It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019

House to debate articles of impeachment, deadly shootout in Jersey City, suicide bombing near U.S. base in Afghanistan, and more.
25:28 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019
Who want to Jennifer and Jane already had a top I think sentence Wednesday number one the four hour shootout in New Jersey second largest city when the bullets finally stopped flying six people were dead including a police detective. Swat teams and armored equipment filled the streets of Jersey City. That's schools were placed on lockdown the mayor says the two gunmen who were also killed targeted a Jewish grocery store. As a result police across the Hudson River in New York City are now increasing security in Jewish communities as a caution number two the historic effort to remove president trump from office debate will begin today on two articles of impeachment announced by house Democrats say they the president abused his power and betrayed the nation and then blocked access to witnesses and evidence. President fired back at a rally in Pennsylvania last night calling the push for impeachment Bennett valley it will lead to his reelection on to number three are ruling our president comes border wall a federal judge in Texas has blocked a drug administration from using billions of dollars and military funding to build the wall the judge sided with plaintiffs are accused the president of trying to take the so called power of the purse away from congress number four now a new lawsuit could change the college application process the suit filed in California claims the FAT and HTT Europe unconstitutional. And demands the University of California stop using the exams. As a factor in admission advocates claim the exams discriminate because richer students can't afford to get help prepare them. And finally number five private whiskey collection known as the largest in the world. That's going up for sale at includes nearly 4000. Bottles some of them worth more than a million dollars each the Colorado man who collected the bottles wanted to represented every distillery and the world. Collection is expected to fetch about ten million dollars. At auction quite a collection but you know whispering what to ABC news act. I'm from listening Norman is back here on its board in the mirror and I am let's get right to the breaking news overnight eight about that's yet in New Jersey or victims were killed including a police op. Essar is sounded and looked like a war zone as some neighbors last night we're still not being allowed back home in the new headline this morning the mayor. Revealing that the shooters target it. A Jewish grocery store. That's not prompted the mayor of New York City just across the Hudson River there to boost security and Jewish communities saying the NYPD is now on high alert. This morning new details on this. Terrifying gun battle in Jersey City, New Jersey. The chaos started at a cemetery where investigators say two gunman shot in kilts detective Joseph seals and wounded an officer authorities say the two men dressed in black then drove to a Kosher supermarket. Opening fire on more officers. This video showing a police officer shot on the ground as another pulls him to safety. That ball. Susan got that that would baffle you there was no Leo gunfire. For more than four hours the gunman kept firing from the market with high powered rifles until they were finally killed by police. Never before my life hours ago wars and I mean it wasn't just a little pissed solos were big big guns. Three victims inside the market were kilt. And now Jersey city's mayor says the gunman targeted that Jewish market in response to build the block EO the mayor of nearby New York City announced at a police patrols in the Jewish community. Saying this tragically confirms that a growing pattern of violent anti semitism has now turned into a crisis for our nation. Oh. Yeah okay. Back in Jersey City parents finally reunited with their children. 30000 school kids had been placed on lockdown during the shoot out. And whenever that's cool the deed. Up hottest in the not children got the hottest this I don't know so. This morning it's still unclear what led up to detective seals being killed by the gunman in the cemetery. Authorities say it may have started as an investigation into a murder over the weekend. Detective seals is being remembered for its efforts leading the department helping to get illegal gone to off the streets. Dozens and dozens of handguns. He's responsible. For rules and from the street. Seals leaves behind a wife and five children. Overnight his neighbors left their Christmas lights off as a tribute. I just pray that god looks shifty. It's hopefully. Ash trees that's. York's mayor says there's no credible or specific threat after you yesterday issued out but he says more security measures will be announced today. Now to the other big story on capital go we're debate begins today on the articles of impeachment brought against president top the president fired back during the campaign rally last night. Blasting the charges as flimsy empathetic. The Democrats are undeterred they insist the president abused his power betrayed the nation. ABC straight Marshall joins us with the latest from Washington Serena good morning Kenneth today good morning to both of you house Democrats announced they'll be taking up those articles for debate and approval beginning much later today. Around 7 PM. It's an announcement that it made only three times before an American history charging the president of the United States. Donald. With committing high crimes and misdemeanors. House Democrats declared they will impeached president trump charging he abuse the power of his office an obstructed congress. On abuse of power they charged the president ignored an injured the interests of the nation. And betrayed the nation by abusing his high office to enlist a foreign power in corrupting democratic collections. On obstruction of congress they charge that drowned but without lawful cause or excuse rejected every subpoena or request for evidence. The article declaring in the history of the republic no president has ever ordered the complete defiance of an impeachment inquiry. Hours later the president on the campaign trail reacting. Eased to flimsy pathetic. Ridiculous articles of impeachment this is the lightest impeachment. I thought country. By far impeachment is an accusation of high crimes and misdemeanors and a house vote likely to come ahead of Chris mess. Democrats responding to critics who say they're moving too fast the argument why don't you just wait amounts to this. Why don't you just let him cheat in one more election in the senate where the president is eager for a full trial live witnesses and all. Not happening until after the holidays. It'll see right around. The town the bowl games them. Top senate Republicans have also indicated they may not call witnesses as saying that they want to wrap this up quickly now that goes against what president trump says he wants to see during that senate trial can't deny. Right Serena thank you for joining us from Washington. Meanwhile president trump is also blasting the FBI after the inspector general found the bureau was justified and unbiased and wanting to rush investigation. Despite serious errors. Last night the president call some FBI agents stopped and repeated to the bar claimed that faced Biden's campaign. Earlier he took aim at FBI director Christopher ray for agreeing with the watchdog report saying ray. We'll never be able to fix the FBI with that kind of attitude. Attorney general William Barr also doubled down on his criticism of the report suggesting the FBI may have acted and had faith. And a former FBI lawyer repeatedly targeted by president trump is now suing the FBI and the Justice Department. After that IG report found there was no anti trump plot. Lisa pages accusing the agencies of violating her privacy by releasing text messages she change with former FBI agent Peter struck criticizing trod territory sixteen campaign. The lawsuit alleges the tax were illegally leaked to reporters in part because Justice Department was trying to get in good standing with the president since. Any day Democrats move to impeach president Tom they handed him a big legislative victory agreeing to a revised trade deal with Mexico and Canada. Speaker Nancy Pelosi called it a victory for the American worker she said the deal to replace NAFTA is infinitely better than what the administration initially proposed. Lawmakers added stronger monitoring standard for labor and environmental rules and removed patent protections for some prescription drugs. The senate plans to take it up early next year. There's an arrest and a mass shooting that left twelve people wounded annual. The gunfire erupted ten days ago 21 year old Stafford Starks faces a string of charges. Including eight counts of attempted second degree murder. He and another suspect were among the wounded a second man is still on the run police say the shooting stemmed from a feud between the two. Actor Cuba Gooding junior now faces more than twenty accusations of sexual misconduct seven more women have come forward claiming he groped kissed and force would touch them. The alleged incidents took place between 2003 in lashing here. Putting is awaiting trial in New York City on charges related to three other accusations. He has denied all charges. See airlines are expecting a busy holiday period there trade organization predicts two point six million people will fly the US carriers each day from mid December through the first week of January. That's 3% more than last year. The worst days to fly are likely to be the days right before and after Christmas the TSA by the way since the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Was its busiest day. Ever I believe adds. Although it allows so for cell phone into writing it technology. Why this butter truck and bought it's making history. You'd better believe us after this. Welcome back now to sound and news breaking overnight a suicide bombing near a US military base in Afghanistan a blast targeted a medical facility being built near Bagram air base north of rule. As a across Fonda Julie McFarland and the London bureau for more Juliet good morning. Mourning today yeah that news has just come out by ground at base is being may an American apace. In the country and it's just north of the capsule. As you say I'm the suicide bombing at Tug it's at this under construction medical. Facility that was being built to help support Afghans in the medical area five Afghans. I reported a two you have been in sheds no casualties say five but stay ahead of the provincial hostile says they're receiving treatment. And it adds that net coalition forces. What injured in the attack it's not clear that we're any Florida's inside the hospital there are some international aid organizations he'd been. But net wacky nabbed by but some pots of the hospital. Well on fire as a result of that bombing. But no one has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack yet old stay with. Benefits hollowed by an on ice is Afghanistan have been staging nearly daily attacks in Kabul in the capital and elsewhere in the country. Let's move on to Pakistan out Julie where protesters stormed the offices of the country's leading independent newspaper threatening violence and even calling for the paper's editor to beat let's. So Joey have you spoken with some of the journalists there what do they say. Canada is already really important story just to let little background at the door newspaper in pockets on its one of the year knee really free. Media outlets in the country it's it publishes. The news arts goes back can be critical. All of the government on is still some now free to do so but they've come under increasing pressure both from pressure groups. And from the authorities amid a tree recently. Issued a clamp down under may have to many of its newspapers from news dimes. In cities across the country. That these protests recently have been a really really worrying so there they started off to the newspaper correctly. Identified the origins of the recent London Bridge terror attack as Pakistani. And this angered a lot of people in the country there was this but really angry violent crowd that lay siege to the offices preventing generous. From leaving they had pace says I'm quoting for the London newspaper to be dismantled. And they also have identified journalists who work of that newspaper with band names. And their addresses according for the death penalty for all of them. The newspaper ad attends a far Abbas he is an incredible Janice has recently in New York being on it. By eight an award from the Committee to Protect Journalists the Granite Hills so press freedom. Awards now he's been unable to leave the country recently because his stuff. They say four that lie this a lot of these deaths that's the second Layton on social media not quite widespread. Pakistani authorities house said that they gave him akin to that seized. But the CB jazz according look for more protection for these generous on to protect press freedom in that country. And I fought very notable terms here in the US and Christian leaders and Iraq have called off all Christmas celebrations in solidarity with the protest movement. Tennessee at least 400 people killed by security forces over the past ten weeks how did they come to this decision. Right so Christians and Iraq have been gang tear a really really all foot number of the year is remember when crisis ever run made so they carried out its. Here a horrific campaign. Against Christians. In of the country many of them had to flee. But that that him lions in the north of the country and with the recent protests that Christians. Decided to cool off festive celebrations and solidarity with the loss of life in the recent violent protests that. The patriarch of the told Ian chats in Iraq he said morally and spiritually. We cannot celebrate in an atmosphere of tension is not known what celebrate tie joy and happiness while others are dying. That just doesn't. What now what's happened is in a central Baghdad closet which has become. But very associated with the protest movement the has been a big Christmas tree erected that but instead of tinsel and lights is being decorated with portraits of the four led that is being done by princess organizes. And Baghdad residents in solidarity with the Christian science to respect I'm drew attention to the recent bloodshed. And it it's a really poignant symbol. Of what the country is getting through right now. All right to a McFarland crossed the pond think you. This morning were meeting not a girl but a woman who's on fire literally she's doubling to build an army of women one wilder. Time is ABC's Kate whitworth with this morning's failed laser work. It's very confident also Varian medical gold medals at the top and then decide. Concentrate. Focus all of your energy and it kind of keep you away from. And everything else. I am the evolving answer. Prior to working here as a welding instructor if I were is working in manufacturing as a welder. Massa did some artistic fabrication NN I've been in the industry for about six years. So Tony abound getting into Wheldon who really doing before I had a really it meandering path and in that he tied and I worked as a wilderness therapy instructor that's where I met my daughter's father. In and out when I became pregnant back my hand and anything was to my family. The only female other. How are you blocked and there are men. Were really great cat he now lives and there are other people that felt intimidated. In which was interesting a lot of things and I didn't expect to make less. Still ahead the wheels taken off my chair. They're just weak somebody's wheels audience here's a domestic thanks definitely yes. And what is more and do as a welder. Welding is the process of connecting materials together through nothing to form a strong joint third two types of welding. Pressure that's when used a combination of pressure and heat and fusion. When you only use heat the most common type of welding as electric arc welding which falls under the fusion category that's a kind of welding we most commonly think out. When an electric arc melts base and filler medals together. From Chicago women. Decades is they were playing. How can you. You have can programs we have a technical opportunities program to help women get into the different trade unions and we also have. And welding program to help women get jobs in loneliness. Typically leave alternate between classroom time and shop and so we'll spend some time being masks. Blue curtain reading than that and we'll be honest on board Martha hands on. I think in a million years you would know how to weld no no but I've always wanted to do and that's why I'm so beyond ecstatic that. Programming that because I took something I've wondered if my entire life and delegates do everything. Work and the male dominated fashion that. Is often cost. We want to change that potentially. You know our goal of the night we want to. How keen that culture we want to help inspire people. To think about things differently. Cleared from the I mean of what. S. That's where teens home. Rafters and so it's about they're creating the camaraderie creating the corker the sisterhood and building up from the ground up and. I think the Cano there and just incredible women build in this country. While really the world quite literally with white men or. Blowtorch at a time. I think brake check and verification it's starting with a cross country road trip that was smooth flight but I've blood that's because this trip. Was part of a whole Brecher break he. Big old truck meant hot of its truck making its way from California to Pennsylvania. Land O'Lakes butter. They noted that unsalted butter they fed although what everything to do with the UI at west. Less impressed because it was. Right it's got a salt it takes salted butter that I'd be more definitely impressive unsalted butter unsalted butter is good. And here's one thing that even salted butter can't make taste good Christmas dinner and it can earning expected the family fees package Lulu. Sad. Single. Mean clearly it's a gamer you have mark. That the gamers as they can't be bothered ample you know if a TV they can't guarantee to screen out but they still want. All of Thanksgiving dinner including Turkey at wore navy and whatever else is that Matt. Gross. Mess there. Non then that's what around our glasses while wearing then I had to do that won this adorable little ground. Wanna hear her mom saying I. Know never. I don't know they're not there I don't believe you. I believe you she sent to you. Hey and headed to the mall to talk to fan everything be upping the Christmas this past you can add new video chat with jolly old saint nick not. At least as represented as because and it is busy in course. But they're not boxers or has filed talked to stand down offers. A live online X audience with Chris Pringle the Santas sit in front backdrop. Make it look play there rat them out all the service look like 300 fans. On the G there at the North Pole into videos I don't see kids. I there are three and get right there there are three adults object. The bank that they the first they're they're very very eight they're betting with San making sure of before they talk to their kids. It's a major candidates has the talkies do. A 100%. Then this thing then to put a loud and your hearts and plays a Weiner real estate firm and Baltimore writing more than just a little more love this month. They're getting out or attic hatch war games has the story. When it comes to holiday bonuses. It's bigger than you expect. That definitely won a ten late like Clark Griswold adds one year. Membership in the Jolie of the month club. Or like this it is like changing. It's the real life holiday bonus for employees of Saint John properties in Baltimore deck can afford them a real life Christmas vacation. And then some. Ed saint John the founder of one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the mid Atlantic. Making this announcement at the company's holiday party. Okay. Enough. Please from the number of years. Okay okay. Ten million bucks divided up among the company's 198 employees each of them opening of red envelope with the amount of their bonus inside the smallest amount 100 dollars awarded to an employee who was just hired and hadn't even started at the company yet. The largest bonus 270000. Bucks heist. Hear them. But they're the ones that run the they're the ones that make the Pope go. Without. We are nothing we are absolutely nothing. This gesture raising the bar and a year when holiday bonuses are already predicted to go up. A survey by Robert half suggest 96% of employees can expect bonuses that meet or exceed last year's whether it's the jelly of the month. Clark has the gift that keeps up given the whole year or a harder and share in ten million dollars. It's crazy life. Credible several those employees who said they are now debt free thinks it's incredible holiday bonus they're paying off their credit cards mortgages to student loans. Bail embers are calling them they're ignoring them. Going to. I don't blame coming up we can't get enough love baby you'll enough. Why he's being used at our traffic safety PSA. After this. And let's watch out for today the House Judiciary Committee starts taking up articles of impeachment vote the fate at. Global sandy me behind at 7 eastern for live coverage of the proceedings also on capitol or the Justice Department inspector general testify on the report released Monday that found no political bias. Or improper motivations in the opening of the FBI's Russia for a. And the head of the FAA is scheduled to testify to the house before the house transportation committee. I was certification of Boeing's 737. Max aircraft which was involved in two deadly chase. President trump will participate in the swearing in of the secretary of energy before posting a comment from reception at the White House. And then twenty and 20/20. Will be unveiled in Times Square ahead of the New Year's Eve celebration. To be held there and just under three weeks. Seven foot tall new roles will be unload and then brought on to the streets for a public flight. Plus don't forget definitive with the very for an update all our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. Brings us are questioning. What are your plans for New Year's Day if we're gonna watch them all drop. Party unity and asleep on the couch. Also comments and eat a lot three is that ABC news five wouldn't need it I will be. Right here. Work it could be a bridesmaid and a friend's wedding I hope so I been to one wedding on New Year's Eve and a first. Latter amount out of that I had a lot of fighting yeah. Time yep and you and I did not quite lenient. So saw that money they don't bridesmaids stuff when you talent. It has this morning baby no doubt wants you to buckle up this Mississippi Rhode signed reminds us small children. Despite that little baby Oda. Need to be in a car seat in the other uses the force but still needs our C. Yet it used baby for you baby you're doubts that Puerto. Sing about people report they get IF you baby you would have the force for good. Yes so they are doing that buckle up your kids folks in your kids' chances and at that plus plus funds that banks are given us the chance. We'll see you tomorrow.

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