Nationwide manhunt continues for 2 escaped Georgia inmates

"The public is in grave danger," said Sheriff Howard Sills.
0:58 | 06/15/17

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Transcript for Nationwide manhunt continues for 2 escaped Georgia inmates
Shoes but man there. There's been on the vegetable. In the last year that India and them. We now have a reward that totals 130000. Dollars. I've been a police officer of some sort in this state. For over 43 years and I can tell you today there's never bail and their reward that lore. Literally every law enforcement agency in the state local federal. And state. This is the greatest effort. Ever actually. And it's not just because of the crime it's because the public is a grave danger. These are dangerous. Seriously dangerous fishers. Who problems that need to be apprehended. You need to shall render you will be after him.

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{"id":48061128,"title":"Nationwide manhunt continues for 2 escaped Georgia inmates","duration":"0:58","description":"\"The public is in grave danger,\" said Sheriff Howard Sills.","url":"/US/video/nationwide-manhunt-continues-escaped-georgia-inmates-48061128","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}