jimmy Kimmel remembers governor Brian senator special way. Is looking back at Kobe interviews through the years up next. And here's what to watch out for the day the president's defense team resumed its case in the impeachment trial. But it's still not clear if we witnesses will be called at least. For Republicans would have to vote with Democrats to make that happen. Despite new claims by former national security advisor John Bolton no Republicans have said they'd vote for witnesses. His upcoming book Bolton says president trump tied Ukraine military aid to investigations and the Democrats including the Biden's something the president that night. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to return to the White House where president topics expected to debut its much delayed Middle East peace plan saying it would be a suggestion. For Israelis and Palestinians. From there the president travels to wildwood New Jersey fur campaign rally. And meanwhile a federal appeals court is set to hear chalice a president from ban on travelers from five predominantly Muslim countries and space X is scheduled. It's about nine rocket carrying fifty styling satellites after bad weather delayed the launch planned for yesterday morning. And buy from us on this Tuesday morning amid the mountains of memorials remembrances attributes is still so hard to believe and B legend Kirby Bryant is no longer with us. Yes and last night Jimmy Kimmel paid his own tribute to Kobe Bryant by sharing a treasure trove of Kobe moments on his very own show. Here now is a highlight of some of the best. Colby was a hero. In the ways Superman is a hero he was so. Big it was almost like he was a fictional character Enzo real life superhero. With a costume and everything walking amongst us. Yes I know he was not a perfect person I understand that I'm my intention is not to canonize him more or make judgments about things I don't know anything about but I will say. He loved his family he worked very hard and he brought a lot of joy. To a lot of people in this city and we're gonna miss him. You've played with Dennis Rodman unfurl a short time do you think he is the solution to our problem what. Divided over there and us. You know it's a crazy room and you never know yeah. Go to hell no. Are there. Focus on stopping this potential nuclear warhead that can come over that seems more important in the game. You have I've probably probably pass you would pass on now probably one surpassing the wastes that are no hard regardless of supplies and I think commander decides please. Flopping onto a Michigan night a whole. Trouble ahead for. Wow yeah. I don't think it's a good idea to keep it in your pocket than those who want to. In the hamper some they don't I don't know I don't know thank you so much so this that is really. Think your daughter my wanna play in the WNBA she does shall she got though it means students this case she would have a great dude. Men got. I. Just about that happened. While they're in fair to come out to be used to be standing next to be like. And you can have a boy you have viewed boy yes somebody carry on traditional legacy just like oh yeah. I got this yeah. And if they got this. A serious competitor on the court but off. He was a class that class that the funny man happened Watson and Jimmy Kimmel over the years and we do. Appreciate Jimmy for bringing us that over night yes he will be as bad as that for us on this Tuesday of the day.

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