It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019

Democrats clash in Warren’s first debate as frontrunner, Rudy Giuliani under scrutiny, Russia fills U.S. void in Syria and more.
23:46 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot move managing ordering a top I think sets Wednesday number one the democratic debate from Democrats looking to unseat president from squared off in Ohio last night this time it was Elizabeth Warren taking fire from all sides with her rivals. Looking to zero and. For new found front runner status pressing her on how she plans to pay for Medicare for all and for a vice president Joseph Biden defended his son's involvement in Ukraine more from the candidate. In a moment number two of the impeachment showdown in Washington House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a national not all the boats hop right impeachment investigation despite demands from Republicans. A former aide to secretary of state Mike Pompeo testifies today meanwhile Rudy Giuliani is refusing to comply with the subpoena. Odds number three the crisis in Syria Turkey's assault on the steering currents is not displace an estimated 175000. People vice president Mike Pence is heading to Turkey today hoping to negotiate a cease fire but Turkey says it will not negotiate with the Kurds because. It considers them to be terrorists as the US moved out 1000 troops to northern Syria Russian forces. Are now moving in to fill the void the Russians are promising to prevent a clash between Turkish forces and Syrian soldiers. Who got teamed up with occurred we had back here to New York for number four prosecutors say they have at least a dozen woman ready to testify that actor Cuba Gooding junior touched them inappropriately. Gooding pleaded not guilty to sexual misconduct charges Tuesday including a new claim that want to says. Putting groped her at a club a judge will decide if the other accusers of Iraq testify at the trial and I think number five the Washington Nationals. Right under our first ever World Series after picking apart the Max scored seven runs in the first inning last night then hung on to beat think Lewis seven to form. I have the champagne was being sprayed on the locker room. Nationals fans were part of him in the street is the first time in 86 years. That scene from the scenes goings wealthy and everything to do that for all the trending stories of your five things you know. I cannot move and I'm getting Norman. Headlines at morning everyone we begin with the Democrats who came out swinging last night giving senator Elizabeth Ward a taste of what it's like to be front runner. It was the first debates as worn surged in the polls and she was forced to fend off sharp attacks nearly every candidate on that stage especially regarding. For health care plan. Take a look at a speaking times last night senator Elizabeth Warren with five more minutes then her closest rival former vice president Joseph Biden. He sees racial Scott is in Ohio with a highlight 3 till that morning. Today Kenneth good morning to you yes it with a presidential primary first twelve candidates on a single stage sparring for three hours. The night started by condemning president trump but that's spotlight quickly turn to senator Elizabeth Warren. Who faced direct attacks for for democratic rivals. They rising senator alluded warmly. Riding into the pool of democratic debate. With a boost in the poll sat down let's figure L now. Why it is taking heat from her democratic rivals if you are making Republican talking points right now in this room. The Massachusetts senator is known for her sweeping plan I will not sign a bill into law. That does not lower costs for middle class families. In criticized for refusing to acknowledge if her Medicare for all policy would lead to tax increase through at least Bernie's being honest here and saying how he's gonna pay for this and that taxes are gonna go out a yes or no question and it didn't get a yes or no answer. The divide on health care center stage and warned pushing back likes whenever someone hears the term. Medicare for all who want it. Understand what that really needs its Medicare for all who can afford it. But on the issue of impeachment could there was no debate as as a former prosecutor I know confession when I see it he should be removed. As president from calls for the Biden to be investigated. Former vice president Joseph Biden released questions about his son's foreign business dealings while he was vice President Bush soon. Do nothing wrong I carried out the policy of the United States government. In rooting out corruption in. In Ukraine a prize and senator Bernie Sanders stepping back into the ring after a recent heart attack. Making clear he's ready to your read on we all going to be mounting a vigorous campaign. Below book this country. A big moment also for Bernie Sanders able to announce the endorse political Alexander real hot sea of Cortez. I think close to the debate so even though this field of twelve was going to start to shrink. I think this that this could be showed that there are several candidates that could still break through we could be dealing with be larger than normal field maybe all the way through while. And it's not just congresswoman how costs you'll quartet that is acting Sanders represented they'll hot Omar also announced that she will support Sanders bid for the White House. Today Kenneth. All right Rachel Scott there in western Ohio think U. Now to the impeachment showdown in Washington and several developments overnight house Democrats were dismissing Republican demands. We're official vote on the impeachment investigation it comes as more president comes close is allies refused to hand over documents about Ukraine. This morning ABC news has confirmed the White House is now conducting its own internal review a president from shall I phone call to the president of Ukraine. Now the center of the impeachment investigation. The internal review is looking into how or rough transcript of the call. Was placed in a private server meanwhile on Capitol Hill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the house will not hold a vote to formally authorize the impeachment inquiry saying a formal vote is not required by the constitution. They can't defend a president. Can you going to process we're not going. That decision has seen as a blow to Republicans. Who say Democrats are not running up beer impeachment process in apparent. I have no intention of letting norms. President. Or basic due process stand in the way and through stricter capital out the president. This morning vice president Mike Pence is refusing to hand over documents related to Ukraine and the white house budget office says it will not comply with the subpoena. House investigators now say their case for obstruction is mounting. But even as that case for obstruction continues to build. We are nonetheless continuing to get good and important information. From these courageous witnesses. Last night a key State Department official wrapped up ten hours of closed door testimony a lawmaker at the deposition says George Kent told house investigators that in May. Acting chief of staff make more brainy organized a meeting between energy secretary Rick Peary. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon someone in US on board to Ukraine Kurt Volker. Kent says when it came to policy matters in Ukraine he was instructed to defer to broker someone in period. Who call themselves the three amigos and deferring to their meg going around the established policy making channels the mean time the president's personal warrior Rudy Giuliani is also deploying a congressional subpoena. To hand over documents. Giuliani is being scrutinized and accused of running a rogue operation to push Ukraine. To investigate the president's political rival Joseph Biden and his son hunter federal prosecutors are looking into Giuliani's business ties have these two men. Senior Laffey would Giuliani of one of Trump's hotels I can't wait to come back I think if you pesos. Those men are now behind bars charged with illegally funneling foreign money into political campaigns including pacs supporting president trop. They both worked for Giuliani in Ukraine. Giuliani said the company owned by one of the men have paid him 500000 dollars last year for legal advice for consulting on technology. Giuliani says his firm has seventeen years of experience in this area of work. After the so called three amigos members of congress have already her from her poker ambassador someone testifies tomorrow and Rick Perry has been subpoenaed. Well that's the US effort to prevent it all out war in Syria as Turkey pushes deeper into the country devastating Kurdish fighters and families fleeing the violence vice president Mike Pence is heading to Turkey today hoping to negotiate a cease fire. And president trump is holding a White House meeting to discuss the crisis but lawmakers. From both parties ABC's Ian panel has more. With Turkey pounding moved in Syria another close call with American troops. As Turkish forces come close to a US base. The Americans responding with a show of force using an F fifteen and Apache helicopters. This amid heavy fighting between Turkish backed militias and the Kurds. Turkey says its military offensive things to form a safe zone in Syria it's the opposite this is a Walton. And as America moves out Russia moves in the new power broker here. This Russian whose what the pro government media posting its whole roof and abandoned US outpost. Temporary cure Joseph with the Americans with Hague yesterday and now we are he says. At least a 160000. People have now been displaced many living in schools like this this is now home. But dozens and dozens of families and vice president pens heading to Turkey perhaps peace is possible. Today looks via. We're now seeing a major realignment in northern Syria with Russia filling the vacuum left by the American withdrawal of Russian troops where American troops were President Putin inviting president the one of Turkey to visit Moscow and he's accepted. This has been a major loss of standing and influence for the United States in the region. He impanel a BC news in Northern Iraq. Our thinks Ian. Parents at an elementary school south of Milwaukee say they're just now learning about of taping incident a second grader was caught beeping in class earlier this month. The seven year old told school officials that he got the device from his mother's purse and said it contained CBD oil. Court about mother and after the F that in the child was taken to a hospital to get checked out. A massive fire at a fuel source facility in California's Bay Area has now been contained the fire. Vaulting to a huge tanks containing ethanol burned well into the night there were no injuries but the blaze sent thick smoke into the air prompting. Officials to declare an air quality emergency one community was evacuated. Other area residents were told to stay indoors with the windows shut from more than eight. Hours about 100 miles south of magnitude four point seven earthquake struck just southeast of Hollister. Experts say it's probably not connected to the previous day's quake in the Bay Area. No injuries or major damage was reported that region is on edge because tomorrow is a three's anniversary of the massive 1989 earthquake in the Bay Area which killed more than sixty people. And we now have a new world record take a look at this a massive cruise ship its. We. Chorus canal in Greece the canal is Saturday night feet wide the ship 74. Feet why that met only five feet a breathing room to get the job done. More than 900 passengers paid an average of 5500 dollars a piece to take part in that trip. Think Aniston turned the wrong way. No three point turn is there now. Delhi have a big World Cup qualifier. Soccer match but no one there to see it. We'll tell you where this. It was played by the Stanley discovered living in isolation and apparently waiting for the end of time. More we go across the pond after this. Now to that. He did tell by the American prosecutor murder on a Pacific island. Here's gotten down outsider home and now we've learned she faced threats of the past. This morning a murder mystery in paradise in American prosecutor shot and killed outside her home in the Pacific nation of Micronesia this is are shocked. All of us this is not yeah. Authorities say were shelled Bergeron was returning from a run on the island of yap where she served as acting attorney general -- opened fire three shots. Killing her and her dog. Her husband was home at the time of the shooting. He had a friend put her in the back of the truck and roster to the hospital where he drove straight to the hospital. Near administered it. Administered or are all the way to Bergeron and a less content native first moved to Micronesia and 2015 taking a job as an assistant attorney general. She and her husband were about to celebrate their one year anniversary in plan to soon return to the United States the couple's friends has Bergeron Strom as a prosecutor made her target and she'd faced threats in the past year. The worst. Things are due out because she is prosecuting all it was his glory and the most dangerous job here now are there. The FBI now sending a team to assist in the investigation. The island's governor took to FaceBook battling to find Bergeron killer. Quarter loss would be great news that is why all who knew who yap spirit is broken. By these senseless and opinions act. That's another matter of the state of yeah. At promised to do everything in my Boller. Who has just he's pretty daily. Police say so far they have no suspects after the breaking news overnight of a former senior administration official confirms president comes personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. Urge president come to extradite a Turkish cleric living and X file in the US. But White House officials stepped in and stop any action from ever happening. Let's go across the pond now to do it McFarlin in the London bureau for a reminder. Of why this is so important Turkey's president Julia good morning. Mourning Kenneth yes a story. Plus a Pez on the Washington paste on it claimed sides of the presence pest known lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Repeatedly. Pressed the president in the White House. During the meetings and that the mass all of this in US permit permanent resident. Fenton good land his and opposition figure he lives in Pennsylvania. I'm president John Avery intact and he blames him for orchestrating. The failed came in 2060. Not just to bring you back this was. One night in July this was a Randy. Gritty dramatic night all of a sudden. Planes were buzzing at the capitol on cover sold his stock to block king. All of the bridges a over the Bosporus. On an announcement by the PM had to clad died in attempts to Avis say the government. Was under way present other on his out of the country at the time on holiday he court has pertussis to rally to the streets. And it was -- by that night TV stations were raided protests as bush oxides. And that what Tynes meeting on the streets of armed Krupp the next morning dot army faction they failed to get any more support so it failed. But since another one has books written a massive clamped down thousands of government officials. Lou lawyer says some four mop army officials have been in jail sentence than. Now it tell because Fenton a good land is blamed by the Turkish government orchestrated rescue I don't really really wants him to get back. Back to tacky. And ones to have him sound trial of four about pot. But the US has been hesitant to so in this story. In windy Giuliani he denied that he was acting in the interests. All the tacky he has of course not registered as a foreign lobbyist which he would have to be doing if he was representing a foreign countries and tres on US policy. But it's just it's just another sort of rid it and just saying I'm confusing. And frankly bit of a night math for the White House as this impeachment inquiry wrote regarding Ukraine presses ahead. A development there and moving on to. Really bizarre situation in the Netherlands where authorities say there are investing in a family living in a basement apparently waiting for the end of time. Yeah this is a really really bizarre story this tiny tiny protein Mitch this small village in another lends. Really unnamed tell anyone until oldest son to an out of box this young mind he is about 25 years old he stumbles then. Incredibly disheveled according to local patrons at the time he. Who was looking bewildered Denise said I've run away and I need help now what police say yes today laughter press content conference. Was not to amount of 58 and five young adults between eighteen and 25. What found owned this property and the dead children and their agents turning Five Boroughs. They reportedly haven't had any contact with the outside was denying list on the fog. He was an ailing health because it happened here is bedridden oft at a stretch he's been. Ar rested. And and that group of young out those able been taken into medical cat. But an incredibly bizarre story please us still trying to get to the bottom this but it appears that. They lived on this prompted they survived on vegetables. In the backyard an animal is at the attendance that. But an incredibly strange story that no one had any I dare until one of these young man managed to break free and cool the house. I'll just incredible. Really talk about a brutal dictator on a white horse. Yeah Kim Jung and et whistle barring. A play bad from the playbook called Vladimir Putin hops. If contracting up. This sacred mountain Nigeria's. Talking about US sanctions must of course. One of their one of the reasons why of the main reason why talks between the US and North Korea. How but the stalled recently puzzle nanny and kissing thing that happened yesterday I want it took about a football match between North Korea and South Korea just want to take you say about TV Kim ill soon stadium. And Pyongyang because North Korea and South Korea long time phase of course they were playing that wild cup qualify up. Was not eighth time in the crowds there's now and that may press. Medical name goes on either side with school and although a couple plans from bad sides got yellow cards now. It's very interesting because. The bed North Korean official news agency. They covered the story but South Korean news they won a both senses to cover the story tool. But this is because out of indicative all bitten North Korea's protectionism they didn't want anyone to see just in case they lost and can and I knew I can come on the stand up. Brian you have you your article you back comment we know North Korea. He probably execute the entire team that they lost. And I'm saying that ended in death but the war likely that would happen with dictator like him don't you. News say that what is funny is saying not because a couple of South Korean football funds who where interviewed by the gods and they said that they were really disappointed that they couldn't watch this qualifier because it that it happens every few is. And they just wanted to get that team can safely in a lot of what I don't ascent and very cold liquor IMF. Us as far as Kim Jung un on that horse channeling through masses be glad he didn't rod shirtless like to. Bit cold out have been impressed to be dead but banning anyone would've known NC lamenting Williams should hook hook up until I expect it thank you my friend we appreciate it. Face in. I love it Czech ratification is starting with the starting lineup of the New Jersey Devils hockey team. Brought to you by some art some proud parents refrigerators to through the tech players portraits for the pregame introduction and that you only. And it begins some there he. Looks pretty closely like them hey that's what about years after friends premiered this. Six stars have reunited Jennifer Aniston has finally finally finally joined as to Graham to celebrate the occasion that he posted this photo along with a caption. And now we're answer Graham difference too high answer Graham. They and are excited more than a 1151000. People following Janet her first hour on the platform and then our page crass a spokesperson describes the volume of interest as incredible over profile. Is back from running this morning with more than five million followers and less than 24. Or five hours as for the outage let's say Jenin and so work on a break on our break. That's an awkward moment on wheel of fortune we download that moment when they host pat say Jack asked each contestant. To tell the viewers all of about themselves were recently one guy went. Just a bit too far. Blair Davis Cardiff California on the trucking business it says here. Trucking has a young San Diego you're feeling Todd White your family I've been trapped in a loveless marriage the last twelve years. To an old battle ax named Kim. She cursed my life with three stepchildren named star RJ and Ryan and I have one rotten grandson out. No wonder he came they just wanted to get away from everybody. I know you're being facetious absolutely loved unlike note like nobody visits I'll bet you do if you know Beers. I know right Blair explained going to of his fears Amy started going at a couple of years back but every time he threatens to see but off its grand son. Can really hard time in early keeps that an exodus simple question lady got grass or 79 million Twitter followers on Tuesday. Looks for and I want. Awesome her fans let her know that it's an incredibly popular video game other's heads and jokes one fan treated at fort night is quote filling the violence relationship. OK and another little monster road it's another word for two weeks they came along as we should have to wait for the lead single to lady got dot six album. An extra freshly minted puppy that shocked a failing Colorado they're great day recently gave birth to a litter of puppies and one of them. Is green. So rare phenomenon that happens when a puppy comes in contact with certain flu with in the womb die units for the collateral phase in a few weeks and that Dodd is appropriately named. Verdicts. Which means green. Burden. And a Spanish is Ber day. He's my. Have a look bad. What this store for the day ahead that's what sister tribute to hardworking nurses across the country. A watch out for today president trump is set to off from the president of Italy to the White House or they'll hold a joint press conference at a reception celebrating Italian American Heritage. Democrats running for president we'll try to keep up the momentum after last night's debate Joseph Biden problem here is to be with the judge. Photographs and Iowa while others hit the camping felony Hampshire a major storm system is doing through the deep south of the East Coast and could join. Another from the midwest a former north Easter with up to three inches of rain from Philadelphia to Boston in gusty winds strongest closing at seven miles an hour and his cod. All that means a likely postponement. Tonight's baseball playoff. But don't forget to tune into the deep Freeport hospital all our top stories the briefing room for breakdown abilities have minds and politics. Symbolic to a picture that caught our attention on social media showing in a nurse exhausted after a long chip to warm. How to take care of herself. She's a Katie and all other nurses you are special you bless your patience and your families more than you'll ever know. And that brings us to our question of the day to three hours of forty's and that's aptly mentioned. Really a record I feel yeah it's gotta be sort partnership you've ever worked house restoring the comments are treatise ABC news five. We were both long hours long days as well we know all about it we've billion eggs off that. Covered in today with the.

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