It's Morning, America: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Fallout over John Bolton’s departure, September 11th remembrance ceremonies, Antonio Brown allegation and more.
26:28 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Good morning I'm Kevin mouton and I'm giving or in get a top I think sentenced Wednesday number one Republicans have held on to a congressional seat in North Carolina. But political analysts say Dan bishops and narrow victory in Tuesday's special election could spell trouble for president trumpets when he when he. Bishop a staunch conservative. Defeated moderate Democrats and greedy by. Only two points and a district that president crop won by eleven points and 26 seen the president campaigned for bishop an overnight he took credit for that win. Number two significant damage is reported Sioux Falls, South Dakota after a possible tornado. The mayor reports widespread power outages many streets are impassable a woman said the storm sound like a freight train. Over her house meanwhile large tornado moved through eastern Wyoming destroying an RP. Baseball size hail shattered windows in the area as one of eleven twisters in that region in recent hours on. The number three NFL star Antonio Brown is facing a civil lawsuit accused of sexually assaulting his former trainer. Brown who recently joined the New England Patriots denies the allegation. Yes there are reports NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would place brown on a so called exempt list meaning he would not be able to join the patriots active player list. While the league investigates the allegations we had to Nevada for number four the creator of this storm area 51 festival is now bailing. How Matty lovers he says he's worried about a lack of funding and organization the event started as a joke on line. And turned into that aliens stock music festival. The original idea was to stormed the site where the government is supposedly conducting experiments with space aliens. Despite the uncertainty another organizer promises the show will go on. They do not understand what happened. But it is what it is and it will be whether will be. And I'm gonna charge for it and I'm gonna you know I've I've basically promised everybody and a vet. And so the event is still going to happen. As Connie west there she owns the motel near where the event is scheduled this month. She says she has at least twenty bands and two comedians are scheduled to. Reform and finally from us this Wednesday at number five a bizarre crash caught on camera watches delivery truck that in banishing it wedged between house. And powerful north trying to tell the driver was not hurt but he XP seen a careless driving charge are had to be cut off to get the truck freight. An incredible. Good Wednesday morning think you for joining us hard to believe today marks eighteen years. And since the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001. Very solemn anniversaries so many events commemorating. That terrorist event so many years ago and again generations are at least a generation disagreement when they were born yet and it's hard to believe as you said it's. Will be talking about that well that later but. We'll start getting to epic story there Rowan fought at the White House after excuse me the departure of national security advisor. John Bolton Bolton says he quit the president trump says Bolton was fired. Now the question what's next ABC street and Marshall has the latest string of that morning. Today good morning this latest major shake up by the White House comes amid metered disagreements between these two men that this land so severe they can't even agree how it happens. After seventeen months president drums third national security advisor John Boldin being told you're fired. The news coming Tuesday tweets. I informed John Bolton last night into the services are no longer needed. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions therefore I asked John for his resignation which was given to me this morning. Twelve minutes later Bolton tweeting it wasn't a firing but a resignation. I offered to resign last night in president from said let's talk about it tomorrow and texting Fox News and real time he's watching. Canary Eddie yeah he said let's be clear I resigned the closing contradiction caps off months of contention between the 20. John Bolton is absolutely a hawk is up to him he would take on the whole world of one time OK do you take Kim Jung moon at his word the president takes in that is were going against what about you my opinion doesn't matter. The latest over the weekend canceled plans to meet with the Taliban Camp David as part of the Afghan peace talks the president's entitled to the staff that he wants. That at Eddie Eddie moment. But whether firing or quitting one thing is clear. The president moving on to his fourth national security advisor and less than three years for the top Republican on the homeland security committee the personnel upheaval is one too many. Senator Ron Johnson advising I hope you understand instability is not helpful. Three candidates are now being considered to replace and Charlie copper men will take on that role though until one of them is named. He's the current deputy national security advisor needs an advisor also to John Bolton and served in the Reagan administration. But for this your fired president and now means he has a one if not did the highest turnover rate among his predecessors Kenneth DNA. And we're trying to keep up with all of its members of their Washington think you've joining us and one of the challenges faced by the president's national security team is eradicating ice is and we're seeing the latest attack on the terror group. The US led coalition blasted what's being described as an ice is infested island in Iraq. Dropping forty tons of explosives. Military officials say the airstrikes targeted an area that Timothy haven for terrorists. Crisis fighters have been forming sleeper cells and that does certain caves for Elizabeth strongholds in Iraq and Syria. Here this morning and ABC news poll shows five democratic contenders Lee president trump and head to head matchups with several widening their lead you to concerns over the economy. Among those surveyed a former vice president Joseph Biden leaves president trump by sixteen. Percentage points. About the same margin as polls showed two months ago senator Bernie Sanders leads the president by twelve points. Up from six in July. Senator Elizabeth Warren's lead has increased as well polls show her beating president dropped by eleven points compare with seven points previously. Senator Kabul Harris leaves dropped by ten points in South Bend mayor people to jazz has six point lead to an edge old on the president. You can go to For the full results of the poll and stay tuned to ABC news live from more analysis throughout the day. And of other stories we're watching the sparing dozens of greater wildfires are burning in the last right now. At least fourteen of them are in California most have not. Be contained at all it by far the largest is the walker fire about 100 miles north of Sacramento. Has consumed more than 44000 acres and a national forests the good news is that the fire danger is subsiding today as winds decrease. We learn new. Off the coast of Georgia. Rescuers say three of the men were perched on pipes and railings really 36 hours before being brought to safety. During that time the temperature inside the ship hovered around a 150 degrees the Coast Guard says there are no leaks from the ship's fuel tanks. And they hope to reopen the shipping channel for limited traffic as soon as. Tomorrow. Well Apple's annual event yesterday unveiled the new iPhone eleven series featuring three cameras smarter processing and six new colors. Starting at 700 dollars. It was a seventh generation iPad Apple's new game subscription service in the upcoming launch of apple TV plots. Today marks eighteen years since the September 11 terror attacks the beams of light will be shining tonight in New York in memory of those who died. Icicles in this in New Jersey none of whom had even born yet are commemorating the day by planting flights in the lawn of their school for every. One of the victims here's WBZ's Anthony Johnson. You paying tribute to the victims of one of the most horrifying days in American. Students from cedar grove high school planting flags next to the names of all of the victims who died on 9/11. It's crazy to think about all those people but it's good to do it every year in show. So now we care so with great reverence and care the students are placing nearly 3000 flags in the ground. Shelling this community will not forget when you come out here and you see 2977. Flags. With a name attached to each flag it's personalize it's a little bit more the magnitude is bigger. David Chu owner was inspired to star this tribute at cedar grove high school. After a trip to California where he saw this flag tribute to the victims of 9/11 on the campus of Pepperdine university in Malibu oh. The kids in cedar grove have embraced this effort. This display will remain up until the end of September they want folks to stop by here to remember and pay tribute to all the Vick. Adams of not to let everyone has each other's actions come as you know matters like how differently Aaron that the Lawler owners way to end wildly want. The flags represent many nations yet this tribute also includes this piece of World Trade Center steel. To remember the two cedar grove victims who lost their lives on 9/11. All the kids in are high school right now no one was born. And to educate them about what happened that day is so very important in cedar grove New Jersey Anthony Johnson channel seven Eyewitness News. Also on this 9/11 a new law is taking affecting every public school across New York State governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation mandating. A mall with Simon is that every new work pub new York public school to honor the 9/11 victims. The moment of silence will take place at beginning of the school day every September 11. The legislation was unanimously approved by state lawmakers on both sides of the aisle before Cuomo signed it. And those who lost their lives will be honored at New York's World Trade Center site along with the Pentagon and in Shanksville Pennsylvania. This is the first 9/11 anniversary since the death of former New York detective Luis Alvarez. While died from cancer he urged congress to extend funding for 9/11 first responders as brother talked about his fight to the end. For us in in a personal sense does it deep void there was a lot of blue well terrorists. Anybody comes to a report. For the city. Henceforth he sickness is. There Orwell prisons and they're all heroes. The opera's family will be at the ground zero events and several others. He's out read passed away in June the president will attend a memorial observance at the Pentagon vice president pencil attend an event in Shanksville Pennsylvania. Our question on this day of remembrance how are you remembering September 11 please share your thoughts. In. Even talk about if you feel free about what you were doing me I know some people like to talk about what they were going on that day I got that momentum and got the news. I think a drug is cathartic yet to lobby even eighteen years later to share. Those stories are pleased tweet us let us know comment here on ABC news live. And we will read through them. Coming up the bizarre medical mystery that teenager who wakes up every day thinking it's June 11 but first a bombshell allegation against NFL star Antonio Brown. Its former trainer accusing him of sexual assault. She tells accidents. Welcome back now to the news breaking overnight involving football superstar Antonio Brown. The New England Patriots. Is now facing a civil lawsuit his former trainers accusing him of sexual assault the bombshell allegations follow Brown's recent headline grabbing behavior. Reigniting questions about his future in the NFL. This morning serious new allegations against one of the best players in pro football. Antonio Brown's former trainer claims he sexually assaulted her on three occasions. In the lawsuit filed in federal court Brittany Taylor claims brown exposed himself and kissed her without permission during a training session that we seventeen. She also claims brown forcibly raped her at his Miami home last year. Brown is denying the allegations insisting all sexual encounters with Taylor were consensual. Brown's attorney calls the accusations a money grab. Right he met before the alleged assault the brown was asked to invest one point six million dollars in the accuses business project but brown refused. To fact that she's using her name. I I think it lends credibility. To what she is saying what the lawsuit is saying there's no way to know yet what was true and what's not true but this is very serious. Yeah. The allegations to a tumultuous started the season for the white receiver the raiders signed him for fifty million dollars. But he clashed with the team with much of the drama playing out during the HBO series hard knocks which followed the team this summer and I got a lot people army that you know me to performing. There's not a lot in a musty after publicly demanding that the team cut him brown released a phone call last week with this head coach. Tells dawn. The raiders finally caved releasing browned. He was then picked up by the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots were one year fifteen million dollar contract to play with Tom Brady. Possibly joining the team practiced as soon as today but overnight ESPN reporting NFL commissioner Roger Goodell could plays brown on the so call exempt list. Meaning he won't be joining the Patriot Act of play your list while the league investigates the allegations. According to the lawsuit Brittany Taylor seeking more than 75000. Dollars from brown. Saying the trauma from the alleged assault meted typical to maintain her responsibilities at work as a trainer. The patriots say they're taking the claims very seriously. And will wait for the NFL's investigation and ESPN reports brown is planning to countersued her attorney says Brittany Taylor has passed a lie detector test. Moving on to the tribal administration is disputing reports that us CIA operative would access the Blatter prudent. Had to be extract if from Russia and part over concerns that president rob may have put his life in danger. The Kremlin confirmed the official work there but denied he was the spot. Let's go across the pond to do have fallen in the London bureau for more on this story Juliet good morning. Morning kind of exactly this doesn't fascinating. Story is of not that were reports alleging yesterday. And I they say that the US had to extract. Russian spy who had been spying for the Americans. For around a decade. And 2017. Amid reports that officials of feted for his life. Negatively. Often that's White House meeting between president trump when he revealed classified information to the Russian ambassador Sergey. Kinsley act now. Have to say the white house Press Secretary stuffed me. Stephanie Gresham. Dismissed the reports and said that they were frankly putting people's lives in danger that they will both. The CIA. Declined to comment. But what's CNN and the New York Times have been reporting was not this asset had access. To Vladimir Putin he was not amend all of his Ennis quote. But he was whacking up the ranks of the Russian government. And in fact he was instrumental. In US agency's conclusion that vitamin Putin himself directly orchestrated. The attempts to infiltrate and it's an influence the 2016 presidential election now it'll of these spice spice stories very MacKey hard to know what's real but some really stunning. Do you tell us if they ought to be to be treated. I mean in deed and it. Brill has fired back after intercepting rockets fired from the Gaza Strip as prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu held like campaign rally Netanyahu. Of rust off the stage Tuesday when two rockets triggers sirens Julie is you know but a week before the election he's now vowing to annex parts of the West Bank. What would that mean for the peace process. This has made a significant kind of so I do you say. Present Netanyahu he was an ash dog it's a southern. Says he and Israel Claes to. Gaza and he was rushed offstage very dramatically. The Israelis said that they had intercepted two rockets sent. From Gaza now what precipitated this is idea say Netanyahu announced that if reelected next week and May's elections which are being re runs. He will annex pots of the West Bank he mentions the Jordan Valley and north and north of the the Dead Sea. Now Israel has occupied the West Bank since 1967. But they have stopped short of annexation and this would be a very very dangerous precedent according to critics of the plan the Arab because slams this. As illegal the Palestinians chief negate say to Saeb Erekat has described that if this diss me to be carried out it would be quite a war crime and manifestly. Illegal. Have to remember that the international community does not recognize Israeli settlements in the West Bank. How will keep monitoring that. And some sad news out of Iran where woman who was caught trying to and or soccer stadium there has died after setting herself on fire to protest her arrest. We've seen reports of women wearing false Beers to disguise themselves meant to in or matches in the past. So is that what happened here. Yeah this is already ready side story that the girl's name that the woman same analysts saw heartland and Mott she she was detained. Often trying to disguise itself as a mine in northern tier and a football stadium intact Ron. Now women have been found from and train soccer grounds. Since the 1979. Islamic revolution now thief. -- is. Put bulls one's governing body has been trying to wet with Iran ends. To try and enforce faces and rules saying that there should not be any kind of discrimination as to his ageless and to stadiums. And now last week saw high she set herself on fire outside of the cool house until Ron what had case is being cut up to she landed she may be tried in front of a revenue a revolutionary guard court and post they face six months in prison. This is a really ready sob story but it it is it is a Weiss the widest spread may have been behind this. Recently six Iran in women were detained currently not released on bail for trying to do the same thing in clear day and a very talented Iran and say did you analyst females aged journalist he won the world press space there. But hut images capturing women trying to smuggle themselves in to the stadium just to watch their favorite sports file. Just incredible there thank you for those. I am a writ on there are new problems emerging in the wake of hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas some hurricane refugees who left the disaster zone and traveled to the capital. Haven't turned away from crowded shelters and government officials are promising more shelters will be set up. Also the top administration reportedly will not grant temporary protective status of residents of the Bahamas affected by Dorian. And with the depth hole in the Bahamas at fifty we're getting our first look at what group of survivors faced during the storm. ABC's Marcus Moore is there. New video shows one group's harrowing brush with hurricane Dorian. John slack and his wife stitched up watching the storm movement at a friend's house on treasure key because he thought their house would be too dangerous nine people. Including the four year old boy. Helpless the storm surge pounds the home breaking windows that category five winds blowing right through the living room. That was when things really started going down note but ploy. Horror all we you know how high it what is when the eye passed over they tried to escape in his vehicle. But he got stuck in the mud for first aren't apt would loads winds. I don't I don't think either one of us thought we were gonna maker. Slack his wife and three other people wound up writing up the backside of Dorian in this SUV with seventeen hours. Before making their way back to the howls the interior now completely destroyed. And slack believes the fact that there SUV got stuck in the mud likely saved their lives because it meant the one couldn't blow their SUV away. In the meantime. Here in the Bahamas officials are considering using cruise liners as temporary shelters for thousands of storm survivors who have nowhere to go. Marcus Moore ABC news Nassau. I thought that a breakthrough in news and check our notification starting with this this is a wedding Malaysia incredible the guy have the right there discovers toppled Winger. Twins. They need to know each other not related note went Levitt hey it's a transient Texas is now in its second full day on the run animal has been on the loose. Since Monday near Houston reports say the champ has. And harassing people and dog. There are also verify claims are tried to grab a cat. Primate experts have been called and help with the search officials are also using a drone to try to track it. I'm waiting here for action and KFC is the show right outside new side of colonel Sanders. You've of course a genuine bass whose celebrity now the chain has announced the launch of a new colonel Sanders being ruled then takes video game winner. Oh my goodness you want but what time. The objective is to practice progress through western aid culinary school are trying to romance the colonel himself because of course wasn't part of the colonel math way to new. I love you colonel Sanders reportedly will be released on stream on September 24. Your move pop five some tough guy thank goodness. End and from chicken coop serve fisherman and may and found a really rare lobster look at this split right a medal team and I'll rent one back. Yet as parents a genetic mutation and is like water like fifty million chance of finding eloped is our. Having that mutation apparently heard it takes accurate and now they put it in a little ball contemporary right a look at. Hey and a computer animal news watch this little wine cup. Meet his dad for the first time Simba. Everything it touches our commitment to review like pets is in the zoo. About the shadowy alliance. End. Yeah puzzling case memory loss for a teenage girl and Illinois this is a crazy story at all sort it was she apparently suffered a concussion back in June after giving accidentally kicked in the head by another student who was crowd surfing. Every day she wakes up. Riley Horner thinks it's June 11 until she checks the calendar. This morning she's sharing the medical mystery that continues to leave her doctors baffled. We'll Cannes has that story. All of that. And in the pale questions from. Just a few hours from right now Riley Horner people remember any of this are rare April poll is an old. I like try to pull back and I solar. That's because her memory resent every 2 hours and every morning the same panicked realization. When she wakes up in the morning she thinks it's June 11. June 11 the day Riley was accidentally kicked in the head by student crowd surfing during a dance but after dozens of seizures in countless hospital visits. Riley's doctors say her case is still a medical mystery. There's nothing medically wrong like they can't see anything medically you can't see it in personnel on and friar CT scan. The emotional Cole also devastating. My brother passed away. Last week and she palate has no idea. And we tell every day but she doesn't have an idea no idea about it. The former athlete and scholar taking extensive notes in classes and setting reminders on her phone. To look over those notes hours later even the most mundane of tasks have become difficult. At school Riley can't remember where her locker it is. I know it's hard for them as much as it's hard for me. I like people who star understand there's it's like a movie. A movie that bond is desperate to find. A happy ending for. They told us. That she made us feel like that's for ever and I've not okay with that. And a teenager herself just once remember some of the best times of her life I'm not hateful memory. I was really scared. The Horner family says they're desperately searching for answers in second opinions research showing that after six months of short term memory loss the damage can be here reversible. Oh we'll tell you what's on tap for the day ahead and a scary moment on safari what happens when this team that jumps on top of the vehicle. After this. What to watch out for today several events are planned to commemorate the anniversary of the September 11. Terrorist attacks stay tuned to ABC news live for live coverage of New York's remembrance ceremony at 8:40 PM eastern. And a ceremony at the Pentagon at 930 president trump is expected to attend. Participating in a moment of silence at. The White House jury deliberations are set to begin in the trial attorneys woman who allegedly lied to Secret Service agents to gain access to president comes mar a Lagos resort. She faces a possible six year prison sentence if convicted of trust passing and lying to a federal agent. Democratic candidates for president are getting ready to face off tomorrow night in Houston. In the third democratic primary debate hosted by ABC news stay with ABC news live for more on the candidates and issues. The debrief as well as an update on all our top stories at a briefing room for an in depth analysis with our powerhouse political team. Finally from us this Wednesday up daily from New Jersey is sharing their terrifying encounter with such need to watch this the great cat. Jumped on the row there are open top Jeep during a safari in Africa. The T that didn't look to stress while it was being announced but the woman recording the scene was stressed. I kept saying oh my gosh oh my gosh we don't come here are some who are asking the might change its ensure high. It urged Arian arms are what are we do we eat literally had me just sit down and sit. Down and that still. After he bit but you've got up. Ran off into the plaintiff's point on safaris what you pay performances like that actually does life go yeah I'll in my backyard athlete like baton. The trip was worth every penny. That's it from us this one thing yes. Take here we will see you tomorrow.

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