Mother charged with murder in hanging death of 2 children

Lisa Snyder was arrested at her home on Monday morning for the deaths of 8-year-old Conner Snyder and his 4-year-old sister Brinley.
8:59 | 12/03/19

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Transcript for Mother charged with murder in hanging death of 2 children
This morning at approximately 9 AM. Members of the Pennsylvania state police arrested. Police said Rochelle Snyder. At her home. Located at 244 to route 143. Kempton Albany township. Which is located in burkes county. She has been charged with the following. Two counts murder first degree. Two counts murder of the third degree. One count endangering the welfare of children. One count endangering the welfare of a child for Connor Schneider. And one of those counts is for brenly Snyder. One count tampering with evidence. One count sexual intercourse within animal. And one count cruelty to animals. The incident that led to these charges. Took place on September 23 2019. When he 911 call was received. At a proxy for 30 PM. Have to Burks county communications center. The report indicated that two juvenile us were found hanging. In and responsive in the basement by their mother. The defended. These Snyder. After discovering your children. And calling 911. The mother never returned to the basement. Initial responders from the captain fire company. Arrived on scene at approximate eleven minutes later. They observed. Hanging from a single wired cable dog lead. With a vinyl coating that ends it contained. A swivel why snap. Hooked. The wire was wrapped around the main support beam of the basement. In each under the wire was wrapped around the victims' necks. In the area of the victims were to wooden. Bar height dining room chairs. Knocked down on their sides. Both victims were in full cardiac arrest. And more resuscitated. However they were pronounced deceased. Three days later. On September 26 2019. These victims were Connor Snyder. AJ. And bring we Snyder. Age four. Immediately. After or EMS response. To this incident. The Pennsylvania state police also responded. They immediately obtained a search warrant to search the residence. And the initial search warrant indeed. Found a number of things including. The vinyl wire tie. Out dog cable which was labeled super and 250 pounds. This dog lead cable. Had been ordered by the defendant. The day before. On September 22. 2019. And reach Lisa Snyder picked up his stalled cable. On September 23 at 9:30 AM. From the Wal-Mart. In Hamburg. He defended and was interviewed twice by the Pennsylvania state police. Storing those interviews. Defended. Said Ted Connor was bullied and wanted to die. Connor hated school. And Connor was scared to go by himself and that is why. He had friendly with. As you will recall. Connor was only eight years of age. Pennsylvania state police gathered video from. The bus to school bus which brought Connor home. On September 23 2019. The video showed no signs. To Connor was in any distress whatsoever. In fact from the video. He appeared to be a happy child. In this investigation. Needless to say numerous witnesses were interviewed. We do we were able to find out. That. Another individual. Also lived in the household. And that witness was interviewed. He told police to Conner never mentioned being bullied at school. Room this witness asked Connor this question. Directly because as a mother said he was being bullied. Other witnesses also told police the Connor was not bullied at school. And never complained about it. School officials and family members were interviewed. And indicated that Conner never expressed that he was bullied. Or suicidal. The only person that ever. Indicated. That. Someone was bullied. That being Connor. Was a defend. Defendant told the witness. That she is depressed and doesn't care anymore about her kids. Defendant also told police to Connor wanted to go downstairs in the basement to play for. To defend instead. Told the police. That that the kids play downstairs all the time. The defendant told police did that more that afternoon after he arrived home from school. The top Conner took two chairs downstairs. And the dog lead that was purchased that day. She said that Conner asked brenly to also go downstairs. However. Storing the interviews conducted by the Pennsylvania state police. Another witness that lived in the defendant's own. Told police the victims. Do not normally play in the basement as a matter of fact. Hardly ever among the many people that were interviewed storing this investigation. Included an occupational therapists. Who was employed through the Kutztown school district. On this occupational therapists. Told us that it would be extremely. Difficult for Connor. To operate the class. On the dog leash or to manage to wrap the dog leash. Around the beams huge due to his core dexterity. In essence. Connor had some. Disabilities. Which prevented him from for example tying his shoes. Also adoring miss our case I think most importantly. Is that. Phones. Other devices. Were seized. And they were forensically examined at Pennsylvania state police central computer crime unit. Search warrants. Were. Obtained for Google records. And the defendants FaceBook messenger account. Are those FaceBook records. Indicate photos. And conversations. Regarding sexually explicit messages. About the dog performing sexual acts. On the defendant. Google records. Indicated the following searches were located. On the defendant's account. For the following. In September 172019. Carbon monoxide in a call our how long to die. September 20. Almost got away with it best episodes. September 22. Hanging yourself. September 22. Visited the web site short drop simple suspension. Lost all hope. Based on a review of this web site the narrative prescribes. And effective way of hanging a person. Using a short drop symbol suspension. Also on September 23. Does a hybrid car produce carbon monoxide. The autopsy he's. Which were performed by doctor Michael Johnson determine the cause of death for both children was hanging. The Lehigh county coroner has ruled these deaths as homicide.

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{"duration":"8:59","description":"Lisa Snyder was arrested at her home on Monday morning for the deaths of 8-year-old Conner Snyder and his 4-year-old sister Brinley.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67462387","title":"Mother charged with murder in hanging death of 2 children","url":"/US/video/mother-charged-murder-hanging-death-children-67462387"}