Museum Receptionist Describes Foiling Alleged Child Abduction

Sharon Wise jumped into action to prevent a young girl from being taken.
1:50 | 12/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Museum Receptionist Describes Foiling Alleged Child Abduction
The guide. Came. Almost running over here and grabbed her cold and is trying to geek up overhead. Sharon wise said Tuesday afternoon at precisely 1218. She spotted a man working in the lobby of the main state museum which is work for several years. Right in front of the reception desk she said the man made a beeline for a two year old girl by the girl's grandmother was hanging their coats. He grabbed told that they feel looked a little girl he grabbed hold of arrest in stocks pulling there. And at that point. Instinctively. I have I bent over and covered over the child. And I kept seeing you know. In a low. Very low voice. Leave her alone let go of her that her goal tilting touch your and he wouldn't be he would he kept pulling any pull there a couple of steps. Why is stepped between the man and the child preventing an alleged abduction and looked him right in the in I was really close to him and I said. Electrical current. And he waited for a hit and we'll be right the night. And he dropped her he had left. Within minutes capitol police arrested 58 year old James cattle aero. In the parking lot and charged him with a salt. Sharon why says don't call her a hero because he was definitely not leaving this museum will a true world. It wasn't gonna happen so. I'm glad I was here but -- anybody else in the museum would have done the same thing she says museum employees were trained how to deal with this kind of situation. You see here tomorrow. I guess those aren't quite gravelly crawling voice or something like that but. He you know. I think it's the item down in the end you know and that was that.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"Sharon Wise jumped into action to prevent a young girl from being taken.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27736449","title":"Museum Receptionist Describes Foiling Alleged Child Abduction","url":"/US/video/museum-receptionist-describes-foiling-alleged-child-abduction-27736449"}