It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019

Ex-cop found guilty of murder, “urgent” briefing on Capitol Hill, drone deliveries and more.
24:25 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot vote and getting Norman here to talk I think since Wednesday number one the impeachment showdown in Washington president trump now comparing it to a coup the state department's inspector general's heading to Capitol Hill today after requesting an urgent briefing in the Ukraine scandal meanwhile house Democrats say secretary of state Mike Pompeo has a conflict of interest in the impeachment investigation. They're now we. Indicating with his deputy number two new details about president comes effort to block Central American migrants and are in the country when the president threatened to close the southern border back in March. He reportedly told his advisors that he wanted to border wall fortified with a vote. Stock with snakes or alligators. But from his eighth to investigate what that would cost officials tell the New York Times after publicly suggesting that soldiers to shoot migrants if they threw rocks the president backed off. The later suggests that they shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down. The staff told him that would be illegal. On number three former Dallas police officer ever Geiger faces between five and 99 years in prison for murdering her neighbor both can count on the sentencing phase of joggers trial resumes today she says she entered the wrong apartment and thought John was. An intruder jury chose to convict her. A murder instead of a lesser charge and now that the sentencing hearing has forgotten prosecutors. I've release text messages from tiger which they describe as racist and violent. Tiger's attorneys will present witnesses today as they try to get her. Shortest sentence possible number four North Korea has test fired another ballistic missile just hours after agreeing to resume nuclear talks with the US if I'm officials say the missile may have been launched from submarines suggesting Kim Jung un is expanding his military capabilities. Weapons that are harder to attacked. Japan believes at least one missile landed in Japanese waters and finally number five pregnant women or Minneapolis are hoping to get more than a good meal at one local restaurant mom Mississippi are heading to the suburban restaurant. For what's called the labor induced or burger it and it gets me honey cured bacon each firm lines onions and spicy mustard on. Thoughtful and fun so at least two women say they went into labor within seven hours effort eating that. Good looking Yahoo! News. The less wall. In his shirt I wore all got Berger added eight burger burger. Right so that brings us for our question of today. Have you done anything out of the ordinary to induce labor or have as your wife or girlfriend. Questions for the mid two will be done. I'm out is there for support. That many out of there. But if I knew a burger would do the trick. You get out buyers I get all the burgers for me the mother's. Tell us in the comments or treat us at ABC news by. Let's get to the big story on it with an explosive impeachment battle in Washington the state department's independent watchdog is heading to Capitol Hill today was being called it urged. Sleeping on the Ukraine scandal. Meanwhile house Democrats are now trying to bypass secretary of state Mike Pompeo as they face off over impeachment witnesses. They're suggesting Pompeo as a conflict of interest ABC stream Marshall has the new details from Washington street at good morning. Kent in a good morning to both the UN and back and forth between Democrats in the State Department comes as the president ramps up his attacks on the impeachment inquiry. Now calling an attempted coup on his presidency. One week into the impeachment fight that battle between the executive and legislative branches on full display in Italy. This is secretary do you have any comment on reports here on the July 25 tallest president. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo not answering questions. But that come trading Britain threats with Democrats. Responding to their request for confidential interviews with State Department employees. As an active intimidation. And tended to bully and treat him properly those employees. Democrats firing back not Pompeo but is number two writing secretary Juan pan now appears to have an obvious conflict of interest. After new revelations that Pompeo was on that call between president trump and the president of Ukraine threatening to withhold his salary. And saying he was the one trying to intimidate witnesses or prevent them from talking with congress he's basically wants to put the State Department in lockdown. By the State Department independent wants shot. Now set to give an urgent briefing to lawmakers today sources telling ABC news he highly in usual meeting is related to the department and Ukraine. President trot meanwhile continuing his defense via Twitter writing he's come to the conclusion that what is taking place is not a impeachment. It is a coup. And still trying to unmask the whistle blower. But the Senate's most senior Republican and not having it. Senator Chuck Grassley rebuking the president reading a statement the whistle blower ought to be heard out can't protect dead. Despite the objections from Pompeo at least one of those five State Department employees will be heading to Capitol Hill curtain Volcker the former envoy to Ukraine confirming he will show up for his deposition scheduled for Thursday shenae Kana. Our Serena and before you go question for you the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani is pleased to responsibility on the State Department. And he has now hired a lawyer so will he testifies the question. Again and that's still a big question as to whether or not he will testify but he did hire a lawyer a former Watergate lawyer by the name of John Sayles and it and hiring that lawyer remember it comes after that Democrats on Capitol Hill issued multiple subpoenas from three different committees. For Giuliani to testify specifically around his conversations the whistle blowers that he was having with that the officials. In Ukraine and Alan that whistle blower also saying that the State Department employees were trying to quote contained the and did Ilyce adhered to let Giuliani said when he was doing at behest of the State Department. I have uncovered corruption. That this Washington swamp has been covering up effectively C years. And his State Department don't ask me to do this whole I don't know I'm not weighing the alternatives on. Al-Qaeda might go through it I'll get all my evidence together I get my charged. Don't they let me use videotapes or tape recordings that I have. Now I'm John selling reached by phone by CNN said he's gathering all the evidence and that what I've already learned is this is very complex but remember just a couple of days ago Giuliani on ABC sends a mixed messages on whether or not he will testify citing attorney client privilege. He is the president's personal lawyer but there are questions there on it he was going to Ukraine is speaking to Ukrainian officials at the behest of the State Department. Does that client attorney privilege counts tenants tonight not sure that privilege will hold up street think. Much for joining us this morning. And moving on there's new evidence against a former Dallas police officer who is now convicted killer juror has found amber -- guilty of murdering her neighbor. Geiger claims she entered the wrong apartment by accident and shot both in John thinking she was an intruder now as jurors consider. Tigers punishment prosecutors have reveal what they say are racism violent text messages including one where Geiger jokes about the death of Martin Luther King Jr. At Harding University overnight and. A remember it's for both from John. He was well known and as alma mater years after its graduation. Do you king through this school and left an impression on the hearts of everybody here. Former Dallas police officer amber Geiger shot and killed John in his own apartment in September 2018. On Tuesday a jury found her guilty of murder router trial Geiger assists as she walked into John's apartment by mistake speaking it was her home. In believing he was an intruder and opening fire it took the jury less than five hours to reach a verdict. This rolling when now say that US safe. To being your palms and people can no law legacy app made a mistake. In Tokyo light the jury made up of men and women of different ethnicities have the torch of murder manslaughter or acquittal. She. Que me throughout the trial prosecutors tried to point out contradictions in congress behavior. Beginning with one she went into the apartment despite hearing noise inside. You could. Call for an hour literary. You'd go to act how engines. He could have good swap. Votes. If they could. And any one of citizens. This is probably. He's. Defense attorney Brian Burke Meyer says that was a telling moment when we look out the verdict that was given. Murder not manslaughter it's obvious that the jury here believe that an opening the door pushing forward in knowing that there were sounds so fast. That her actions inside that home were intentional. And not reckless. Therefore I was looked on police body camera several officers immediately started CPR to try and seek job. Something prosecutors say Geiger failed to do in each car wash your out. And now as the sentencing phase of the trial begins prosecutors have been given permission to show jurors racially charged text messages linked to Geiger. One exchange came during the city's Martin Luther King Jr. parade someone Tex Geiger when does this end LO well she replied when MOK is dead. Oh wait. In another exchange two days before the shooting so when Tex Geiger asking if she wanted a dog. Do you know what you need to German shepherd I happen to have one for you although she may be racist Geiger replied it's okay. I'm the same prosecutors also assured jurors three pros from temptress. One image saved by Geiger shows the military sniper with over late tax that reads stay low go fast cure first die last one shot. One killed no lock. All skill. Paris defense team is expected to call witnesses as the sentencing hearing resumes today she could face anywhere from five to 99 years in prison. A judge's decision in a lawsuit against Harvard University is being seen as a major victory for supporters of affirmative action in college admissions. The judge will that Harvard's admissions process is not discriminate against Asian Americans by holding him to a higher standard than students of other races. The group that filed a lawsuit is planning to appeal the ruling that the case could end up at the Supreme Court. The chief negotiator for striking auto workers says the even General Motors remain far apart he said GM made what he calls a comprehensive proposal Monday night. But it quote came up short. The said the UAW made a counterproposal that's at the seventeenth day of the strike. FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is worried about the 23 presidential election. Italy to audio recording he blasts his critics including senator Elizabeth Warren who is said she would break up big tech companies like FaceBook if elected. Zuckerberg said he's prepared to sue the government if it tries to break up his company. A massive iceberg is making big news in the science world researchers say the 600 square mile chunk broke away from an ice shelf and it east Antarctica. The size means it is larger than the city of Los Angeles scientists say they don't think the break is related to climate change. Or rather a natural event that happens every six or seven decades. And check this out a terrifying moment for driver and Horry and wait for right there. A piece of plastic. Flew up got stuck to his windshield could you imagine fortunately he was able to slowdown in the median and remove the plastic. But not before some very very scary seconds there on the road. Well Kelly of the young men whose talent and sheer passion. Is turning him into a superstar but first we'll throws be delivering packages to your doorstep in the near future. Find out after this. Welcome back UPS is a step closer to having a nationwide fleet of drones the federal government removed a number of restrictions on the company's program. The move also gives UPS and job on one of its biggest delivery rivals here's ABC's bright milky. And excitement are about drone delivery for what five years herald that is when Amazon first promised it. But now the federal government has given the green light on drone delivery. Not to Ilyce on the TU PS for years UPS has been getting its own drone program off the ground what are the main test projects has been fear ring around. Medical supplies blood samples specimens between hospitals that need them quickly. Well the FAA now says it's a test run no longer I spoke to ABC senior transportation correspondent David Curley. And he said the FAA actually gave several. Green lights to UPS here what they've been given in this initial approval from the government. Is it they will not have to do line of sight that means that the operator doesn't have to be able to see the drone so they can fly farther than you can see that drone well that's the first time we've seen that paid it is the first time it's been approved fully approve. To have non line of sight operation also drones. And packages more than 55 pounds they can fly at night as well so a lot of the restrictions that have been on drone operators have been lifted for UPS in this use currently approved by the government. That is we'll start in North Carolina and eventually UPS hopes to roll it up to twenty different hospitals and perhaps different kinds of deliveries and David said. This was a day that might have just changed how things are delivered in this country. Forever but how a lot more on start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts wary favorite podcasting app today Kenneth. Thank you Brad now to North Korea where ballistic missile has been fired shortly after the nation announced plans to restart nuclear talks with the US. Let's go across the pond to to a McFarland in the London bureau for the latest Juliet good morning so it when it when I know about this most recent launch. So what we now is that this was a submarine launched ballistic miss. It they have for around 200 an eighteen miles before it then landed. In the Sea of Japan and wapner dismissals. Tend to end up these days this is the eleventh missile launch that the north Koreans how five's. This yeah remember of course that peace talks with the US. They've been stool to since that summit in Hanoi Vietnam. A back in February the two sides failed to agree any. The steps and Beatty cars action and the lifting of sanctions. But what we know is that a few hours before this latest lowlands. Was that Pyongyang is said that it would be ready to finally restart those talks again. Possibly even later this week so a lot of analysts as saying that this. This show forces just the north Koreans trying to Rea set themselves give themselves may be a stronger position by. Signaling to the US hey this is serious we mean business look at what's on state. You really need to give some way on those sanctions lifted which is of course what North Korea once in the US position. Has always been that it needs to see you real steps. All of distance denuclearization before it will agreed to stop lifting sanctions on the north Koreans. Enjoy meanwhile Hong Kong the police chief is calling yesterday one of the city's most violent and chaotic a police officer actually shot a protestor. In the chest at point blank range during a protest so what do we know about the protests are and his condition this morning. Exactly a lot of footage segmented yes they of that amendment it was a young protests he was it an initially described as a schoolboy he's an eighteen year old boy. And he was seen attacking a police office so with a pole who then discharged his weapon. Hitting him in that with a but the scratch and the chestnut it was not the fuss on that live rounds. Had been fired in Hong Kong but it was abuzz time that a protester has it hit the police chief said that the officer was justified in his. In his use of force because he believed that his life was in danger of the government says. That the boy his code song she can that he. Is an a stable position the government says. Intentional yes they are 904 people were taken to the hospital. Hundred AT people were arrested. And 25. Offices had been in jet a lot of people describing yesterday seems as the mace to violent in Hong Kong in these last four months of protests. Coming of course. On not China national day which the Hong Kong has at least those who are protesting against the government they wanted to make it clear that it was a day of mourning from baton. It really overshadowing the seventieth that anniversary there are China celebrating. Communist rule. Also in the Netherlands there with a bizarre showing from Dutch farmers who were protesting claims they are responsible for emissions contribute to climate change. And apparently they caught the headache for commuters. Yeah. Hundreds and hundreds of miles 2000. Fall man is taking pot in this Paris has. Colas and long Johns across some 700 miles. Across the Netherlands not the sole stock to this protest and a field outside the hate. And you're got it right follows a basically saying that they are being singled out the victimized. Dots of fathering cools. Four inefficient capital funds to be shut down and some speed limits loaded. In alluded to called by from the anxious. Is now a look at the prom as they were. As well as taking to the streets in that tracks as they were holding up signs and banners saying that Islam is no food you love meat bread and Fries without fathers. You wouldn't have them a tool there is saying that industries such as an aviation industry need two rules that take some blame and chilled. Some of the responsibility population that is not just that but what actually happened yesterday. You know and it hits during the rush hour on Tuesday say the whole country. Was it was what was hearing about this in a large amount a large amount of people trying to get to whack. What stuff conventional job. Of that climate change debate really seen around the world. Jolie McFarland thank you so much we appreciate it. Yes I all right lets you check my agent starting left a different take beloved fast food mascot yep. This Wu who is that Ronald white that we see round McDonnell's show is that Ronald cousin. Dilute our men got Connie MacDonald Dionne yet what is pick up. Marky Mark investment in lower Manhattan looks more like them. Sort of what why are they doing this again. It was some street artist saying it and they've added two Japanese and then yeah certainly are had to wait until their bodies that he's got Fries coming out of the Speedo. That's just not the when he got rats. Say next seven maker though the videogame halo have hired an extra boys actor iPod to make alien noises listen to a room. Who has had at that that he needed. Thousands like an alien for that but give them a lot of ridiculous there. Next to little boy gets up close and personal a couple of bears at the zoo OK look he's second yeah this isn't an old bears. OK so than them I learned to play our right now wait for a rate or ready label bears. So without too close for comfort and and led Georgia woman's trip to the gas station ended with a kick in the head. A deer went leaping past when the Tenet as she filled up recently in Brunswick. One of its moves caught her in the head Tenet is okay she this year thought it was. Belts shoes being robbed. And Aziz said. 02 year to year. That a heartwarming surprise for Leila Anderson the eleven year old saint Louis blues super man was the team's good luck charm last season Leila who battled a rare autoimmune disease that nearly took her life with surprise by two blues players with her very own Stanley Cup ring on time. A group. Down into tears and said the ring fits beautifully. Even though it's about the same size as her hands so excited and it's more error leading our young percussionist who's managed to hop onto his own rising star. Alan Johnson's read them and his passion for what he does coming up enough excitement online the last night he was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He may be on the sidelines. But there's no doubt Alan Johnston is the start of its you know. I love all of it I love performing I just loved the wonderful new thick and they'll look and the meaning behind. And the Internet loves Dallas right back and never that'd be like me who would like pavlik about it via tweets of support coming in double time. This kid isn't national treasure we must protect it at all costs. This kid is my spirit and passion personified we should all it. Heinz deli marching to the beat of his own trumped all the way to Hollywood. Look back and you're the only good thing in America right now I think you're chest they get to all that you. Gilbert Arizona native appearing at Jimmy Kimball lives last night. His new found fame has been a long time coming and after right thing work performed or played music. He voted 08 minutes Meehan had you spoken about it. And I enjoyed it an affinity for the spotlight if not surprising but skeptics to Allen recently took up drumming I am actually trombone player. But in marching band a kid protection. Because it was something that fit anymore because of the performance aspect groups that practice makes perfect but passing. It's a star failings and give everything and that's like Hannity there. Do it in other people say that I have. He's got a lot of star quality he is a megawatt musician and down actually plans on engineering. And studying engineering colleges he says he is passionate about that you so much passion love active then amazing. Well coming up we have a busy wins they had we'll tell you what events. To watch out for plus a look behind the scenes of the glamorous work. I've reporters in the White House we'll tell you up cause chaos in the briefing room afternoon. Give us watch out for today the state department's independent watchdog is poised to get an urgent briefing on Capitol Hill. Sources say the state department's inspector general requested the highly unusual meeting with congressional staff about documents related to Ukraine but details are unclear. House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff has been invited to join House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her weekly news conference at 10:45. AM eastern. And president trop is set to welcome the president then went to the White House for meetings and a working lunch the two leaders will hold a joint press conference set to eastern. For trump will likely be asked about the ongoing impeachment inquiry. You can watch those right here on ABC news lie and Russian cosmonaut will hand over command of the International Space Station to European Space Agency astronaut. Lugo pharma Tonto before heading back to earth and about 700 massage therapist. In Kiev Ukraine are attempting to set a world record for the most. The stock is being carried out some in simultaneously. They're trying to beat the previous record of 641 cent in Thailand back in week twelve plus or fifty into the debrief for an update on our top stories at a briefing room. A breakdown of the latest headlines in politics five to a commotion and the White House briefing room and no it wasn't due to an on call on camera press briefing we haven't seen one of those and about seven months. Imagine that but a mouse dropped out of the ceiling. The press area it fell right into the lap of NBC news correspondent Peter Alexander before racing off to the briefing room. It's off what appears to have been an unsuccessful chase the mouse has not been caught. They are treated in other news a mouse literally fell out of the ceiling and our White House Booth and landed on my lap. And our friend Karen Travers me this picture with a comment team ABC is barricading ourselves and our Booth next door this seemed secure right. In seven months and suppress free. And met Mindy said there might have anymore. Down Stephanie Grisham my house Press Secretary said we're done with those. That's that. At that from Matthew. RA have a good day. We'll see tomorrow.

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