NASA releases new images from Mars

Scientists presented new pictures and data from Mars on Friday, including an image taken during the Perseverance rover's landing.
5:53 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for NASA releases new images from Mars
The team is. Overwhelmed with excitement and and joy to it successfully landed another rover on the surface of Mars. This rover is an epic effort. Idiot represents. Eight years of hundreds of engineers at the laboratory thousands around the world a total of over four follows and human years of investment. When we do we such investment. We do them. For humanity. And we do them as a gesture. About humanity. This is an image of the rule over perseverance. Slung beneath the descent stage its propulsion backpack. As it is being lowered to the surface of Mars. You concede that dust kicked up by the rovers engines. We're probably about two meters or so above the surface of Mars were asking me this image into just caught off the press. You can see the mechanical plot brought idols that hope we'll be. Grover underneath the descent stage it's three straight lines heading down to the topic. And then the currently electrical umbilical. That is taking all of the electrical signals from the descent stage down the computer. Inside the belly of the rover in fact. V ones and zeros that represent this image will travel down that. Umbilical before it is cocked and the rover is left safe on the surface of Mars. This image was acquired by a and Mars reconnaissance orbiter. Or emerald. One of our. Our earth says the order around r.s. You can see here in the zoomed in part of the image an upper. Or spacecraft. The yet the descent stage down look image. We're still figuring out the exact timing. Of when this image was taken as well. So. It's even possible. That we hit it are ready. Come out the of the protective entry capsule. And coming down on rockets at a surface but we we haven't quite analyze this enough to figure that out. If you look just below. And it to the little circle. That you see on the screen this was our eventual. Touchdown point. You can see it it's. It's near the delta. That we've talked about that's so interesting to scientists on and we'll get some updates. Combat. Coming up here. But just to give you an idea of all of the things that had to go correctly. For us to make it to this point. Point that image was were acquired. We had already. Undergone. Entry into their martian atmosphere. Right on time traveling at. Five point three kilometers per second. We have our we are AD had undergone a searing heat. Entry. And hold somewhere around. Eleven g.s of force as we decelerated quickly. While entering atmosphere. And we had. I steered our path through the atmosphere of Mars. I using thrusters. And lift from our vehicle. That we can zero in on our eventual target here engender a crater. This was an image captured by a our earth rear hazard avoidance camera. So this is looking backwards from the perseverance rovers prospective. When I look at this image. First of ought to feel a great sense of relief. And second of all. I see the landing site. That looks relatively safe free of boulders. Free of cliffs free of great slopes. And that's what we spent the a lot of time and effort. You know making sure add that we identified. Those spots on Mars. So that we can. The safely set the rover down. In in what we considered the best possible spot. Here we go and how will eat and eat. Or in. Engineering. And an actress. And and Mali region on Iraq and in. A landing we had not been assigned to really they're. And a scientist at first starting at about the image. Is Iran or medium low. We are. Trying to figure out what my. I didn't. Mars. We go to an image is is a close that in this is a real interest and geological. We keep their identity and your meal a rock and one of the first things we noticed. Has a lot of holes or bug. And they are number different she'll cry in the old. The site is now about what. One of the questions. And ease. Sedimentary or in Poconos would be really exciting that we can't wait I'm.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"Scientists presented new pictures and data from Mars on Friday, including an image taken during the Perseverance rover's landing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76005099","title":"NASA releases new images from Mars","url":"/US/video/nasa-releases-images-mars-76005099"}