It's Morning, America: Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Iran says road to diplomacy "permanently closed," new video released in Jussie Smollett case and more.
27:00 | 06/25/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna vote and Jayne army near the top I think you know this Tuesday number one of the showdown with Iran Iran's president is blasting president fox saying the White House is quote afflicted by mental retardation Ron has announced that. Permanent closure of diplomacy with the US after the White House imposing new economic penalties Monday on the the Ukrainian leadership member to your president from responding to sexual assault allegations taking aim at advice columnist. 1990s. In a new interview the president said quote. He's not my type. On number three now nearly 300 migrant children have been moved from a Border Patrol station in Clint Texas. For conditions have been described as inhumane it's over reportedly sleeping on concrete floors without adequate food soap or clean clothes. And older kids were left to care for infants and toddlers the president blames Democrats and not approving the money needed at the border today the house is expected to vote on four point five billion dollars in aid but the White House. Is threatening to beat told that bill at the administration want changes to the asylum process he did it. Number four coffee may become the next great weight loss street sound good British researchers say copy may stimulate brown fat. Which fights fat in our bodies when it activate. Brown fat produces 300 times more heat than any other more get. Back eat my calorie researchers now plan to look at whether caffeine pills have the same effect. And finally number five World Cup fever is spreading. Ticket prices for Friday's match between US and France are through the roof and after I'd nail by the way for teen USA. They advance yesterday things through this two penalty kick goal against Spain right now the least expensive seats for Friday's game are going for nearly. 550 dollar nonstop. One parent to get. It's selling for all eleven foul was. You got your copy ready to burn some fat. It's morning America. We'll get to that big story Iran shutting down any hope for talks after president truck hit back with new sanctions. Overnight Iran said the road for diplomacy is permanently closed and it comes hours after the president signed off on new economic penalties. Targeting Iran's supreme leader and other top officials. And it comes just as the president claims he will not need congressional approval if he decides to take military action. ABC's Trevor all of begins our coverage from Washington good morning cover. Good morning Kenneth good morning Judy yet just this morning national security advisor John Bolton who are sources say wanted the president to launch a strike against Iran last week. Is now saying that the US wants to negotiate with the Ron they just Mitterrand to walk through that open door but Iran is of course now saying that is not going to happen because of the actions taken by the truck administration. Overnight tensions once again rising between the United States and Iran Monday president trump signing an executive order for new sanctions targeting Iran's supreme leader giving the authority to lock up billions of dollars in the Ayatollah is assets in hopes of forcing Iran to the negotiating table. So I look forward to. Discussing whatever I have to discuss would anybody that wants to speak. In the meantime who knows what's going to happen I can only tell you we cannot ever let Iran have a nuclear weapon in the won't happen. So far those new sanctions appear to have led to the opposite of their intended effect overnight a spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry calling the president's order fruitless. And saying the sanctions mean the permanent closure of the road of diplomacy. Iran's ambassador to the United Nations saying the US has no respect for international law and order to give John Knox started dialogue with somebody police threatened him. We as intimidating him. With limited options moving forward the threat of war remains a possibility CNN now reporting senate Democrats are weighing a filibuster on the annual defense policy bill to try to force a vote on an amendment. Requiring the president get congressional approval before launching any potential attack against Iran. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the president already needs congress to sign off on a strike and the president telling the hill he doesn't think so. I like the idea of keeping kindness and breast but I wouldn't have to do. Monday the United States presented evidence to the UN security council of why they believe that the drone Iran shot down last week was flying in international air space but Iran says. They have what they say is irrefutable evidence that it was flying in a Ronnie and airspace and they wanted to presented. But they were not allowed in the hearing today. Kenneth and Trevor in addition to lashing out against those sanctions Iran's president is now taking a personal shot at president trump. Think he is afflicted by mental retardation. Yeah so this is a new level of inflammatory statements that we have not yet seen between United States and around the president of Iran on top of calling the sanctions outrageous that idiotic is that it's the White House that is. Afflicted by mental retardation you cannot imagine this is going to be good for. The presumed diplomacy even though Iran has said that that road is shut down. But also this is not the first time that a world leader who the president was sparring with has made comments about his mental capacity we don't want seventeen it. Kim Jong-un North Korea's leader called him mentally deranged and now the president calls him off friends so while so of course it's not going to make things so go more smoothly it might not be it deal. That is a good point Trevor we have seen these war of words spoke for Tehran and Washington thanks much for joining us this morning thank you anytime. And some other headlines we're watching the treasury department's inspector general is launching an investigation into orbit and to why the proper administration. As the late placing here it comment on the twenty dollar bill. Treasury Secretary Sieckmann Nugent blames the delay on the need to boo secretary feature for security features to prevent counterfeiting. But democratic leader senator Chuck Schumer isn't buying that explanation explanation and asked the inspector general to investigate. The LA Dodgers say they will be extending the safety netting after stadium that announcement just a day after pearl was hit in the head back how ball. She was seated along the first base line just beyond the current safety netting at the stadium the team didn't give a timeline for when that net extension would be in place. Now sells at the CarMax in Bakersfield California have gone up in smoke a brush fire destroyed or damaged 86 vehicles. Totaling more than two million dollars is believe something dragging from the back of a truck on the nearby highway cost marks that started the fire. CarMax employees evacuated and no one was injured. One of the biggest wildfires in the US right now is the Woodbury fire is central Arizona. Say forestry officials posted this time lapse video of the fire advancing over the weekend. This point is for nearly a 113 thousand acres in the Tonto national forest north east of Phoenix. And it's about 48%. Contained we turn now to the family of a missing mother from Connecticut speaking out denying that theory that she states her disappearance Jennifer do loads hasn't been seen in more than a month a lawyer first strange husband who's charged in her disappearance. Says Jennifer may have been motivated by the story behind the hit movie gone girl. This morning the family of a missing Connecticut woman is fighting back against a new theory in the case this is not a woman who would ever. Ever leave her children and we make that perfectly clear to everyone who's watching. Jennifer do Lopes a mother of five was last seen dropping her kids off at school may 24 investigators say surveillance videos appear to show her strange husband flo T Stew Los. Dumping trash backs along a four mile stretch of road in Hartford the ninth Jennifer disappear. Some of the banks they say contained her blunt for OTC and his girlfriend were later charged with evidence tampering and hindering the prosecution police have been searching a trash facility for days with no signs of Jennifer there is an incredible wonderful brilliant beautiful person. Who is missing Jennifer Stanley is denying a new claim by folk pieces attorney who tells ABC news quote. We are actively investigating the possibility that this is a gone girl type case it's your life has no friends here issued a standoff ends. I didn't the mass people the wrong way from an error. That reference is to the 2012 best selling book turned film. About a wife who fakes her own disappearance framing her husband food tease his lawyer says Jennifer wrote a blonde girl type novel years ago but her family says she wrote the unpublished book back in 2002. Long before meeting foe tease. They called the defense's theory a smokescreen. I think that during any comparison to a work of fiction. Does an incredible disservice to the family. Especially to the children. But to ever really cares about Jennifer because. This is not a film this is not a novel this is our real life. Book due lows and his girlfriend have pleaded not guilty to the charges in this case. Well a team effort saved a window washers life in Philadelphia. And dangled for more than an hour about six and a half what was up a coworker saw that he was panic came in lowered himself to talk to him. Some firefighters dropped their own a yellow rope to repair strained it window washer with lifted to the roof. And to safety wolf. A real smoking an attraction is coming to Los Angeles museum. We need is on its way to LA. Do you know which one we're talking about. Not the ones that grow about as a sidewalk knew the eight week run of for the week museum begins August 3 patrons will be able to learn about marijuana its history its milestones. And its effect on pop culture. The thirty counter the effect right you yet hungry. Sleeping. You know annuity paying bureau it also creativity. Old yet death relieves cell kind of a different strain and stress as networks. The 30000 square foot museum willing clue what. Described as immersive exhibit as well as up plant lap and there's also a taste infection something. Smoking lecture at the infection. Are thought Microsoft founder Bill Gates says the bigger mistake of his career was not pushing harder on Smartphones. Windows Mobile actually came out years ahead of apple IOS and Google's Android put gates says he didn't give mobile the supported needed. He estimated that his mistake get that's cost Microsoft about 400. Billion. Dollars. So what's also interesting about this is that one of the executives at the time told them you know don't worry like you know another acorda mark Garrett is on BBDO like essentially right now there's a waste don't going to that. We'll fast or all these years of Smartphones. Apple phone 400 billion Apple iPhone has the good last it has against them. Coming up the cost of the royal family to British taxpayers why they've blown up by higher bill this year than in the past to keep leaving the lights on. More after this. Welcome back now to the race for 220 several presidential candidates want to pay off the student loan debt of millions of Americans and we're here for Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren. Each have a plan and we're taking an in depth look. At each ahead of the first debate ABC's Brad milky has more. He has yet campaigns are expecting each candidate to get nearly seven minutes to talk at this week's first democratic debate which means you got to choose the topics you Eric out. And the topic a lot of Americans care about student. Bernie Sanders became the latest candidate to unveil a plan about student debt and his is sweeping he wants to forgive all college debt. All of it. To the tune of one point six trillion dollars he says his plan would be paid for by taxing investors. We talked to sandy bombs he's an economist at skewed more college and the urban institute. And we Esther how his plan stacks up against his rivals. This tidbit Elisabeth line doesn't say we're gonna figure I'll bet she says only up to 50000 dollars per bar work. And there are few borrowers who are within 50000 dollars mostly they went to graduate school. And not for everybody. If your income is about 250000. Dollars we won't forgive any of your debt and if it's above a 100000 dollars it'll be lessened 50000 dollars. But that's most people prominent a lot of people. And the reality is that most people have student debt. Actually a less than 101000 dollars most people would default and they student loans are less than 101000 dollars so they don't need all that forgiveness that any get a small checked it can be very grateful for it. But that people with the lower incomes are not people who went to college long announced by and large to borrow that much money. She actually said yeah college debt is truly a crisis for lot of American families but she also said. Lots of Americans are suffering from debt right now. Graduate students really the neediest ones out there now proponents would say this would kick start an entire generation. Near fort the larger economy with that we'll have a lot more on just. What these plans would look like on star here later this morning listen on apple podcasts receiver podcasting app connect Kenneth. And when it comes a student loan debt now you really should be Republican or democratic issue and right we're here for because this idiot get rid of stealing. Is having someone's bland yes I want someone please yet to be having somebody Americans and young people are. I don't even debt. Right we we said that making a joke about it but your absolutely right because this impacts. I mean Americans across the gimmick right so many people so. Any plan would do. Well let's go across the pond now to the London bureau where llamas on its keeping an eye on the biggest international news good morning Lama so let's start. In Vietnam where an American man has been send us a twelve years in jail for what was described as an attempt to overthrow the Communist nation's government. Yeah I good morning to you guys this is an interesting cases of that gates about a 55 year old man called Michael and win. Who was born in Vietnam but moved to the states when he was at kids so that makes him an American citizen. And he would go to Vietnam every year to visit from him friends but lost it in July he was arrested for attempting to overthrow the state. Now the his lawyer says that that's absolutely no evidence shutting him of planning or being in the planning stages of attacking government offices with petrol bombs. Beyond the sound that he's been sentenced now to twelve years in prison. We know that once he's that's sentence he will be deported what we don't know at this point is whether or not they will appeal. This case and the charges. And also the sentence. Now and wanting to bag and mind is that. Protests are back in Vietnam because the Communist governments just simply doesn't tolerate them so it is a pretty serious crime. And the protests that yours you printed it never happened correct. Exactly yes it didn't but that the government said that it it's hot in off. Information it to sentence him to twelve years in prison but yes you apps that you write it didn't take place. Where is seeing an incredible image of a crater that spontaneously. Appeared in a field in Germany and sort out claiming aliens while police think it was a bomb that was left over from world war two and they think that he you know their other runs out there. A yes just amaze amazing I mean the aerial image. Of this crater is just unbelievable. That this is an explosion happened overnight on Sunday night navy Germantown have didn't. And bomb disposal acts but say that it's with almost half city certainty that this type enormous crater was. Create sids by a World War II bomb that was dropped by a plane in fact they think it's a 550 pound bomb. They created this crater that was 33 feet Y eight. And use it interesting information for you and on detonated bombs off. Found in Gemini and this is a bit but I didn't know the destiny sect kind decomposed to the point where it can actually set itself off which is. Quite a scary thought when you think about. And oh yeah definitely am just thankful. We're thankful no one was hurt idiotic dilution there. Exactly but Dalai Lama before you leave your taxes. I hear they go to this family. They are freeloaders. Things like there are on welfare. Getting your tax dollar another royal family. So that the US out more do you tell information about how much they're costing taxpayers over there. Gases but timing DA when while found the public really pay attention to how much the world found he has cost of the public. Because that partly funded by the tax passed. And it times out it has been really in that revealed. That's. And the duke and duchess of Sussex has spent a whopping 3.5 million dollars renovating their home and wins problem cottage. Which house some people up in arms about it because it's much more gun was anticipates it. Don't forget that this was a and property that was renovated ends. S at and tons into a five bedroom house. Not a policy saying luck yes it did spend they did spend not much money but on fixed does and other things the couple paid for about and fittings for example the couple paid for got themselves. And the palace saying that this the they're an amount was already evolved to be spent on fall more cautious. Anyway to maintain its union its great stunned. So trying to you know sort of backtrack a little bent that yeah does have a lot of people talking about at this point is creating quite a bit and. I would not be wheat we saw earlier breakdown of the numbers for our viewers in equals about. A dollar 58 per taxpayer but since it's your money. That means you get invited over to fraud more per team in front that you re saying right Hewitt thanks sadly not I'm still waiting mine and buys yes and I don't want my money I thought. I'm a fascinating because we know that's how much the taxpayers. Gave but. Maybe that renovation in the possible it cost more than that three million I mean yeah I think when of their own money. Exactly yes when you went into the suns when you sit down and and look at all the sons and see how much they've spends on it yes it probably does equal to mold the public. That the attacks fans have escaped to 3.5 million dollars of taking extra. The palace says the couple paid for them to vote for it themselves. It's interesting that I did yes we're trying to justify a rice the right. That. I think if Obama thought there London bureau Lama thank you our friend we appreciated. It's salute the Dutch is our American. Royalty who is now over their debt is meg and general money if any of that being this is a city man. Beijing has yet. How long as royal thing gonna last you know that's our lives back. That's a good point where is that me and my baby Atwood and hot. Did a good point oh my Madigan and her finance you regularly do they have like questions and comments box right that we need. We got a question. Now let's get a check murdered big agent started what may the best friend stepping in as one man's best man look at. Six year old Rottweiler there. He's a rescue dog in that little tots. That's pretty awesome for that man who met his wife now wife and a shelter and they bonded over their love for animals so that's pretty cool. And if you're one of those women who just wants to go out for free food you know booty call yet if you're telling the bond over K have C energy goes chicken. Latin. Leveraging. We're no hot it got a video from allies of the amp up up. The man went book that's I can't created that it like that thirty felt whale shark. I had a whale attacked me in this friends and that our in the water this big fish sometimes called the gentle giants. Sharper spread leave eleven pet it. As the sharks endangered they're the largest of all fish they can grow up to forty he gently. And in time a whale of a tale. The tale I'm pretty sure if they get off my fan well. Figure the pair of unlikely friends are fond into the baby gear. The theme of the year now admittedly there and bad dog find each other in the woods. And if all love all other have a good airline crash so. All its Obama. Yeah I know and I've admitted being let go all the dove. A dear Mary Q but where does this summer. But not here actor doesn't. Who ousted this is what we're actually called booty call booty call from you better believe that a woman sitting across them on a day it was just simply called there's a study to back you. Researchers in California found as many as 13 straight women go out with Ben because they're more interested in getting our marine me old. But that Tito's. Smack. The study also abound as women score high on what's called the dark Triad a personality trees. The study says women the study says that includes being a narcissus. Us psychopath. I'm an excellent. Can't accept it did you do it. No yeah. Well I sat I would have never done that because I'm not expending all of that energy to sit there. I am an extroverted introvert and my battery would be run to the ground to sit there and have to talk to somebody violent was food. Can't you pay your own bill I would I would go broke. In. However I will say is that I don't think I've ever taken Ed. Day or you know gone out with someone to get a free meal but I'm pretty sure that I have done a lot for for you meal. Let me be clear. Right. They always been vague about news they used to invite people you know free could I say god likened that. Yes especially if you're one of the crews out in the field so they're always like I'll election night at a media coverage we've got pizza back in your likable. We're especially if you were twenty to add your first TV news job making got raping and you're like Brit. I'm there. So look we're not judging from what you've done for free food that brings up through the question of the day. I've ever got on a date yet for a free meal or what what's the craziest thing you've done. For free. Make no judgment no doubt I'm if ever there typically illegal write it all illegal stuff oh yeah. Game Jay miss Winston. Crab legs to time. If I remember that he likes he allegedly stole some crab legs. For free that about that but it does your story in the comments. Or tweet us at ABC news lives and be honest. And legal ways please. Coming up new video released in the just east. I'll let case why the empire actor may be facing new charges. After this. Here's what to watch out for today president problem award the medal of honor to staff Sargent David Colombia whose single handedly saved his entire squad. They were pinned down by insurgents in the 2004 battle of Fallujah in Iraq. Activists plan to hold a rally in the senate rotunda to demand funding cuts to ice and Customs and Border Protection amid the controversy over conditions. At migrant detention facilities. And fans of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson plan to honor this finger on the tenth anniversary of his death. Fans will gather at circle of love. Forest lawn cemetery in Glendale California. But don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest front lines and politics. Now to the newly released video evidence from the justice smaller case showing the actor with a noose around his neck police have shared nearly seventy hours of video. After investigating the attack on small ladder which they determined was a hoax they blurred his face because of the time. He was considered a victim. But as ABC's Elizabeth her reports this case is far from over. Chicago police releasing its new video showing the moment officers respond to Jesse smallest report on an assault. Small is seen here. Bill we're and in youth he cleans his attackers put around his neck. Police then inform the actor helped police body camera is reporting Derrick students. Mull it is then heard asking the officers to turn the camera off. This is part of some 69 hours of surveillance and other images released by Chicago police. In response to media requests including ABC news the video clips children's mullet on the night of the alleged racist and homophobic attack back in January. But the suppose it incident it felt not on camera. Four weeks authorities investigated today we have no reason to think he he's not being engine with us but police he eventually concluded. Mullet orchestrated the attack. Police are also releasing this new video showing the arrest of the alleged attacker. Two Brothers who were extras and smallest former show in pioneer and who police safe small it hundred to carry out the assault. Small it was charged with sixteen felony counts both those charges in the controversial decision were leader dropped by the prosecutor. Just last week in Illinois judge appointed a special prosecutor to review this case. Meanwhile small it has always maintained he he's innocent. Elizabeth her ABC news New York. Are more that case things just keep coming now the director drip and there could be more charges but. An investigation now into. You know how was handled because of course there. As lot of criticism when prosecutor decided to drop the case we will see what comes next but thanks Elizabeth for bringing a fat. And that is how we will end today with you thank you for joining us we will see you tomorrow. Back.

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