Native American Adoption Case Gets Complicated

Jurisdiction, tribal sovereignty and federal law are at odds in "Baby Veronica" custody case.
3:00 | 08/17/13

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Transcript for Native American Adoption Case Gets Complicated
Today a district judge issued a gag order so -- this case is talking. But here -- Cherokee Nation court there are plenty of people who have something to say. At the end of the day Veronica's biological father Dustin Brown walked out carrying a stickball stick and loved what holding it in the air. Something that was a sign of victory. It is here to support product from ground and offset -- and I have may get killed and along with native and -- -- yeah. Protesters yelled at adoptive parents Matt and validates -- beyond go tell -- -- to go back to South Carolina. The two sides -- in court twice today both times without -- Veronica. First in Cherokee county district court next stop -- tribal court. Doctor farmers are watching what they say is wrong with adoption were -- trying to fulfill a need to. For families to say -- I want to have children. That don't either having you have fertility issues or whenever verses what the real meaning of adoption -- which -- to try to find homes for children. But which home is the right home. Veronica has been with her paternal grandparents who also appeared in court today without the girl today's meetings in court today between the browns and a company -- -- Come after an ultimatum issued by governor Mary Allen. Come to court and -- or face extradition to South Carolina. Intel o'clock Tim Jackson -- -- Channel 8.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jurisdiction, tribal sovereignty and federal law are at odds in \"Baby Veronica\" custody case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19990027","title":"Native American Adoption Case Gets Complicated","url":"/US/video/native-american-adoption-case-complicated-19990027"}