Mueller report fallout continues

President Donald Trump claimed victory after the release of the Mueller report despite details of instances of possible obstruction of justice.
3:15 | 04/19/19

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Transcript for Mueller report fallout continues
I write we begin with the Muller reports did you read it because. Yesterday I felt like the entire country at least all of the media outlets had joined a book club in this case the book was to minors. 448. Pages minimally rigged acted providing the public with an even closer look. At the trump campaigns interactions with Russia during the 2016 elections I wanna go to Mike Levine and our DC bureau. Mike you know the thing that I think stuck out for most people was a volume two on obstruction where there's so many instances where president trump. One in his close as aides to obstruct but they just wouldn't do it so. My question for you is this for example if I lay wanted someone to seriously. Saying you robbed a bank. And then they decided that they would they didn't want to do it or they were going to do it in my still culpable. There isn't a double is always in the details right. How do prosecutors prove that you are serious about wanting that the bank to be robbed. And Muller's report heat Italy's outpost would dozen episodes. Of the things that look like obstruction. And Mueller says himself that he can't exonerate the president. But how do you prove that a crime was actually committed. And Mueller himself basically says that he's not certain a crime was committed to been how do you bring a charge. Yea it's it's it's really difficult and one of the things that Dan Abrams kept saying an our cover Jessica he kept pointing out that. Bob Mueller made his decisions through the prism of you know not being able to indict. A sitting president so where does that leave us. Yeah Muller certainly framed his whole report he started off by talking about that opinion from the Justice Department that a president can be indicted. That was him just framing it to basically then went on an entire dissertation and academic perhaps at dissertation about the evidence that he found. Means basically again said that he Clinton concluded. Definitively that a crime was committed. Irate end and just you know we can we can go back to your day yesterday you are one of the people in the Justice Department seeing this report what was it like to see it for the first time in the end there. There was so much buzz so much the most anxiety and excitement waiting for this report and then as soon as it was public whose complete silence. Everyone just stayed there you know there are reading intently and news is is incredible. So Kinney is give us an idea of like what the rest of your day look like because that was a lot of time poring over all of these pages and sections. Yes and is a lot of type thing my fingers hurt we basically we're trying to find those nuggets throughout the report unit as you said closed up more than 400 pages trying to find those nuggets that really. Basically showed the public want Muller had found. We of course knew the overarching conclusions but what city finds specifically in what to the public not know about those little episodes. When episode that I that is really struck me was the moment that the president learned that Mueller had been appointed in the first place. He was in the in the Oval Office with his then attorney general Jeff Sessions when sessions told him about Muller's appointment. The president Muller says that the president sort of slugs back in his in his chair and said. This is horrible this is terrible this is going to end my friends presidency I'm aft. While yes that moment stuck out for every one. Michael Ameen thank you so much for your work in the work continues yes.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"President Donald Trump claimed victory after the release of the Mueller report despite details of instances of possible obstruction of justice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62512098","title":"Mueller report fallout continues","url":"/US/video/mueller-report-fallout-continues-62512098"}