NBA's Jason Collins Comes Out

ESPN Host 'Gets The Chills' From The Announcement
2:52 | 04/29/13

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Transcript for NBA's Jason Collins Comes Out
It is a first for Major League sports an active male athlete has come out Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards tells Sports Illustrated. On a 34 year old NBA center I'm black and I'm gay. Jared Max his co host of ESPN radio's maxed out -- -- morning sports talk show he himself. Made headlines -- 2011 when he told his devoted listeners. He too is gay and -- thanks for being with us today to talk buses this is this is up until it is it is -- is a monumental announcement. The fact the matter is how big of and I hate to use this analogy how big of a game changer is the stuff to make this kind of announcement. It's big one yeah we if we always think of that mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall -- I don't know this is that moment but is the closest we've come to it. And it's it's on the which has been building and building for a period of time and I think it's really just the beginning -- You know one of the things that you said he in in an article that I read is that -- said in order for an -- an athlete to have a real impact the first active gay athlete. What have to be an all star someone with status someone whose teammates will be like. As long as he wins. This Collins does he fit that bill trailers looked to be right today mind being wrong. Public attitude -- gay marriage has certainly seen a shift pew research showing 49% of Americans do support same sex marriage 44% oppose it. Attitudes are shifting in a positive supportive position is there a disconnect though in the sports world fans and athletes. A little bit I think we're gonna see. I think -- more generational. I really do I mean in my my belief is that if you're for the most part twenty years 25 years old or younger. I think that that generation sees the difference between. -- street is and minimal -- -- it doesn't matter. Why is it that 32 years ago in 1981 moment when Martina Navratilova. At the height of her career when she came out -- they're not that amount of enthusiasm as there is today. I think it might be and it's it's a male macho thing probably because we've -- now in recent times several female athletes. Who have come out when there was Billie Jean King. Whether it was Martina. Or in recent times and basketball players like heralds future now brittney griner him how was the interaction change between your listeners as the relationship changed at all since you came out not. No not at all maybe more respect I think I might have from certain people have pointed it out I just -- a couple of tweets today. For people were I guess they may be caught me on one of programs -- -- -- something instead. Jared Max is gay what -- -- I don't think it's a that household thing is shifting -- certainly shifting -- -- times I've certainly appreciate your time ESPN radio thank you so much you appreciate it.

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{"id":19068695,"title":"NBA's Jason Collins Comes Out","duration":"2:52","description":"ESPN Host 'Gets The Chills' From The Announcement","url":"/US/video/nbas-jason-collins-19068695","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}