It's Morning, America: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Alabama's senate passes the country's most restrictive abortion bill, San Francisco bans facial recognition technology and more.
20:16 | 05/15/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna vote threatening Iranian talk I think next Wednesday number one breaking news Alabama is now on the way to a near total ban on abortion the state senate passed a bill making performing an abortion at any stage of pregnancy a crime. The only exception would be if the woman's life is at risk. The senate rejected exemptions will rape or incest or challenges are likely in fact that bill supporters say it's designed to get the US Supreme Court to take another look at will be way. Number two of Donald Trump junior will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee next month I'm so great to hear comes after he was subpoenaed by the Republicans but Handel. A theft by behind closed doors and that testimony will be limited to four hours. That's the Cano what the issue because sources say trump junior agreed to voluntarily appear before the committee twice. And fell to show up of time on to number three new details and the 737 Max investigation. Reports say American Airlines fighters wanted Boeing to take emergency measures and possibly ground the jets after last year's lion air crash but the company refused that's based on recordings of meetings hurt by the New York Times. And the Dallas morning news Boeing exact reportedly were not sure of the new anti stall. If this that was the clause the Ethiopian airlines crash happened. A few months later. We have to California for number four were Sampras Cisco has become the first city to outlaw the use of facial recognition by police. And other city agencies supporters of the ban all the technology of the rats to civil rights and take ordinance will prevent law enforcement. Marketing marginalize me and not apply for personal. Business on battle us law enforcement officials are criticizing advancing the technologies needed to protect crowns. During March Kelly events. And up finally number five a new survey is ranking and the sexiest accent that the US and the winner is the Texas accent of the largest state in the continental US is famous for his drawl. From El Paso all the way to the border with Louisiana coming at second the possibility an accent on New York main in Chicago accidents. Rounded out the top five if not more voters than anybody else. That's the good point. The day what do you think is the sexiest accent obviously we don't. Yeah Brighton in the USA that because otherwise your nothing anything in the US right. Com I'm trying to figure there. Really in the. We all have horrible accident the hope we do I really quote this content gay lied about it shy accent but I like it. And it Chicago accent that's pathway deaths maybe my life let us know. We're going to be talking Julia McFarland later on I think that they had a great act and we love that they do but how it's a big story that breaking news overnight setting off new legal battle. Over abortion lawmakers and Alabama have now approved a bill that would effectively ban abortion as a state whose vote could have nationwide consequences has already in a lawsuit has been announced that could send this issue back to the Supreme Court ABC's Trevor all has the details. Trevor good morning this is one we'll be hearing about for awhile. Absolutely it's setting up a long term battle for sure today Kenneth good morning to both of you this is the latest in a string of state level abortion laws causing controversy. Across America but this Alabama bill. Cause the furthest of all of them making it illegal to perform an abortion in almost every instance. He might emotion and I almost it would be the most restrictive abortion law in America. After a passionate fight mr. price the Alabama senate passing a bill effectively banning abortion and making it a felony for the doctor to perform the procedure the bill's authors say they hope to appeal to the Supreme Court to challenge the 1973. Decision of Roe vs. Wade which legalized abortion nationwide. Earlier trying to keep it gestures that life. Was to address that issue that reversed his wife it was just jotted down produced is that maybe in the landmark person. This bill going a step further than the so called heart beat bill's passing in Georgia Kentucky Ohio and Mississippi the Alabama measure only allows exemptions where the woman's health is at risk. In cases of rape or incest the woman would still have to carry a pregnancy to term. I apologize to women of Alabama for what this RK dot that we pants. As the bill was debated protesters outside some dressed hand. I may tale it is all about women's autonomy because women have been pretty much treated like breeding factories and we believe that this is what laws like this do. The bill now only needs the governor signature but will likely be facing an almost immediate legal challenge. After the vote passed the ACLU of Alabama announcing plans for a lawsuit calling the measure an unconstitutional. Ban. But punish his victims of rape and incest. With the supreme court's conservative majority overturning the established precedent of Roe vs. Wade is a possibility in fact. Justice Stephen Breyer who is a liberal judge wrote in a dissent of a hearing a ruling earlier this week. That it makes you wonder what cases the court might overturn move forward Jayne cap Becky. Tapper thank you for joining us this morning thank you as a more breaking news breaking overnight what we now is the number of dead in the last committee airplane collision is now six. X the Coast Guard says the bodies of two people missing since Monday's tragedy happened found near catch him and it all passengers are accounted for. Any investigation preliminary data shows one plane dropped about 500 feet and hit the other what they're possibly played a role either plane had a cockpit voice recorder. And they're not required. Rising tensions with Iran could soon be felt at the gas pump a major oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia has been attacked by its role in it was briefly shut down. Rebels from Yemen backed by Iran have claimed responsibility. Earlier this week Saudi oil tankers came under attack in the Persian gulf US officials believe Iran or group supported by Iran responsible the USS and B 52 bombers to the region in recent days but president trump denies. Whether the plan to send in a 120000. Troops if Iran attacks US forces. I think its stake is okay now what I do. Absolutely. But we have not glad for that hopefully would not get up the planet but that had a we did that would send a hell of a lot like troops than that. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says the US is not seeking a war against Iran. Meanwhile Russia's president is praising the mullah report Vladimir Putin calls a quote very objective investigation. The did not show any collusion between his country in the incoming trop administration. Putin had talked to reporters just before meeting with secretary of state Mike Pompeo. However he did not say anything about the report's conclusion that Ross said did interfere in the election. Florida's governor is talking about Russia he says Russian hackers infiltrated voter database isn't through Florida counties reporting sixteen campaign. Our Ron Desantis says no changes were made in the election results were not compromised. He did not say which counties were affected. Now to the ground breaking vote in San Francisco that we told you about that could have national implications. The city has banned the use a facial recognition technology by police and city departments privacy advocates are applauding the move while others worry it goes too far. This morning say no to track compete for. Separatist drive become the first city to outlaw the use of facial recognition by police and other city agencies supporters of the band called the technology a threat to civil rights. As of the ordinance will prevent law enforcement from targeting marginalized communities. When personal information of innocent members of the public to share with third parties in ways that would make anyone uncomfortable. When marginalized groups whether because of the color of their skin their religion national origin sexual orientation or gender identity. Are trapped. The bear will not apply for personal business or federal years law enforcement officials are criticizing the ban saying the technology is needed to protect crowds during large skillet events. If people know that we are not using certain technology. Then we become an open target. Several other cities and states could follow San Francisco's lead similar legislation is already being considered an Oakland. And a lawmaker Massachusetts has introduced a bill that would impose a moratorium on facial recognition. Until the technology improves. He's seen other countries trying at the UK China very famously has really been pushing hard on us and it does raise a lot of concerns about. People's privacy. Washington State also looked at this issue lawmakers there are wet and I different direction and rejected a moratorium. On the software. Well coming up the big drama in the NBA draft lottery where they expected number one draft pick will likely end up. After this. Welcome back forget the showdown that unitary Brothers in the playoffs the real drama last night took place in Chicago. Now there was high drama in fact in high emotion as those teams that missed the playoffs found out there order. And where they'll stand in the NBA draft. From jubilation. To devastation. Could do. It was a night of ups and downs for basketball fans as teams took their chance of the NBA draft lottery. The luck of the draw Dillon a huge blow to the New York Knicks the team which went seventeen in sixty far this season. Had a chance of taking home the top spot but instead found themselves the number three pick all but destroying their hopes of drafting two powerhouse song on Williamson. The disappointment was obvious on social media and nixed grants boosting reaction videos you. Okay. And means the New York Daily News even making the results their cover story. Save the knicks took one more loss for the season it was an all disappointment barrel lucky draw for the lakers bumped them up to the number two were picked giving the stamp of approval from LeBron James on Twitter. And turn this moment the lakers into an instant mean online but it was the New Orleans pelicans who were the biggest winners of the night. But number one pick. Thank you very dedicated friend goes to. Could New Orleans delicate. No luck taking home the top pick holes with securing their chance to put Williamson on their roster. The team already celebrating we beat out the video with the caption. Pelican ticket office is one only. That's crazy that dad. Williams then it possibly go into knowledge knowledge dollars and they wild I would say Zion I'm they've got some great food down there. Those that we led us. That's a good thing ever had any American no either Adam up that New York Knicks fans all the body you've added New York third -- dollar house that either shoot down there and they all live now. Busted outlets in check Burnett cages. Starting with the dramatic rescue video the horse stuck in the mud in Southern California firefighters worked at wrote. User wrote for the horse which was second rule yet neck deep mud in shadow hills. At ski vehicle calm but that animal. Is okay if he is let's move on to the next one to this dog's face than though when. Just just look at this has 111111. And to let him hiding in thrown out trying to get there you've been here eat the air. And the only think you'd have and that little poppy. This. And his. That the gay guy get a kid kid. I don't want nothing to do want to bring out when you're on the pairs of hanging out. At the living room we come up great how could they. Thank you are right there. Let's go across the pond now to the London bureau where Julia McFarlane is on top of the league's international news good morning Julia. Morning kind of just won a stuck with it quickly from a flashy caught added this morning from. The American Embassy and bags died in Iraq they just issued. And a statement saying they will ordering the departure of known and non emergency government employees. From the embassy that best suspending clones this this is it will be some essentials stock. Remaining just want to put this in context this of course. Comes as there is this rise up contentions. Favor Iran and Saudi Arabia on of course the US following this very consenting standoff in the gulf. There's oil tank has which hits have been sabotaged. Or damaged in some way and that investigation going into what happened that. Say a sign that things. May be getting more tenants. But well monitor that and we'll bring you guy's the updates as they come. We sure will right here on ABC news live on moving on Julie you've been watching the opening of the cans the -- film festival in southern France so what's making headlines there. Yes this that they at 72. Can festival that glamorous glitzy awards Simon. On the French Riviera. Is becoming an ever increasing trend in film awards ceremonies the lord of the speeches becoming more and more topical. Even more political. Now the top headline from the awards. That the it was go on they will continue this week but the the grand opening night. So the Mexican directs. I'm hundred Gonzales in every to his what his the jury president making a very political speech. Taking a veiled Ol or perhaps a parts of veiled swipe. The policies of president Donald Trump particularly for his policy on building got bored to war. Between the United States and Mexico are warning got it could leads to another war. It's another thing that is interesting is I didn't know a kind of that you see in the trailer four the film which was the fact disseminate. The wars Emmys opening film called the dead then dies. I just what's the trend just coming in this morning and it looks amazing it's a zombie comedy and it's got this. Star studded cost. Heavies in the trailer look you can but it is they call it is some com. As in exile and it needed to go bush and because it lives hello Larry is it's got I didn't drive but it's got bill mare as a scenic and as Scott Iggy Iggy Pop it's doing quite well it's kind of if you seen shorn of the dead that perhaps the dawn called and highness. It's kind of like got but set and like small town America and I just want to bring you a couple of critics from people you've seen him of the settlement of reviews that having a Polaris. One. But Mott remarks on on Iggy pop's. A performance as a zombie. By. One zombie is obsessed with coffee and played by Iggy Pop. Not looking all that different from the way he has bit should be does in costing times it's Estrich genius sir could cut made me laugh. And another which I think probing caps lays the film a bit more. It's hard to what small town America ten on itself and not see political power allows. But the film at Tiffany self identifies as fiction that's from the data Telecom. They yell hey and speaking to small town America can't let you go without. How do you weigh in on the question on the today which is your favorite accent here in the US you heard earth I push you heard that the top of the show there. And we love yours but by here we have to vote on here in the US what he got. That's a good line I have T favorites. Another southern accent because that's so manifests and they kind of seemed to me like the American version of the gloves regional accent here in the UK. Which if you guys that net goal as need to maxim is Betty. Musical and Betty like where is this southern Isaacson an American is Liz you know it's a little sing song but probably upset Boston. Boston. There some new like that and I took them down south I can say that's there's folks down south and I don't know what Mela flew with some means. But you do you and half. Harvard get FAT word for us them are down south so I'm glad you like our. Southern accents as well I'd say I'd data that it that the dead are they go by frank good to talk with media and candidate on an out Kansas farmer trapped and have him. Sherry the drastic step he took to survive in how he's doing now. Here's what to watch our board. Today the house aviation subcommittee will hear testimony in the status of the Boeing 737 Max jets. Have been grounded after deadly clashes expose an issue and their auto pilot systems the house oversight committee holes in their first hearing on confirming white supremacy. Where the mother of the woman killed in the Charlottesville Virginia. Writing as it's scheduled to test the. By at present troubles begin at 38 annual national peace officers memorial service at the capitol before me with secretary of state Mike Pompeo. But don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories and the briefing room. Break down. Police have my house. Now to an incredible story of survival and Nebraska corn former makes a near fatal mistake his leg stuck in heavy machinery we're learning what he had to do to stay alive and how he's staying positive about the ordeal. A warning that prescriptions are about here pretty graphic. Unloading on him and knew a man removing colon. Tatum from one place today other than 63 year old Kirk Kaczur has been great fervor for more than forty years but it was once simple mistake can cost as life. If I could have fired that first load unload I think had a thought of it are seeing that but I was in that routine like college used to do. And I just I didn't think of it he says he stepped out of his truck turned around a quarter slipped cannot burn that little hole has. To suck my leg and then. And I was trying to pull it out and kept Paula in there was no one around to help the first off I can remember tell myself the same good. This is not good at all geezer couldn't find a cellphone a colony won his desperation growing I thought how my gonna stay conscious here. You know because I I didn't know what to expect and I fell merger mania follow laws going in and. You're gonna grabbed me in Pullman father and he was left with just one option and I had my pocket knife in my pocket I thought. Well on the amount is kind of off so I just started song on a. He amputated his own at lay. When I was cut net. Nerve endings I could feel I'm just didn't want every time I did when it starts on around that pipe. And all wants it more and let me also. I get the heck out of there. Keep an army crawled 150 feet across the farm to the nearest phone to call for help the state conscious all layoffs though I remember all who knew him. Piano and loaded up here. On life life. Really touting his balance now keys is healing up going through their PR Madonna rehabilitation center in Lincoln keep pretty much to me as little as any moment. Get back to answer it for his mean uncle sparking. Front wheels don't turn about portals that despite what happened to users occupational therapist Jeanie Lilly says his attitude has been extremely positive and good bad. Pretty nonchalant about everything that actually happened like it was no big deal it is what it is. Make the best of it. Employee can live a man. Can always been worse. He was released from the rehabilitation center on Friday who continued healing until he can get a prosthetic leg. But he wants others to learn from his state and paying the price area of. Then her end up paying attention basically in linking night Gonzales he TV news watch seven. Our thanks tonight Gonzales from our affiliate KETV. And that it will there yeah that fit for us today. Please stick with us on ABC's live for the start your by cast. Have a great days we'll see you tomorrow.

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