It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020

Democrats play nice at debate, Pelosi to send articles of impeachment to Senate, baseball cheating scandal fallout and more.
27:20 | 01/15/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020
Good plan come out. And joining Norman here at the top I think service Wednesday number one the big debate in Iowa last night presidential hopeful that morning and unique artwork this they squared off for their final debate for the Iowa caucus Bernie Sanders denied telling Elizabeth Warren. That a woman can't win and when he went. But the moment getting the most attention happened after that debate when Sanders extended his hand to Warren and she appears. Three Buffett temperature of the articles of impeachment against president proper heading to the senate debates that we think we're trial to begin next Tuesday Democrats are setting over new evidence including a note Rudy Giuliani's indicted associate love art is written on hold house stationery. It says they get Ukraine's president announced an investigation into the bite wounds. There's also a text methods suggesting that former US ambassador movie you'll spot a bitch. With under surveillance surveillance in Ukraine before she was fired by president Bob that message came from Robert Hyde of Connecticut a top supporter running for congress. No word if these documents will be introduced at trial senators say the trial we'll start before a decision is made on whether to call witnesses to number three investigators have a new piece of evidence as they look into that shoot down of a passenger plane over Iraq. New video shows they're running a missile launching an exploding near the plane taking out its communications and then a second missile launches in reaches the jet. It's funny wreckage was seen then falling to the ground. Meanwhile there's new confusion about the plane's black boxes of rocks that they've been sent to France but French authorities say that's. Not the case never for an owl big development in the Major League Baseball cheating scandal the Red Sox have fired manager Alex Cora before heading to Boston quarreled with. Pitt coach for the Astros win and we spent the Astros used a camera and out coasting us. To steal signals from rival teams Astros manager and general manager. Aren't been fired but the commissioner's report identified aura as the potential mastermind. And other investment now the league is investigating if the Red Sox also keep it and vowing to provide the question I have the greatest jeopardy player in history. I've been settled for now and Jennings has earned the title globe after beating tables our am Brad writer and board games. Jennings was gracious I'm social media overnight waiting. I know the turn it was supposed to settle the greatest of all time question forever but let's be honest I got some breaks he also got a trophy. From the Alex for bad. You thirds innings and earned a million. Dollar falls tower ladder of the subtle horror. Just a little neatly small. 250000. Dollars cup point. My your right to have big story. Heist picture Iowa Democrats here is squaring off for the last time before the first vote it was the smallest debate stage so far featuring only six leading candidates they took aim at president trumpet tackled everything from Iran to health care. They also address the statement allegedly made by senator Bernie Sanders that a woman can't win the White House in 20/20. But it's a moment after the debate that's getting off all a lot of attention this morning meg. And Jeb Bradley and let's bring you on end because you got all those. Highlights low lights are gonna let it it was what would it it would Matt Bigler debate right up. Fireworks is I don't think so is his kind of warm calm I would guess it's in the morning Kenneth engine and at six top democratic candidates weighed in on everything from the US drone strike in Iran to health care but they held back from that bitter attacks even when senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders addressed the comment Sander said he never made. In the seventh and smallest democratic presidential debate yet six candidates took the stage with an unexpected dose up Iowa nice. Courteous my friend and I am not here to try to fight with Bernie candidate speaking about climate change. In Australia there are literally tornadoes. Made of fire. Taking place and health care. With former vice president Joseph Biden's heating senator Bernie Sanders. We're not seen candid with voters about the cost of his planned I think we need to be candid with voters who immigrated Telemar we're gonna do when it's gonna cost in the first debate since president trump ordered a strike against Ronnie and general soul Amani. The candidates spent time discussing foreign policy. I said thirteen years ago it was a mistake to give the president the authority to. Go to war we have a situation. Where he got us out at the Iranian nuclear agreement as president I will get us back into that agreement. Obviously mr. trump has no strategy. And the elephant in the room substandard denied any told Elizabeth Warren in twenty teen that a woman couldn't win the presidency. Anybody knows me. Those that it's incomprehensible. That I would think that a woman could not be president of the arts that's senator Warren responds I disagreed. The only people on this stage who have won every single election that they've been him. Are the women Amy. The moment getting perhaps the most attention happened after the debate. When Sanders extends his hand to war and in she. Pierce to a buffet. The Iowa Caucuses are now less than three weeks away and the race is tidy to that lead us to Moines register poll shows. Senator Sanders at the top with former vice president Joseph Biden. Senator Warren and former mayor people to judge following closely behind pat. Yeah ABC political director Rick Klein called it the Iowa night's debate and that any of those four candidates make adjustments in there. It went that maggots. Thank you we appreciate it thank you and with the absence of any major fireworks it may have been tough for any of the candidates to move the needle. You're just talking about this insight we got from ABC news put voter actor Rick Klein here's a little bit more wrecked. Today Kenneth Democrats tiptoeing around it major attacks in their final exchange before the voting starts. A status quo debate and you could say the status quo. Benefits the front runner the question is which front runner there really war in Iowa coach Joseph Biden is really the national while on our. The two liberal candidates the progressives. So many people thought that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would have it out. Onstage at this debate he recently decided not to they decided to remain friends keep that nonaggression pact. Intact and essentially saying to Vollers. They recognize the importance of beating double fault that was a theme of the night these Democrats a lot of anxiety the anxieties about being trump. So many of these candidates feel like they have a path to the nomination there was really no. Game changing moment no major changes in the course correction. Of this race that came through in this debate and I think in that shows the confidence of these campaigns as well as their concerns about the path ahead. Today Kenneth. Thank you Rick breaking overnight police arrested two people opera six year old was shot to death it is high school near Houston the shooting. Happened just before dismissal around 4 PM and teller high school suspected shooter is also a student at school. In a friend were hiding behind a convenience store when they arrested the motive for the shooting is unknown classes today are canceled. Alberta governor Gavin Newsom is seeking a unique steps to try to solve the seat brought homeless crisis Newsom is placing 100 FEMA trailers on vacant land throughout the state. The move Hyundai is comes days after his budget request more than one billion dollars to fight homelessness. Federal board chose California's homeless population jumps to more than a 151000. Last year that's more than a quarter of mini. Since told all is a crisis. This is unacceptable. Everybody has a right to be angry and concerned. 750. Million dollars of nuisance proposed almost budget will be dedicated to getting people off the streets and into temporary housing. President comes former national security advisor Michael Flynn is asking to withdraw his guilty plea for lying to the FBI during the Russian investigation. When accuses prosecutors of acting him bat be. His change of heart comes days after prosecutors recommended Flynn served up to six months in prison. We turn out to the growing outrage after a delta passenger jet dumped its fuel onto a neighborhood in Los Angeles toxic fuel sprayed several schools on the ground injuring children an overnight new air traffic control conversations came to light. Raising new questions. And fusion a concern in Southern California. After a delta plane dumped its fuel showering people with a toxic mist in this Los Angeles neighborhood. I'm ready sits in atlas it was. It was. It was pretty funny that you played out in illustration. Hillary. Delta says the plane heading to China experienced an engine issue requiring the pilots to return to Ellie acts. The plane then dump fuel as part of a normal procedure to reach a safe landing weight. Sixty people were treated for injuries. Most of them students at area schools suffering I in skin irritation. They say they thought it was raining men. Bidding yeah I did. You know I have the. Kennedy frank and experts say you'll dumping during an emergency usually happens over water. Port higher elevations above 5000 feet. We're fuel can evaporate before hitting the ground. But this plane was getting rid of its fuel it just above 2000 feet. Usually you're going to want to dump fuel out over the water or over sparsely populated area and in conjunction with air traffic control. If you're gonna dump it on the way to the airport over a city you really need to have an urgent reason to do so. But audio from air traffic control released overnight is raising questions about what happened in the air. We've got is that significant role. The prospect they'll live without critical. But if you don't need to hold it up pure anything without. Executive we'll look quite normally occupy a place. BLE fired apartments using meters in the area to detect any unsafe levels of remaining fuel. As Paris remained concerned about possible health risk. And fame and I mean you wouldn't they went nowhere there. Where they're buying. Justin credible and experts say based on the plane's location it would have taken the pious at least. Thirty minutes did adopt that fuel over the oceans are now the F phase investigate. Really and credible setting attorney Michael Ivan Gotti is on the wrong side of the law again the sources say IRS agents have arrested in California for bail violations. -- into custody during a disciplinary hearing for the state bar. He claims he Dennis it. Abu Dhabi is due back in court today a former Penn State football player has filed a lawsuit claiming he was seized by teammate Isiah Humphries says he and other young members of the Nittany Lions squad were harassed in the shower. By teammates imitating sexual acts. The suit was filed against the school head football coach James Franklin and a former teammate. And state authorities have already investigated the claims and turned their findings over to local prosecutors who declined to take action. At least one person is dead after a massive explosion at a chemical factories being the fatality was a nearby building that collapsed from the force of the blast. Several people were injured some critically the cause is unknown but it's believed to be accidental officials say the explosion did not cause an air quality. Problem and angry players are slamming Australian Open officials as heavy smoke from the nation's wildfires continues to impact players. More maxis have been delayed again today due to extreme heat and hazy conditions are once you see there yesterday a woman's. Qualify what is qualifier had to drop out of the matchup for falling to relieve the suffering of coughing fit during the match. Reports have retractable roofs officials say they may move matches indoors if conditions. To you. Coming up the surprise retirement in the NFL star linebacker from the Carolina Panthers calling it quits at just 28 years old. What he saved after this. We're back with the schillings in video of the moment middle school gyms roof collapsed while children when they're playing. The severe storm hit in Sampson county North Carolina about thirty miles from Fayetteville three students were injured but they have been released. From the hospital not to the surprising headline an NFL this morning star players calling quit as he's even thirty years old making his decision all the more shocking. This morning a star NFL player announcing his retirement at just 28 years old. Makes me sad because I love playing this game I played it since I was a little kid and it's my favorite thing in the world who do. During an emotional three minute video Luke speak Lee of the Carolina Panthers says he can no longer play as fast in this physical as before. There's only one way to play this game since I was a little kid is there is to play fast simply a physical push strong and at this point I don't know if I'm they wouldn't do that anymore and that's the part that is the most of quotas. It. I still want to play but I don't think it's the right decisions so. Thought about a for a long time and I think now is. Opportunity for me to step away where's. With with what's going on here at. He clearly didn't explain why he can't play a strong. But the linebacker has been plagued with head injuries missing seven games in recent seasons. Because of concussions. But speculation about health concerns was all the talk overnight on ESPN. Some. Then sends ended the season triggered the fact that. Lucy glee doesn't feel like him play at a level that made him the best linebackers and a well in one only has just speculating that could be concussion. Heatley who signed a five year contract worth 61 million dollars back in when he fifteen says he hopes to still be part of the game. Thank your burden in the NFL for constant support. And now it's time to move in different directions and moving on to that new video out of Iran showing the shoot down about packed airliner by the Iran in military a week ago today. Let's go across the pond to Julie MacFarlane in the London bureau for the latest Julia. Kenneth good morning yes does a sneer very day that has been pasted by the New York Times which the pistons showed. To miss silos destroyed king that Ukrainian passenger plane that was hit a weak again. Today I'm the paper says that it has verified this footage. And it says of the five that the play in it was struck by two missiles explains why the plane's transponder. Stopped whacking in the initial may immense from from the flight recordings. On the people have been analyzing it says that. That would the transponder was destroyed by the fuss messiah before the second missile eventually blow brought the plane down. But in other developments Kenneth. A run in media report that the IO GC. Have taken into custody. The mine that he knew. Is believed to have films video which was widely speculated last week that was the fuss faded that appeared to show the plane being struck before it crashed down. To the ground. On fire at now. Or Ryan authorities yes they said that they had arrested a number of individuals in association with the downing of that plane they also said that they arrested around Fenty people. The taking pot incurred illegal access believed to be a reference to be wide scale anti government protests in the last few days. But interestingly. A generalist in London. Here is the man who pasted the footage. He has been treating. That Iran is of god the wrong man he insists that his source is safe tweeting they have arrested the wrong past regarding the footage of flight 752 in Iran the president as a source of the video. It's safe. And I can assure you that that the IGC are orchestrating yes another lie. OK moving on to the Philippines Chile where thousands are fleeing as a volcano about fifty miles from an LA is expected to violently you brought that any time. What are you hearing from our team on the ground there. Right so our Bob Woodruff has just landed in the Philippines and he's going to be reporting for Good Morning America I'm Kenneth a some incredible. Up hope cone that take. Scenes a magic out. Although the Philippines well wide scale. Ash clouds have descended on saying many havens. From use of villages buildings. Now the authorities have raised have kept the allowed level at four out of five warning that an eruption is expected. Can't possibly win then Powell as. Despite sides ignoring all of these government warnings. A number of residents who live in that ten mile danger is that an around the volcano. They have gone back because a lot of them this is a rural area they've gone mad because they've gone livestock and they've got on those in the keen. To see if there OK a lot of people game backed attends that. That chickens and thank cows who have been blanks to the national nor doing really well written witty heartbreaking scenes. I'm pick people trying to keep that havens and that animals safe now almost half a million people live. In about ten mile danger is a I'm the authorities have. I have demanded a coupe lease about inflation. Of everyone in that ARIAD now. That Paul volcano erupted initially on Sunday. But they are expecting another possible explanation. An eruption. Authorities a saying but that's not be any danger people face that they face. Mudslides. I'm from all that ash being Neve drowned by heavy rain. They face fish says and China is out of course that eruption which could be devastating parking about the people there Julia thank you we appreciate it. Thanks Hannah. All right let's get a check mine education starting with a big surprise at the airport grandma. Bring your family in. Yes or area. A team Rex. Cost thing. Buy back program. Her car her back and look I can't. And now from grand to what's been called the old physically picker pick up and earth. Now you grandma. The other this material etc. if I'd is that in a billion years old yeah. It is behavior it is only about four and a half billion this start death came out on me RS Bakken light 1960. Non Olympic years ago. It's incredible there incredible incredible and Brad and next of the robots who want to be it's the Gramm famous I think that we all. These very candidate and models. Are becoming influencers. A social media using bots. Honestly right now would you that we weren't you know that protects your identity. If you want to hot there's that you know. It's incredible that is our question of the day would you follow these artificial influencers. If you follow a dog influencers. You as well and boat. There in in the patents that you would yet tell us what you think in the comments between us that ABC news lives. And watch out. Four of the cold and Alberta Canada because look at Allen's. Bubbles three then that negative forty degrees and the shame it can even get that called. Yeah life's little snow globe from just that bubble that was created from so them want to really really beautiful. Amazing. Our let's move now to the elected prosecutors from across the country coming to the defense of Saint Louis circuit attorney Ken Gardiner. The chief prosecutor in Saint Louis who's suing her own city it's police union and others. She's alleging a racist conspiracy that's meant to push her out of office but police say. She's just not good better job AB CC doesn't sound as the details. It. Jim Gardner the first black prosecutor overlooked in Saint Louis just dropped a bombshell explosive lawsuit accusing the city and the police you. Over racist conspiracy aimed at stopping her from doing her job. Her complaint says that local authorities have broken a federal law that dates back to the late eighteen hundreds and was met to fight the Ku Klux Klan. The lawsuit paints a pattern of racist conduct by some of the officers on the Saint Louis police force we have to make sure the power of view. Are not able to manipulate the system. In 2016. She won a landslide from the start she says her progressive approach to criminal justice put her immediately at odds with some on the police force and in the community. I was stops for having my lights off on Crist Asif. When house delivering Christmas cards to the post office right out of shape my office that was stopped in hill for over fifteen minutes just because I wanted. Her office has shared with us copies of the hate people have sent her in the mail. The naked racism is too much to read here. And some even threatened her life for example time to go away forever if you don't leave something will be done about you even if it's me. They leave their addresses on the mail to that make sure I'm know who they are. Gardeners lawsuit names her employer the city of Saint Louis as well as the head of its police officers association. Saying that the defendants worked against her to thwart an impede her efforts to establish equal treatment under the law. For all Saint Louis citizens at every turn. To remove her from the position to which she was duly elected and perhaps to show her successor what happens to circuit attorneys who dare to stand up for the equal rights of racial minorities in Saint Louis. The police officers association of Saint Louis is not taking any of this lightly make. No mistake this is the last. An act of a desperate woman. Who was simply trying to silence. Her critics we will not be so. Cries for criminal justice reform in this country. Are now alive and growing more impatient since the 2014 police shooting death of Michael brown and Ferguson and case just ten miles from Saint Louis and launched a national debate. At least in the Black America. With a ground zero this. SE. Around this country. After Ferguson Gardiner says the inequities the legal and justice system. Or just no longer acceptable as soon as she took office she dismissed some 30000 cases that she said were on prosecutable. Which didn't go over well with police. And the relationship wasn't helped with her handling of several officer misconduct case. In September of 2017. When a white police officer was acquitted. In the shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith Saint Louis erupted in protests. Gardner took the stand with the streets. Calling for an independent investigation. Into police misconduct. We believe that the police department cannot investigate themselves. Her lawsuit also points to the findings of the plain view project. A report by the nonprofit injustice watch which investigated public FaceBook posts from police officers across the country. Several of the posts by Saint Louis officers suggested they looked forward to harming protesters. One red black lives Blatter another depicted a soldier dragging a civilian with the caption how to handle protesters. And many posts were racist in nature one written by an officer who was later fired over social media use preferred to Muslims as Turk go home purse. While another suggested that march is stop blaming white people life. Several of the 22 officers involved were reprimanded or fired. Two officers were fired two were suspended for sixteen days or more in four received written reprimand does not like this went on investigated. Did not it's not like it was ignored all her moves one of her most controversial. Was her decision to investigate former Missouri governor air grants. Missouri's governor and a bombshell report alleging he had an extramarital affair and that he threatened the woman. Into silence threatens resign and the charges against him were dismissed. But an investigator she hired for the case is now charged with perjury. And evidence tampering and that's led to the appointment of a special prosecutor. Who's now investigating her office. It's all just a grand distraction is it to it to distract from the trouble she's in in the trouble it's coming. Jeffrey roared named in Gardner suit underlined today holly judge dismissed the case that Gardner brought against two police officers. Citing several hundred instances of prosecutorial misconduct. Roared up also shares that she has to give a deposition that special prosecutor's investigation. Carter does a one answer. For her conduct. That's what this lawsuit. Is about what do you say to the prosecutors who came down to support for today and keeping in mind they're all black when I say go home. Your your own cities are disaster because your conducting yourself to what same way can gardeners and go home we don't need Kim Gardner. We don't need you. Gardner supporters strongly disagreed. This fight they say is we're happy we had me good people all the police department but there's stopped by. A divisive. Racial undertones under current that is taking place and I see this taking place in the police department because of people are tired the people want change. And we're not backing down. Thanks to Steve haven't heard the last of this we'll see how it plays out absolutely. Clinton busy day ahead in politics where the democratic candidates are head right now after last night's debate. We come back. Just watch out for today the house is set to spend the articles of impeachment to the senate after a monthlong delay speaker Nancy Pelosi. The second process immersive motion with a vote to appoint the lawmakers who prosecuted gacy and presidents from. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said the crowds expected to get underway very next Tuesday you all presidents cup is scheduled to sign up partial free deal with China though for the health of the agreement remain secret. The so called phase one Gilles final agreed to purchase billions. US wonderful full product should end its practice of forced technology transfer for foreign companies. But do business in China but the agreement leaves many sources of tension and result and Democrats running for president we'll try to keep the Romans in going after last night's debate. Several candidates will be attending the native American presidential form putting money in the Las Vegas. And five Hamas operatives were that when we asked them. Very very happy news to share from our ABC's family are drag right error Lance. Has one guy says he and his wife. And there. How many other kids they got they got two girls. And now they've got out they beautiful baby boy here was born Monday seven pounds eleven ounces. A big old congratulations to land has got to have their hands fault or are so precious. On the view the girls we the BU soon ballooned to feed your baby no Buffy I. All right that's there for us on this was they haven't they learned.

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