Navy vet Timothy Birckhead surprised with new home adapted for his disability

"The View" worked over the course of a year to build and furnish a new home for Birckhead's family.
9:55 | 07/26/17

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Transcript for Navy vet Timothy Birckhead surprised with new home adapted for his disability
??? and the home of the brave ??? It's my honor to introduce homes for our troops chairman of the board, general retired Richard Cody. Thank you very much whoopi. Thanks for this great community for being out here. Whoopi and Sara and Carter, I just want to thank you and the entire Home Depot team and "The view" for honoring this great Navy veteran in being out here with us today. We may be divided in our country but one thing we're not divided on and that is taking care of our great veterans who for our last 50 years like Tim took care of us. You don't have to wear a uniform to serve this country. Each and every one of you are serving in your home by supporting homes for our troops. Tim these are your neighbors B and your new home. What do you got to say? Hello everybody. Thank you for being here today. My heart is filled with joy as I sit in front of my new house it reminds me of this great journey I've traveled. Two years ago it was a dream and today it's a miracle. I appreciate the spirit of giving. You made today possible. You are my heroes. Wow. Yeah. Ready? Let's go! Go ahead. Move the sign. Woo! C'mon now. You know you want to go in. We going now? Well we're going -- you thought we were just going to look at it? We're going to take you in. C'mon. Do not move. Tim is getting his first tour of the brand new home custom built just for him and he still has no idea that the biggest sports superstar in the world and his personal idol Steph curry is waiting right inside. I know this is going to be awkward but I need to hide you in the bathroom. I guess all right. ??? ??? In the world of crackers, now there's a cracker inspired by the world. Introducing Vea. Intriguing global recipes with real ingredients baked right in. With no artificial colors or flavors and always non-gmo. Vea. Find your way to real. The in-laws have moved in with us. And, our adult children are here. So, we save by using Tide. Which means we use less. 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Welcome. Look at that. Oh, my goodness. Bigger and better. Check out -- Oh, my goodness. Oh. So you guys take a look at the open floor plan. You have a room where you can all congregate. This is the heart of the home. You have your living room, kitchen, dining room and every room in this house, so you know, Timmy, is accessible for you. You can get anywhere you want to go, anywhere in that wheelchair, wherever it is that you want to go. Let's go into the kitchen first. Okay. Remember that snack you wanted to get by yourself? Game on. Game on completely. Now the cool thing about the kitchen, not only does it look amazing, right, but what we did and what homes for your troops does is they make everything Ada compliant. The countertops are a bit lower. Your appliances are a bit lower. You're able to get underneath there which is really cool. It's opened up in there. What's really neat is even some of the shelves up here -- Snacks. Snacks. Pull down so you can reach them, right? Yes. Yes. Totally accessible for you. Timmy, you can wash dishes. Yay! Let's go over here. Walk into your living room. C'mon over here. We want to make sure it's comfy but everything is functional and accessible. Take a look at the photos. We were able to blow these photos up and we were able to get some nice family portraits of you guys. Oh. All right. Let's get over here. C'mon. Check it out. Oh, my -- whose is this? Mom's room. This is me? Look at my clock. Look at my clock. Oh, my goodness. I love it. Love it. Wait until you see. Do you see what they say? Does it say misty Copeland? My goodness. Awe. It's okay, baby. So do you like it? Oh, good. You did good. Probably picked up on the woman thing, tears can be happy. Yeah. ??? Oh, my goodness. Look at him. Look at him. Oh, my goodness Timmy. The really cool thing about this room is it is tricked out. For instance, that door is automated and voice activated, too. If you want to voice activate the windows or the shades, you can do that as well. One of the coolest things in this room is that system up there. Yes. That system will get you from your bed to your spa otherwise known as the bathroom. You have the swivel points that take you into your shower. To your bathtub. Oh, my goodness. Yeah. You better watch out for your brother. He might be in here a couple times. So unique. It will take you from your hydro therapy tub, if you want to go back to your bed, watch TV and hang out. This is the best. Oh, my goodness. Look at that. ??? Oh, my goodness. Steph curry. Oh, my -- We want to make sure you guys had a lot of cool things. We also want to make sure that your man cave works for you. So you have your game -- Gamer. You're a gamer right? Wait until you see this bathro bathroom. Hold on a second. Hold on. Oh. Somebody in there? Oh, I'm sorry. Ah! Oh, my gosh. It's me. It's me. C'mon. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. I don't believe this. Oh, my goodness. It's really you. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Oh, this is so nice. I'm just happy to be here with you guys. I heard a lot about your family and about your story and just to be able to celebrate your new home for your family is what it's all about. Tim, thank you for being a great inspiration to me and now you guys have a place to watch our games on TV, right? I told him when I'm on the court I'll remember Tim is sitting in his man cave watching. Watching you. That's right. Also, I've been here for a little bit. You know I'm a sweet tooth. I found your stash of gummy bears. I can't believe this. Welcome home, baby. Welcome home.

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{"duration":"9:55","description":"\"The View\" worked over the course of a year to build and furnish a new home for Birckhead's family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"48864311","title":"Navy vet Timothy Birckhead surprised with new home adapted for his disability","url":"/US/video/navy-vet-timothy-birckhead-surprised-home-adapted-disability-48864311"}