Navy Yard Shooting: Multiple People Dead, Wounded

The U.S. Navy confirms that a lone gunman entered one of its buildings.
5:00 | 09/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Navy Yard Shooting: Multiple People Dead, Wounded
This isn't. We got breaking news to bring you we want to pause for just a moment -- the rest of the country. Ten join us. And good morning to all of you for those you just joining us on Josh Elliott we do you have news to bring you from Washington DC where shortly after 8:30 this morning there were reports of shots fired. At the Washington navy yard that is a massive complex on the thousands. Of personnel. Working for the naval sea systems command there are reports. Of many casualties. And several fatalities for the very latest now we turn. ABC's Pierre Thomas there in Washington DC -- what can you tell us as of right now. Josh again -- situation is. I was very dangerous we're being giving information that. At least ten people have been shot. And at least four people are dead again information is very fluid -- president. Law enforcement. All over that scene FB IDC police also US capitol police. They are trying to neutralize the shooter we're getting additional information but that is what we have at the moment -- and you. Have mentioned earlier that this has that the the highest levels -- have been involved here the president has also been briefed and yes the president. The United States has been -- he's getting regular updates again the highest levels of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security all over the situation again they are. Being told to neutralize the shooter to engage not to wait for this thing to continue to unfold. All right Gary do want to let you turned back to your sources will be back -- you just a moment now want to bring in ABC's. Lisa stark who is there at the scene at the Washington navy yard. In south east Washington and Lisa what can you tell us about what you are seeing. What Josh you can see this whole area is cordoned off your behind ambulances fire -- -- heart helicopters circling overhead. We're being told that they are going to give us updated information hopefully momentarily. The building in just a few of blocks around -- said down from us. About 3000 people work in that building -- where -- you originally told this shelter in place. And that they had and had just started evacuating people room by room and we're not sure how far they've gotten on that. We also don't know he has good shooter or shooters have been neutralized it's -- very fluid -- down here. And -- -- and again this happened during the morning rush hour can you describe for us. Where this happened end the impact it's having no you reported as well there is. There is right now hold on all flights leaving. Nearby Reagan national. Reagan national just across the river from where we are we believe that home have now been lifted but for a time. They didn't stop all flights taking off. Ronald Reagan national airport. There was gridlock in this serious they closed off bridges -- stories. -- national stadium is near here of course snowball game going on right now but. This is a very busy area a lot of people come -- here for the morning commute and it didn't create a lot of -- Again inside that building at the Washington -- -- releases -- is we can confirm. Four people have been killed in the shooting as many as ten that wounded. There as well Lisa stark thank you want to bring back up here Thomas -- there are reports that there may be more than one shooter involved here what can you tell us. Just again that's not been confirmed by us there are reports of that we are continuing to talk when law enforcement sources the initial information we had is that. There was a lone gunman. Armed with an assault style rifle long -- of some sort. Possibly with a side are not outside -- my handgun. Again that's information. Again one person within assaults are -- as we've seen in Newtown and other places can do a lot of damage and. And again. Pierre. Do you want to ask is well the shooter reports that he has been neutralized inside the building well what what can you tell us about -- -- again -- have. From at least a couple of law enforcement sources have not officially confirmed. But to shooter may have been neutralized again the situation is extremely fluid to have. Multiple eyewitness accounts and law enforcement officials are now being -- to give us an update we should have their short legitimacy to see the scene heavily fortified now and chaotic outside the Washington navy yard home again -- -- place for roughly 3000 people. All working for the naval sea systems command again the reports a shooting there. -- just before 8:30 this morning four confirmed fatalities as many as ten wounded. We will have updates throughout the day here on ABC news we're gonna -- an -- -- regular pro -- in some parts of the country that's Good Morning America again there will be a complete wrap up tonight. On world news with Diane Sawyer and of course you can get the latest anytime at I'm Josh -- in New York. -- -- This has been a special.

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{"id":20268315,"title":"Navy Yard Shooting: Multiple People Dead, Wounded","duration":"5:00","description":"The U.S. Navy confirms that a lone gunman entered one of its buildings.","url":"/US/video/navy-yard-shooting-multiple-people-dead-wounded-20268315","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}