Nevada Community Reacts to School Shooting

2 dead, 2 in critical condition after gunman opens fire at middle school.
3:00 | 10/21/13

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Transcript for Nevada Community Reacts to School Shooting
This is a special group. Again that's -- disease -- special report two people are dead and two more had been hospitalized after a shooting. At a middle school in sparks Nevada. Police -- that the -- they believe the shooter is one of the dead they cannot confirm at this hour the Reno gazette journal spoke to a thirteen year old earlier. Right now I want -- BC's Alex Stone who is on the phone with us on the very latest on this story outs what do we now. The all clear has been called one -- -- -- daddy is believed to be the shooter that's what we're being told right now. The two victims who were in critical condition at hospitals had to be bowl -- -- likely students at this school were just pulling some police audio right now from I dispatch reports in. -- -- you'd -- dispatchers say one of that -- music teacher we don't know that today in true that has not been confirmed yet by police but. Reports one of those hit. May have been a teacher. Two victims and and two others in in the hospital on this. And parents have jobs have been notified to pick up their kids as well correct. Yeah -- clashes have been canceled at this point sparks middle school next door elementary school has also been evacuated. Those students have been brought to a nearby high school and parents are being told pick up their -- that high school. I sold -- two -- bring the kids from -- middle and elementary schools over to about high school that's where parents are meeting right now. And spirited getting word of their -- there are number apparent we've heard from already okay. All they got a phone call saying shooting -- at their child's school you can imagine. There -- worry in disbelief that. This is happening in their town that fairly small towns sparks right outside of Reno that dead that there had been a shooting at their child's school. And dry -- is about five miles outside of Reno is that correct northeast. We'll be right yeah about five miles outside fairly close to Reno itself it is -- I guess you could -- a bedroom community needed to rebel this is where I'll lot of folks who work in Reno live where there are a number of its suburbs just like -- city has the had a newer homes outside of the city and that's where a lot of folks who work -- -- Reno had been commute out too but. -- -- -- Area bit by all accounts and it seemed like we always hear this he had any sort of I incident there were people are saying not here this is and where we would expect this to happen but parents have been showing up quite emotional because they do know there are reports that. Two people are dead right now to our critically injured. But we don't know any details about exactly who they are except for those police dispatch reports that a teacher was down. And we do believe at this point that one of those killed was the -- -- Out with that word a lot of parents are if they haven't made contact with their children they're obviously very very worried right now. And if you are just joining us a school shooting in Reno Nevada -- is just outside of Reno rather in sparks Nevada north east of Reno. -- ABC's talks on us on the phone with us now with more on the situation -- do we know our police going to be holding a press congress have been made any announcement about releasing more cremation. Held one about forty minutes ago they didn't have a lot of detailed except for a what we know right now they're gonna hold another in about twenty minutes from right now at 11 o'clock Pacific time 2 o'clock eastern time. At that point we hope to be able to learn more police are telling accident scene is secure right now. They -- they don't believe that there is -- shooter on the loose they don't think there is any danger to students any longer. I it is an all clear -- -- -- -- today as they put it in the last update they gave that they homicide investigation at this point detectives investigators are on scene. But they they don't -- fear that there is anybody else out there the good news is this scene is secure. The two schools the middle school the next door elementary school are evacuated. -- -- all those students been brought to a nearby high school. Alex if you can walk -- back what was the timeline when those first reports started coming in. You know they came in. -- understood doing my own map here in the music clock maybe a little bit before Pacific time it eight yeah -- this school was getting going so -- would lead you to believe that. -- -- were just about to get under way or -- Had gotten under way we understand that there were a number of witnesses to this we don't know yet if it happened in a classroom -- -- -- out died on that this schoolyard. But it it clearly be somewhere -- other students -- because we know from parents is some students are being held to be questioned. I did did they were based obsolete very -- -- the outside before classes started pouring in -- classroom once class what's going on but somewhere where there were quite a few students. All right ABC's -- -- -- in the latest on that Alex thank you we now want to turn you over to our local affiliate there in Reno Nevada covering the latest on this story this is KO LO. Let's listen to there were. Then 89. 3802. And that last number there that you see on your screen. 3333786. Is to answer any questions that parents may have -- -- wanting to seek more information. -- ballot what happened today on the sparks middle school campus. We continue our continuing coverage here with -- await news announced column -- and he has been at sparks high school throughout the morning one of the locations where parents could pick up children. Who were -- exports middle school or nearby Agnes Risley Colin. Or -- sensed that shooting happened early this morning all the students at -- middle school. They were transferred across the street -- -- another elementary school and then they were biased here to sparks high school and this is where the -- He reunification process is happening Charles Ron is with the school district tell me -- -- about what parents are going -- -- to get their children back. So when you arrived -- sparks high school years you'll. The -- little farm. Provide ID we have to mention that the right students gone with the right parents. Security is always an issue. And we're just working as -- entered the school we -- matching students and parents and students are here. When you come here know that -- shouldn't your children are safe. So obviously this process is a little arduous it takes time we're starting to see the crowds dwindle at this point. Just kind of explain -- viewers why it's. Why it's necessary for those profits for choosing this process to be so rigid. You know this is a really standard practice in -- for this whole lot. Comes down to win these situations happen. Security becomes it whole another level. Have to worry about. What how students are in the evacuation aftermath as much as -- so. In these cases we have to make very sure that students are going with who they are supposed to -- there -- There in six places. That they're -- -- it into -- another -- situation. You don't want these kind of events to start come on agent. So even though this. She shooting happened miles from here we still see police escorts received. An HP helping out just really -- a lot of people to make sure. This goes as smoothly as a camp and that everybody is as safe as -- can be from this point on. Absolutely you'll CNN HP's share here. -- and there's no such thing as -- school tragedy this community tragedy in the community emergency response team. Works together -- this. Through all the different agencies coming together to write -- different ways to help others covered jurisdictions and making sure that there is in -- enough police. I'm out on their regular pizza nine patrol to make sure that securities not a problem elsewhere in town when -- think tragedy -- Thank you Charles. Now on that note of this being a community tragedy we were able to touch base with one of the many children that have been leaving here from sparks high school with their parents. I touched base with a young boy who actually witnessed the incident. Just -- things and then I uses. Being and then. I just those just a joke and then myself people really -- and I. And I -- the face a serious you -- -- just plugging -- good morning at the flu. People started running and standing. So I say ready and then we heard another gunshot and the teachers start yelling and -- it went inside the building when I was very scary to hear the gunshots let me Netherlands screaming and running. Clearly that -- very shaken up by what he saw -- now one thing he told me is that he. Said that he heard a bang and then he saw the actual shooter. His description was someone that was sure it may be wearing a dark sweater he decided to me as someone at his age but of course we don't know. The identity of the shooter at this point so. That's unconfirmed as to who the shooter actually was but -- -- -- to say parents here at sparks high school figure their children very scared very shaken up. Even if their child is okay which from the majority of people their children are okay. But still this incident will undoubtedly shake our community for some time to come. Reporting live from over news from a sparks high school -- -- Kuwait news now. Call migrant thank you. We're going to turn now to -- news -- Angela Chan Angela has been on the scene. Of this sparks middle school shooting all morning long and Angela what can you tell us kind of give us -- detailed accounting of what happened since you were there covering it early this morning. Of course -- be shooting left a lot of worried parents. None more than these parents over here some of who are just getting their kids back now a lot of them haven't even seen their kids -- this morning. Their parents of kids who directs witnesses to the shooting I have -- of -- -- -- here right now because Andrew Thomson. In seventh grade now he's side -- happened he saw the gun and come line. On to the school ground and opened fire now Andrew Tommy -- to getting what happened what are you dealing. I was just standing around with my friends pay it and yet and -- a kid studying met and he pulls out a gun and shoots. My friend. One of my friends at least. He Dutch shot in the shoulder he's fine right now. And then she wanted to enact a teacher and says back up teacher -- -- yuppie -- of the triggered triggered. -- that -- he rented the it. Tourism is stateside in south -- Satisfying there then he just defense and he was gone. I honestly don't know what he was looked that like what he looked like but have not so fast I. -- really getting good looking and. And he actually knew who the shooter is we won't release his name yet but tell -- a little bit about him great he was and he was in seventh grade today she just schools since it sits get a week off -- -- -- -- -- People's -- a -- of the witnesses we talked to say that this seventh grader was bullied and we've heard from -- several people independent people. That this was the seventh grader seventh grade boy. Who pulled that -- opened fire now around here. I don't think -- streets are blocked any -- we still see cars coming through earlier it was completely blocked out the entire perimeter. Of -- middle school and administers the elementary school of course you can filthy scene there they are still waiting for. They're kids to come out what the parents very very -- that one because they have in their kids to because of how they were notified this morning hours and hours. After the shooting happened they -- they got a text on the didn't get phone calls. The shooting happened at the school. And of course they went to spark high school because that's where they were directing the parents. Only to -- -- their kid wasn't there but still at the middle schools a lot of frustration here a lot of anger from the parents and we'll be talking to them and just a little bit by -- -- get back to again what you -- out there. Andrew. What -- hero and if he really did try to help the teacher who was shot tell me what happened after he was shot said the gunman. Ran away but what did you do for the teacher. Says. The teacher was just -- -- he was -- he didn't know what to do -- he's just an arcane. And means -- -- other friends went to emit electromagnetic and safety we picked him up carried him a little bit for far. And we left in because or vice principal came along and said -- -- get to safety get to safety so we left. The teacher there and we went to safety. OK and another middle school I talked middle -- are talking earlier today said that he's just ran out of the school. He heard the shots and just ran with complete chaos in -- I think teachers were saying to get inside the classroom is that right yet okay but. As you saw a lot of people are running in different directions there was there was really no controlled. Because he started outside the shooting started outside and -- -- -- we inside. Yet when he put the gun and that you for the first fire. Everywhere was -- who was on the side with him study ranked where I was his it was a gate opening there at the all right -- there was a door over there at the exit of the gate. They so they went inside they -- -- to a classic shooter. Switch the as good hall and started shooting at kids and then he finally just left as he had people call the cops. And we know now that two people are dead for the next two. And hospital and the two went in the Hoffman are two little boys the gunman has been confirmed that as well. All right that is the latest from -- we have more parents and kids slowly trickling out of the building here -- kids only get interviewed there are dozens of kids and they're still waiting to the interview so we will have a lot of that. For you coming up all right Harris dominant than back DO. Angela quick question before we go you did just say that the shooter has been confirmed. Dad bad earlier that one of the terms that had been he is is neutralized. Can you go into that police speak. Well you know we actually asked -- about that they had a media briefing just earlier here. Several agencies here sparks police Reno PD school police and swat team they wouldn't comment on what -- -- however they did say that the gunman by debt and counted among the two that were -- Of course we're hearing from several different people at the teacher was shot as well so. Where's where assuming and are very much probably correct that the gunman and a teacher -- the two who are counted dead for now. There okay Angela Chan thank you. So much and we did are -- is now crews sadly did capture video evidence of the teacher's body on campus obviously -- -- we're not going to air. The again Andrew -- they're filling in a lot of the blanks that we've had this morning over what happened in those moments he did mention the one of his friends had been shot. That student was taken to -- now and we believe ankle await news now's Rebecca kitchen is that -- You just told us earlier back of the dead they have to. Patients -- both of them -- critical condition at the moment. Yes that's -- -- both of them are -- medical condition and both of them are male and I'm also told that both of them. Our miners now we're not going into a whole lot of details here because they are minors but renowned us officials say that they have they are receiving. Care as we speak they don't wouldn't tell us that they are going into surgery. Are not a quick definition of like critical mean that means that -- -- At their vital signs are signs of life are abnormal. An unstable and that person may or may not be conscious so we're not getting a whole Lotta. They are minors but we do know that they are two males hold different scene outside this around campus. And it was outside sparks high school and middle school it's very calm now all of that chaos of course happening. Inside we're not getting a whole lot of decent as yet there are also not sure if for going to be getting any. From that of the condition of these kids because they are minors but they are asking. Anyone who has not immediate family members to please avoid coming here -- -- -- kind of calm running smoothly to make sure that these boys. Do receive the care that they need to -- that they survive this. Horrific ordeal we're going to be TV giving updates are going on as soon as we get them reporting live from normal -- -- and Rebecca kitchen employee news now. And Rebecca kitchen keeping things are renowned right now on the giving us the definition of the medical terms -- that that the two injured have there. Again we do believe that the two fatalities. One an unidentified teacher at sparks middle school. And the and the shooter who. Fellow students are defined as a seventh -- in this case. I was started all this morning 716. Is when the city's parks as the first emergency call came out for those parents who do have middle school students bell schedule it sparks. Middle school is at 730 so this was shortly before the final bill starting off classes. And then we heard from Andrew -- there. That chaotic first few minutes may be some sort of altercation. A gunman pulls the gun I you know -- this is a twelve year old boy it appears to be. -- firing shots at least two locations on campus. And this is the statement coming from governor -- -- -- who was sending out. Advisors this morning that he had been kept up to date on the situation. From local law enforcement. We do know that the students where other parents of students were told -- originally go to. Alice Risley to pick up their students of course they kind of share campus and a parking lot. So that they were told a little bit later to head to sparks high school to pick up. They -- students week you know that sparks high school classes. Do remain. Sparks high school students do continue to go to school under code red lockdown. But that is the location for parents to be picking up their sparks middle school students over. At the high school. We turn now that -- news -- Colin like -- Who has more information. Parent I believe right -- Good morning guys I've been out here for probably about two hours now. And the activity has definitely reduce behind me there aren't as many people waiting here in this or yard as there were before. After the students arrive here by bus from Agnes Risley. So many of the parents were here they were brought into the building they were able to. Still out of form. You could actually collected their student. And most of those people have wept at this point -- their at least inside the building we've seen. Several people leave it's kind of a trickle process at this point because obviously it takes a long time the school officials want to make sure. Bit people are going home with the right parents of students are going home with the right parents so. We have been able to touch base with -- few of the kids as they leave the area. Obviously very hard day for them tough situation. Seeing all that they've experienced so many of the kids that I've spoken with today. Say that they did hear the gunshots some of them even -- -- shooter but. The story's details about what actually happened they don't know. Because their first instinct was to run they need to get out of the area and be safe. Are one of the students -- -- talk to she said. Is it once she heard the gunshots she ran all of the teachers got them all in the classrooms where they were on lockdown for about ten minutes. After that point. They all had to run to the adjoining school that was Agnes Risley. And then at that point it took a little while longer and they were transferred on -- buses those buses about seven of them. We're brought here -- sparks high school. Where they were brought into an auditorium and another waiting process they had to wait there. So. Students. Collect their parents teachers could make sure that all of the students were here. Then finally the reunification process of joining back up with their parents and then getting to go home. Undoubtedly some very emotional scenes for parents that are connecting with their students -- the first time since this incident happened. It's still continuing out here sparks high school and will continue to monitor the situation we see actually a big group of people coming out now. It looks like they may be starting finish up the process of actually getting these kids home in reunited with their parents reporting live from over new German -- high school. -- -- -- Users. Can only imagine what those parents went through in -- time so Colin thank you so much doesn't let folks at home now we are awaiting. Another. About six minutes from officials there. They've moved over to us sparks police department headquarters there hoping to fill in a few more blanks that a lot of new information coming in your last -- -- minutes from -- -- -- Angela Chan. There's been speaking with students. Who witnessed what happened -- sparks middle school. And again as Colin mentioned there's two campuses there that are side by side sparks middle and Agnes Risley elementary -- large groups of students in this was a very. This was a very public moment when shots were fired a lot of students witnessing this one students affected by this. Angela's life force apps sparks little school now on we were talking with student injured Thompson earlier in July up can you give -- more information about you guys -- discussion about. Those moments when shots were first fire. Of course while. We are here with the new student now a friend of Andrews Jonathan here he also -- the shooting and saw what happened now can give us your perspective and what you saw with the police after. Well. Whenever. I was walking. Around with my friend -- Just came off the bus and we're walking -- playground I was on. I was on the basketball court and I have to -- chayet that children this I can't. My best friend TJ. -- on the gun -- -- -- And name whenever I ain't. And that very -- after around ten they would tell my friends and stuff like Lee. We hit another line and right this time analysts against. Teaching he gets us -- -- Like editions. Just. What was going through your mind but what is everyone doing. Running for his life -- they're all coming -- society in China it side. But it I was running and to god it singing -- man inside -- like -- Now he says he -- kids running everywhere I talked to -- middle schooler earlier today who says when he heard those shots he just pulls it. Off school grounds to his friend's house didn't look back -- he he was scared and don't wanna be locked into a -- -- now over the instructing you to your but they're no instruction you just he just ran and -- -- There wasn't really -- need any extra change for a few minutes and then whenever. Like everybody except running in size of the kids -- -- -- tennis -- heating it toward China get inside game. Didn't teacher opening day forum and -- lately dealing and -- daylight. There is seen as somebody that just got shot. And then everybody's just managed to -- since they say is saying don't in this class and Terry Terry and then -- -- teach Tuesday night locked the -- Stay outside Boston -- And for you to go through this I know you have -- her mom all morning it's in very stressful. Jonathan as one of the kids who withheld behind it wasn't released to his parents until just now eighteen feet -- there -- a lot of parents love -- -- -- because. They're kids were all direct witnesses. To the shooting they're trying to get more information out if you with anything specific that they told you about or that they. They said was of interest. They just said that we couldn't talk about it -- it meeting. Said recounting very dear Nancy can't we can't sit there and claim -- -- you can talk to each other about it. Getting -- at all that news we want she wanted to soon be safe so she -- sit Jamie client. Right and a lot of kids who did have cellphones Jonathan doesn't have a cellphone but a lot of it did happen and they let him -- -- -- how. He got socked his mom aunts and former what was going on this is -- and -- Jonathan's mom now we're gonna talk a little bit about. How parents are angry about how this -- -- -- -- down a lot of them weren't informed until hours after the shooting happened. Tell us your experience that you hear about that -- just followed sirens here. Sparked -- -- does take my husband who work had to do is take my other kids that I styled -- that he -- Fifteen cop cars coming in this -- like let's go you know so we -- this way and I. I -- led us past they would not let it pass are like Guillen to -- middle school and then. -- even get a message from the school until 907. And it was seven and twenty when I followed in this way to get a special school and another thing we -- find out what happened until on the lives. The new said it before the school did and before anybody else. And that's not fair you know -- -- art kits state humidity should be able to tell us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They were being told them about what happened you know and they need it either they need -- -- -- I couldn't see him not the only way I got contact with him is through somebody else's cell phone. And you know. And that it's keeping us away from our kids is not every should be able to be with them you know because they just went through. A traumatic being inexperienced and why can't we be with them. You know it's. We side and I cannot know with incredibly frustrating a lot of parents others still haven't seen their kids they're they're being given these orange form that. And they have to be -- and Rosie talked frankly there you know mean that parents are not right now beaches. They're not they get nothing all -- they're being interviewed or you have to -- or. You any amount of words that they've said is not enough you know we should be this year it's even if it is high you know through window and just didn't know that there state. Because half the players don't even know if they're -- which -- -- -- an effort from their kids. You know from the no cell phone no nothing it's not fair. Right -- you know we did overhear one of the officers say that because so many kids. Brand -- the shooting started when they heard those gunshots they simply ran off school property. And so. We did over -- one of them officer saying that some teeth aren't accounted for I don't know that has changed her -- they found everybody now. But it was chaotic in that incident -- and a lot of -- kids. -- are gone but again. You know honestly. I think that was the best choice for the kids to run off to school property -- -- like because their parents are able to see them and able to know they're okay. And digging gets hot hitting get hurt if they didn't have ran like I tell my son every time gives -- -- -- around dads are like my gag as I did everything else. -- on my -- keeps it locked up. And my sense that that this Jose it was a nice kid you know my -- and using -- -- he just didn't know what happened. You know so I don't know you know -- -- -- it's the students like the police. Beaches you know that's one that's what all boils down to is people getting -- and people getting emotional distraught. You know post traumatic stress disorder so I don't know what it was -- and plan my -- Graham and I'm -- -- -- else ran off to school. They're safer that way because there's no -- that they weren't -- again dating get hurt and I pray to god that everybody did his child is okay. You know because it's not fair it's not right and things happen I know it it's unfortunately. -- wrong you know play until we do we just out of stand by the other parents set their kids got her. And be there for them and support them through this hard -- right now. -- you know a bit worried and we can't support -- -- it even the kid that did you know what their parents that are addicted to. Their parents -- a victim of the society. -- society did this of that child. That's how it was in. What was it -- -- was here with you with -- the bad guys streaks. He played of that violent you know. Those kids are not Smart in those kids are not you know mentally. Why there's nothing wrong with him what happened why he'd do that there had to be a reason had to be a reason why he -- all of this and to bring again. Somebody something happened. And I don't I don't blame them and I and I wish he -- it chose a different path. He did it. But I I pay for his parents you know because it's been -- our victim to. Thank -- Jacqueline. I -- police haven't confirmed yet but we have talked to several people independently said that the shooter with a seventh grade boy here. Now -- thing. You saw him do it right. -- -- -- -- -- He actress before iron and -- -- to -- -- -- and me in my fair and getting we're walking. On. On the court and it's. Really like police said hi -- and then -- came -- -- -- -- -- today and -- this thing. Late he looked a frightening stuff play in the play. Softness what is really. It's. Make. And yes. Is he winning incidents felt something was different our hot yes and like he -- -- so needless. -- -- -- -- alone is maybe we thought maybe he is night. He is just upset and something -- Regis. Lee kept on the plane and then afterwards. -- -- -- -- in tearing around team. Like I didn't I didn't know that this -- where they have very. Do anything like that -- at the time I've ever seen him he is always nice is I was just saying. He was very playful -- he's like doing stuff with other kids. All right thank you Jonathan. As -- said two dead two in the hospital from this shooting at sparks middle school. That is latest from here we'll continue define our parents and find more details from these kids were slowly trickling out but you can -- -- -- -- -- it seems have gotten kids back. But of course we'll keep it updated frequently find more information what is your check Eric and -- back -- -- That's -- Angela stand by. Force here it is we're do a couple recap stuff a couple of notes that came up during this conversation with the parents here. This was a before school event right so this was as the kids are arriving need to be dropped the author walking to school they're getting out of their buses so there was -- a time for them to be necessarily under the the protection of the -- staff at that point when this happened. So that can add a chaotic moments if you think about anytime you've been on the playground this child -- can remember that this is the gathering point before school -- fifteen minutes before the bell schedule. And again once the shooting event like this happens it. I mean the school district is trying to get information out there but they can always they don't really know sometimes was going on -- -- -- -- parents other than you can go here to advocates. Do you want to say just because we have at least in interviews. Heard a first name at this point. While Angela was reporting several people identified. A seventh grade boy at the same name multiple times as the shooter we are not. Confirming that name -- running with that name. Officially speaking because we have not had that confirmed by law enforcement at this point in time. Again these are she's talking with eyewitnesses to the shooting one of the reason why they've been kept behind on school campuses they've been. Interviewed by police -- to tell what happened there. And their version of offenses. -- troubled seventh grader arrived on campus a few minutes before the bell. -- got into some altercation whether he sought out -- was prepared to. You know defend himself towards may be had some sort of bullying incident that has been alleged by -- couple the eyewitnesses. He took matters. To to a gun and opened fire and at least two locations how we do believe the shooting and killing a staff member possibly a teacher -- and then. Police tell us that the shooter was later neutralize we don't know factually happened on campus or off and at the moment there are two students who were wounded in the shooting. That are -- we're now. It's a -- situation again more trying to get more facts there's a press conference going on right now we'll hopefully get global -- -- but the identities. Of the victims probably something we're gonna have to wait some time to hear and authorities are -- -- -- leading senator direction we don't know for sure that's if that's the case. Right we do have Coley is -- Joseph Harrington at that media conference right now we are hoping to get you more information as soon as we get -- -- From the sparks police department. At this point in time though we do know that governor -- and the ball is getting moment by moment updates he gave us a statement earlier today. Letting us now that he is monitoring this situation and that he is deeply saddened. By what happened today at sparks middle school. All students who were not witness to the advance who are sparks middle -- students. Can be picked up at sparks high school sparks high schoolers. Are still attending class under a code red lockdown this is the statement just sent to us. By senator Harry Reid my condolences go out to the victims' families. And my thoughts are with the teachers administrators parents and students at sparks middle school who have experienced. A traumatic. Morning in the pick up point this morning for parents has been sparks high school that's where the children were bused to after they evacuated the campus. A -- his house call library has -- keeping on that location force throughout our continuing coverage this morning. He has more on that pick up procedures right now call migrant -- sparks high school Colin. That -- there -- the seen here at this school that sparks high school where students are being released their parents it's. Much calmer now than it was a few hours ago let me show you a little bit about what's going on behind me all these people. Many of them have been reunited with their students -- others are still waiting inside the school to be reunited with their students. There's not a lot. It's actually happening here with these men as I said the and other parents are being reunited with their students but. As far as actually visuals showing you what's going on it's just a lot of people that are. Visibly shaken their scared about what has happened today -- seen several people crying. -- you know not just parents crying because you know very thankful there. Child is alive but that that the students obviously very shaken up by this incident we've. Seen several people leave and in tears they're talking to reporters in. Just wanting to tell their story about what they saw what they witnesses just some sort of a terrifying ordeal. Although very likely. Can be ones that made it out of the situation. We have target touch base with some people inside and they tell us that most of the incidents here most of the reuniting. Students with their parents that has mostly wrapped up at this point. So we'll still see a scene here for -- just says. There -- so many parties involved but likely most these kids are at this point. On their way home so they can hopefully be debriefed for their parents and start to learn why something like this would happen of course there's no. Easy answer as to why some -- right that's gonna happen Brett. No better person to hear from than your parents in that state you have your own home -- -- for most these kids are headed now. Reporting live from mobile newsroom -- sparks high school -- on migrant -- is now. So we'll continue to monitor that local coverage rates there of that breaking news happening just outside -- read about it this morning where a school shooting. -- lives. Two people. Two people are also in critical condition Reno police sparks police rather had just wrapped up a news conference. Let's listen to the interest that they had. Good morning my name's Tom Mueller -- deputy chief sparks police department currently acting chief. This morning at about 7:16 AM. We had a shooting at sparks middle school. Want to emphasize at this point that information is preliminary. I will confirm that there are two deceased. And two individuals injured. I want to emphasize that the students are safe. And the community and say. There are no outstanding suspects. The students are in the process of being reunited with their parents at this time. Sparks police department will be the lead investigating agency. With the assistance of the Reno police department washoe county sheriff's department. And the watch -- county school district police. I want to thank all of the agencies that responded so rapidly. To this unfortunate situation. We really appreciate that are there assistance. So quickly. At this point I'm going to turn it over to achieve my nearest of the washoe county school district police. I'm Mike -- Fiat chief of police for the washoe county school district. We've. Finished -- -- unification is finishing up right now it sparks high school. Excellent job by the sparks high school staff of reuniting the sparks middle schools students back with their parents. The two of the injured students. Have one has gone through surgery and his out at this time. The other individual is doing well. The one to cease its -- is a staff member of the school. Sparks middle school. The other deceased individual. At this point time appears to be a students last suspect in this case. Yeah apparently unification again -- it went very well the school did an excellent job on going into the emergency management procedures. And if parents do have questions or concerns that they do want to call I'll -- -- three numbers here that they can call and we have counselors working. -- switchboards and working with parents we are setting up later on this week for setting up a parent -- student. Service out to school which we will have additional counselors there so those numbers are. The first 1789. 3804. The other numbers 7893802. And 3333786. Thank you. Good morning. First of our heart and prayers -- all of our staff. Children that have been affected and -- parents. I want to think the -- Sparks police the sheriff's department. The city of sparks -- -- our mayor here we have our trustees here with us. This is just a very sad day for us -- very tragic day. Will be working with -- children and parents throughout the week to try to get them through this ordeal. But again -- -- when I think the community for coming and coming together behind -- behind this tragedy. I don't have president -- I'm sorry mayor -- comes -- -- Thanks -- thank you all for being here today again it's it's been said it's a tragic day in the city -- -- our hearts go out to. While those that have been affected the students the families all those people involved but. A watcher I want to reiterate again that this the city itself is very sick. This is just an isolated incident I don't believe this is. Any kind of spree that's gonna go on or anything like that -- street. Again it's it's very very tragic I'm -- to be years said to have to come before human. Talk about this but it's happened. I want to thank all the local law enforcement what what a great response. Came from from all these folks all these folks tolerant not only from washoe county in Reno and sparks but Highway Patrol is there. So everyone was was very good in coming together to. -- respond to this tragic days of again I want to reiterate the city is very safe. This is an isolated incidents in. I apologize for -- having to be here today to speak about this one of those things that happens but. So that is the -- we've been hearing from police and sparks Nevada which is just outside of Reno Nevada where there have been a school shooting early this morning. Two people are dead including the shooter a student of the suspect in the shooting along with a staff member at this middle school in sparks Nevada. Two other miners are being treated in the hospital right now also. Then shot from this morning's shooting. But as we just heard from police there they believe that this is -- and isolated incidents. That students are now being reunited with their parents who have been notified to pick them up we have a complete report on And of course we'll -- -- right here as new developments and and on -- -- -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20637915,"title":"Nevada Community Reacts to School Shooting","duration":"3:00","description":"2 dead, 2 in critical condition after gunman opens fire at middle school.","url":"/US/video/nevada-community-reacts-school-shooting-20637915","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}