New Mexico Killings: Police Offer Timeline

Police say the teen suspect killed his family and contemplated carrying out a shooting at Walmart.
3:27 | 01/22/13

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Transcript for New Mexico Killings: Police Offer Timeline
First of all of the talk here about the timeline can give you some information on the timeline now as. How we know it. -- garrido the mother. Was shot and killed. By the suspect at approximately 1 AM on the morning of the nineteen. -- she slept. Nine year old self denial. Was away distraught and was killed shortly after that by the suspect. And it appears that Angelina this two year old. Was killed while sleeping. John L the five year old girl was killed in a way that the time for killing. It's our belief. The suspect. -- Margarito weighed at approximately five hours for the dad great great hope to come home. Which we're gonna cost -- five to 6 AM the morning of the nineteen. We really. Did he was shot unexpectedly. And was unaware of what it already occurred. In the residence. After that we know that the suspect at this time spent the majority of the day. With his girlfriend. The suspect went to his church calvary and approximately 8 PM. On the nineteenth. After certain discussions there we know better artist -- was contacted. At approximately 915. On the night of the nineteenth. And our deputies arrived at the residence. Approximately 92510. Minutes after the call came in. We also know at this time that EMI had been contemplating this. For some time. The information there -- Meyer who had contemplated. Going to a local Wal-Mart. And participating in another shooting -- is accurate. We have no information at all. Then -- ever went to the church to cause anyone any bodily harm there. We do have information that the suspect also contemplated killing. His you've -- -- parents girlfriends his girlfriend's parents. No charges -- -- -- against terror at this time. The -- part of the investigation is still ongoing. We know that most of this shooting occurred within 22 rifles. -- -- -- style style -- holder to help ten rounds of ammunition. The suspect also good news and -- ar fifteen semi automatic weapon. On in the residence also the suspect was also in possession of two pistol -- -- twelve gauge shotguns. But he did not use them in the commission of the crime. Demotion. Excuse -- -- -- is articulated by the suspect. Was purely that he was frustrated with his mother. He did not articulate -- -- are investigators any father or give any further explanation of that at all. The investigation continues as we speak it's our understanding that the suspect will be arraigned at 1:30 PM this.

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{"id":18286144,"title":"New Mexico Killings: Police Offer Timeline","duration":"3:27","description":"Police say the teen suspect killed his family and contemplated carrying out a shooting at Walmart.","url":"/US/video/new-mexico-killings-police-offer-timeline-18286144","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}