NASA reveals findings on study of space's effect on the body

NASA studied astronaut twins Mark & Scott Kelly to determine the effects of staying in space for a year.
2:52 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for NASA reveals findings on study of space's effect on the body
Off finally today just like at the show with a bit of interest in news at a NASA you may have heard about a ground breaking study that they did with two familiar faces. Both in science and in politics were astronaut Scott Kelly whose are running for office the first man to spend. A year in space and his twin brother. Mark Kelly you see him there on the right. Study about the health effects of spending a year in space turns out that. Keep assist does a pretty want trying to have a pretty limited impact on their health that has some potential ramifications for the future joint and is now on the phone. Is doctor Susan Bailey. A cancer biologist with Colorado State University shooter of the coauthors of the study. And a doctorate Pittsburg for comment on give us your top line what was that your biggest take away and to what surprised you from this NASA study of the twins. Well hello and thank you thank you for your interest in this study I mean that this remarkable. Steady and certainly the most comprehensive view that. Respond to the human body to a slight bit that NASA's ever ever conducted. And our our particular part of it was. Looking at addressing the question of aging. That we were looking at telomeres the end of our chromosomes that lead. We measured killing their link or bookmark and Scott before during and after. One your mission. And Denver able to compare the Q you think market our ground control and certainly the most surprising. Finding that we had was that. Scott kilometers and work longer in space and then they were either before or after space flight and. That was it is and that you live longer. Well I mean that would be attempting stating that I don't think it's going to be the fountain view's. People the minute he came back to his telomeres shorten this. OK I did I did ask you though some of the other findings were fascinating and and folks can go and read online now on the NASA website at but. Other things you found that the astronauts lost 77%. 7% of their body we want space but I was struck by the finding that. Cognitive speed improved. While an outer space really. Well I I I think that there was some of that but then that I again the most important thing was when he came back to earth. Was that in fact you know cognitive ability was had declined so he snapped but you know that's problem. Believe we need to go live in space and stand space I guess. I guess that's the bottom lie yeah. Right doctor Susan Bailey. With the Colorado State universal and co authors of the new NASA twins study that took a look at astronauts mark Kelly and Scott Kelly. Mark Kelly's spending a year in space incredible time out there doctor thank you so much for joining us in much more again as we said on

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"NASA studied astronaut twins Mark & Scott Kelly to determine the effects of staying in space for a year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62343979","title":"NASA reveals findings on study of space's effect on the body","url":"/US/video/nasa-reveals-findings-study-spaces-effect-body-62343979"}