NAACP President Signals Support for Nationwide Worker-Walkouts

Ben Jealous says he hopes March on Washington event helps encourage support for jobs protest.
3:13 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for NAACP President Signals Support for Nationwide Worker-Walkouts
I want to bring in Ben jealous president of the NAACP. Its youngest ever when he was elected at just 35 years old in 2008. -- thank you for being with us we we certainly appreciate your time today and of course it this week we heard her speech a very passionate very powerful words. And I want to know how -- the march on Washington breakthrough as a moment that drove your decision. To become so active. 120 years ago I was here for the thirtieth anniversary march on Washington and actually -- the distance. Our next to Ben hooks who I -- that they are former president. And it's. On that day are reflected on how far our country -- comes it's my parents were. You know two engines -- -- hearing that speech and I was here that -- -- -- years ago and what hit me was that my generation. Com and really had not been encouraged to fight and to organize like our parents had. And we had come audacious and Tom define ourselves and I was incarcerated generational planet and a most murdered in the country. And it was actually here twenty years ago that I that I committed. She really -- my life to this struggle to make our country more perfect and -- I hope today. Is that there are young people throughout this crowded older people throughout this crowd lot of committing or recommitted. Just being doers to being organizers. And -- pushing our country for re the greatest country on the planet that's never satisfied us in this country we can be better -- A more perfect union has been recited time and time again and then I want to ask you because a number of issues were at the forefront today and on Saturday. Voting rights stand your ground law's mandatory minimum drug sentencing what are you hoping to hear today. From some of the speeches. -- -- we. Must go home with a real clear calls. Around the voting rights act and that's was our main focus on Saturday you'll be much of the focus today is one of the places where. At the capitol which is just across the ball from here we could actually get pot bipartisan consensus to move the country forward -- we -- to seize that. It will also hear people say that this time that we can get full agreement on comprehensive. Reform of our. Migration laws that we need to -- that we need to CIR through as well. But you'll also hear from people that we need to -- focus on poverty and that's why I chose to focus -- -- in lifting our. Country ought to a higher place doctor king's last march the -- people's GMT was killed -- -- -- of organizing. And tomorrow will we will see walkouts have the minimum wage workers who simply cannot survive on seventh when he -- across this country. We will be called to our content to general poverty -- some would say yes let's go forward from here. And restore the voting rights act -- go forward from here and pass comprehensive. -- -- Migration laws but there's also go forth here and lift that minimum wage so that people who work -- -- if you're at sixty hours a week. Don't also have to turn around and ask for public assistance just to make. Rent money your questions for the kids.

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{"id":20096446,"title":"NAACP President Signals Support for Nationwide Worker-Walkouts","duration":"3:13","description":"Ben Jealous says he hopes March on Washington event helps encourage support for jobs protest.","url":"/US/video/naacp-president-signifies-support-nationwide-worker-walkouts-20096446","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}