NBA hopeful meets NBA champion from his home town in Cameroon

ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports on Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua, alumni of the “Basketball Without Borders” program, and his first meeting with NBA champion and all-star Pascal Siakam
4:58 | 12/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NBA hopeful meets NBA champion from his home town in Cameroon
It pleasant to the future of the NBA we spoke with one young college basketball player about his journey from Cameroon to Waco Texas in pursuit of his dream. And the efforts made by the NB age untapped talent in the far reaches of the globe what surprises lie ahead. Kenneth smoking explains. It said basketball doesn't go character. It reveals one expert Jonathan Cho watch two his character pluses game landed him right on this courted Texas at Baylor University. And a potential prospect for the MBA. The college sophomore a product of the NBA's global reach into places like Africa so your from Cameroon. There. Do you like light up you might imagine you're. Familiar I don't know about home and basketball. How would you describe your playing style. I'm. Call aren't any magic. Oh gray. What I wanted to change gonna need. What is the defense. Defense additional rooms to rent a little just imagine you can. Jonathan noticed then molded over the years that the MBAs basketball without borders camps. The program is and countries and Africa Asia Europe and the Americas. That young man from Cameroon earned a coveted spot in the first class of the NB global academy. An elite basketball sinner and Australia. Or the Coulter shot going to Australia. Yeah definitely. Didn't do any you might. Oh. I really don't. I'm sorry I trigger. You know we're wounded or how old are you since then there are trying to gain an MBA academy works with pros like NB journey man and another Cameroon Ian. Luc Mbah a Moute to locate and develop high school aged prospect he's been doing amazing Joseph just give back to the community homes by doing news what the camp. And current news Jim became. A little modesty said he did pretty good in the game I urge you get outstanding. Who owns that that your garden this year at the MB featured a record tying fourteen NBA players that hill from Africa. We talk about dreams talk about your home country talk overall approach family. What this means to you knowing that they know where you are Laurie. Integrated. Kuroda who like effect on our prisons even greater risk. Especially the Marines. It was big. Did he see yourself playing a role and help gain. More. Clears and Africa joined MBA are being these programs you know basketball without orders of sorts in India academy. Isn't and so. Ask congress ruthless. If you were drafted Jonathan we're joined fellow countrymen and alumni of basketball without borders Philadelphia 76ers star jewel in beat. And NBA champion Toronto raptor Pascal C ya come. It's exciting to know that hopping game mosque has been growing unit and in the country and and comedy we're excited to mean Obama is this this amazing so when you CD's players from Cameron. So not a burka but from from your country. What does that mean to you. Earning their term limits Stearns blew through you do Jonathan has never met Pascal one of his idols. Until now what would you say passed out he had a chance to you talk to. Get that. Yeah. All. There was no matter how you doing lament. Her daughter Jonathan Quick to tell him that they're actually from the same city in Cameroon where you chrome. All of tailored to your day go without slot like yeah. From one hometown kid to another its message is simple. Work hard and believe in yourself beacon. Put all the hallway and all but if you don't believe in assault is going to be hard to match it against his grades out there is seeing young man for camera from your home country. Wasn't mean to hear that he's doing so well at Baylor is indeed programs or so well. Are mean and interpreting an indemnity and dishing out sage advice to Jonathan that the challenges are not just battling for roster spot but also stereotypes. I think obviously Africans you know when we come in. A home you know we always did label right away you know what I you either big and you run its business and you Doug and I think that that's always on with state Marron in the popular players. Pascal knew that he could do more. And he did. I never imagined how we'll have to Ford Lincoln and EU little me utilized. Differently or somebody that you know do you want a motto of the game off that we're. Not live now watch some of you want to pursue I gotta find out Baylor find video games are now also. Two basketball standouts trying to make an impact a world away from home. Kenneth Snowden for ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports on Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua, alumni of the “Basketball Without Borders” program, and his first meeting with NBA champion and all-star Pascal Siakam","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74873205","title":"NBA hopeful meets NBA champion from his home town in Cameroon","url":"/US/video/nba-hopeful-meets-nba-champion-home-town-cameroon-74873205"}