Neighbor Believes Bombing Suspect Poked Holes in Boat Cover

Resident Robin Dumas talks about suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hiding out in her neighborhood.
7:31 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Neighbor Believes Bombing Suspect Poked Holes in Boat Cover
I want to bring in Robin Duma who it was also an eyewitness lives in the neighborhood. And you aren't police talking in the backyard -- what did you hear. Yes some. As my neighbor said when they told us we could go quite a few people did that. Within minutes. The police really descended on the neighborhood and we had quite a few them in our backyard. And we heard them -- that he was poking holes through the plastic -- crap on the boat. And who looked like he was trying to you know. Assess what was going on he was going on around him. So let me understand the policeman was poking holes and -- trying to understand or the suspect was inside. -- suspect he was in the boat poking holes to try to see. This is what you heard police say yes. Which would indicate and we have not heard this before that he might have still been alive when they came muffins and as we know there was that exchange of gunfire anything else you saw or heard about that moment. No I mean it really it was just overhearing -- we've tried to hear what the you know the police. Radios are saying that it's a little bit difficult there was quite a bit of gunfire which actually happens before we overheard the police officers talking. You know that the -- to rush down the street of all the vehicles and just now they actually brought an ambulance down the street and an enormous black. Special unit truck. But initially they all came rushing down the street and then there was quite a bit of gunfire. Then there was really nothing we heard the police officers speaking. And then a little while well quite -- while later. There are several explosions and then some more. Gunfire. And now really for the last little while not much seemed to be going on the helicopters have left. But these larger well one ambulance and a larger. Big black truck just came down the street. Well again it's such vivid detail that you were all giving us from phoning in and we thank each and -- -- vehement let me go through that again. He -- and gunfire than something that some of explosive and then gunfire again. Initially there was a lot of -- so we were told go outside. Quite a few people did. I would say about four minutes later the police came rushing down the street. Then there was quite -- gunfire right when -- -- -- Then really not much of anything for a while we've been overheard the police officers in our -- you're talking about this poking holes through the plastic. And then I would say -- there is 45 minutes an hour later. There was more gunfire and what sounded like three small explosions -- where about four houses the way that's what it sounds like to me. And now there's really -- I haven't heard any explosions or gunfire anything like that. Four I'd say about another 45 -- power at this point. Well again raises the question if there is an explosive around that police for trying to detonate. We will obviously -- all this clarified as time goes on but. Give me a sense you must have. -- in your house they were sphere enough with all of this starts happening. How afraid for you. It would it was it actually started. Last night at about 145 days in they were Telecom it's a very quiet neighborhood and the helicopters came overnight OK -- there's -- helicopter that was obviously coming much more than that. When I went into the window. I could see officers moving through the neighborhood with flashlights. And it was very very unnerving. And I really didn't fall asleep after that we've all actually been up since that time. And over the course of the day to day kind of waned I mean there were times when it fell more stressful and other times when people seem to back off of that. This has heightened the stress and you know admitted it is that is -- it's kind of just the wearing stressful experience the neighborhood has a lot of -- you know -- buildings. Garages sheds and such and I have to admit even when I heard the police saying you know they felt confident they've done a thorough search. I had questions because I know just the nature of the neighborhood and all these buildings and and wonder really if if they had. Managed to go into all the nooks and crannies. I think there will be a lot of people asking questions just like that -- -- and one of those indelible details. About the humanity involved in what has been happening as you say the neighbors had just brought home -- Ford -- older -- him. Yes my next your neighbors have a newborn he came home on. A panel let's check -- time it was either -- -- serious then so he's just. News of the world and so you know I have -- -- And we've been texting back and forth and -- for them for the last few hours that you know I'm just imagining it's pretty stressful situation have a baby and have all of this. Going on you know -- And have you heard about the -- of there -- any thoughts about them tonight. Didn't know I mean I I mean that we all know what I you know I have to admit I don't know that I know all my neighbors last names we don't know -- each other by first -- it's a very. Close knit neighborhood they're folks here who. Have been here as as they have for very long time and then I've been here for about eleven years -- we don't know each other pretty well. And you know you can't go davis' first -- Yeah -- -- I know the family and I know. I mean my fourteen year old said oh my gosh you know -- that boat and you know and I had even said earlier today not about that boat but we live right near the Charles River. And there is a yacht club that has all the both -- craft and I said thinking -- this morning I think you know I wonder if they've gone through all of the votes because. They're you know 56 he is and if if I was running away I think to go in that direction and hide in -- -- -- crab -- it's kind of you know interest -- that. That that's where he was not not at yacht club just down the street. Well again we know there is the fog of information right now but you didn't think that you overheard. Police in the backyard talking about. The suspect perhaps trying to look out of this covering that was on that boat and we will try to verify that throughout this evening but. I also read a quote from -- -- -- I've never felt safer in my life February. Officer in the universe is here we're well that offended by mean as you might imagine there are my parents. You know friends everywhere in the world -- texting and calling the people I haven't heard from in years since. I did say fittingly -- you know how could -- not feel safe -- conceptually surrounded by every. Law enforcement officer in the universe so I was I was it was a little tongue in cheek and -- I think they'll feel. A lot better once we know you know this is over. Well Robin stay in touch with us please call us again if you hear -- see something else please do. -- thanks very much.

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{"id":19003417,"title":"Neighbor Believes Bombing Suspect Poked Holes in Boat Cover","duration":"7:31","description":"Resident Robin Dumas talks about suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hiding out in her neighborhood.","url":"/US/video/neighbor-believes-bombing-suspect-poked-holes-boat-cover-19003417","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}