Mudslides Hit Midwest Amid Flood Watch

Thousands of homes in Minnesota damaged after 4 inches of torrential rain.
8:33 | 06/20/14

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Transcript for Mudslides Hit Midwest Amid Flood Watch
Water -- Images like this in Minnesota the land of 101000 lakes. And a few more today after four inches of drenching rain thousands of damaged and a huge -- slide. When firing -- and I guess that's the main question. A lot of people are asking today over -- I'm -- Cutler in New York this story still developing at this moment. Minnesota just one of several states dealing with some flash flooding. I want to go live Steve Patterson from our Minneapolis Saint Paul the KS TP covered -- all Steve you're right along the banks of the Mississippi there -- at the rain has let up at flood warnings. Still in place. That's the sort of interest thing as you ask when will the rain let up by the -- out of the question we have asked all week long folks all across the state have. It has finally let out so that is certainly relief you know we're gonna see the ground start to dry out. However with that the river levels are going to continue to go up in fact I'm standing in front of the Mississippi we can take a shot of that you see that it is moving. At a pretty steady clip and here's what's got a lot of folks nervous here on one side -- -- sunshine things start to dry out but these. Levels in the rivers in the Mississippi River. The Minnesota river -- saint Croix river they will continue to go up they won't crest. Until the middle of next week now for a couple of those for the Minnesota river for the saint Croix river there's moderate flood risk however for the Mississippi River in Saint Paul. There is the potential that there could be some major flooding their self. People -- really concern and it's -- so now we get through all this rain in this sort of feels like the calm before the storm in some ways because now. We sit we watch it's likely going to be dry for the next several days. But those levels would just keep rising which for a lot of folks -- just kind of counter intuitive. -- -- a secular jobs are taking advantage of this breaking bread they're getting their sandbagging in some areas there around their homes. Is that actually helping -- hours -- too little too late. -- that does help you know we are the land of 101000 lakes and frankly they're just a lot of creeks there are a lot of wetlands all around and their near people's homes so that sandbagging. They're not just doing that for exercise that really does -- -- you'll see people moving fast in the really great part is in the midst of all this it's been very stressful for a lot of folks throughout the state. Farmers have been hit really hard. But you will -- neighbors just in the blink of an -- at a moment's notice they will start helping -- people put calls -- say hey you know what this water's coming up close. Neighbors come out just looking how can -- help. They're sandbagging they're doing and any sort of even if it makes a little difference guys. They can -- have -- a big difference down the line saving their homes saving from serious water damage so is everyone is watching the Mississippi -- there is there any prediction on when exactly it's -- -- They think that it won't crest. On Wednesday so that's sort of the date that a lot of people now some of the other rivers they could crest as early as Sunday but I was as I was speaking with our meteorologist throughout the morning. Wednesday is the target date and that's when they really think that all three of those again the Mississippi to Minnesota the saint forever that's when they'll -- And again and all eyes are on the State Capitol Saint Paul the Mississippi River there if you really do some major flooding so everybody's now just sort of -- -- a hurry up and wait if you will eight. Tell me about this and I think we're looking at a live shot right there album mud slide -- -- -- -- Minnesota medical center. Tell us about that what's happening. Yeah and alma without so that we can push and it is. This is really something so this of university of Minnesota medical center and as you probably see it right now it probably looks like that medical center. Is right on the edge of where that mud -- took place. We were looking at this all morning that's what looked like however I spoke with an official from the U of m.'s medical center. She assured me. No there is actually -- -- there she said that the the video and the pictures can be a little bit misleading. I gotta be honest I didn't really buy that until I got here and then now I'm here in person you can see that there is depth here she told me that there's actually a roadway up there. And then that there -- there's also some parking structures parking spots as well so there's a considerable. Amount of depth so now -- I'm here in person it looks a little less frightening than it did on camera that being said. I don't mean to sort of -- -- yoga with us but if you see got white structure out there. That is basically sort of feeds into an oxygen tank they're going to be cleaning that out because that is closest. To the bluff. And that seems to be the one piece of equipment despite a hundred yards of land coming down right into the river that's the only piece of equipment that they think that they're gonna have to move. They have reserve oxygen inside -- won't affect patient care at all. -- all things consider as we look out and -- watched it all morning ever since this happened last night at around seven to get up to evacuate some workers. No patients. The fact that that's the only thing that they're gonna have to move this sort of a surprising but where we're thankful that's the extent of the damage at this point. So Steve last week -- -- -- people arms are helping each other out sandbagging kind of getting things clean up -- -- barricade as best they can't. Who would actually evacuated any orders in place right now -- -- shelters set up. You know there have not been orders to evacuate. But to show you a little bit of the scope of everything 35 counties governor Mark Dayton has -- given a state of emergency in 35 counties throughout the state. And by the way this stretches as far up to the northern border right up against Canada all the way to the southern most part of the state. So the nature of these storms and how they have hit -- where they have -- have caused very sporadic flooding. Throughout so one community might be facing it and another sort of dodge is enough of those. Bullet so to speak that they really don't have much of an issue so that makes it a little bit peculiar more calls go out. And we learn more about the situation but it's certainly something that. We're grateful and grateful that I'm sweating right now because that means that the sun is out and this is not rain on my forehead. And we're thankful for that that being said over the coming days certainly a lot of people will be watching and waiting until we get to Wednesday. To see how bad. Things get so that's sort of this story from here all things considered at this point. We're grateful for where things are but we're watching and waiting on -- -- ABC news many. All right Steve thank you for that report from Minneapolis I want to bring in now -- had a -- -- with more on the storm and Heather answer those questions it. Setting some records in the Twin Cities is the worst over. Yet sure looks that way at least for right now getting a brief break from the heaviest of the rain fall but that she said. Getting pretty close to -- some rainfall records here this is where we are compared to normal for the month of June this is going up to -- yesterday afternoon so it doesn't include. The over four inches rain we saw yesterday in the Twin Cities speaking of Minneapolis in Dubuque. Both have tripled our average in June rainfall here so far and were only two thirds of the way through Sioux Falls more than doubled as well. And Omaha well over normal even as we head into the next couple -- days but again. Over the next couple today isn't getting a little bit of a break from the rain that here is -- Heads take a look at the radar some showers moving off across the UP of Michigan and back over towards northern Michigan itself. But the heaviest of the rain again clearing out of the Twin Cities. And down into the Des Moines areas well -- really some good news all those this afternoon. Could see a couple of showers pop up in this area definitely not going to be as widespread as well we've seen. Area of low pressure tracking farther often north and east -- -- stronger storms possible into the northern most portions of Minnesota but again these storms going to be very isolated. From -- on the lookout for the heavy rain some -- damaging winds as well as the hail spotty thunderstorms also going to pick up but across the central plains. And -- the high plains as well but again. Today at least a little bit more widely scattered. Next problem day comes up on Saturday. Still lot of warm and humid air coming up from month of western Gulf of Mexico and with all that humidity that's true is it a chance for the showers and storms to pop up once again. Very slow moving storm tracking just north of the US Canadian border that's -- providing -- -- left could see a couple pockets of severe weather across the Dakotas but again. Some of the spring going to be moving into parts of the upper midwest in places where we've already seen -- double even triple the amount of rainfall. That recent here for the month of June -- so even though the heaviest of the rain looks like it's over for right now any really see over the next couple days ass clothes water levels are receding. Could definitely at a little bit of insult to injury. A welder from AccuWeather -- thanks so much appreciate they keep an eye on the latest on that you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news happens -- -- the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm -- that's -- New York.

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{"id":24237503,"title":"Mudslides Hit Midwest Amid Flood Watch ","duration":"8:33","description":"Thousands of homes in Minnesota damaged after 4 inches of torrential rain.","url":"/US/video/mudslides-hit-midwest-amid-flood-watch-24237503","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}