It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019

Standoff with China, Trump administration official defends Statue of Liberty comments, reality TV stars indicted and more
23:45 | 08/14/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019
Good morning M cannot move. And I'm today Norman here the top might be sentenced Wednesday number one Hong Kong on the brink flights resumed at the airport in Hong Kong early this morning after days of protests mob violence and clashes with riot police. Wielding batons and pepper spray tensions remain high with dozens of pro death democracy protesters refusing to leave the airport. And China is building a military presence at the border number two the FBI has arrested a teenager in Ohio agents say they found dozens of guns and. 101000 rounds of ammo in his parents' home they say eighteen year old Justin Olsen threatened to issue federal agents Planned Parenthood facility and a gay bar. Agents spent six months investigating Olson after finding. Comments online from a user who's of. Reported mass shootings on to number three new details on what happened inside that federal gel in New York in the. Hours after accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein took his own line the two guards were supposed to be watching Epstein reportedly falsified records. Indicating that they have tacked on every certain that a central fire. But sources say surveillance camera show they have not observed him for hours. Number for an hour frightening example of the dangers of distracted driving this driver Massachusetts slammed into a pole you'll see it right. Mayor and somehow she walked away with only minor injuries she got a ticket for texting. Behind the wheel. And volley number five authority that taxes are searching for a woman they're calling a serial wedding crashed her so she's accused of stealing from at least half a dozen weddings. Police say surveillance images show verb five items in stores with gift cards that she stole from weddings. Please let's say this real life rafts or turn their special day into a nightmare and. You know Berkshire. She stole a 200 dollar gift card and then tickets to Disney and it was a little bit. Does not all the victims retain the received so it's can be difficult and actually. Tracking everything that was stolen. But that you have images of her and police are asking for the public's help tracking that woman down a product so nice reception. Anything GAO. All right let's get right epic story the standoff against China protesters demanding democracy shut down the Hong Kong airport for the second day in arousal. Most of the protesters fled when police moved in with pepper spray and flights resumed early this morning China is now claim in the US. That's helped fueled. Protests in the south comes as president trump back sounded a trip or trying to admitting for the first time that it's American consumers were paying the price. He BC's Andrea from GE is here at the latest begin with those violent protests Andrea good morning. Good morning Kenneth engine may. China is claiming that American politicians are helping to inside the chaos in Hong Kong. President trump has denied any involvement but he's also warned that China is sending troops to the Hong Kong border and overnight we saw a new images of that military buildup. Hong Kong's airport has reopened after days of finally clashes between thousands of pro democracy protesters and police. Hundreds of flights were canceled Monday and Tuesday as terminals were blocked. Frustrated passengers were forced to abandon travel plans calling them. It began as a protest over a long about extradition to China but grew into a massive pro democracy campaign. Airport officials were targeted with laser pointers and plastic bottles forcing them to retreat. Police in riot gear quickly moved in but one group cornered and beat an officer until he drew his weapon. Protesters detained this man who claim to be a reporter from the Chinese state owned newspaper accusing him of being a police by. Tying into the baggage car until medics couldn't reach him he's. It's made it then lost his socks flags yes. I didn't movement plans to most it happens we'd like to. Smaller and it's. Beijing leaders are calling the protest terrorism Chinese state owned media showing this video of military forces assembling near Hong Kong's border for what they say are exercises. And a satellite image shows newly arrived Chinese military vehicles at a sports center across the harbor from Hong Kong. President trump says he hopes this conflict is resolved peacefully. But remains focused on trade talks with China. Meanwhile this morning amid the standoff in Hong Kong there is relief on Wall Street after president trump delayed any new tariffs on Chinese products until December's of the trade war won't affect the holiday shopping season. Items like lap tops shoes and toys are all affected. More talks are planned in two weeks today. All right we did see the impacts of that on the NASDAQ as well as the Dow Andrea thank you for joining us this morning. We turn out to the controversy stemming from the tribe administration's plan to place new limits on legal immigration a top officials now defending the remarks he made about the boy team on the statue of liberty which calls for the tired. The poor in the huddled masses to come to America. This morning the trump administration's so called public charge rule is facing growing scrutiny. It would make it harder for low income immigrants to give permanent residency if they're deemed likely to rely on government assistance. Such as through stance or subsidized housing. President trump says it's about putting America first. A top immigration official stirred controversy during an interview with NPR Tuesday. When he was asked that the famous point M on the statue of liberty still holds true. It reads give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. You're tired and your core couldn't stand on their own two creeks. And who will not become public art. And defending his remarks can could finale acting head of US citizenship and immigration services. Says spoke for that famous porn was written in the late eighteen hundreds the US passed the first public charge law to make sure immigrants were seltzer. Fish and that was written one year one year after the first federal public charge rule was written. That says and I'll quote it any person unable to take care of himself. Without becoming a public charge on quote would be inadmissible same exact time in the year it went on the statue of liberty 1903. Another federal law was passed expanding. The elements of public chartered by congress this is that I mean when I'm actually saying they Pollard air act like rock stars from Scotland. Meanwhile this morning the first lawsuit against the new immigration limits has now been filed in California. We're county governments fear immigrants will now rely more on local services as said of those provided by the federal. It will not apply to asylum seekers or refugees. Well the FBI is voicing concern about more attacks on immigration agents across the country after a shooting in San Antonio. Chopper fired into two immigration and customs enforcement offices early Tuesday morning. Officials say the bullets missed an ice employee by just two inches easy it was a targeted attack and they're asking for the public's help tracking down who's responsible. More than twenty states are suing the trump administration over new coal rules the lawsuit claims the rules violate their Clean Air Act because they do not significantly replace. Power plants greenhouse gas emissions the new rules give more authority to states and allow coal fire plants to remain open. If the I dot newer more efficient technology. Newly released surveillance video shows the moments leading up to that mass shooting and in Ohio authorities say the shooter his sister and her friend arrived at a bar at 11 PM. But after an hour. They see that video shows that he walked to another bar alone in thirty minutes later went to his car to get his weapon and put on body armor. Then just after 1 AM police say he killed nine people including his sister though they're still not sure whether she was targeted. Some are saying absolutely not he he was not intentional some say no I had to be. I would say it's inconclusive. Police say 26 people were shot and just 32 seconds they say they have not uncovered a motive for the shooting. Three employees have been poor from the federal Joseph work Q six trafficker Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide. Including the warden sources say the guards were supposed to look. And on have seen every half hour falsified records to make it look like they did require checks he BC's Brett milky have more. Yet that's right a law enforcement source now tells ABC news Epstein and himself with a bed sheet but. As authorities blamed corrections officers at scenes accusers are saying please don't forget the biggest crimes here. After learning multiple procedures were not followed to prevent at dean's death the Justice Department has announced that the warden and two staffers are being suspended or reassigned sources say one of those workers was not a designated corrections officer but there are still have mysteries about what Epstein did. While he was alive and who else might have been involved in now. ABC's James Hill tells me. Accusers are demanding answers. Bradley the accusers have alleged that the original deal that Epstein made with the federal government back in 2007. Also protected any potential co conspirators of Epstein. In the alleged crimes now that he's dead the victims are arguing that the non prosecution agreement that protected Epstein. And also his co conspirators should be torn up that there is no reason why that it. Non prosecution agreement should survive Epstein steps. And James Tommy that'll definitely be part of what investigators are looking for it at teams private island in the US Virgin Islands to see if there's any evidence. But a broader trafficking conspiracy. Of a lot more on start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts or even if it podcasting app. Genetic cat's breath think human. There's a new development and that Newark, New Jersey water crisis bottled water distribution apt homes two homes at risk for lead contamination. Was delayed because the bottles were expired. At a sell by date of may 2019. The C replace the bottled water in distribution resume Tuesday afternoon the EPA wants residents in homes with old lead pipes to use bottled water until the problem there is fixed. An alligator attack sent the woman is soft on into the hospital sixty year old was bitten on her wrist and leg Monday. Night and Sun City. The over nine long Gator attacked as she walked her dog near a pond. In a retirement community. The alligator was captured and euthanized navigator more than eight feet long was removed from the pond. A FaceBook may have had your audio conversations on its messenger app transcribed sources tell Bloomberg News contractors were paid to write out portions of the chats. The workers and not know where the audio came prom dates but says it stopped the practice more than a week ago. Like apple and Google it was using the transcriptions it says to improve its voice recognition. Software well coming up the reality TV stars indicted for tax evasion and bank fraud did he tell them what tired Chris Lee is Spain about the charges after this. Welcome back we turn out to the two stars from reality T who are facing criminal charges hot and Julie Chris Lee are denying tax evasion in brink. Bank fraud charges they say they've nothing to hide the prosecutors are threatening prison time. I loved going to stop because it costs a Pressley there's nothing but toxins so that made plans mast cell of that. All day every. He's a popular reality star who is now facing real legal trouble. Fans have watched Todd Chris Lee and his wife Julie raise their kids over seven seasons of their show Chris Lee knows best. This whose rulings. O'Connor wouldn't let. And woman's talent but now the Chris please have been indicted on charges of bank fraud and tax invasion. Handed out by a federal grand jury in Atlanta just because rich. You're on TV show that mean that the law. He's not going to come get you anything amid a federal crime. The Chris Lee's accountant has also been indicted on tax related offensive. The indictment covers nine years and says the Chris please use false documents to secure millions in loans. And didn't pay income taxes for four years. And an answer Graham post Monday night Chris Lee declared he had nothing to hide saying he'd been blackmailed by a former employee the feds say the opposite. The fact that he is publicly denying it so far we look forward data to prove all this in court we're very confident the evidence. The grizzlies and their account are reportedly preparing to surrender to authorities later this week. Russia and says the air is safe following last week's deadly missile explosion but meteorologists. They are now confirmed that up to sixteen times the normal radiation levels were detected in the area of the blast. And there's still no independent information on readings closer to the side. Adding to the confusion the government ordered an evacuation near the site then abruptly canceled it. So let's go across the pond now to do a McFarland in the London bureau for more on back to morning Julia. Mourning Kenneth. Exactly yes today Russia Barry to the seven people who died oft that. In need clear explosion in the five scientists on the two defendants. Officials then not being hailed. As national here is bet what's happening today it since they're pretty confusing picture coming out. Of Russia the town of new Unscom resins have been told to evacuate. And then the order to back it had been counseled. And say there's a lot of confusion as to what's been getting on all what's actually take place Greenpeace the the Chad the conservation chided tables have been monitoring radiation levels they didn't dispute. What the Russian government says it was a spike in radiation quite mild something witty adopt big space to months due to soft. Any damage. But it's quite a mysterious story the Russian government. Has changed how it's reported this story it initially said there was no. Rising radiation and I she they said that though was that rise radiation as you say what sixteen times the normal level. To put in to cut into some context however additional book explosion that was thousands of times. Higher than the normal levels so and not seeing anything similar. On not but this is the main east. The B biggest nuclear accidents cents. That's. At pickax and in the 1980s which of the of course is now. Hit HB a series so meridian mysterious fascinating. Situation and Russia. Yes egg and fascinating indeed am moving on to museum where officials are saying they made a big mistake in allowing the mosque shooting suspect. To send a handwritten letter from his business also was their major and may concern about this letter Julia. Exactly Kenneth B a straight in terrorist who carried out that her fake attack in Christ church New Zealand's. Spot and much killing more than fifty people he rates he hundreds of less so from his prison cell. In New Zealand which was addressed to Allen and Russia. The prison officials allowed him to her right got but it now appears that it has gone on line in. On one of these web sites which are frequently used by white supremacists. It to pay is divided messages and in this let's that he. Wardens about. About a war with us his coming or big threat that is coming. Say this is you know this is very worrying one of the web sites one of the similar website that was used by the El Paso issues has been taken off line but a lot of these web site still remain. Say this is something that is praising a global threat ready not just in. New Zealand web Brenton tyrant inspired. A number of other copy cats. Is she to such as the El Paso gunman. And I and other she to sentence. Loud just terrorizing the victims all over again. And in India 22. Year old birthday boy got the gift of a pricey BMW. But Joliet the Wheeler learning this morning that it wasn't a car he wanted so what he do with it. Say that this. I mean this is an extraordinary story as this is a guy I believe he is cold I cast she's known as I cast she's from higher Yana in north India. And take a look at this footage because he was gifted this BMW. Of Fortis but they've from. His parents. But he didn't react how OI guess many of us would have he decided to drive it into the reverend sped away and he ditched the car and for amendment he was watching again that I should he decided he wanted to save it now apparently it's because. He wanted jag you instead but I mean that these 'cause. BMW's cost. Around 50000 US dollar is there a fixed right accorded deemed a myriad right. Did pretty deep Mahmud means they wanted jags got a beamer. And so the pairs are not pressing charges either I don't know I would have definitely hit investigating. How I've had been looking at the goodness I RA Julie that's the strange one were met anyone wants to behind me at the end of the news you'll take it right man I I'll exchange it for Jack might I'd say yeah I can kind of they were at covent. You do that their thoughts but never lick never elected. A gift with very. By the Americans and Vladimir. We were we reverend off on you. Oh and god and I got right in that play it again the convention is under way there still is there it is paper and thank you so much good to see you thank initiated. Let's check our notifications now. Starting with pastor an airplane the waiting at a gate. Who killed time. Is a friendly man on the tarmac playing rock paper scissor their through the windows look there into it. Have been a lot of vine. And they have way too much time on their hands that's the way one Richmond Virginia area homeowner described the box that it person wow in this video. We're in television and leaving old tube style TVs on doorstep. Finding those your question please think is just a prank residents say the same thing happened last. Year guy that brings us a question of the day is this thing that we don't know about. What's going on here what do you think it is is at a price up publicity stunt where are they getting these tube TVs were housed the man somebody wearing another hat right. House in the comments Nissen ABC news five. And check this out designer has created chair that forces man's knees together to cut down on man spreading flu and another chair that encourages women to spread out a little bit more. Sounds good you. And this little kiddie. This allocating went market this little kitty was dodging traffic. On the George Washington Bridge in New York city's scooped up by a driver turned over to police and officers. Popper really named him highway highways looking for a new home will be available for adoption at the Bergen County animal shelter. And finally a baby raccoon have a new lease on life after being fit it for a custom wheelchair rig look and so. Cute. I adorable bills. That they Biddle. Well coming up the road trip to end all their interest and the man and his grandmother who are on a quest to visit every national park in this. Country. After this. Here's what to watch our port today hundreds of people in New York who say they were sexually abused as children are expected to suit their abusers. And enabling institutions as New York opens a one year window for losses that had. They're barred under the old statue of limitations. They'll also be a rally calling on arch diocese of New York to help survivors. Clergy sexual abuse. A friend of the day and Jeter will appear in court on charges of possession of a firearm by an unlawful user and making a false statement. He and colleague told investigators he helped gunman Connor bats assembled the AR fifteen silence an in store the rifle at his apartment. Federal agents have said there is no indication Coley knew best was playing the mask. UCLA resident physicians are planning to stage a walk out protest over health insurance benefits. Restrictions that doctors' union access and Democrats running for president are making their case to voters. Lou with Warren holds a town hall in New Hampshire that'll work is scheduled to attend a memorial in El Paso. Mayor Pete but it edged John Delaney Julian Castro happy events in Iowa Amy Klobuchar will speak get a trade union convention in Las Vegas. Though the Bosnia will appear on The Daily Show which Trevor Nolan you can watch live coverage of the candidates events on Or the ABC news that. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest. Headlines in politics so assorted personal about yesterday that we just cannot get a knot up a man in this grandma and their amazing road trip. This morning we're hearing new details from bra at Bryant right from Brad as they embark on their quest to visit every national park here's ABC's David mere. Brett Ryan it is Graham modulate embarking on their first road trip to a national park. 2050. She is Great Smoky Mountains national park in Tennessee we're grammar Julie spent her first night in a tent at age 85. She'd never camps. A night in her life we arrived at 1 AM in the rain and she held the umbrella over my head while I put attempt together the majority of her life has been spent. In this tiny little town in Ohio called Duncan falls to desert Sandia and speech is all that was was really. Something that she get to experience in life needs to give five road trips together already so far we have traveled to 45000 miles across 38 states. Hitting 29 US national parks what are the most memorable and great sand dunes national park in Colorado who walked across. The fan the landscape. And Pakistan India and and then she got down on the ground and I said what are you doing things that I wanna I want to rolled out of a spot and I think it just tapped into some better sense of childhood wonder if parents she said how'd you get hurt on the bad you gotta give the world about Joseph going to be here wants right. You have we have by getting back up from. She did it kept going visiting two Grand Canyon Yellowstone Joshua Tree in Glacier National Park. There was redwood national park to pay Graham are where are we. For in the middle hundred hours. How do you feel when you look up a piece trees. And make you heal old very small. Does it make you feel very young. Not me perhaps half I got too many miles and she's still walking Texas and New Mexico next. We're cheering. Graham my joy. Wow that's so cool but to parks down. Bucks to go she turns an Indy next week yep. Thanks for that yet there are guys that that from us this on have a great one we'll see you next time.

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