Mother, 2 Children Detained Overnight at Dulles Airport

The woman says they were handcuffed and not given any food while they were held for 20 hours.
2:55 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for Mother, 2 Children Detained Overnight at Dulles Airport
Their family flew from king out. Freddy. 10 PM. Do a trustee to hear Dallas have bullets. Came in the morning Max Kennedy is 68 Dan. But did they would became. Because. I want to the children were warning king at the age they haven't used that they have used bicycles. Let them on this breaking up from Somalia. So she keeps you fall under the category. Yes until until today to aim. They call that has been his from Minnesota Romer and he told him that. I've got to get your children but did you citizen but you wife we will devote to a fleet. Wasn't at that topic up. Today at game so if you don't come by Danny came wounded Barbara date tour that one of the immigration officer thought. You to sign this paper we were agreed to send you back and confusing is already canceled she's sick I don't want to sign a paper until I see my husband. He's the one who's gonna kinda Peters for the but I don't want to sign any papers. They say that if you don't sign. The children's theater we don't we have we already have seen music like doing of the combat he would say. But the children you gonna sign for the city can go with you that topic they seized did not want to sign Philip it will Harden. He FAA report. Fall almost one hours. They handcuffed. If only she went to the bathroom they had received they'll lock the bathrooms they show right hand passing that your neck and RS. Because what the front seat the car her husband for a number of seeing that we had your family yet they have book. Guy you come and take your kids otherwise we all of them do that topic. Now of things that James because so bad that jibes I'm which and in time. That things that taints everything was well we know. Yep week I know we've pulled another polite. United Airlines. We had a flight back to Minnesota today a fight game. So we are sadly. Yeah hopefully we still missing a leg it's we have we they had a seven that is we find to be out of San a was to listen for a home. Yes yes yes indeed right. They were crying. And getting eat it and he's getting he had only. My fifth. We really geeky in Don is that topic. Well how flight was scheduled on Monday to flight from some African jihadist that the use it but hopefully Wisconsin. Yeah that's all. He doesn't have a place to leave she thought this is gonna fight for years about. Think if exceeds fifty doesn't have a place when I don't Monday.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The woman says they were handcuffed and not given any food while they were held for 20 hours.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45132008","title":"Mother, 2 Children Detained Overnight at Dulles Airport","url":"/US/video/mother-children-detained-overnight-dulles-airport-45132008"}