Neighbor: Boston Bombing Suspect 'Gracious, a Sweetheart'

Larry Aaronson describes Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, as a well-liked, compassionate person.
4:11 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Neighbor: Boston Bombing Suspect 'Gracious, a Sweetheart'
So tell me how you do -- and tell me what you saw when you were with him. Well retired teacher from Cambridge drinking -- -- -- that I loved and I'm. After I retired I became a photographer because I love the schools so much and I'm always -- to showcase the school and I've photographed. All kinds of events including wrestling which car was on the wrestling thing right -- -- got to know him -- that -- -- -- -- him in the hall and talking with him. Because and I know him to be nothing this is the this is so out of character for anything I know about this man this young man he he couldn't have been more forthcoming he could've been more gracious. What I learned about a year absorbed all the it was from -- -- Mike got argue would -- when all the the fighting in all the bombings -- -- -- -- -- well I was really young I don't really remember much. But anyone want to express our great we want to be in America and -- and he was just so appreciative of being at the school and so preacher living part of the school culture. -- you know he was that it that was just that he was compassionate is a sweetheart of the kids eat you know you always. What does friendly there was no talk of politics or any kind of way that would -- yes. You know to disconnect or or you know he's sitting -- like. That you. It did not involve it was very engaged with everyone he was out everywhere and you know he was he was very well liked -- -- hint of this. In fact last night -- this morning around 3 -- 4 o'clock in the morning when the pictures and it became clear clear what you know on the on television. And on the Internet I think Mike Scott that looks like the horror. That looks just like to argue I don't care we give we -- the people that you what you call police in saint Sophia Reza because I don't upsetting the police there's some. Well he is the Islamic kid who looks like this give it up everybody -- thousand barrel like they ended up or -- -- -- yet. So it sold out of character I cannot begin to say how many ways we are -- Hearing how stunned everyone who knew him is but tell me how recently had conversations and it. The last conversation I would -- was I don't know -- to a three months ago not even. You know I think that all the -- was coming out of -- -- -- and I was walking up the street right. And it was me it was the evening you know and I said I keep forgetting -- -- here you know you get together you know. He's against Elliott that was that he was off to school -- city -- wrecked Boeing said no -- wrestling. And you know what I -- February was and I can't remember where -- -- you know we're we're it was a school. To look get together you know -- -- where we're neighbors you know I mean. There's just no way in the world I mean I just heard that the background of this. Wait you know -- -- he's getting stuck throwing grenades he wants you know he'll fight it apparently. Yeah he -- let me ask you about that I mean that I know this seems so unbelievable. -- -- but did he ever had any experience with weapons of any kind of -- ever gone -- -- shooting range. The no I don't know all about any of that act you know I have no knowledge today that he he was so it's not like the fact that I knew him that -- Nothing nothing in his background that I think about it back I would note that Bennett -- nothing -- is behavior is important. He was never in trouble but I -- -- -- -- was -- he was you know it was a great -- he was a great sports -- -- -- a team player. You know. And did he tell you anything specific about his plans for the future -- -- to go back oversee -- we have received there. He did but you know I can't remember what the Telecom equipment pretty typical of -- kid you know -- what he was going to be -- city and you know what than anything remarkable alert you know or or anything -- -- know -- you know. I'm a teacher -- is in -- where hundreds and hundreds of my former students in the thirties 40s50s in their twenties. You know and I can't keep it all straight in my head but you know. That this thing is that this is just that it's beyond unbelievable it's beyond its. I can't put words. -- -- to describe how how are expected to -- Well -- we hear it in your voice and we thank you so much for phoning in.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Larry Aaronson describes Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, as a well-liked, compassionate person.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"18997975","title":"Neighbor: Boston Bombing Suspect 'Gracious, a Sweetheart'","url":"/US/video/neighbor-boston-bombing-suspect-gracious-sweetheart-18997975"}