It's Morning, America: Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Hurricane Dorian devastates Bahamas, U.S. prepares for possible landfall, tragic boat inferno and more.
24:59 | 09/03/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, September 03, 2019
Good morning I'm kind of. I'm getting Norman at the top I think you know this Tuesday number one more than one million Americans are under evacuation orders as hurricane Dorian slowly approaches the US coastline the storm has been hovering over the Bahamas sustained winds well over 100 miles an hour strong winds are already being felt in Florida. Ahead of its expected arrival off the coast late today it will then move north passing near the Georgia and south from the coastlines. Tomorrow night and near North Carolina late Thursday the hurricane is blamed for at least five deaths in the Bahamas some residents. Like these folks had to swim to safety. Airport floodwaters reaching twenty feet high an estimated thirteen thousand homes have been destroyed the damage is being compared to a war zone. And that that hole is expected to rise temperature now the boat fire tragedy off the coast of Southern California every four people are feared dead. Overnight authorities announced there. I found that 25 bodies at the search continues for the nine others missing it's still unclear what caused the fire on that dive boat. At least three groups of people had booked the excursion to celebrate. Her face arms and number three the new. ABC news has learned at death the government failed a federal background contract because he had been clinically diagnosed as being mentally ill. Authorities say shortly before 36 strokes of the pore begins Rampage he was fired from trucking job he and his employer then broke dial 911. The suspect also called the FBI tip line before the gunfire erupted for the FBI says it was an incoherent call. And he did not make any threats number for another drug administration is apparently changing course after ending a program that allowed series' female immigrants to avoid deportation. While they get medical treatment those immigrants were told last month that they had 33 days to leave the country the announcement was met with a backlash from immigration activists officials now say they will resume processing applications that are pending and probably never find you can now stayed. In the same beach house where MTV's Jersey Shore was filmed it's now available threat I'm booking dot com it is six bedrooms but. Only one bathroom will cost about 3000 dollars a night depending on the way it. You rented content wandered for Fareed. Right for the big stories everything Don D'auria as the hurricane inches closer to the US mainland. Evacuations have been order along the coasts from Florida to North Carolina right now the category three hurricane has still slamming the Bahamas. Where is installed for more than 24 hours. Latest track shows that hurricane hugging the US coastline through the end of this week state of emergency have now been declared as far north as Virginia. Even what the storm's high offshore hurricane conditions are possible along Florida's East Coast beginning this afternoon. When gusts in the fifties are possible in West Palm Beach and Vero Beach some areas could see more than a foot of rain and seven feet of storm surge. In the meantime the hurricane is blamed for at least five deaths in the Bahamas where the damage is being compared to a war zone. This morning hurricane Dorian unleashing its fury. Pummeling the Bahamas for more than 24 hours straight from. I'm Grand Bahama island new video of utter devastation. In the life threatening storm search. Toward eating my friends. Friends from the Norwegians extremely time. Water is seen laughing the windows of this home. The homeowner says the water reached his kitchen windows twenty feet off the ground this woman nervously watches floodwaters reached the second story of her home. To the left you can see the flooded stairs leading to the first floor. In this video the Grand Bahama international airports submerged under five feet of water. Rescuers receiving thousands of distress calls. This local man is driving a tractor through floodwaters searching for people who need help yeah. Yeah the fast moving water swept this group away right in front of ABC's Marcus Moore and his teen. We heard those screens look off in the distance then saw four people. At a house that was surrounded by this storm surge the water rushing by day's 12 o'clock. And he made it and they are thankful to be alive and it really was a race against. The US Coast Guard is evacuating residents from hard hit abaco island where Crist Pannemon. Rode out the storm of his wife and three year old daughter. It is. I'm life changing come I'm if you like something out of a movie. Pannemon says the storm ripped part of the roof off its home and he saw one house that was flipped over. When we were trapped in a bathroom is so cool buildings shaking I was sitting against the wall and I can feel the pressure and courage and pushing along my back. The Salvation Army estimates up to thirteen thousand homes in the Bahamas have been destroyed. Reporter ginnies Fernandez with our Miami station describing the apocalyptic. Damaged. We looked like. A bomb went off here and it looks like a war zone. As of Monday night at least five deaths are blamed on the storm including this woman's grandson. Might know audit. While my daughter of Bob important that wiped ought to put out sudden. Right at that Israel. Eight I'm thing isn't it Charles. It's and this morning hurricane hunter lieutenant colonel Jeff for Goosen telling ABC news Dorian is unlike any storm he's ever seen. Her future if it. It was because they all have given our personnel he's they had they're there you are creatures hurricane Gloria or as little as a result of the game that it. Decided it is how our react like all the other watched. The prime minister the Bahamas that the hurricane is like fighting a war but being completely helpless to fight. United States is already sending humanitarian assistance beginning with the disaster response team from US aid. We'll relief workers described the situation in the Bahamas as dire that deadly storm has leveled homes businesses and knocked out power 2000. People in the US and around the globe were already working to help those in need by providing food clothes and other necessities. As communities along the Florida coast keep and I am working toward an even the sunshine state is coming together to help the Bahamas. The city of Miami has established sixteen drop off locations at fire stations and churches for anyone in the area to drop off supplies like canned food. Baby formula and water for those not in the Miami area consider donating blood at a local blood bank. There's an increased need for O negative and O positive blood as most platelets and several organizations can benefit from monetary donations world central kitchen is on the ground in the Bahamas and has already preps 101000 sandwiches without feed those affected by Dorian. Seoul relief is made up of private pilots set to bring supplies and evacuate survivors from the Bahamas as seems a safe to do so. The American Red Cross the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities are welcoming donations as well. More than one million people are now under evacuation orders from border to the Carolinas everyone along the coast is being worn even if hurricane Dorian doesn't make landfall in the US a could still be extremely dangerous. And destructive dumping more than a foot of rain in some. Areas and we're all racing flooding on the streets of Miami I can see right there ABC stream Marshal continues our coverage. She is in new Smyrna beach Florida Serena good morning. Pension Nagin wearing to have both the view the Florida National Guard has already activated 4500 troops to respond to this storm Ani American Red Cross. Setting up sixty shelters just in. Florida allowed. This morning hurricane Dorian threatening nearly 1000 miles of American coastline if you live in new mandatory you have you just. Have to get out with the storm a looming about 100 miles offshore one point two million people have been ordered to evacuate from Florida. All the way to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And it's right evacuation is now in place. This like your belongings vacated seek shelter. Police going door to door and Boynton beach Florida where patients hospitals are being moved imminent are. Despite the warnings not all of evacuate this man venturing out to test the waters in Palm Beach. Getting wiped out by the massive waves though it right. Going to be all right but many have deserted the area fleeing their homes and businesses. So right now you're just watching and waiting. Like everybody else in Belushi Danny and South Carolina all lanes of the highway now lead away from the coast. Many people and Charles and are bracing for severe flooding our Steve Wilson Sonny is there so many families here deciding that there would stay put. They're getting their sandbags ready to keep the water out and in Georgia where 400000 people are under evacuation orders the governor is warning them. Don't take any chances. Even with all this preparation we still cannot stress. Enough that hurricane door in remains a significant threat. Flooding remains a big concern forecasters are predicting some areas can get up to fifteen inches of rain with a storm surge reaching seven feet Kent angle there. Serena before you go we do know that you grew up in that area of who she county. I'm curious about when it comes to Florida's history always we always say Floridians they know what to do during these types of events and tropical systems. So when you see the evacuations of people are heeding those warnings how that compared to how you grow up and what you know about that area. Ken and Iger of about thirty minutes north of here right outside of Daytona Beach and when you look back when I was growing up here we see hurricanes come up the coast in. We would often ignored those warnings from officials in setting instead choosing to ride them out. This storm feel different we've all heard of the Waffle House test I have a best friend tasmin this family decides to evacuate. Then I know people in this area are taken as seriously they have alone have. Multiple generators and that water pump for flooding and they have chosen to go inward with this storm they're seeing the damage in the devastation coming out of the Bahamas. They recognize they just a slight deviation means this storm will come up the coast and it will be destructive so they are heeding these warnings were seeing. The towns the sit along the beach side really. Ghost town so it does feel different here and Florida than it did in years past. While answering about is very useful information I know you're out there doing a lot of live shot through stations around the country helping Cheri that would that would then too because that is. Really good insight having grown up there. Thanks guys and meanwhile Serena you be safe you as well as your family. Thank you surrender we appreciate that won't pop test is the real thing and actually set a best friend tests and and we test that's also. Important information there are some other source were watching this morning a crippling fuel shortages sparking protests in Haiti. Gas emissions have been aren't empty for days that's making it difficult for Haitians to get to work when aaron's and take their kids to school. The fuel crisis is pushing the country's economy toward a recession protesters are also demanding that the president. Resign now to dramatic police body cam videos 2 officers in eastern Texas rescue truck driver. What you'll see the band's big rig had dropped forty feet off a ramp onto the road below the officers pulled the driver to safety as. Are the truck was burning they had no idea that was about to explode. Drivers recovering from a few broken bones that truck was carrying orange use. And Ed terrifying flight for student pilot who was forced to take the controls and land the plane on his own. Max Sylvester was on a training flight in Australia when his instructor passed out after a possible seizure semester alerted air traffic control in the controller asks an important question. And the Atlanta journal denying any group of people. And then I'm good. I think. Yeah it was his first lesson in that type of plane but the air traffic controller was able to guide him through the flight. After fifty minutes in the air Sylvester nailed the lay ending with his anxious wife watching at all from the ground. Mack says despite the ordeal he won't hesitate to get back in the air. Quiet and safe bet you have to do that for the Indy you've got a city kids that they're having issues like. Tell you said it. Each. He said he have to set a good example for his sprint is kids he's got three of them. The flight instructor now recovering in the hospital so here and we'll coming up the confrontation over Brecht sit between parliament and the new prime minister Anna made it bothered taking the casual dress code. Literally after. We turn out this breaking news officers California more than two dozen bodies have been recovered after that vote inferno near Santa Cruz island. 34 people are feared dead a but overnight there was still a glimmer of hope that more survivors can be found. This morning the round the clock search for any survivors of a floating inferno. We will search. All the way through the night into the morning but I think we all should be prepared. To move into. Then the worst outcome. The Dart Group with 39 people aboard anchored yards from shore erupted in flames just separate 3 AM Monday. Five crew members escaped by jumping into the water. But dozens of sleepy passengers were trapped inside the burning boat. I reluctantly I didn't. Get back then didn't look a lot and that he doesn't he's gonna. Fire boats arrived a remote center Cruz island but the conception it was too far gone. He's single vote. An academic record well you're put it out being objective is in the perfect. Overnight we'll learn twenty barred bodies have been found moves through the sunken wreckage nine are still missing. It is usual car on the scene assist. Rob rugged terrain. The hope is that maybe somebody made it onto the island where they can continue to be rest. On short one of the crew members and obvious pain. And came remembers arriving not knowing if their loved ones were alive or dead the owners of a nearby rescue boats at the conceptions crew did everything make bad. Seattle man listening there atrocity was cracking. And the key he says that's fans celebrate streamers hey he's. What caused this accident is still a mystery images from before the fires are just how tight the space was. And the passengers bunk room. But of all scenarios to be in a remote location. Have a fire that occurs and you couldn't ask for a worse situation. The boat sank a 64 feet of water at least three groups on forward together to celebrate birthdays. Now to Afghanistan where an official says at least sixteen people have been killed and more than a hundred are injured after a Taliban suicide attack on an international compound in Kabul. The attack came just hours after the US reach an agreement with the Taliban to pull about 5000 troops out of the country. But across the pond Jennifer Nicholson in the London bureau for more Jennifer good morning. Good morning to name Kenneth gather tellem on claiming responsibility for that huge blast income rule. Which killed as he said sixteen people injuring more than a hundred. The nothing group calling it a response to earlier raised by America can and Afghan forces on civilians in other parts of the country. This deadly attack is unfolding just hours after the American envoy for talks with the talent bond claimed the US was at a threshold. Of a deal to end America's longest war in a local TV interview and Afghanistan. Makeup reside said he presented a preliminary troop reduction plan to the Afghan government. Under the deal 5000 of the roughly 141000 American troops would withdraw within a 135. Days. The agreement is subject to president trumps approval of course and it isn't a peace deal or a political deal between the Taliban. And the Kabul government it is a means to hopefully reduce the violence that stems from the presence of US troops there. And in the latest Breck fit chapter we understand that back there in England the new prime minister Boris Johnson is facing a confrontation with parliament. Over the Holland Brecht to death wants them lawmakers are pushing for delay but Johnson's not budging. Yeah Andersen's U bit of a civil war going on within his party and knicks on the day that is back to work for UK politicians. If only for a few days that's because it new prime minister Boris Johnson enacted. An additional government recess to begin sometime next week. That move reduces the number of days lawmakers have to debate the terms of Britain's divorce from Europe otherwise known as Greg's at. You set that date place and Halloween as soon as you mentioned now Stuart debate days means less time to find common ground agreement to avoid a no deal crash out of the EU. Anti brings its years of those who want and managed separation or screaming mad. Calling it undemocratic. Thousands stick to the street across Britain at the weekend to vent their anger and they are promising to do so again this week. I'll write of course we have to check in on the new royal parents they're prepared to take a trip to south out her probably knew about this even while the duchess was still pregnant. Tell us how they're getting ready Jennifer. A Prince Harry tipped to his family's official in stay Graham account to get fans psyched about that upcoming trip to Africa with baby Archie. Our Harry writes that he's excited for the chance to introduce his wife and son to a part of the world that means so much to him. And he also revealed the family will visit South Africa together and that Harry will also be visiting Malawi Angola and Botswana during the chip. I just a bit more royal news if you couldn't stand it the suffered his are expected to visit the queen and Prince Philip in Scotland sometime this week that's according to media outlets here. It would be Megan's first trip to the sprawling Balmoral Castle which is beloved by the queen. And where the royal family enjoy hunting fly fishing in a bit of grouse shooting. It's unclear the duchess will in Greece such traditional experiences. Well I think you're Bea Arthur is first trip to Scotland as well also had to Baffert are as she. 08 that we are far yeah. I'll Arthur. He is Artie okay say he'll give IRA doubting myself for a jacket so that's right it is but I I can do more formal that's what you're doing that's what I'm doing. I mean aides and others they mag Magid that she's now. In heaven are we appreciate it. Think you think of you very much believe that lets get this clear OK art is not sure partner or it is but they just called Archie. Not can our. Yeah that is Gilbert. But I think it should be Arthur but I. It's not my baby. Let's check garnered big agent started kindergarten Olympic ended babies when where their names are born add hypocrites think and think we'll. I would. Britain. Barry. Stretches little bay there's millions in our instant. Apparently the BP and others to give them. Thank beside the stick of butter when they're born. X two maid of honor at a wedding whose sister said where every lot. So wound he did in game of the U wrecks there and I arms more predominant how great love. What does baby attack it's grandma with love fox love about the kids is coming up here. There it is sent us here and it's. A durable. That may be kept Saddam grandma. All those smooch you have satellite it. And you know what Apollo. Theater near zero access their favorite holiday I'm an address of the Arthur road know I'm pretty dug that baby Archie. You ever in the gaga well and the inaugural the Halloween season and that far away which means you might find yourself watching a scary movie. Do you ever wonder. What that does to your body. Well if you do if you have the Mayo Clinic says getting scared all watching a horror movie triggers up fight. Or flight type response. I think your heart rate increases your blood flows faster to your muscle near adrenaline spikes. The same things happen when you're exercising but doctors say that doesn't mean you should that your work out and become a couch potato. Watching horror flick that advice comes from a medical professional there you go old so that's a question of today. What's scary movie got your adrenaline pumping. Candy man. I hated our area all the Halloween 12345. And I loved that David Lee Curtis she it is back. Out they're telling. It's digital know ABC news live records say that house and the comment other than the other words like me. I. Hope right events pop art today doesn't constitute an ABC news lives. And remember air Biden. Check out how a player from Syria is being not a. Only warrant. And where yeah how all data really air but how Redmond there are old but lets the dog in the are ever look this story nearly two dozen elite athletes will be gracing the pages of ESPN's 2019 body issue. Good in this I mean look at bat in USA track and kill pair olympians. Scott bats that as she embraces and shares her story of scars. And survival here's ABC's fall affairs. ESPN the magazine's annual salute as TV athletes photographed these athletes revealing their powerful bodies in a way you've never seen them. Und close. The body issue athletes are celebrated in singled out by the magazines for their achievements in sports I'm the three alternating covers. Super Bowl victors the Eagles often supply you know five of them have been button on the photo she's. Indigenous people in Ohio she's known for her affection remember her perfect ten he CMA they would. Here she is perfectly suspended from stealing. Her cover photo and then there's US women's soccer player Kelli O'Hara theme here copying bottles. Still cherishes that World Cup GP. This year an issue hits newsstands Friday after 21 years asleep finally here that they'll publish in print producers' body issue features when he went athletes from the worlds of basketball baseball soccer surfing US the end of cords the NFL all sports and I'm great at. But we just can't get it out but the Super Bowl champions. The Philadelphia PA GL ES. Eagles. That is why I'm not dropped those letters via they'll coming up we'll have everything you need to walk. Jump for happening today in the heart warming story behind this is a viral video this is a good run. I'm about it. They're just watch out for today Dorian is expected to be a category three hurricane as it approaches for a new. West Palm Beach. And then move up the coast rushing Georgia and the Carolina. Even though Dorian is still about a hundred miles from Florida residents are already seeing the effects of tropical storm force winds. The real estate tycoon at the center of the HBO documentary that Jesus is expected to go on trial today for murder after. Years of delays 76 year old Robert durst is accused of killing his longtime confidant Susan Berman. At her Beverly Hills home nearly twenty years ago. Durst was arrested in 2015 after he appeared to confess in the documentary. And the Boston Globe reports 36 people were arrested Saturday during Boston's streets pride parade. It's scheduled to be arraigned at the Boston municipal court Tuesday though prosecutors say it's unclear whether all morning. Don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update all our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown. The latest head lines in politics. I think this morning we will leave you with this old woman who says her dog saved her life everyday morally than ought to them service dark he's trying to react to signs of anxiety like when his owner Haley stars getting maps that. That's when Marley Johnson to haley's arms and forces her to coddle these as the dog won't stop trying to get into her arms and till she's armor. No longer a threat to herself. Very very very Smith's service animals are so important. And huge difference they really do. Well that is it for us be safe out there prepare if you are yes you know anywhere along the southeastern. I was in the next 24 hours very crucial when it comes to watching Doreen and that's mainland's please stay with vast ABC news and all of our tax platforms. Do you watching these live things even.

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