It's Morning, America: Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Lawmakers decry conditions at migrant detainment facilities, Joe Biden slips in the polls as his son speaks out and more.
23:34 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Good morning I'm connect mountain. Antony Norman here in the top I think you know this Tuesday number one the new outrage at the border immigration officials are investigating a FaceBook group behind him elude him racist messages. Allegedly posted by Border Patrol agents mocking migrant deaths and targeting members of congress meanwhile migrants at a holding facility in Texas told lawmakers they were denied showers for weeks. I'm were told to drink from the toilet. Of much more on this coming up in just a few moments number two police say no foul play is suspected in the death of Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs a 27 year old was found dead in a downspout ballroom yesterday. At last appear for the team over the last Saturday fans started a memorial for tax act the Angel Stadium the LA times reports please do not suspect suicide. I'm number three now new troubled firm. Former vice president Joseph Biden a new poll taken after last week's democratic debate finds some still in first place but he's down 10%. In the last month commonly terrorists now in second place in a report Nike is pulling what it called patriotic sneaker after pressure from former NFL quarterback. Can't property issue features an eighteenth century American flag it was supposed to go on sale July 4. According to Wall Street Journal Catherine it found that Betsy Ross flags offensive. Because of its association with the era of slavery Katherine Aiken is the faith of Nike's new campaign he has not. He played in the NFL since 26 scene after yelling during the National Anthem in protest and finally number five if you've ever been bored at work. We have some good news Florida and it turns out has the benefit under study finds those aboard a moment to work eventually lead to more creativity researchers say boredom leads workers to generate more ideas. About whether or not so hold on pass the problem is without cell phones and email constantly alerting us. Harder than ever to get bored the state were never born never are a lot more talk about. Coming your way how could you ever get bored with us around Wright has more in America. Good morning everyone and let's get right to that big story that you images from the southern border showing the living conditions for migrants the US custody and members of congress got a firsthand look at facilities in Texas and they released this video showing migrant women on the floor some saying they'd been held for nearly two months. Tonight showers and separated from their children to tour took place its Border Patrol comes under fire for some disturbing messages on FaceBook. ABC's Mona costar Abbie joins us with the new. Good morning Kenneth M good morning to you today. Just days ago congress approved a massive bipartisan humanitarian aid package to address the border crisis but some Democrats say after torn those facilities. Lack of funding is only part of the problem. This morning Democrats painting a haunting picture of two border facilities housing migrants in Texas representative Joaquin Castro cheering this video. Captured inside the El Paso signer and the congressman says the woman seen here who consented to being reported have been sharing a cramped cell some for months. And have been denied showers and lifesaving medicine. Congresswoman Alexandria Austin court has who was among the group of Democrats who toured the facilities tweeting. Women are being kept in cells without water and told to drink out of toilets. They'll cost you Cortes also recounted tense interaction for Border Patrol agents. I will not. This is the fallout continues from a secret FaceBook page and covered by a pro public. With vulgar and threatening posts allegedly made by agents. And on members of congress some of the post joking about migrant deaths that was a bold bird. Disgusted and while paying Customs and Border Protection saying it's investigating the page. The border patrol's chief of operations also addressing the situation on CNN. Don't let the actions of a few. Be representative of the hole is what I would ask overnight president trump defended Border Patrol agents calling them patriots. And president John was also threatening to conduct a massive deportation reads this weekend. Unless Democrats change asylum laws which can at the DNA is unlikely to happen before congress goes on that fourth of July recess. Right Mona they used us for joining us this morning. In the meantime Iran has now Miley that the 2015 nuclear deal passing the limit on how much nuclear fuel it can store. Iran is now threatening to raise its uranium enrichment closer to weapons grade levels pressuring European nations to offer a new deal that eases the impact of US sanctions. President trump was asked Monday if he has a message for Iran. No message to Iran they know what to do they know what they're playing well. I think you're playing with. Fire. The president has called for new talks that Iran is refusing to negotiate a lift sanctions are lifted first. Ahead meanwhile White House national security advisor John Bolton is dismissing a report that claims the White House makes up a freeze on North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Accepting this as well as long as Kim Jong-un doesn't build any new weapons Bolton who denies such deals in the works did not attend the president's meeting with Kim Sunday. Preparations are underway for what will be a different Independence Day celebration in Washington DC workers are dressing up the National Mall for Thursday's salute to America event. President trop is scheduled to speak at the Lincoln Memorial Day were also a clue fireworks a military parade. Fire overs by the blue angels an Air Force One and despite opposition from local officials take. What could have planes going overhead the best fighter jets in the world and other planes to and we're gonna have some tanks stationed outside. White House as the tanks will be parked near the National Mall it's not clear how many will be years. Well the Democrats wannabe president are in a much tighter race following that first debate former vice president Joseph Biden is still leading the pack but he plans ten points to 22%. After confronting Biden onstage. Senator Kabul Harris jumped to 70%. Senator Elizabeth Warren also assaults by putting her at 15%. And senator Bernie Sanders slipped to 14%. And you saw South Bend mayor Pete booted judge there are getting 4% in the poll but his new fundraising numbers say he's doing better than that's. This campaign says it's raised nearly 25 million dollars from April through June that's more than three times it was raising the force first quarter of the year. The other candidate candidates have until July 15 to report their fund raising numbers. A piece of mail also scared FaceBook facility in California it's located near the FaceBook headquarters and was evacuated yesterday as a precaution. Our routine check found male possibly containing the nerve agents Aaron. But additional tasks Steen did not confirm its president's authorities are still working to identify that substance there were no injuries. Michigan police have arrested a man in a case of water rage look at this video shows him ramming his boat into a larger vessel finally near Detroit. He faces a number of charges including operating a vessel while intoxicated. The two people on the other boat are okay. A California toddlers online shopping games apparently already own point San Diego mom was looking it catches on her Amazon app easy enough. The two year old apps for the phone mom handed it over. While a few days later she received an alert saying her 430. Dollar couch. At shipped after some confusion she put two and two together and realized it was her toddler. Who placed. The border you haven't really suspicious that there were bunch of baby shark yeah dvds themselves they are kid if that dvd. Coming out protests that Hong Kong lead to violent clash demonstrators. Taking over a legislative change of parliament. Chamber parliament it. Welcome back returned after the presidential race in new trouble for former VP Joseph Biden as we just reporter earlier this few minutes ago. There's that new poll out this morning that shares his support is slipping and it comes as a son hunter opened up about his own personal struggles. Hunter Biden is he telling everything the. From addiction to beating his brother's widow. This morning a new poll taken after last week's democratic debate shows former vice president Joseph Biden's lead shrinking with only 2.2 percent. Down 10% since may. Pamela Harris in the spotlight after confronting Biden about race sky rocketing into second place. Elizabeth Warren not far behind dresses and it does. And you financial numbers show Pete booted judge gaining momentum among donors. The south and mayor seemed saying it raised nearly 25 million dollars in the last three months triple what his campaign raised in the first quarter. This all comes as Joseph Biden's son hunter gets candid and a new interview with The New Yorker the 49 year old is revealing his struggle with drugs and alcohol. Hunter shares multiple harrowing experiences from trying to smoke crack by stuffing it into a cigarette. To getting discharge from the naval reserves after testing positive for cocaine. To having a gun pointed at its head while trying to buy drugs and homeless encampment. There's addiction and every family he told The New Yorker I was in that darkness I was in that tunnel it's a never ending tunnel. You don't get rid of it you figure out how to deal with it he. Told his dad that he was okayed when he was when he wasn't. And it took his father you know taking a suburban and a very small Secret Service detail to his apartment literally knock on his store. And say son you know. You know I needed to get help hunter says he relapsed after the death of his older brother beau Bakken 2015. Soon after he also struck up a brief romantic relationship would Bos widow telling the magazine. We were sharing a very specific grief. And there's also the matter of hunter Biden's business dealings allegations that he leveraged his father's name to win business in Ukraine and China. Bite and denies those claims. Let's go across the pond out to do it MacFarlane and the London bureau for the latest international news. Julia good morning let's start with Afghanistan's. Still reeling after the attack yesterday that killed at least six. But now there's some hope for peace. Morning guys yes that's right Afghanistan as you say still reeling off to dot horrific. Bombing a tide yes they rush hour attack that left six dead. Well in the hundred Wayne did and children. Among the casualties. But can't be as some hit on the horizon the US peace envoy has announced that that will be a seventh round. Of torque west but hollow Bonn and cut tartan out of these talks are going to be carried tasted as Kate's phone said. By the Germans and its head this may cub some kind of peace settlement that would involve the US withdrawing its troops. From Afghanistan in exchange for the Taliban. Halting its attacks the Talabani did claimed responsibility for that horrific attack in central Kabul. Yes today. But what isn't saying about the talks is not the Afghan government will how'd but no other participation in the column on refusing to. Speak with any official members of the Afghan government they are happy however it's 20 to any other Afghans were not involved in it in an official capacity with the current government. Even former president homage cause I they've been meeting with him recently and Julia moving on the Hong Kong where massive protest turned violent yesterday as police clashed with demonstrators. We've been seeing this for weeks how are things looking there today. Yes a slight loss tonight some are ready stunning images all of protest is smashing go. The skis is smashing glass. Smashing barricades into the legislative building and Hong Kong making their way inside even to occupy that chain does win then they laugh. Graffiti on the wall as they painted. Chinese Communist Party. Symbols and slogans inside the ledges let's two indicates that the Hong Kong executive. Is completely within the grip. All of Beijing now yesterday was. The 22 out of three since the Hyundai that of Hong Kong to China this year is of course says he is since the Tiananmen square protests. In China so does a lot of heavy symbolism. With what's going on but protest is still demanding the resignation of the Hong Kong chief executive Carrie -- Dave of the whole extradition bill that has gripped the city with these huge protests. And Julia before you leave us out of your for the little gain today. And his little rivalry that's going on. First of all we can even come to terms about what to call it soccer vs booked let me know it cold put people but we call was. I'm rented. It can cool lake united likes baseball Trulia speeds. Well wolf. Came from England I miss the and it is coming hi hey you know I'm through and like we said earlier today before you joined as you guys may have started it. But today our dear friend we will and day camps. We will and so ahead of the women's World Cup semifinal with. The US vs England as I hear the British press have them is so kind to our national team typically we don't try to give the trolls any type of life. Motorola. This of course is the highly anticipated semifinal between England and the US the US previous weld time Indians. All of the thief a fitful will cop. Say the US team lot of favorites to win but because of the huge swell of support for the English the English team known as the lion s.'s it would be the last time they get they make. A major final since 1966. It's on tying guys I'm sure you cannot find any hot streak for us. But co intimacy because apparently. The US team. They've been accused of spying on England because they would scenes. Scooping it's. Staking out the English hits Hal. Apparently that was a man hiding in a train watching English team per pack and so then told him stroke accusations. Of lying around. But you can be sure it's going to be an electric game at the studs of the on tonight let's of people watching I'll be watching from the pot to lounge. Peca put as I get ready to get away on holiday so I'm having having sent off. On unhappy happy fly and I. Heard you early he's undergoing the Bali why aren't telling her travel also all have a message. I instead very good about what I believe it isn't like I don't think they need the other night Unita it but volcano erupts of the issue a two. The new guy some behind the scenes footage up and run my life. Welcome wind gets back from holiday album we will know. This match so maybe you should do a friendly wager yeah I'm thinking for you though it. If England loses I'd ask you thought about this kind I think that you know we do across the pond next time you come back to work from holiday and I thought that you should do that the Tivoli our third story the little lighter you guys haven't noticed. You maybe that entire third story. You do within American accent. I would like get. Boy named Tim do not think it does it taste just an American accent. Yeah say it. I know what you guys want me to say lay and I don't I'm always watching American TV and so I feel like I can maybe kind of imitated but it kinda hard pig eggs well yeah. Oh my as well yeah. Gephardt took that idea. Tell you look guys I won't affect my southern accent just you can end there. Vizio back on I was lemon ice cover day the financing and in England. Went look at. You guy is you have to stunned out and you've got to saying god save the queen and I want you to be decked in the union Jack and I will why. Also what W drinking tea on sat with a T what and the whole should bind I. I believe in team USA so my. Way. I guess that's true that's true that's like him all right that'll virtual crossed anyone's they don't shake television aired entered I will bet you thought you thought. I can't wait to date under this thought. When we're all night when your umbrella handy. Give us the answer grab pictures and also work on your southern accent yet he can't get it on the southern bail saying yeah. I. I. I got hungry Halladay at a thank you. Leszek our notification is now starting with an Atlanta area chip away manager who literally jumped in to save a choking six year old. Logan seven slept there the drive through window after the boy's mother scream for help. The child seat belt was tabled around his Mac Simmons used his pocket knife to free him. The nineteen year old says people have been dropping by the restaurant congratulate him. Great to fast work can buy him. The latest viral trend that heating up summer 29 let's call the bottle cap talent and this is our work to see it there you do a little thing kicked and knocked out top riot off there's got to be a little loose obviously. Twisted there and then you had with the cap with the spend it and of course social media savvy celebrities who never met a viral challenge it like you're getting in on it here's John Mayer about Ibaka bottled. Is that T just sharing his attempt on and secret here. I mean that sounds activities and state them who shared a slow motion for you video. Through the tenth the although home look at it still spitting in the air there slow motion apparently is the way to do it yes. Really get that affect Kenneth tried it earlier we fail we did not have. But hey he gave Beckett should they go well for this family of four. They had contact where they realize their flight from wanted to use the New York this weekend. With the pride and lights on Virgin Atlantic eats them sponge and with an events and serious shot Powell and their sons. K alarm and Cody were seated alongside several drag queens. Man Matt Titus Burgess and pride. Party yours and according to. Out Al at a tea bag. At that altitude match at a high altitude love that the altitude mag really weird mix yet but apparently they loved every second of it. Negative the communicated. Avoid leaving dancing in the seats they're born this way by lady got guy as mom says they say the excitement maybe eight hour flight. Live by this is how you play with kids. It looks good to me and finally I knew no wild black Iraq. This and bounced a lot lower lawnmower on his chin. For four minutes to get his name in the Guinness book of world records and that lawn mower was turned. Aaron why. Oh it really that. Ray that's. To our budget up to that question of the day. Did little Dave up in the producer Ruth. Well you know what went away this our course and it bit out of this matter requested a day. Actually now that we questioned the president and what world record should we try to be yes. Were up for something that's easy that doesn't take. Tune. You know we had to do a whole bunch but he is public some of them will get a track yes the good thousand comments to lead us let us ABC news send carrier pigeon something at ABC news yet. Coming up the history being made on court at Wimbledon the fifteen year old rising star who just beat for idol. After this. Here's what's washout for today democratic members of congress will for the Holmes said migrant detention facility in Florida to investigate conditions under which people's children are living. Presidential candidates were denied access to the facility last week. And protests are scheduled outside the White House and in cities nationwide urging congress to refused to authorize any more funding for family detention and deportation. The race south American solar eclipse will occur today at full review by the eastern time if you're into and they are due to unite here. If you wanted outside but don't forget your clip squad truth if you're here in the US you can watch right here on ABC news live no glasses required. And the US women's national soccer team takes on England in the World Cup semifinals today it. 3 o'clock eastern the winner will play Sweden or benevolence. In the championship. Go team USA plus over its head into the debris for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines in politics won out of that rise these are on the tennis world making ways that won't attend but first remember this. You think you're like. Most fourteen year old. You know. When. What's that there was working girls when there. That is say it that I am this was her coming out party. Her professional debut what do you think you'll be different and couldn't composed and that they're excited. I think. Things they're content. That was fourteen year old and that's. Phenom Venus Williams interviewed on ABC news 24 years ago in June 1990 Fries and the rest says they say is history but. Is history repeating itself another young tennis prodigy is rising through the ranks and taking the world stage so many are asking has Venus Williams finally matter Matt. Cory Coco go off is the youngest player to ever call five for the Wimbledon. But she wasn't satisfied to just making the cut off was ready to school her competition and her Wimbledon debut here's our wellcare. My signs that say it could be sitting at a regular soap and a fifteen year old Cory Coco golf DC what many consider one of the most difficult. Professional sports golf taking down a living legend in a Wimbledon debut knocking out Venus Williams. Who has won the championship there five times act Kynan murals coming there is still eight. You know he's sincere when you say you're here there's the Atlanta Georgia native going into the match with an attitude of gratitude. I have nothing on the news. Playing against undefeated they bought time fantasy. Thank you Kevin Brennan and sharing their court shirt and dominating. Green Davies. Fifteen years. Golf becoming the youngest woman to win at Wimbledon since 1991. ED bridle at the next shake hands at. Wondering what exactly. It is sad day. Yeah I think you for everything she's done for the sport. I'm she's. The administration fair meaning people in houses it's just really telling her thinking it and after the match reporters asking Williams of it's any consolation she may have just lost. To a future multiple Wimbledon when are like herself and. I never thought of that. Williams seemingly at a loss for words but not. Serving up some cool confidence no matter who let clay isn't the only incidents assisting about the whole time as a menacing about Lowe's facing and the seven. And get this Venus won her first 21. True Wimbledon championships before cocoa. With even. Born and credible now to see it it is come back around cocoa congratulation in grass or heard a lot to be proud of there now. Well that's it for us thank you for joining us we will see you tomorrow.

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