Navigating the often-confusing vaccine system

ABC News’ Karen Travers reports on seniors and others eligible for vaccinations struggling to navigate a cumbersome vaccine appointment system.
5:52 | 02/27/21

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Transcript for Navigating the often-confusing vaccine system
And now to the struggles to get the potentially life saving Kobe in nineteen vaccine those who need it most like seniors are finding the system particularly tough to navigate. ABC's Karen Travers takes a closer look. For years the hottest ticket in the US was the broadway's smash hit. Hamilton. CNN now closed due to the Kobe in nineteen pandemic but now there's a similar frenzied to score another hot ticket of coated nineteen vaccine appointment called it 211 number and was on hold for now house. Every on that even if you call at 3 o'clock in the morning I'll be there my pajamas I don't tread forty times. And I finally got. An appointment there's no one stop shop for Americans to sign up for a vaccine appointment the drug administration lifted up disdains to determine who gets vaccinated first and show people sign up for shots to every state manages its own system. Within states attorneys are running vaccine sites powered hard to try to get this requirement in some places you can get a jab at a pharmacy the convention center even a baseball stadium still Americans are signing up and multiple sites hedging their bets and hoping something works sound. Registered him in a couple of places but we have not been I love. Does he did get the vaccine until now. The vaccine system is not tailored to those most in need senior citizens low income Americans people of color to hold Johnson serves on her neighborhood council in Washington DC she's spending hours helping her elderly neighbors navigate the city's vaccine sign up. They called a telephone number or the telephone number is not working very. Don't know how to use the Internet this town were dealing with some individuals who might not even have a and so saw Johnson is stunt of free library on her lawn with fliers about how to get a vaccine this information is for our RUN see how they can schedule an appointment she's going door to door and volunteering to do the legwork herself so I'm literally typing on to rule. Computers simultaneously. A to try and get. Until now has been set up to the station in his Florida homes are reporting on you know there Marty Allan optimistic. 5:3 in the morning. Trawler computers and have three computers were being. And I'm just wait. And considerable progress aren't going into the ocean with a small more when nobody. Should shape and. Is it just for kids ridiculous after weeks of frustration and striking out John age seven into an asthmatic enlisted reinforcements. Getting his son in California and his daughter in Washington DC online with him so far competitors are looking for actually has thrown from Marseille nested says now that he's figured out how to navigate the process and has one of his doses he's helping others who. One Gaidar doesn't even have a computer. Piazza took power structure how she or her regular thing shrine of Chicago tells us he's also using a bloody system. And a couple of friends as simple call this place called into place and I didn't didn't have in his success and then when I told somebody got one reason. Oh pretty what do you do order. Dennis also had help from his daughter Deirdre a teacher in Chicago who spent hours trying to set up appointments for her parents. First to sign up and when I put my zip code and on the 24 X. They said that it wasn't eligible because Ada city zip code and they were only taking the suburban life. Instead read it read somewhere where there isn't really you know you can read it man hounded her. I'm yeah. Text message and brand about a little Italy had a. Manila. Many younger Americans are putting their text skills to good use trying to set up appointments for parents grandparents and friend is struggling to navigate this patchwork system and I. Try to get our other parents I'm. Greedy. You know going back importantly how does this. Olivia Adams is a software developer and she washed her mother in law grew frustrated trying to sign on for a vaccine in Massachusetts. On his way. He said. Well I. Adams says she's trying to fool boy in Massachusetts. And providing easy clear way to see where vaccines are available to us all of its seeds and what's. Odd. Number Islamic web site. Lydia Adams is on maternity leave I asked her what she the person figuring this sound juggling an infant in a toddler. He sling a Cindy Lou I'm and yeah. I asked the white house with the central government is doing to address these issues I can there be a better system. So it's easier to just sign up. And both near term. We agree with you completely that is completely confusing has been around the country in states and localities. But our focus is very much on increasing communication and shoring exactly easy sad that the American people know how. When. They can get their vaccine and we. Fully agree there's no lack of communication back confusion and we are trying to work out of that hole. Health experts say more needs to be done to make sure the people who need to get the vaccine first are actually getting it. We'll find. Those folks. Can't get. Computer use and rig aren't yet another. From those that are holed out were. Galore at home male age. Your house. Did he nickel Johnson worries that without assistance some different neighbors just won't get their shots but it should not be an issue where those who how they know how. Get the vaccination. And those who don't. Have the know how or the supports. A team that's not equitable Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"ABC News’ Karen Travers reports on seniors and others eligible for vaccinations struggling to navigate a cumbersome vaccine appointment system.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76147387","title":"Navigating the often-confusing vaccine system","url":"/US/video/navigating-confusing-vaccine-system-76147387"}